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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
chronic typhoid fever since last 2 year
S .typhi 'o' - 1/160 S.typhtyphi '...
0manish102:37 07 Apr 16 by
Dr Mahfooz ur rehman...Low Sperm Motility Plz Help....
I am 30year old.I have low sperm motility.I am mar... [LAST PAGE]
99thenewone9919:14 06 Apr 16 by Talib1
Concentration or dyslexia
Hello sir [message edited by cakkaushik on Wed, 29...
0cakkaushik16:45 06 Apr 16 by
Mother Tinture vs Pills - Which one to choose?
Are they both working in the same way?...
0agriz15:35 06 Apr 16 by
please help - allergic rhinitis
Need Help. I have allergic Rhinitis - my nose ...
0ichbinVishal13:29 06 Apr 16 by
Tinnitus - How to know which sound it is?
Ringing, Roaring, Buzzing, Hissing , whistling, cr...
3agriz11:24 06 Apr 16 by agriz
Throth pain extending upto right ear
Dear Sir, my wife 33, is suffering from throat ...
2harerama971409:46 06 Apr 16 by harerama9714
Pins and needles sensation when temperature rises
Hello , My name is Adams and I'm a Ghanaian ...
9Zequi08:47 06 Apr 16 by ZEQUI1
Testicular Cyst
Hi, I am looking for advice regarding a testicula... [LAST PAGE]
112Sujash07:31 06 Apr 16 by Sujash
inner ear, dizziness, headaches
Hello, I am 49 y.o. female started to get dizzy s...
5bliss4906:03 06 Apr 16 by vk804
Request Dr Kadwa to prescribe for 9 months old son.
Hello doctor, request you to suggest medicines for...
0Nehaaadya05:53 06 Apr 16 by
chronic typhoid since last 2 year
Widal report.. S .typhi 'o' - 1/160 ...
0manish105:01 06 Apr 16 by
Please help. Eczema
Hello , I have 17 month old daughter and she is...
1theysee01:29 06 Apr 16 by homeo_helper
Repost - Please someone?
Please Help - Depression , leg pain & swellin...
10bestmomfl22:37 05 Apr 16 by bestmomfl
suppressed gonorrhea
Hello, I have begun to study homeopathy and have ... [LAST PAGE]
138gardenerd22:04 05 Apr 16 by Friesteng
my hair and beardgetting white
24 yr height 5'8" Weight 60 kg My ha...
2tejas121:52 05 Apr 16 by Friesteng
Low Testosterone and Obesity
Hello, Age: 38 Gender: Male Weight: 110 kgs ...
3dexter7821:51 05 Apr 16 by Friesteng
suppressed gonorrhea-a few more things
I am always thirsty and drink a lot of water-still...
2gardenerd21:46 05 Apr 16 by Friesteng
Ankylosing Spondylitis.. is there any permanent cure for this?
hello everyone myself Talwinder Singh am suff...
11TALwinDER15:56 05 Apr 16 by TALwinDER
Bengaliji kindly stop flooding
You are requested not to flood messages into the f...
0mitesh109:52 05 Apr 16 by
Lower teeth very weak
I am 27/male. I have a teeth problem it feels like...
2nk11107:21 05 Apr 16 by nk111
Ptosis in right eye
Hi, I am a 32 year old male. Around 8 month...
3Zorbee05:06 05 Apr 16 by telescope
2.5 year old eat wall flakes, putti and paint.
Hello doctor, my 2.5 year old eats a lot of wall f...
2Nehaaadya02:05 05 Apr 16 by Nehaaadya
Umbilical Hernia
Hi I am looking for help with my daughters umbilic...
1jamiecastleberry01:26 05 Apr 16 by homeo_helper
Nat Mur or Phos?
Everyone, I am just beginning in my study of Home...
1Withering32217:04 04 Apr 16 by bapu4
Post Nasal discharge
I am suffering from sinusitis. I have consulted ...
0agriz15:29 04 Apr 16 by
Premature Ejaculation
Hi, I'm 26 year old and unmarried. I'v...
4Shib115:02 04 Apr 16 by mochagenj75
For Telescope
Simone717 suggested I request you specifically in ... [LAST PAGE]
98lvogel2213:59 04 Apr 16 by lvogel22
Premature ejeculation
Dear Sir, I'm 38 years old, have two kids...
2Enamul110:05 04 Apr 16 by Enamul1
Lack of Libido depression anxiety stress
Hi, I am writing this mail in great desperation. I... [LAST PAGE]
75siddmale09:33 04 Apr 16 by Colors
My mother is 76 years old. She has been suffering ...
1mkh200007:11 04 Apr 16 by kadwa
Severe hiccups
Dear doctors My father is 76 years old. Doctors c...
1azade06:52 04 Apr 16 by kadwa
Chronic Severe M<R
My Father AGE 66 is suffering from Severe Chronic...
1softdbayahoo.com06:47 04 Apr 16 by kadwa
Enlarged adenoids (8-month-old) - Dr. Kadwa
Hello, our 8-month-old baby boy was diagnosed wit...
7yuliak06:20 04 Apr 16 by kadwa
Satish Pasrija
A male aged 30 years. Is on anti epileptic medi...
1Satish Pasrija01:28 04 Apr 16 by akshaymohl
Stroke/Paralysis and Behaviour Improvement suggestions please.
Hello Sir/Mam, My father suffered stroke about 45 ...
2ABhi.MD17:11 03 Apr 16 by ABhi.MD
please help , urgent nee of help , disc prolapsed , back pain
hello sir , greetings to all . here i m discu... [LAST PAGE]
19yawar08:32 03 Apr 16 by yawar
chornic kidney failure
dr kadwa hello my father age is 68 no sugar lit... [LAST PAGE]
13zemy200702:23 03 Apr 16 by anu458
LM Potencies
Hi All, I would like to know your experienc...
0seroquel23:13 02 Apr 16 by
Dear Dr, I am 32 years old.I did masturbate for...
0malik2520:00 02 Apr 16 by
Hi, I having cold due to weather change, runnin...
1drai0515:17 02 Apr 16 by mitesh1
help to choose among Pulsa,Ars and Sulp
Dear sir, as i checked my symptoms, it comes a...
2farsi_00712:42 02 Apr 16 by farsi_007
I would like to know the source from which follic...
1Davrp10:41 02 Apr 16 by Davrp
Child Cranky , irritable, not eating
Dear doctors, My daughter is 4 yrs old. She is ge... [LAST PAGE]
13sfreya 06:31 02 Apr 16 by forfeit
Premature edjaculation
I am seeking guidance on my situation with dealing...
1jackson105:52 02 Apr 16 by akshaymohl
Xray remedy
I need to know how many days ahead of a back/neck ...
01Mary20:30 01 Apr 16 by
White pimple tip of tongue-left side
I have had what looks like a white small pimple on... [LAST PAGE]
161Mary20:25 01 Apr 16 by 1Mary
Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis
My father in law (age 60) is suffering from Rheuma...
4bashar17:17 01 Apr 16 by bashar
Please prescribe medicine for Fissure Piles
I have fissure piles for last one year and have ...
1ashsbc00716:58 01 Apr 16 by Mahfoozurrehman
Dr. Mohla sir please help me about skin problem of leap.
I am 28 years old boy. I am suffering disease in ...
3sd12116:50 01 Apr 16 by sd121
Severe hiccups
Dear doctors My father is 76 years old. Doctors c...
2azade15:38 01 Apr 16 by telescope
Autistic 5 Yr old. Distended belly
My son had a metal detox and silica at the same ...
1Klily15:02 01 Apr 16 by fitness
5 yr old with ear pain, impatient and always in tearful mood
Dear Doctor, My nice about 5 tear old, has got ... [LAST PAGE]
13aftabuddin14:06 01 Apr 16 by aftabuddin
any one nostril always close and wet and other nostril dry
Any one nostril always closed whole day. When sle...
1Niketan S S13:58 01 Apr 16 by fitness
Help Fitness
Patient ID or Name Nitesh kamal: Sex: Male Age: 25...
1Nitesh Kamal13:53 01 Apr 16 by fitness
I m 35 years old and I have some psychiatric probl...
11y_munib20:12 31 Mar 16 by y_munib
Premature ejaculation
I am seeking guidance on my situation with dealing...
0jackson118:50 31 Mar 16 by
Recurring throat infections & cold, cough
Hello, Im suffering from throat infections & ...
2bls55514:54 31 Mar 16 by bls555
Histamine Intolerance, Lowering Histamine level
Is there a homeopathic remedy that could help redu...
0kohler12:40 31 Mar 16 by
Mucous('ama'(Hindi word)) in stool, colitis, bad liver ....
Constipation which stays for 3-5 days with no stoo... [LAST PAGE]
32manav_skg11:53 31 Mar 16 by abhimanyu14
Hello Doc, my 10yr old son is suffering from high...
1payel.rick07:12 31 Mar 16 by kadwa
Family history of colon
My husband has family history for Colon cancr his ...
1alps07:05 31 Mar 16 by kadwa
Receding Gums/ Gum Line
What remdies can be used for receding gum line?....
1Babin06:56 31 Mar 16 by kadwa
Low body muscle, weak s thin bones. Help Doctors
Plz suggest remedy for weak bones, my bones are we...
1Joyoflife06:43 31 Mar 16 by kadwa
Warts and Homeo medicines
Thuja... [LAST PAGE]
26Mahfoozurrehman06:25 31 Mar 16 by ravi934
Issues of Alopecia and aging
I am a healthy 68 year old female married 45 years...
7Judy Baassler06:05 31 Mar 16 by kadwa
knee injurry
hai kadwa sir, i have finished 7 days of taking a...
0helpfulinformation04:12 31 Mar 16 by
vaginismus .. please help
Doc, I am in a stage of depression , as I f...
1Tofueck01:34 31 Mar 16 by akshaymohl
Dr. Jk Mohla pls help, suffer from sexual weakness
From age 20 i had strong erections and i masturbat...
1Roger37001:28 31 Mar 16 by akshaymohl
so many problems in my body
I am a 20 year old guy. I am suffering from lower... [LAST PAGE]
13vishal7607700:22 31 Mar 16 by vishal76077
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