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Name: Muneeb Ahmed Age: 6 Years Weight: 13 Kg Height: 3ft 6Inch Location: Karachi Paki
Javed6 2017-03-22
1   telescope 11 months ago

8 years old with ADD symptoms
My 8 year old son seems to have ADD. He is very intelligent, very good in math, reading fl
Abc1231 2017-03-18
8   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Low Sexual Stamina due to excessive masturbation
hi I am a married man, since 10 years and facing lack of erection and premature ejaculatio
S123456789 2017-03-21
3   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Dysentery for an year
My mom 55 is suffering from bad dysentery from an year now. The stool report suggest tric
Meera1 2017-03-22
1   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Spinal canal stenosis
Dear Sir, My mother has been suffering form Back pain since last 10 years. Now she is ful
lunaafroza 2008-03-22
7   Stary 11 months ago

Want to be Healthy.
My age is now 24 years old. I'm very slim, my height is 5 feet 3 inch and weight is 4
ialamin.pro 2017-03-21
1   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Remedy to help binge eating & weight loss
-Im looking for some help in finding a homeopathic remedy to help with my binge eating dis
jah467 2017-03-21
1   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

genital warts
I am female and have found some genital warts on the labia and near the vaginal opening. T
rudylk 2010-10-11
1   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Very beginning of a cold
What should I take? I don't have any actual symptoms, just *almost* symptoms. I feel
lisbeth 2017-03-20
4   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Dear simon717 Please suggest to improve immune system. Currently having warts on finger a
amit143mishra 2017-03-17
3   simone717 11 months ago

Sebaceous hyperplasia
I'm having skin colored bump on my nose for many years that was earlier a pimple and
Ramneek 2017-03-18
3   mnaari 11 months ago

My 1.5 yrs old baby girl is having recurring throat infection with fever and cold . Any co
ridhimaawasthi 2017-03-02
9   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Enlarge prostate
I have been diagnosed with enlarge prostate. Had a green lasser operation because I had a
Parra 2017-03-19
3   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Irregular periods
i am 19 yr old having itregular periods from last 3 yr and hving hairs on below chin My we
Sd1998 2017-02-05
7   HelenBlant 11 months ago

I am 31, short and slim, not married. I am suffering from cystocele(bladder prolapse into

Doobourbui 2017-01-10
36   Doobourbui 11 months ago

Please help. Sepia??
Hello, I have noticable darker skin on my stomach and back in comparison to the rest of m
Inneedofhelp1 2017-03-18
9   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Weird miscarriage
Hi everyone!I'm in deep stress and feeling so negative that I'm unable to trust
Saddy1 2017-03-20
2   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

6 year old daughter and endless SINUS infections
Hello, My daugter is 6 years old and since she was a small baby, she has had recurrent si
fabforever 2012-10-16
6   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Lossing hair from sides
Dear Sir Joe D Livera, I am 34yr. male from INDIA. I do not have any hair fall, but my ha
ankit111 2017-03-21
no replies yet

urine gram +ve bacterial growth
i have a serious problem of urine pus cell 5-6/hpf & epithelial cells 4-4 my urine cul
ali17 2017-03-21
1   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

sex problum
My age is 42 years and hight 5inch 6 cm. My wait around 75 kg.i am india and my problem i
S.Ghosh 2017-03-20
1   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

rupture of the abscess
I had Abscess inside of nose(right side)which have ruptured and now it has pain and burnin
moheb 2017-03-20
3   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Need help for respiratory tract allergy!
Male- 26 I am suffering from allergy from 7-8 yrs.The symptomps may disappear for a season
s.runner08 2017-03-20
1   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Saddy1 2017-03-20
no replies yet

IBS, ANXIETY, Negative thoughts, Hypochondria etc.
Hello Doctor(S), My Name is Ankur, i am 35 now. Single. working in IT Company. From past
ankur2 2017-03-17
3   Dr. Subrata 11 months ago

Pregnancy- Not conceiving after marriage 8 months
sir, I married before 8 months, i have continuous white discharge, weightiness at lower ab
meharban Ahmad 2017-03-19
2   Dr. Subrata 11 months ago

Pemphigus folliceous
Dear Sir, Please help. For 2 months I have been suffering from phemphigus rash and itch on
Bacsi 2017-03-17
2   Dr. Subrata 11 months ago

Treatment for Labial Adhesions in Toddler
Our 20 month old daughter has had labial adhesions since she was born. The doctors want u
maddie37 2017-03-16
2   kadwa 11 months ago

nose sore
I have sore in right nostril's along with burning sensation and sharp pain right side
moheb 2017-03-16
2   kadwa 11 months ago

Portal vein thrombus
I am suffering from portal vein thrombus now am using acitrom 2mg tab do you suggest best
Sagar4 2017-02-06
10   kadwa 11 months ago

4 month old teething and bad sleeper
my 4 month old son has been a bad sleeper since birth - he used to be awake all night scre
Oado 2017-03-15
4   kadwa 11 months ago

joint pain and body shakes
This post is about my mother Age : 62 years Weight: 90 Kg Height: 5 feet 1 inch BP: mostl
shi_81 2017-03-16
3   kadwa 11 months ago

Baryta Carb(tonsils, cold sensitivity, weak memory social anxiety)
I have been suffering from almost all the symptoms of Baryta Carb for years from my child
narendrach 2015-03-14
8   umakulkarni 11 months ago

Lack of vitamin d with leg pulling and pains
Since 8 months i was suffering with leg pains and pulling. In the month of august i found

SPSIMHA 2015-10-10
16   Nishat Parveen 11 months ago

Dr Udaya Kumar
Dear sir, I am following your recommendations on the forum "Homeopathy and more"
Patou 2015-08-11
2   Miavob 11 months ago

Liver & Spleen Imbalance
Energy and Blood Deficiency (Liver & Spleen Imbalance) Results of Assessment: My b
Ardos 2017-03-19
no replies yet

Energy & Blood Deficiency !
Energy and Blood Deficiency (Liver & Spleen Imbalance) Results of Assessment: The pr
Ardos 2017-03-19
no replies yet

Nasal reflux
Hi, I have a 10 week old who has developed nasal reflux and now she won't eat more th
KariJo 2017-03-18
1   homeo_helper 11 months ago

Heartburn help...gastric...burping...chest pain
Hi i am 21 year old...when i was 17 i started get heartburn and pain in chest for few mont
Rameshbangalore 2017-03-13
5   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Help with Sepia Dose
Hello, I took one dose of Sepia 30x yesterday and after 20 minutes felt nauseous (I ate s
avott1 2017-03-18
1   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

ibs, gerd, sinusitis (Antivirus please help)
respected sir, i am suffering from ibs-c, gerd, constipation, sinusitis (sneezing due to
ashishsingla1990 2017-01-03
12   0antivirus0 11 months ago

,suffering from anxiety and depression
Iam Alok 27 year I am suffering from. Anxiety Depression Nervousness Sexual problem Wee

Alok 2016-10-15
28   0antivirus0 11 months ago

antivirus attention
http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/531037/... sir pls have a look in to my case..

sultan2 2016-12-14
40   0antivirus0 11 months ago

Enlarged adenoids with water in inner ear
Hello I have 5 yr old, that been having enlarged adenoid problems since he was 1.5 yr. old
viktoryanna 2017-02-02
12   0antivirus0 11 months ago

Suffering from burning pain after boil movement
i m suffering from burning pain after boil movement from last 6-8 months.burning & pai
sbiswas 2017-03-07
5   0antivirus0 11 months ago

Recurring Bartholin Cyst--PLS HELP!!
I have a recurring Bartholin cyst that has been going on for about eight years now. The fi
berry123 2015-10-29
5   Eve 11 months ago

excessive urine and no effect
no effect of aloe 200 nor plustella.
atharkhan185 2017-03-18
1   drthoufeequebhms 11 months ago

Help! 4yr old crying with painful ear
Hi my daughter is crying and irritable with thw pain in her ear.i gave Chamomilla 30c 2 do
Jane77 2017-03-17
5   Jane77 11 months ago

Learning homeopathy - time confusion
Hi, may i know the times when we say "night" and times when we say evening? Tha
Jane77 2017-03-17
2   Jane77 11 months ago

Sir, I am 43 yrs, male, weight ~ 55 kg, having problem from 2 years. I have Piles problem,
jdhan007 2017-03-17
2   Healer4 11 months ago

Dr.Deoshlok Sharma..pls advise
Hello Dr. I have hypothyroidism,cholesterol and iron deficiency with many other problems l
rp1414 2017-03-17
no replies yet

Please help advise me on my Nightfall problem.
I gradually began to stop my masturbation habit roughly 3 years ago. I have been masturbat
Skyreach 2017-03-16
4   Teupne 11 months ago

does nux vomica antidotes all allopathic medicines?
if a person is taking allopathic medicines for high blood sugar,n he had to take nux vomic
monny82 2017-03-14
2   Jane77 11 months ago

Dr. Kadwa: Psoriasis
Dear Dr. Kadwa, I am a patient of psoriasis for more than 20 years and I have been using

rmasood 2016-12-26
16   jawahar 11 months ago

Anal Fissure Treatment
Hello, The problem started in July 2016 when I had a hard stool pass and it caused some pa

tonychadha 2016-11-28
57   jawahar 11 months ago

burning pain after bpwel movement
i am suffering from burning pain after boil movement from last 6 months.it is happening af
Sourav Biswas1 2017-03-08
2   akshaymohl 11 months ago

Demystify mystery healing
Hi there, 2013 - I began feeling a certain weakness in my legs and a full body checkup rev
xaggle 2017-03-16
2   xaggle 11 months ago

Kidney damage Creatinine 2.6
Hi, My father has recently got tested his kidney and found serum creatinine level as '
hkdua 2006-06-27
12   Ahsan2 last year

Need urgent help
[message deleted by shi_81 on Fri, 17 Mar 2017 06:52:33 UTC]
shi_81 2017-03-17
no replies yet

Westerners -new way to stop milk intolerance
Just read, that European cows have a A1 and A2 protein in milk. People who have lactose i
simone717 2017-03-15
2   simone717 last year

plz give me advise
i want to increase my penis size & healthy. what i do? but i dont found cydonia.......
babu. 2017-03-16
no replies yet

Pilonidal cyst and fistula tunnels for 16 years..
At 30 i got Pilonidal cyst , doctor burst it like zip and it came back again, the skin hea
krille 2017-03-15
2   krille last year

Homeopathy Help on a Case?
Hello, I am currently a student of homeopathy BUT where I am just learning, I don't
LWilson 2017-03-06
3   AsadGhumman last year

dr kadwa pls help to cure heavy menstrual bleeding
My sister aged 22 yrs ,unmarried has been diagnosed with multiple cysts on both ovaries a

momo94 2016-04-08
86   kadwa last year

Help social anxiety,mild ocd,mild depression,premature ejaculation,general anxiety,panic attack(moderate)
sir,i am 35 years old male.i have g.a.d(very controlling nature),panic attack,mild depress
Parth1005 2017-03-15
1   kadwa last year

This is actually for my father who is 74 and is suffering from BMS for almost 2 and a Half
Arif 2017-03-15
1   kadwa last year

adrenal insufficiency - addison's disease
hi, treatment for adrenal insufficiency - addison's disease in homeopathy.
mani3 2017-03-15
1   kadwa last year

Regarding Lycopodium
Dear Sir, Can I take Lycopodium for early satiety and nausea. Will it help me gain weight.
vvinay 2017-03-14
1   kadwa last year

kidney stone
hi, i have been diagnosed with 8 mm kidney stone in the left ureter (s2-s3) level. and 3mm
sd123 2017-03-14
1   kadwa last year

Chest pain, Heaviness in chest .
Sir,my age is 50 yrs.and for 2-3 years facing problem of chest pain and heaviness in chest
Apiaph 2017-03-15
4   HealthyWorld last year

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