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gray hair -- all the docs here, pls help
I am 30 yr old female with gray hair problem. I started getting gray in early 20s and now

namesake 2009-09-08
15   vikas_grower 7 years ago

hcg liq med.
i ama bulky man, i sawin the internet some doctors advised for some patients hcg hormon d
shaheenkhan 2009-09-18
no replies yet

Pilonidal Cyst
I wanted to know if anyone knows anything about Pilonidal cysts and if there are remedies

sacred 2004-03-18
14   PANKAJ VARMA 7 years ago

throat - Voice Problem
hi I need help to correct my sound. my sound is just like a women. when i talk on phone to
osama0809 2009-09-17
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Hyper toddler needs help
My boy is 25 months old, very healthy, hyper, curious, on the go all the time. He is very
kaban2009 2009-09-13
6   kaban2009 7 years ago

filariasis from 30 years
my mother aged 58 years is suffering from filariasis , in 1975 or so she got severe fever,
vsurya263 2009-09-16
5   rishimba 7 years ago

Many Problem
Hi Doctors I am writing this to know if there is any remedy available which can make my b
abcusername 2009-09-15
3   abcusername 7 years ago

Vaginal Yeast Infection
I understand homeopathic remedies are general perscribed not by symtoms, but by a personna

Mamma 2009-08-23
27   Mamma 7 years ago

how long after smoking marijuana do i need to wait before i take a remedy?
do i need to wait a day or 2 after i have smoked marijuana, before i take a remedy, in ord
gunks 2009-09-16
1   gunks 7 years ago

20 year old with erection problem!!!!
hello. i am a 20 year old male. i noticed my erection was losing its firmness 4 or 5 month
gurjas 2009-09-17
1   akshaymohl 7 years ago

ligament tear
I had an accident in the month of april, initally i had swollen knee with pain in my rig
ramesh v k 2009-08-17
6   ramesh v k 7 years ago

alcohol in remedy
Hi, i brought my son to see a homeopath recently. She prescribed 3 medicines for my son
homeo12242 2009-09-17
no replies yet

i need help doctor
Hi, I am 25 yr old male. I have some problem with me. I have dark circles in my eyes whic
sureshyy 2009-09-17
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My wife having a problem of iching on arms with black-black spots
My wife having a problem of iching on arms with black-black spots(see pic) Problems: Ic
amitymahajan 2009-09-16
3   amitymahajan 7 years ago

Constant Sinus Infections
Please help!!! I have allergies and am prone to sinus infections. I used to take a
pateacher609 2009-09-14
2   pateacher609 7 years ago

height grow medicine
I'm 20 year, i'm just 4'11' I would like to increase my height with the
keerthibhat 2009-09-16
1   akshaymohl 7 years ago

please help! agoraphobia, anxiety, panic and fear of getting sick
I am a 35yr. old woman who has agoraphobia , anxiety, panic disorder, ocd, and other fear
black-eyed susan 2009-09-15
4   akshaymohl 7 years ago

Social Anxiety, was on lyco, new doctor?
I began lycopodium exactly a year from today, I took it for bad social anxiety, It immed
vouge 2009-09-16
3   akshaymohl 7 years ago

Pilonodil Cyst.....Maybe???
I was hoping you could help me I have been diagnosed with a pilonodil cyst and have a c
JasonA 2009-09-16
2   JasonA 7 years ago

Possible cure for hidradentis suppurativa
I have been suffering with HS for over 2 years. I recently went to see a consultant in Sou
star01 2009-09-16
no replies yet

weight gain
in last 4 months i have gained 15 kg. I am male age 38. I don't know why this happene
Sweet_Lemon 2009-09-16
no replies yet

Cysts in Breasts
Much of my information is mentioned in the Vaginal Yeast Infection post, but new informati
Mamma 2009-09-15
3   Mamma 7 years ago

hi all. I am strugling with consant tiredness, even after n goodnights rest, I struggle to
MrTired 2009-09-14
7   rishimba 7 years ago

Dear friends, Could anyone please post provings and other information regarding Lepromini
Imix7 2009-09-16
no replies yet

skin problem
Hi I have wart like things on my chest. It has been there for some years now. The tendenc
healthy123 2009-09-16
1   rishimba 7 years ago

Chronic persistent acne at 30
I'm 30 years old and have had acne since I was 14. The acne has changed over the ye
carolyn309 2009-09-16
1   rishimba 7 years ago

Hi doctor, I get itchy/scratchy around my perineum/anus with mild moisture (occasionally).
spiderman99 2009-09-07
9   kadwa 7 years ago

Kadwaa pls Respond Runny Nose 6.5 Year Girl
Dear Kadwa, My sisters daughter is of 6.5 yrs of Age.She got breathing problem,runny n
homeopatient001 2009-09-15
4   homeopatient001 7 years ago

Dr. Rishimba, Dr Joe, Dr.Sameer, Dr.Murthy, Dr. Rajeev : Child with Food Allergies, Asthma and Eczema
I am mentioning below the ailments my child is suffering from. Would you please advise. Lo

sadhna 2008-06-11
433   sadhna 7 years ago

Hypothoroidism Case
Iam a patient of Hypothyroidism and was prescribed Levothyroxine 50 mcg (to be taken ever
emaratkar 2009-08-10
9   kadwa 7 years ago

its not easy
i am 28 year old male. i am using schwabe;s phytolacca berry for six mont 2 tablets 3 ti
kamikhan2 2009-09-16
no replies yet

Attn. Dr. Sameer: Calculi in gall bladder
Dear Dr Sameer, I am a small grocery shop owner. A few months back I suffered from dyspep
zarra87 2009-09-14
2   zarra87 7 years ago

Molloscum Contageousm
Hello, I am so thankful for this forum, please help my ten year old son. He contracted Mol

Mamma 2009-07-27
28   sameervermani 7 years ago

Attn Dr.Bagyavasan
iam a 24years a college student,i used to study a lot,now i gets eye pain in both eyes whe
Madan 2009-09-15
2   Madan 7 years ago

Tarantula Hispanica or not- Please advise
Hi, Here are some distinct symptoms of my 5 yr old daughter. the homepath prescrib
rxpratap 2009-09-15
no replies yet

Ulcerative Colitis
Dear All, My wife is 36 years old and was diagnosed by her GI doctor with ulcerative
msh lover 2009-03-06
7   mr healthy 7 years ago

3 remedies for a condition?
Hi, Is it common for a homeopath to give 3 remedies for a symptom? I have always thoug
homeo12242 2009-09-15
1   Dr. Bagyavasan.k 7 years ago

pilonidal sinus please answer
i am 18 years old.i have a problem of pilonidal sinus since 4 months betwwen my buttocks a

miam89 2009-07-23
42   PANKAJ VARMA 7 years ago

can anyone help?
Hi, My son has been diagnosed with geographic tongue. He is 10 months old but he has ha
lamlamuk 2009-09-15
3   homeopatient001 7 years ago

Low white blood cell count
My son is 7 years old and been diagnosed with a low white blood cell count which explains
concernedmum 2009-09-15
1   rishimba 7 years ago

please help Scrotal rashes any homeopathic doc???
Hello I'm 28 and have been dealing with this problem for about 7 years. The skin on m

sourabh 2009-09-11
17   sourabh 7 years ago

head ache, mouth ulcer and heart burn
I am having heart burn since last 2-3 days (burning in the food pipe). I am having a const
sanjeev_sk 2009-09-14
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Please Help me
I want to get advice about my father’s illness. He is 65 Year old; His Right 9th 10th Nerv
gurninderbhalla 2009-09-15
no replies yet

acute epididimorchitis
Hello alldoctor my name is Pankaj and i am a male of 22 years. since last 2 months i am su
pka2008anand 2009-09-15
no replies yet

god bless you neil,kudwa,rishamba, mahfoozurrehman,sameer,pankaj
God Bless all the doctors giving Good Homeo Advice online.May be I missed some names.Each

homeopatient001 2009-09-08
13   hyper 7 years ago

Vaginosis / mixed infections of vagina
For several years I have been suffering from reoccurring mixed origin vaginal infections –

toolka1 2009-08-26
17   vikas_grower 7 years ago

Question about Cichorium intybus
I was wondering if any of you can explain whether Chicory ( Cichorium intybus ) would help
kaban2009 2009-09-14
no replies yet

Attn: Dr. Mahfooz
Sir, Is there any email address or contact number through which i can talk to you. please
Vistaxp 2009-09-14
no replies yet

Hi, Any proven remedies for low sperm count <20 million. Has anyone tried Picricum

carolina123456 2009-01-10
46   Vistaxp 7 years ago

Nervous blotchy chest/neck
Hello, For quite some time whenever I am excited, nervous, happy, angry, being the cent
Canagirl 2009-08-30
7   Canagirl 7 years ago

Gardeners Syndrome.....Help!
I have taken many homeopathic remedies in my life for may different things. This time its
Robyn921 2009-09-13
3   rishimba 7 years ago

Puffy eyes
I have read all the posts on puffy eyes but it seems to be very specific to each person�
lea0000 2009-09-11
4   lea0000 7 years ago

chronic osteoarthritis, deformed legs, obesity,high b.p and ESR
hello everyone my mother 48 yrs old height 4.11 weight 80 kgs is suffering with osteoar
medussa 2009-08-17
7   Dr. Bagyavasan.k 7 years ago

Eczema and Sulphur
I have suffered from extreme re, dry and scaly eczema all my life and have it all over m

Henna 2004-11-15
13   spike83 7 years ago

How to Take Selenium Tablet
How to take Selenium (3X ) Tablet? Gulping by water, or by Sucking?
sadeqahmed 2009-09-14
no replies yet

miam89 2009-09-14
no replies yet

Dr Pankaj,Pls see this......
Thanks Pankaj a lot for your suggestions.....But I thought nobody prescribed me that excep
sourabh 2009-09-13
7   sourabh 7 years ago

Viagra equlaent in Homeopathy
is there any equivalent of viagra in homeopathy ? moreover can we increase the time of
visible.face 2009-05-18
7   mdhero2001 7 years ago

Pilonidal sinus
I am having pilonidal sinus since 5 years.I donot want to go for operation.Please let me k
nishnice 2008-06-17
6   miam89 7 years ago

Swine flu
The spread of the swine flu is all over the news. What remedies should we have on hand i

ruth45 2009-04-27
47   homeopatient001 7 years ago

Chronic Problems and Constitutional
I have chronic anemaia that i get an iron infusion every year for since 2001. I also have

juniebug09 2009-07-11
67   sameervermani 7 years ago

black spot around eye
Can any one suggest medicine for black spot below eye or around eye for a student.
mazharmhm 2009-09-02
9   mazharmhm 7 years ago

Kudwa pls respond Tooth Extraction
Dear Kudwa , One teeth of my wife is taken out as she got lot of pain.Bleeding stopped.
homeopatient001 2009-09-11
9   homeopatient001 7 years ago

Aggravation - good thng or bad
Hi. If a patient is taking homeopathc medicine for e.g pcos and after taking the remedy, s
awahid81 2009-09-13
3   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Help to Induce Labor
I am 36 plus weeks with twins, I will be considered full term by my docs at 38 weeks. I a
achingmom 2009-09-13
no replies yet

my wife breast very loose want stand
hi anydc.pls,my wife age24 breast size good 35-36''but coming down i have marrie
nurnabi 2009-09-13
no replies yet

pankaj verma,rishimba please help me
Please visit this link and read all case and help me.This case is related to pilonidal sin
miam89 2009-09-13
1   PANKAJ VARMA 7 years ago

Dr Pankaj::please help Scrotal rashes any homeopathic doc???
Thanks Pankaj.As you said Croton tig200 1 pill twice weekly.Should that be taken 1 pill
sourabh 2009-09-12
3   PANKAJ VARMA 7 years ago

Pankaj,Rishambha,Kadwa Pls read this....Corticosteroids not working in scrotal rash problem!!!!
I am 28 yrs old and have scrotal rash for about 10 yrs. There is alopecia , skin discolor
sourabh 2009-09-13
1   PANKAJ VARMA 7 years ago

MRI - does it antidote
Does MRI always antidote a remedy? It was a low potency 6C that I am proving after second
bamilton 2009-09-13
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