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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
dosage and piles difference and online shop purchasing genuine medicines
HI EVERYONE, I was told to take staphysagaria 2...
2Geerdoo08:23 28 Apr 16 by kadwa
Urinating and urging in night while on bed, headache with vomiting,ultecaria, burning in anus ,fungal infection then constant pain in thighs and legs, pain in chest if breathing outwards, completely dull, no desire to work, dull pain in whole body
I am very sensitive and emotional personality ,my ...
1singhshaan08:20 28 Apr 16 by kadwa
stretched medial collateral ligament
Hi,i wonder if someone could give me some advice p...
1alfyn07:47 28 Apr 16 by kadwa
Need guidance regarding OSMF treatment
Hi I am male 33 years suffering from limited mouth...
1Varunyash07:43 28 Apr 16 by kadwa
I have been suffering from ringworm for about 4 mo...
1riyazahmad507:40 28 Apr 16 by kadwa
looking for home remedie
my 11 year old female rottie has bloody discharge,...
1preciousdee07:34 28 Apr 16 by kadwa
Hi could someone please help me
I'm 21 female and have been struggling with h...
3fernpot07:31 28 Apr 16 by kadwa
Dr Kadwa please suggest
dear Dr kadwa, While taking baryta 200 n gelse...
7Akki0307:27 28 Apr 16 by kadwa
Hyperesthesia Syndrome
Hello- We just adopted a kitty and he has a syn...
3emeraldbridges07:19 28 Apr 16 by kadwa
Mild autism 3 years and 9 months
My son have mild autism I need remedy for him wi...
3Virgo 12307:12 28 Apr 16 by kadwa
ovarian cyst
respected sir my wifes age 25 years.and we recent...
1VaibhavOmer06:32 28 Apr 16 by nawazkhan
pain in knee joint
mri report is as following Grade III tear in the...
4rizwansaleem4306:11 28 Apr 16 by rizwansaleem43
Computer eye strain - Any eye drops ?
Dear All, Now a days every individual is experi...
1anil_kumar105:41 28 Apr 16 by Mahfoozurrehman
writers cramp
having this problem since 5 years.problem comes on...
5girish87sharma04:16 28 Apr 16 by girish87sharma
Left side teeth pain radiating to ear and neck
A few weeks ago I went for a filling on the bottom...
6blueskywoman01:04 28 Apr 16 by akshaymohl
pregnancy headache nasal congestion left eye pain
my wife is having headache and nasal congestion fo...
4fizspace21:03 27 Apr 16 by fitness
depression after chemical pregnancy
I just had a chemical pregnancy after trying to co...
0bluesky7716:33 27 Apr 16 by
Masturbation , week size and grith, short time .
I am a 28 year old unmarried male.I am doing mastu...
12omar12:15 27 Apr 16 by omar
for dr kadwa or doctor mehfooz
Sir i m 26 years old i feel pain since 5 years due...
2rizwansaleem4312:15 27 Apr 16 by rizwansaleem43
Any Homeopath plz suggest
Can Cal Phos can be given for anxiety low conf...
3Aks00011:45 27 Apr 16 by Aks000
atopic dermatitis
I am suffering eczema for last 10 years. But it ...
1ashirna09:38 27 Apr 16 by 0antivirus0
Painful ejaculation
Hallow, I am seeking for help more than 5 years. ...
2otbapa4ko06:36 27 Apr 16 by vasude
non-stop nausea in pregnancy
Hi, I am about 6 weeks pregnant, and the nause...
7Annabellicas4205:47 27 Apr 16 by nawazkhan
Small Lump in Throat
Dear Mr. Nawaz, Hope you are doing great. I was un...
5Subsuksub05:26 27 Apr 16 by nawazkhan
Life Is Becomes Hell
Hello, I Am 32Years Old male from India I Am Com... [LAST PAGE]
16Ritesh _Singh03:42 27 Apr 16 by 0antivirus0
Can someone please help, I've put a post out like 3 times and no one has replied
Hello, I would appreciate your help. Here is an in...
2fernpot21:54 26 Apr 16 by fernpot
Facial hair growth
I am 26 year old male. My testosterone level is 37...
1Milon121:34 26 Apr 16 by fernpot
Please help with insomnia in two year old
Hi, my family is desparate, our 2.5 year old has n...
2caligirl20:01 26 Apr 16 by caligirl
thyroid desease
respected dr.deshlok sharma, i just want to gui...
1SMAAQ78618:31 26 Apr 16 by vasude
1.5 year old boy playing with arnica montana 30c
My son is almost 1.5 year old (in 9 days) He found...
1worriedaunt201418:30 26 Apr 16 by fitness
Dr mohla plz help
My brother is 22 years old,he had ligament tear in...
5ishu117:41 26 Apr 16 by akshaymohl
Lack of confidence plz suggest remedy
Hii i m male 28 from india. Bartra and gelsemium ...
0Aks00017:08 26 Apr 16 by
HEllo, has anyone heard of field control therapy? ...
0midjanuary16:45 26 Apr 16 by
erectile dysfunction, great sex desire , premature ejaculation
Dear All, I am married since 11 years and have ... [LAST PAGE]
241venus074316:13 26 Apr 16 by agriz
njk [message edited by Nitz7 on Tue, 07 Jun 2016 1... [LAST PAGE]
63Nitz714:39 26 Apr 16 by herpes2
Increase Intercourse Time
I want to increase intercourse time please tell m...
2Razi Shah14:28 26 Apr 16 by rizwansaleem43
question for joe re: gerd remedy
Hi Joe, You recommended that I take Nat Phos 6x ... [LAST PAGE]
168bellz14:04 26 Apr 16 by plodhi
Lethargy ,anxiety ,underarms sweat while talking something general also
Hi, I am writing this mail in great grief . I am a...
8Colors13:44 26 Apr 16 by fitness
acl tear
Sir i m 26 years old i feel pain since 5 years due...
2rizwansaleem4311:32 26 Apr 16 by rizwansaleem43
Fever, vomitting and loose motion in 1 yr baby during dentition.
Hi sir/mam, My one year baby girl is having a l...
6ankit11108:22 26 Apr 16 by ankit111
gynecomastia problem one side ( left side )
Hi, i am 24 years old, when my old is 14-15 i feel...
1rabbysk08:08 26 Apr 16 by deoshlok
Cirrhosis of liver
Cirrhosis is a slowly progressing disease in which...
0deoshlok08:06 26 Apr 16 by
How to take Homeopathic medicines
Hi, I find different doctors recommend different ...
1Soumen106:35 26 Apr 16 by rizwansaleem43
Beard growth,Hair fall and premature greying
Helo...my friend is 28 year old...he want thick nd...
0SinghNK04:05 26 Apr 16 by
Male Enhancement Reviews
Those males who are thinking of using some male en...
1Robertlaw03:50 26 Apr 16 by Menslifeadvice
excessive hair and sweating too much when nervous around people i even can sweat if someone makes me laugh
Hello, I would appreciate your help. Here is an in...
0fernpot03:37 26 Apr 16 by
Tongue thrusting
Can anyone help me find remedies related to tongue...
2ruth4502:35 26 Apr 16 by ruth45
Looking for experienced homeopathic doctor in Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington
Could someone kindly, by own experience with him/ ...
0vtechy121:38 25 Apr 16 by
Chronic Asthma Please Help
Hello sir, My wife had skin allergy 4 years a...
2Hiren8718:53 25 Apr 16 by Hiren87
help!!! 11yr old child with pdd, adhd and low muscle tone
My daughter is 11 years old and has been diagnosed...
4ravindra12318:08 25 Apr 16 by ravindra123
Adult Acne
I'm a 39 year old female who has been sufferi...
3MistyGirl117:23 25 Apr 16 by MistyGirl1
Hearing lost and imbalance while walking
I was diagnosed of nesseria meningitis. And when i...
1bukicure17:05 25 Apr 16 by 0antivirus0
blood with stool/solitary ulcer syndrome ?
Hello, I am hoping that someone can help me. I ha...
3MPall14:09 25 Apr 16 by MPall
low self confidence
i need to know what remedy i should take for low s...
2mungu09:31 25 Apr 16 by mungu
Shilajit side effects
I am male 21 years old. I am taking shilajit fir p...
1baniya08:28 25 Apr 16 by kadwa
Dr. kadwa help its urgent
I have a long history of stomach disturbance and i...
1danger1207:10 25 Apr 16 by kadwa
Genital herpes cured
I provide solution for herpes that is research b...
0jacknjones07:08 25 Apr 16 by
child weight and height gain
my son is 3year old but him weight only 10 kg and ...
0manish-naruka06:49 25 Apr 16 by
plzzzz help dr.nawaz or dr. kadwa chronic constipation, depression , suicidal tendency
suffering from last 15 yrs. worsened for past one ... [LAST PAGE]
20abdullah306:30 25 Apr 16 by kadwa
hormonal issues? PCOS? adrenal fatigue? thyroid malfunction?
Hello, I would appreciate your help. Here is an in...
0fernpot06:07 25 Apr 16 by
Lack of sexual desire
Dear Sir, Please help me and suggest me homeopa...
2stripati02:22 25 Apr 16 by stripati
GERD/IBS/Abdominal Issues
Hey all! So, I had my baby 3 months ago and eve...
7Woxbiba18:49 24 Apr 16 by fitness
tissue salts
hello there what specific tissue/ cell salts shou...
0paula117:20 24 Apr 16 by
1 year old - night time digestion issues
Hi, I have a 1 year old that wakes up at least 3 ...
1syang6216:30 24 Apr 16 by fitness
I want folliculinum in india .Can u tell me or ...
0suman116:23 24 Apr 16 by
My son has Leukoderma. Pls help
I am 28 years old with 60% white patches on my ski...
0Frizure16:02 24 Apr 16 by
Increase in Height after gaining puberty in girls
Hi I have a 11 yrs old daughter who just starte...
12jyotimehr10:32 24 Apr 16 by ali4
Thyroid treatment.
I use following method to treat Thyroid problems (... [LAST PAGE]
125girilal06:21 24 Apr 16 by ismail1
Focus and concentration in school
Please suggest medicine for my daughter. She is 8y...
3Israa01:04 24 Apr 16 by akshaymohl
My penis has shrunk due to over masturbation
Hi, My penis has shrunk due to over masturbatio...
0rapidchange22:15 23 Apr 16 by
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