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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
My name is jayan.I am 28 years old & I am wor...
3jayanr13:39 19 Aug 08 by tochitra
strep 'g'
I had problems with my throat for around 5 months ... [LAST PAGE]
17aleyne11:56 19 Aug 08 by aleyne
Attention :Dr Rishimba - Dr Mahfuz - shoulder joint pain
Sir, I would like to refer my case to the esteem...
5rajjsai10:24 19 Aug 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
My testis (left) was almost remains in large size ...
2pama1008:41 19 Aug 08 by drharry
plzzzzz.. help me,night emission
1. Name chiku 2. Age 20 3. Sex Male 4. Marri...
2giitu 07:30 19 Aug 08 by giitu
Arginine and Ornithine
<b><a href= blank ">http://www.nutrovita....
0Bob Woolmer06:58 19 Aug 08 by
help arterial plaque
how to remove the plaque from the arteries. Say if...
2hisam04:58 19 Aug 08 by parachute
liver cirrohcis
my brother in late 40's, having chronic Hepat...
4ashfaq04:49 19 Aug 08 by salaam
Any good places to search for doctors?
Hi everybody, it is a really good thing to know ab...
0kainija04:45 19 Aug 08 by
Sore throat
I have had a sore throat for about three or four d...
1fidyldoun04:39 19 Aug 08 by deoshlok
poor concentration and forgetfulness
my son is 9 yrs of age. He is very absent minded a...
1bhavamalinijps04:34 19 Aug 08 by deoshlok
pls help
Pls help/suggest for the following. 1) Obsessive ...
1SOUND04:29 19 Aug 08 by deoshlok
Thanks dr.Tahira(kidney stone)
I took berberis vulgaris as per your prescripti...
0sarath 03:05 19 Aug 08 by
lycopodium constitution
Hello, I am lyc constitution and originally w...
3glowingsoul00:50 19 Aug 08 by sameervermani
Amenorrhea [possibly due to use of birth control pill], and bad acne
- Suffering from two conditions: amenorrhea and ba...
2birdwire 19:12 18 Aug 08 by birdwire
chronic croup
I have a 2 year old daughter who has chronic croup...
2lisamumto217:35 18 Aug 08 by lisamumto2
Dr. Murthy, Could you please guide this case ?
My 9 yr old son was diagnosed with acute lymphobla...
8zayed09:34 18 Aug 08 by zayed
Hepatites B
hi, i am sufferibg Hepatites B with SGPT and SGOT...
2jpswain09:15 18 Aug 08 by jpswain
Gin Caused Me Great Suffering - Help Please
I'm a 21 year old slightly overweight but h...
1John2008 08:15 18 Aug 08 by gavinimurthy
penis problem
i have a bad habit of Masturbation now my penis ha...
1vamic06:53 18 Aug 08 by gumby
Just wondering how codex is doing? Did her melasm...
0pitas06:16 18 Aug 08 by
Serious reaction to insect bites & stings
My 5 year old son has serious reaction to insect b...
7zingara06:11 18 Aug 08 by gavinimurthy
cold and cough
I have severe cough and stuffy nose since 1 week. ...
2bhavamalinijps06:10 18 Aug 08 by bhavamalinijps
Dr.Rishimba...returning patient..Please help
Dr.Rishimba You have prescribed me conium 1M ...
0freindlyurs05:56 18 Aug 08 by
help one big bump
i have had this one white bump in my throat for mo...
1cinnabunz2008 05:27 18 Aug 08 by sameervermani
All Doctors ! Can any one tell the effects of Lycopodium??
Dear Doctors, Can any one brief the side effect...
1ksreedhar12305:22 18 Aug 08 by sameervermani
i have a headache in all 24 hrs a day.even when i ...
2raj_fr2001 04:08 18 Aug 08 by PANKAJ VARMA
Hi. in week 35 of my pregnancy I got pupps (Prur...
1Midwhori03:46 18 Aug 08 by Mahfoozurrehman
Support for Metal Detoxification
I'm about to start herbal detox for heavy met...
0Peace4you03:08 18 Aug 08 by
ssanyone had success intreating chronic pancreatit...
0michaelmorry01:03 18 Aug 08 by
hi i m vaibhav i m 20yr old n my height is 5'1...
1vaibhav00:02 18 Aug 08 by sameervermani
help me
i am a girl of 22 my problem is this that my breas...
9sarasara08:14 17 Aug 08 by sarasara
can anyone give me the details of medicine sulphu...
2bhavamalinijps08:06 17 Aug 08 by bhavamalinijps
Remedy for Natrum Mur
Could someone recommend a short-acting remedy for ... [LAST PAGE]
15thekind7806:58 17 Aug 08 by Luminita
vaginal infection
I am writing on behalf of 2 girls (one 3 years and...
23tephmt20:03 16 Aug 08 by 3tephmt
Looking for homeopath who has treated autism cases in UK
I have a 2 and a half year old son who has been di...
3agarg16:34 16 Aug 08 by sameervermani
Haemorrhoids/ Anal Fissure/BPH
To MR Gavinimurthy. As suggested I am starting a ...
2ktsuda15:57 16 Aug 08 by ktsuda
Pilonidal Cyst Treatment Questions: Hepar Sulphuris or Silicea
For several years now, there have been times when ...
1HappyLittleMonkey15:29 16 Aug 08 by deoshlok
Excessive liquid consumption
Hi, My brother (David)has a chemical imbalance and...
2javcs197015:29 16 Aug 08 by gavinimurthy
Sensitive Constitution
Hi Dear Senior Members and others, I request yo...
1krishnamohan15:20 16 Aug 08 by deoshlok
Plz Urgent help UC...
My Aunt is suffering from ulcerative colits since ...
1comsite15:03 16 Aug 08 by deoshlok
how long is ok to take remedy?
i'm a little confused. How long is safe to ta...
2ykonstan15:01 16 Aug 08 by ykonstan
Multiple Sclerosis
I am a 38 year old female who has had Multiple Sc... [LAST PAGE]
21travelgirl14:58 16 Aug 08 by travelgirl
Professional homeopathic suggestion required
Diagnosis: Forestier Sindrome female, 59 years ol...
1Luminita14:56 16 Aug 08 by deoshlok
Scar Tissue after breast implants surgery
I had saline breast implants put in two months ago...
0proforgnzr14:07 16 Aug 08 by
Pls share- Has any one been benefitted in increasing breast size by using Sabal Serrulata Q
Hi Friends, In all breast size related queries ev...
1aradhna12:51 16 Aug 08 by sarasara
Excessive Fat
I am 37 years old man hight 5.7' weight 72 kgs...
1jhon3711:59 16 Aug 08 by jhon37
Sperm Count & Pregnancy
Dear Doctors, I am a great fan of homeopathy an...
4samabb08:57 16 Aug 08 by samabb
Confidence in specific homeopathic remedies
My wife believes in the effectiveness of homeopath...
4mdarby08:11 16 Aug 08 by gavinimurthy
sex prob
Hello Dr. My age is 23 year. In my early age when... [LAST PAGE]
38raj359 06:06 16 Aug 08 by raj359
defeciency of thoughts/ideas and forgetfull
I have deficeiency of thoughts feels like my mind ... [LAST PAGE]
16bronte05:42 16 Aug 08 by Luminita
crack at the corner of the mouth
I have these crack at the corner of my mouth, I am...
9lowell05:30 16 Aug 08 by Luminita
mucus problem
Hi to all, I've been having a mucus proble...
1arunner01:26 16 Aug 08 by akshaymohl
Postatic fluid come out
I am 35, 5.6' weight 70 kg It is a problem wh...
3rob55566 01:25 16 Aug 08 by akshaymohl
i am 38 year old and i am suffering from cold, spe...
1iasiddiqui21:29 15 Aug 08 by srisri
Mosquito bites
my daughter is 6 years old and very allergic to mo...
4bellkeys21:26 15 Aug 08 by srisri
Sweet dog in big trouble
Katie, a doxie/terrier mix, only 4 years, has a br...
3MissNoodle14:33 15 Aug 08 by MissNoodle
Radium Bromide 30 for Acne?
Hi everyone!!! I heard that Radium Brom is goo... [LAST PAGE]
23rahman_hope13:20 15 Aug 08 by CHELLE
India Celebrating Happy Independence Day
Happy Independence Day for all indians....
1Dr. Rakesh Km Lko13:17 15 Aug 08 by Dr.Haran ch malaker
pathological liar
I've heard that there is a remedy for patholo...
0nono208313:16 15 Aug 08 by
13 month old daughter will not sleep
1. We had a great time on a vacation a month back....
1js312113:12 15 Aug 08 by js3121
Seminal leakage, please help.
Hey everyone. I have been masturbating since last ...
3Irtza12:28 15 Aug 08 by tango120
gas problem
mere bhai ki umar 18 yr hai,use hamesha gas proble...
2sarasara12:17 15 Aug 08 by sarasara
Remedy for Radon
Recently I installed granite coutertops in my kitc...
0carolzip10:31 15 Aug 08 by
inquinal hernia
my age is 42 male.i am having eary inquinal hernia... [LAST PAGE]
15waqar younis05:51 15 Aug 08 by waqar younis
sinus swelling looks NASTY
i am wondering if anyone can recommend a remedy fo...
4littlebaby03:41 15 Aug 08 by sarah85
Needing help to concieve
I've heard about you guies fom a friend and I...
6Nees50317:07 14 Aug 08 by Nees503
returning back - ms
i report i've been taking Rhus Tox 30c two ...
1ykonstan14:01 14 Aug 08 by rishimba
high uric acid
sir, i am suffering from high uric acid. my uri...
1ashwani4877 10:38 14 Aug 08 by znaeem51
cold and loose stool
Hi, My Son is 20 months old.He has cold and cough ...
4anup1209:48 14 Aug 08 by Dr Tahira
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