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burn marks cream
Dear sir my sister when she cooking in the pan, pa contains some oil, when some drops o
Nitesh Kamal 2016-07-10
4   Nitesh Kamal 11 months ago

why my thread getting deleted
why I post 3/4 thread but all delted
surya2089 2016-07-16
no replies yet

Degenerative disc disease and more
I am 27 YO male, from India(eastern part near tropic line), weight 60 kg, height 5 feet 7

Ashhar 2015-06-24
71   telescope 11 months ago

riyazahmad5 2016-07-15
1   riyazahmad5 11 months ago

15 yr old dog swollen left side of face
I have a 15 yr old rat terrier dog. Weighs 9 lbs. The left side of her face is swollen

nmbarden 2016-06-27
32   John Stanton 11 months ago

Homeopathy for autism
Hello friends.. i am an acupuncture doctor who has also studied homeopathy(not from colleg
manoharan1 2016-07-15
5   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

Adult chronic left ear infection
please advice me homeopathy for recurring chronic middle ear infection , am having this p
harmin24 2013-03-18
7   John Stanton 11 months ago

Mother tincture
Hello! I have been using mother tinctures agnus cast , yohimbinum and damiana for a

Ridgo 2016-06-24
19   John Stanton 11 months ago

internal urethral scar tissue
Have been through numerous surgeries to clear urethral scar tissue (original cause was par
Jadolphin777 2016-07-14
3   Jadolphin777 11 months ago

Scalp psoriasis ...need medicine
Dr sharma garu my husband 42 yrs who is diabetic and hypertension for 7 ys has scalp p
ponangi.anu 2016-07-15
no replies yet

Regarding male pattern baldness
I am 30 years old male.suffering from mpb. Tried lots of medicines. Plz give advices to cu
Abhi.genie 2016-07-02
4   Abhi.genie 11 months ago

For snoring and nose block
My son 6years old and he snore and nose block what we can give
surya2089 2016-07-14
1   kadwa 11 months ago

nirmalaygmail.com 2016-07-10
1   kadwa 11 months ago

for dr. kadwa please sir attend my case
sir i m suffering from very quick ejaculation before intercourse & erectile dysfunctio

Hasankhanazhari 2016-02-25
24   kadwa 11 months ago

Need help too much pain
I am 36 years old. First time i felt sciatica pain 18 years back left side..Tried trea
snavtej 2016-07-15
1   kadwa 11 months ago

janyjohnson 2016-07-15
no replies yet

memory loss, masturbation, premature ejaculation
Hello Doctors, please do help me aswell. I am desparate. I want to stop masturbation (ov
Drurf 2016-07-10
5   hp1990 11 months ago

Piles Disease_Dr. Nawaz only
Sir, please prescribed me the homeopathy medicine for piles . 1. Age. 27 2. Male 3. Singl

riyazahmad5 2016-07-04
13   nawazkhan 11 months ago

For snoring and nose block
My son is 6years old and weight 20kg and height is 118 He is snoring and nose block wha
surya2089 2016-07-14
no replies yet

Need help for Male Infertility and Hormonal problems
Dear Drs., I am 35 years old man and have been suffering from the following problems, 1
Kamal1 2016-07-09
1   Kamal1 11 months ago

Excessive watery vaginal discharge, pale brown
Reposting as i couldnt get help on my earlier thread hello: I have been experiencin
hope1234 2016-07-11
8   John Stanton 11 months ago

Dear Dr Kumar.1 of my daughter is short height, loud voice, anterior pelvic tilt
hi dr. kumar my 8 year old daughter is the same height as her 6 year old and almost s
Oohia 2016-07-14
no replies yet

Frequent stools with white foam
Hi I am a 36 year old male, height -5ft 7in, weight-85kg. I had stomach ache followed
gautamsingh10 2016-07-14
2   vasude 11 months ago

Attn. dr. Kadwa Damage Penis Veins
Due to Over Masturbation i think i have damaged my penis veins. My penis becomes hard by h
hp1990 2016-07-14
no replies yet

Puiquif 2016-07-08
12   John Stanton 11 months ago

Tuberculinum side effects?
I have a two year old and our local homeopath assesed him and prescribed Tuberculinum fo
Crowyo 2016-07-12
11   John Stanton 11 months ago

Help with 6 month baby
Hello! Hoping to get some help here! Trial of labor after C-section baby born at 40 w

Nataliesammi 2016-07-06
33   John Stanton 11 months ago

Baby reflux
1 yr old has reflux. He is on soya milk...myteka sachets and stomach but his throat gets
Kanza 2016-06-18
10   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

Im 24 years old female with no health issues. From last 3 years i hav a bell sound in wh
alyna 2016-07-10
4   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

torn acl
Hi, I had injured my left knee about 9 years ago playing basketball and the orthopedic do
Sheldon 2016-07-13
3   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

Lycopodium 200 for inguinal hernia
sir, i am suffering for inguinal hernia from last 4 years . i have no pain in hernia b
designer2cad 2016-07-13
3   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

drug interactions
my friend is on a drug called escitalopram for anxiety and I was wondering if its safe for
rlwebb 2016-07-14
1   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

Sl joint disfunction
Hi... my name is manisha. I met wid an accident in December 2015. Since then I have pain i
Manishamoses 2016-06-19
11   nawazkhan 11 months ago

Staphylococcus aureus infection
Hi there, This is regarding my son who is 21 months old. He has skin eczema since he
Kerd 2016-07-13
5   John Stanton 11 months ago

dr nawaz plz help
Plz help help me my lips is very dark plz plzz help me any cream any Medicine dat can help
sherya 2016-07-13
1   nawazkhan 11 months ago

Help with Vitreous Hemorrhage
Hello, I'm diabetic and suffer from macular edema and retinopathy in both eyes, an
glycoboy 2016-07-13
no replies yet

Chronic Ear Discharge from 30 years.
I have chronic left ear pus discharge from 30 years, it dries up with allopathic and with
harmin24 2016-07-13
1   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

Disappointed in community
I was really optimistic when I signed up for this forum, feeling that people interested in
Lookingforhelp1 2016-07-13
4   nishantgoswami10 11 months ago

dystonia (multi focal)
A baby of 7 year boy is suffering with this. . His two hands will be curved or effecte
logon2leo 2016-07-13
1   John Stanton 11 months ago

chronic brochitis
Dear Sir, I am 65 yrs old suffering from chronic short breathing with mucus which cannot d
Awan 2016-07-13
1   John Stanton 11 months ago

Help regarding Prostatitis...
Hello, I am of 36 yrs age, height 5'9" having following symptoms for over 5-6
razah 2016-07-13
1   John Stanton 11 months ago

aftabalam8c1 2016-07-12
3   John Stanton 11 months ago

Sara5 2016-07-11
4   Sara5 11 months ago

ED/Mental problems
1. Age: 34 2. Male 3. Single 4. 165 lbs 5. 6' 6. USA 7. Climate: Temperate
Lookingforhelp1 2016-07-13
6   Lookingforhelp1 11 months ago

Seeking help with weight loss and hirsutism
I very much appreciate any assistance that can be provided in directing me toward remedies
Lalia 2016-07-07
3   nawazkhan 11 months ago

My Erectile Dysfunction/Mental Problems
Hello, I understand that forums can be a great resource and the more information given
Lookingforhelp1 2016-07-12
2   Lookingforhelp1 11 months ago

Nat pho 6x
Hello i've been giving my two month old nat pho 6x 5-6 tabs a day for 7 days for her
Corazon.v 2016-07-12
1   John Stanton 11 months ago

What will be the side effects of Titanium 3x?
I am taking titanium 3x homeopathy pills. What will be the side effects if i take it for
agriz 2016-07-12
1   John Stanton 11 months ago

weight gain. only 47 ..smbdy help me
Age 24. Height 5"9'. Weight only 47. Low muscle mass. Eyes are sunken and little
Mukesh kumar2 2016-07-12
3   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

Dr.deoshlok:drooping eye problem:
I am 27 years old female single. i have problem in my right eye.right eye looks smaller th
annu85 2007-03-30
5   sadeqrnr65 11 months ago

Irregular periods
Hi, I have this issue of irregular menses. This time , it has come after 85 days (3 m
Homeomads 2015-09-09
6   danieldennis 11 months ago

Sex problem
Sir I am 39 yes old. When I was 18 yrs hand practice habit started. I got marridge last 6
Sachmeet 2016-07-12
1   akshaymohl 11 months ago

Premature Ejaculation
My friend is aged 40 years and is around 140 kgs with 5.9" height. He got recently ma
Ashley1 2016-03-13
3   Ashley1 11 months ago

Dear Dr Akshay Mohl Plz help
Dear Doctor, I had Baryta for confidence and it worked miraculously. But gave side effe
Aks000 2016-07-12
no replies yet

Viral fever, Cold and Headache
Age 24. Since last 1 days suffering from fever, cold and headache. Fever persists 4-5 hr.d
Mukesh kumar2 2016-07-11
1   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

Nephrotic syndrome
I have boy baby age 2 years suffering from nephrotic syndrome.doignosed before 5 moths .so
Chwaseem 2016-07-12
1   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

testooboot in Homeopathy ?
Hello, I need to intake testosterone before workout for building fat free lean muscle.
raviji34 2016-07-11
1   John Stanton 11 months ago

ak.kushwaha 2011-10-12
7   T.N.Sarker 11 months ago

Advice on dose and potency
Hello, last year in March I had been suffering from health anxiety. Someone advised me t
homeo11 2016-07-11
2   John Stanton 11 months ago

The Banerji Protocol - Is it Homeopathy?
I recently came across a lot of articles praising the Banerji Protocol, an alleged new fro

hmk2005 2012-01-02
57   surya2089 11 months ago

treatment for thyroid/hasimotos
I m looking for a doctor who treat hasimotos/thyroid in Mumbai,since I will be coming Mumb
surya2089 2016-07-11
1   surya2089 11 months ago

Sexual weakness and weak penis erection
Hello sir I am felling sexual problem my penis is not fully errect I have done masturbati
Arif2349 2016-07-11
no replies yet

head ache
I am 55 male with sever headache ,I am facing acidity, gas ,stomach,sputum,urine burning,
tanveer112 2016-07-11
1   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

Hi. I am male 30 from Pakistan but now live in Korea for study. I have problem in my sleep
seoulite 2016-04-10
2   Krisnakumar 11 months ago

scar tissue & keloid
I have a raised scar, keloid-like, located under arm area which formed after surgery. I al

tweety 2008-08-16
40   centreforsurgery 11 months ago

Advice choosing remedy for stubborn warts please
I have flat warts on the underside of my feet (one of which i have had over 10 years), a

Uejochererl 2016-06-18
13   Uejochererl 11 months ago

pitting skin
I ve piited skin in my two chicks. Small n large holes in my face that doesnt heal. Is the
Gehna 2016-07-11
no replies yet

Ance after antibiotic use
Hello- Can someone help me to find a remedy for acne ? I have never had acne before a

emeraldbridges 2015-12-22
46   emeraldbridges 11 months ago

chronic hyperacidity and reflux
hello sir, i am 29 year old female.i have been suffering from hyperacidity for more than
ruhani1 2016-07-10
2   ruhani1 11 months ago

What is meaning of HUST. IN hindi or telugu
jolly1 2016-07-10
1   akshaymohl 11 months ago

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