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Help me tio suggest giardia medicine
I am suffeing from giardia problem last six months.After doctors direction and lab test,co
bright 2009-06-14
1   kadwa 9 years ago

CPK count
Hi, I am srinivas, resident of India. My sister's son is diagnosed with CPK disor
psv_403 2009-06-10
3   Niel Madhavan 9 years ago

Acid reflux
Hi Here's my story, I am 30yrs old and I am suffering from acidity past 2 years, but

Swa79 2009-06-09
18   Dubai2009 9 years ago

Sneeze, running nose
I sneeze at least 10-12 times early morning when i wake up from sleep, when i touch cold t
mapleleaf 2009-06-13
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Potency Education
Hello Dr Madhavan, I have already gone through a lot of posts and I am totally confused a
david1971 2009-06-13
1   Niel Madhavan 9 years ago

Osteoprosis and Osteoarthritis
Dear Drs; Hi' I am suffering from Osteoarthritis of right knee and also Os
Razzaq 2009-04-26
1   dr pervaz 9 years ago

Erectile dysfunction
First I want know that homoeopathy cures ED problem naturally and permanently. I am 29 yr
rossk 2009-06-12
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Male breast enhancement
Hi doctors i'm praki and i'm a shemale. my age is 21 height is 5 11', weigh
praki 2009-06-13
no replies yet

low muscle tone
My daughter is three years old with low muscle tone.She is still not walking or talking is
blica 2009-06-13
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Chronic Osteomyelitis
My child 6 years old has an accident a year ago and gone through one surgery immediately
mp_palakurthy 2009-05-31
8   kadwa 9 years ago

ideal diet and health
IDEAL DIET Tea ½ tsp sugar with 2 marie biscuits Break fast ½ tsp sugar w
drsameer 2009-06-13
no replies yet

An allergy is a basic hypersensitiveness. Some individuals respond in an exaggerated manne
drsameer 2009-06-13
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what to expect from homoeopathy
For an acute ailment, you should usually see results within 24-48 hours, remaining in cont
drsameer 2009-06-13
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spotts on my lip
Hi I'm a teenager and have these spots on my lips they don't hurt and there only
305285 2009-06-13
2   305285 9 years ago

why homoeopathy
Once upon a time,there lived a rich businessman.He had two sons,whom he had grown with ful
drsameer 2009-06-13
no replies yet

Nasal Polyps
Dear Doctor, Please note that i have been suffering from Nasal Polyps since last 2 years.

bidyadhar 2009-05-18
23   vikas_grower 9 years ago

To DR Mahfooz, Asthma has come back
hi im a 30 year old male i have had asthma since birth but i have controlled my asthma for
tanny1 2009-06-09
8   Niel Madhavan 9 years ago

Attention: Dr. Mahfooz; Dr Niel; Dr. Akshaymohl; Dr Sameer and Dr. Kadwa
I have used Bryonia 200 for five days and my Blood Sugar was down unexpected upto 63 fasti
m_khan 2009-06-10
11   Niel Madhavan 9 years ago

Facial Blushing-please help
Hello, I am 24 years old and have had facial blushing since I was at least 14 years old.
patel89 2008-07-16
3   Heidi22 9 years ago

neck warts
I have these really tiny warts on my neck. what can I take and apply for it.
chumki 2009-06-08
1   chumki 9 years ago

Arg Nit in pregnancy for anxiety
I have severe anxiety and also performance anxiety. I have to give presentations for work
ilmsg2 2009-06-12
3   kadwa 9 years ago

Postive RA Factor
Dear Drs; Whether the positive RA factor can negative or not?. If yes, please guide the
Razzaq 2009-06-12
no replies yet

Hi, I am a female of 26 years. I had developed a keloid on my shoulder 5 yrs ago, it gre
justit 2009-06-11
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Pain in Penis after Intercourse
Hi, Pl help me. I feel pain in my penis after intercourse mainly on glans and a bit in th
gaurav_6580 2009-06-12
1   Niel Madhavan 9 years ago

sulphur 0/30 LM stopped working
hello, I have been taking homeoapathy for the 1st time in my life now with good results. I
flor podesta 2009-06-12
1   Niel Madhavan 9 years ago

Psoriasis for the past three years
Hello. Please help me (i.e.) my husband. He is sixty years old and a few years ago he had

don-bosco 2009-06-03
17   digvijoy 9 years ago

No taste, No smell?
My fiancee has been suffering from loss of smell and taste for around 2 years now. It star
carlnlaura 2009-06-11
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

gallbladder polyp
gallbladder polyp Dr.Pankaj Verma, my sister is diagnosed with gallbladder polyps. Could
aliki 2009-06-11
no replies yet

Infant with persistant nasal discharge/bronchial congestion
A friend has an 8 month old infant,male, with what appeared to be the symptoms of a cold s
orian 2009-06-11
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Hi! Sir, I suffered with continuous heatburn/acidity problem six months ago after taking
nustian 2009-06-11
1   kadwa 9 years ago

PCOS and elevated testosterone; looking for a remedy
I am a 25year old female who has been diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago, however, I did
lovely223 2009-06-08
4   lovely223 9 years ago

black lab with black ear discharge
My male black lab has a black discharge from one ear. His ear was cleaned under anesthesia

fredkiwi 2007-09-11
93   fredkiwi 9 years ago

Advice for Stammering
Hello Doctors, I am a 24 year old man. I am suffering from stammering . I have problems w
jhon_m 2009-06-11
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

remedy for impotence.
Dear Doctor, I m a service man.I m married person also.But some months,I feel that i have
shaymol 2009-06-11
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Please help Doctor Mahfooz
Hello Doctor Mahfooz, I have given the prescribed remedy to my brother and He is feeling
rishab 2009-06-03
8   rishab 9 years ago

PMS ACNE!!!!!! help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
ANYONE KNOW A CURE???? i have been on kali brom for 2months and i still have bad acne. i
anixae 2009-06-11
1   digvijoy 9 years ago

Help with Side Effects of Aggressive Chemotherapy
please advise on ways to combat nausea following chemo, depression relating to cancer, ach
sian68 2009-06-10
3   kadwa 9 years ago

Low Testerone
Hi, Can you share a good remedy for Low testerone in males? Have you used it before what
carolina123456 2009-06-11
1   Joe1908 9 years ago

Dr.'s- Need help please!!! Don't know whats wrong with me!
Hi all, Im a 20yr. old african american male. I've had social anxiety for years now (

gtech 2009-03-30
69   vikas_grower 9 years ago

premature ovarian failure
hi doctor my problem is this we r trying to have baby amost five years .but no succes then

zubeda jee 2009-05-28
19   zubeda jee 9 years ago

my pet dog
My pet dog, black in colour, 8 years old, since 4 months suffering ear eczema which is sev
sridurga 2009-06-05
8   orian 9 years ago

clival chordoma
thank You for removing my asking for help
musicmagic73 2009-06-10
1   musicmagic73 9 years ago

Is Mr. Joe De Livera still on this board?
Just wanted to thank him for his help with my son's asthma. Asthma has vanished ike
rg_us 2009-06-09
3   m_khan 9 years ago

digestive disorder
I am 43 years old, with 59Kg weight. Working in a research laboratory. I am facing a numbe

akkarmakar 2009-03-17
20   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

what is yeast infection?
Candidiasis, commonly called yeast infection or thrush is a fungal infection.Candidiasis e
Smitchelle 2009-06-10
no replies yet

Attn: Dr. Sameer Re: PLEASE HELP!!!! 3 months old with a severe body rash
dear Dr. Sameer, I am seeking your expertise as well as many others on this site. Please r

kassyuta 2009-04-11
65   kassyuta 9 years ago

Expat Children & Youths Summer Fun Camp and Intensive Chinese Language Training
The Jiao Tong University 2009 International Summer Camp provides an ideal platform for you
jiaotongcj 2009-06-10
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Postherpetic Neuralgia in lt face, eye?
My dad, 80y/o is suffering from postherpetic neuralgia 1month until now. Face, lt, forehea
rxlove 2009-06-09
7   rxlove 9 years ago

Aconitum Napellus question
I was prescribed this homeopathic remedy at a 6x potency. I did some reading on this link.
lt1pnyklr 2009-06-09
6   kadwa 9 years ago

Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex Remedy?
Hello, I am seeking help for my 8 yr. old male cat. He has been diagnosed with Eosinophili
riverlily 2009-06-09
3   kadwa 9 years ago

Toddler with Chronic Congestion
HiI have a 2.5 year-old toddler. From the age of around 13 months she has had a runny-nos

yassywoowoo 2006-01-31
15   stahl247 9 years ago

Hay fever
I have hay fever at this time of year. Usually before summer begins and as summer ends (Ma
rania1403 2009-05-25
6   kadwa 9 years ago

Post shingles neuralgia
Hoping to help a friend who is in agony. The rash is gone.* Well defined area - sharply l
Daisy43 2006-01-18
11   rxlove 9 years ago

Attention: Site Administrator
I am trying to post a new topic but it is giving following error. 'Your text contains
m_khan 2009-06-09
no replies yet

Severe pain in foot and Uric Acid levels are 9 mg
Hi, I have severe pain with swelling in left foot (not in big toe) and recent test shows
sur0116 2008-05-05
5   amirjadoon 9 years ago

gum infection
iwant to know that is there any medicine for teeth &gum problems .If there is then tell me

shweta2306 2009-05-23
14   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

gallbladder polypus
Dr.Pankaj Verma, my sister is diagnosed with gallbladder polyps. Could you advise on some
aliki 2009-06-09
no replies yet

m_khan 2009-06-09
no replies yet

Abdomenal Pain
Hi, My brother is 40 years old. He complains that a constant heaviness present in his abd
nahmed69 2009-05-04
11   kadwa 9 years ago

remove unwanted hair chin
Hi , I am 27y old woman, i facing unwanted hari on my chin. doing shaving is v. difficult
jaya_dayal 2009-06-07
1   Vasuvasu 9 years ago

Viral fever in infant
Hi Everyone, My 10 months old son is having high fever 102-103 since yester night. I am g
tarchei 2009-06-07
3   tarchei 9 years ago

mammary tumor
hello. my 16 y.o dog was diagnosed with mammary tumor. the doc wants to go on with the ope

starfishsquare 2006-08-03
57   orian 9 years ago

Regarding masturbation
Is there any medication or technique using which we can reduce our practice of maturbation
astrologer 2009-06-04
9   astrologer 9 years ago

Swelling of Right Testis
Two weeks ago, I had a high fever. A week ago, I discovered that my right testis swell. Th
alfo1 2009-06-08
2   alfo1 9 years ago

allery (my (2 year old is tossing and turning at night)
My two year old may have a allergy, I can hear her breath heavy at night and tossing and t

thusha 2009-06-02
20   thusha 9 years ago

heroin addiction
are there any homeopathic therapies for someone trying to break a heroin addiction?
rudylk 2009-06-07
2   saritalove 9 years ago

dark circles around eyes
what is the best medicine to cure dark circles around the eyes.thanks
zak khan 2007-09-24
7   libra981 9 years ago

gallstone problem
I m suffering with gallstones, and my ct scan report suggest multiple calculi. I have star
sikander rafiq 2009-06-05
3   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Headache with Acne Medicine
Hi I am currently taking Acne Aid by Dr Bakshi company which contains berberis aquifolium
kmengi 2009-06-08
4   kmengi 9 years ago

One year kid having stomach infection!
hello, one year(12 mnths) kid having a stomach infection & loose motions(sometimes watery
amitymahajan 2009-06-08
4   kadwa 9 years ago

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