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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Chronic persistent acne at 30
I'm 30 years old and have had acne since I ...
1carolyn30909:48 16 Sep 09 by rishimba
Hi doctor, I get itchy/scratchy around my perineum...
9spiderman9908:19 16 Sep 09 by kadwa
Kadwaa pls Respond Runny Nose 6.5 Year Girl
Dear Kadwa, My sisters daughter is of 6.5 yrs o...
4homeopatient00107:57 16 Sep 09 by homeopatient001
Dr. Rishimba, Dr Joe, Dr.Sameer, Dr.Murthy, Dr. Rajeev : Child with Food Allergies, Asthma and Eczema
I am mentioning below the ailments my child is suf... [LAST PAGE]
433sadhna07:31 16 Sep 09 by sadhna
Hypothoroidism Case
Iam a patient of Hypothyroidism and was prescribed...
9emaratkar07:02 16 Sep 09 by kadwa
its not easy
i am 28 year old male. i am using schwabe;s phyto...
0kamikhan2 03:05 16 Sep 09 by
Attn. Dr. Sameer: Calculi in gall bladder
Dear Dr Sameer, I am a small grocery shop owner. ...
2zarra8703:00 16 Sep 09 by zarra87
Molloscum Contageousm
Hello, I am so thankful for this forum, please hel... [LAST PAGE]
28Mamma21:16 15 Sep 09 by sameervermani
Attn Dr.Bagyavasan
iam a 24years a college student,i used to study a ...
2Madan21:02 15 Sep 09 by Madan
Tarantula Hispanica or not- Please advise
Hi, Here are some distinct symptoms of my ...
0rxpratap19:32 15 Sep 09 by
Ulcerative Colitis
Dear All, My wife is 36 years old and was diag...
7msh lover17:14 15 Sep 09 by mr healthy
3 remedies for a condition?
Hi, Is it common for a homeopath to give 3 remedi...
1homeo1224217:03 15 Sep 09 by Dr. Bagyavasan.k
pilonidal sinus please answer
i am 18 years old.i have a problem of pilonidal si... [LAST PAGE]
42miam8916:53 15 Sep 09 by PANKAJ VARMA
can anyone help?
Hi, My son has been diagnosed with geographic t...
3lamlamuk16:25 15 Sep 09 by homeopatient001
Low white blood cell count
My son is 7 years old and been diagnosed with a lo...
1concernedmum12:48 15 Sep 09 by rishimba
please help Scrotal rashes any homeopathic doc???
Hello I'm 28 and have been dealing with this ... [LAST PAGE]
17sourabh10:06 15 Sep 09 by sourabh
head ache, mouth ulcer and heart burn
I am having heart burn since last 2-3 days (burnin...
1sanjeev_sk09:04 15 Sep 09 by kadwa
Please Help me
I want to get advice about my fatherís illness. He...
0gurninderbhalla08:57 15 Sep 09 by
acute epididimorchitis
Hello alldoctor my name is Pankaj and i am a male ...
0pka2008anand07:51 15 Sep 09 by
god bless you neil,kudwa,rishamba, mahfoozurrehman,sameer,pankaj
God Bless all the doctors giving Good Homeo Advice... [LAST PAGE]
13homeopatient00104:05 15 Sep 09 by hyper
Vaginosis / mixed infections of vagina
For several years I have been suffering from reocc... [LAST PAGE]
17toolka100:05 15 Sep 09 by vikas_grower
Question about Cichorium intybus
I was wondering if any of you can explain whether ...
0kaban200920:26 14 Sep 09 by
Attn: Dr. Mahfooz
Sir, Is there any email address or contact number ...
0Vistaxp20:16 14 Sep 09 by
Hi, Any proven remedies for low sperm count <... [LAST PAGE]
46carolina12345620:13 14 Sep 09 by Vistaxp
Nervous blotchy chest/neck
Hello, For quite some time whenever I am excite...
7Canagirl20:12 14 Sep 09 by Canagirl
Gardeners Syndrome.....Help!
I have taken many homeopathic remedies in my life ...
3Robyn92118:59 14 Sep 09 by rishimba
Puffy eyes
I have read all the posts on puffy eyes but it see...
4lea000017:59 14 Sep 09 by lea0000
chronic osteoarthritis, deformed legs, obesity,high b.p and ESR
hello everyone my mother 48 yrs old height 4.11 ...
7medussa 17:28 14 Sep 09 by Dr. Bagyavasan.k
Eczema and Sulphur
I have suffered from extreme re, dry and scaly ec... [LAST PAGE]
13Henna 15:15 14 Sep 09 by spike83
How to Take Selenium Tablet
How to take Selenium (3X ) Tablet? Gulping by wat...
0sadeqahmed14:37 14 Sep 09 by
welcome dr niel,pankaj
0miam8913:30 14 Sep 09 by
Dr Pankaj,Pls see this......
Thanks Pankaj a lot for your suggestions.....But I...
7sourabh13:27 14 Sep 09 by sourabh
Viagra equlaent in Homeopathy
is there any equivalent of viagra in homeopathy ? ...
7visible.face12:57 14 Sep 09 by mdhero2001
Pilonidal sinus
I am having pilonidal sinus since 5 years.I donot ...
6nishnice 12:06 14 Sep 09 by miam89
Swine flu
The spread of the swine flu is all over the news... [LAST PAGE]
47ruth4509:22 14 Sep 09 by homeopatient001
Chronic Problems and Constitutional
I have chronic anemaia that i get an iron infusion... [LAST PAGE]
67juniebug0906:24 14 Sep 09 by sameervermani
black spot around eye
Can any one suggest medicine for black spot below ...
9mazharmhm04:06 14 Sep 09 by mazharmhm
Kudwa pls respond Tooth Extraction
Dear Kudwa , One teeth of my wife is taken out ...
9homeopatient00102:54 14 Sep 09 by homeopatient001
Aggravation - good thng or bad
Hi. If a patient is taking homeopathc medicine for...
3awahid8123:13 13 Sep 09 by brisbanehomoeopath
Help to Induce Labor
I am 36 plus weeks with twins, I will be considere...
0achingmom22:46 13 Sep 09 by
my wife breast very loose want stand
hi anydc.pls,my wife age24 breast size good 35-36&...
0nurnabi22:06 13 Sep 09 by
pankaj verma,rishimba please help me
Please visit this link and read all case and help ...
1miam8919:27 13 Sep 09 by PANKAJ VARMA
Dr Pankaj::please help Scrotal rashes any homeopathic doc???
Thanks Pankaj.As you said Croton tig200 1 pill t...
3sourabh19:26 13 Sep 09 by PANKAJ VARMA
Pankaj,Rishambha,Kadwa Pls read this....Corticosteroids not working in scrotal rash problem!!!!
I am 28 yrs old and have scrotal rash for about 10...
1sourabh19:24 13 Sep 09 by PANKAJ VARMA
MRI - does it antidote
Does MRI always antidote a remedy? It was a low p...
0bamilton18:17 13 Sep 09 by
some spot on face
Hello docs, I have few skin problem. In my face on...
1rajajain2008 17:40 13 Sep 09 by rajajain2008
white liquid pouring out & leaving a hole on face....HELP NEEDED
hello, i have a problem of these acne ,pimples f...
11pps.7sep15:53 13 Sep 09 by miam89
Pigmentation on my upper arms
Hi, I am 42, female. Started developing pigmentati...
0homeo1224215:11 13 Sep 09 by
i am getting white patches
i am 16 yrs old n getting white patches. what to d...
3nikil00713:42 13 Sep 09 by rishimba
In view of sudden changes in atmosphere and due to...
3SURYAMOV13:15 13 Sep 09 by miam89
Dear Dr. Bagyavasan.k,
Dear Dr. Bagyavasan.k, I am 31 Male, being marrie...
0yasirhameed12:41 13 Sep 09 by
increse height
iam 23 yrs old so plz suggest the medicines to inc...
0shubhodeep08:42 13 Sep 09 by
potency related query plz help
Hello every1, I am new to homeopathy, I want to...
2Salmanbari06:46 13 Sep 09 by brisbanehomoeopath
Acute Tonsils
Dear All, My son is about 6 year old. he has th...
2baduzai03:48 13 Sep 09 by baduzai
early erection
i am 34 years old, when i met with my girl friend ...
0shaheenkhan 22:27 12 Sep 09 by
Please recommend good books on homeopathy
Hi, I am very interested to learn more about home...
0homeo1224213:35 12 Sep 09 by
Dear dr.Rishimba help
dear doctor RISHIMBA Please visit this link and...
0miam8913:12 12 Sep 09 by
excess saliva secretion
I am 34 years of age, my probs is i have toomuch s...
6tamilnadu 12:45 12 Sep 09 by akshaymohl
erection problem
i am 31yers old married sine 1 year wid 0ne baby. ...
1iftikharsaim12:44 12 Sep 09 by akshaymohl
my sperm activity is low
Hello, i m 35 year old, and i was married last 4 y...
3abidkazmi12:42 12 Sep 09 by akshaymohl
urine bladder problem
sir, i have urine problem, from last one month, i ...
0paruln12:40 12 Sep 09 by
bladder trouble
i have been suffering with heaviness of the bladde...
1cash_cash2000 11:25 12 Sep 09 by rishimba
phytolacca berry failed badly
i m 30 year old male from pakistan.using schwabe;s...
0kamikhan2 11:11 12 Sep 09 by
Any Doctor Solve My Sperm Activity Problem
hi i have a problem of semen analysis, My Age is ...
0abidkazmi09:48 12 Sep 09 by
dry cough
My 18 year old daughter had been suffering from th...
1Supriyo06:51 12 Sep 09 by rishimba
falling hair head &incread body face hair
dr from last 3 month my hair of haed is falling...
1mahsan06:49 12 Sep 09 by rishimba
2 Months old Baby blocked nose and congested chest
Hi all doctors my 2 months old baby suffer from...
3kamran.cisco05:18 12 Sep 09 by kamran.cisco
Ive been married for almost 6yrs..and my husband h...
2mhel2703:34 12 Sep 09 by yasirhameed
I have azoospermia. I have seen the treatment 100...
3isro7503:34 12 Sep 09 by yasirhameed
Azoospermia ( please help me)
Dear, I have been married for 5 years and been ...
3survivor198003:33 12 Sep 09 by yasirhameed
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