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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
plz reply my fast about calcarea carbonica 200c
I bought CALCAREA CARBONICA 200C to cure my stu...
1medo800016:55 15 Jul 08 by sameervermani
How to treat a retarded child
Dear Doctors One of my friends has a retarded chi...
1znaeem5116:36 15 Jul 08 by Dr Tahira
Split Urine Stream
I am experiencing split urine stream since i passe...
5Sagheer10:41 15 Jul 08 by Sagheer
kidney stoney
I have a stone in my left kidney about 31mm*15mm. ...
5lakhanpal08:10 15 Jul 08 by lakhanpal
Dr.Rishimba....... Headache.........pl suggest dosage
You have prescribed me CONIUM MAC 12C. But in th...
3freindlyurs06:38 15 Jul 08 by freindlyurs
pimple on nose and redish area on the front of nose
I am having pimple on my nose for the last two yea...
1MCKAUSHAL05:06 15 Jul 08 by Dr. Rakesh Km Lko
under arm rash
It's really getting painful. Very red. Any ...
0hmetoo00:19 15 Jul 08 by
ulcerative colitus 5 year old daughter
my daughter who is 5 now has had ulcerative since ...
4sarab 21:39 14 Jul 08 by sarab
remember that im a relax guy...
0pouya gorji21:11 14 Jul 08 by
My 20 months old boy has autism -like behavioral ...
0paty_avila21:06 14 Jul 08 by
i think hyperhirosis
Hi im pouya 23 years old_male im living in iran...
0pouya gorji 21:03 14 Jul 08 by
Injured foot
Hello, My mom was in the kitchen and the pressure...
2hammad7616:16 14 Jul 08 by Dr Tahira
Tinnitus-Lycopodium-Dosage Question
My brother has severe tinnitus . Roaring and buz...
2searchin15:12 14 Jul 08 by Myprob
Previous Accutane user (ACNE)
Hi, I am 25 years old.I was diagnosed with Cystic...
2beanz 15:02 14 Jul 08 by deto1
pain in testis
Hello doctors I am 42-years old I am suffering ...
6hussain fayyaz12:07 14 Jul 08 by akshaymohl
deviated septum
Hi, Is it possible to correct a deviated septum...
0renault08:33 14 Jul 08 by
breast enhancement
m 20 yr with slim health. bt only i hve small brea...
5shwets_102 06:44 14 Jul 08 by shwets_102
Dr Deoshlok help pls
Pls help me with the problems of my child.he is 12... [LAST PAGE]
13sonu_mumbai06:36 14 Jul 08 by shwets_102
Eye smarting sensation & teeth crown decay.
Present Age: 30 Yesterday night I took Murc. So...
3mati 06:34 14 Jul 08 by mati
Yellow Fever Vaccination
Hi there, I was hoping to get some advice from ... [LAST PAGE]
14stickyfingaz99 06:01 14 Jul 08 by maheeru
how to increase my breast size
hello iam sapna from lhr. my age is 23 years. my p...
5sapna_a04:27 14 Jul 08 by shwets_102
Penis Problem
Dear All, i have very severe problem, i am 26 year...
3analyzer_98104:23 14 Jul 08 by analyzer_981
Upper Eyelid Retraction
Which remedy is advised for upper eyelid retractio...
0Myprob02:19 14 Jul 08 by
Premature greying hair
I'm 37yo, Chinese male, lacto-ovo vegetarian....
0kkhaw01:31 14 Jul 08 by
Overweight dog
What homeopathic remedy is good to help weight los...
0kkhaw01:13 14 Jul 08 by
transverse myelitis
I was diagnosed with transverse myelitis about 9 m...
2hmetoo00:58 14 Jul 08 by hmetoo
Homeopathic Remedy Dosage-Graves Eye Disease
I have been taking Spigelia 30c for 7 days, 3 pe...
0searchin00:07 14 Jul 08 by
breast enlargement.
I want to increase my breast size.Now i am having ...
1kallepallirao16:24 13 Jul 08 by kallepallirao
stiff neck
i am a 37 year old short, lean male. two days back...
1pcthahir14:22 13 Jul 08 by Dr Tahira
internal pressure in left eyeball
i have a desease called uveitus, which manifests i...
2ph195014:03 13 Jul 08 by Dr Tahira
grey hair on head and white beard since 4 years
Dear Doctors, I have grey hair since 4 years on...
0ksreedhar12313:16 13 Jul 08 by
DR.Deoshlok Sharma
Sir,my mother aged 55 years,has formed a lump on t...
0Helpseeker10:31 13 Jul 08 by
Help needed to cure my acne problems
Hi, I am a 35 year old female living in India. ...
1guma5507:05 13 Jul 08 by rishimba
Can i used Damiana Q?
Hello drs: i posted a msg but did not get answer....
1Ahmer06:50 13 Jul 08 by akshaymohl
Sexua Weakness
Hi I am 35 and single but feeling sexually weak a...
3Sagheer06:25 13 Jul 08 by akshaymohl
peni shrinkage and stiffness problem
Hi Everyone, I am about 26 ,single, facing some... [LAST PAGE]
18shsunny 06:23 13 Jul 08 by akshaymohl
postherpetic neuralgia
i,m suffring from post herpetic neuralgia in my le...
0devagral06:14 13 Jul 08 by
all doctors kindly help
I am 18 yrs of aged girl Problem is that i had dan...
3shadow03:54 13 Jul 08 by shadow
mother's milk disagrees
please can any one help me. my baby(5 months) is n...
2bhavamalinijps01:30 13 Jul 08 by akshaymohl
Nervous 13-year-old girl
Our daughter is a picky eater, a high achiever, an...
1dtdean01:21 13 Jul 08 by akshaymohl
rash under arms
I would like to find a cure for rash under my arms...
0hmetoo23:35 12 Jul 08 by
ear infection
my hussi has ear infection after swimming. he sa...
0bhavamalinijps20:13 12 Jul 08 by
high cholestrol
my mom is 62 years. she has high cholestrol, bp an...
0bhavamalinijps20:00 12 Jul 08 by
Post Cardiac Surgery
I was put under the knife in early 1994 at Heart C...
2Captain Faizi19:13 12 Jul 08 by hamidwas
Cardiac Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation
Hi there! Can any one help me out. I am having ab...
0hamidwas19:02 12 Jul 08 by
help with chilblanes...
0ph195018:45 12 Jul 08 by
Mixing remedy in syringe
I'd like to be able to mix a valerian remed...
0HorseLover7317:04 12 Jul 08 by
Diabetes Help
Hi All, Sorry if this has been posted recently.... [LAST PAGE]
13charlie12315:17 12 Jul 08 by srisri
Repeated Misscarages(Really Upset)
i am 25 year old married for 2 years got 2 time...
4Rabia 09:48 12 Jul 08 by Dr Tahira
Blockage of fallopian tube
My wife's both fallopian tubes got blocked by...
0anusom09:21 12 Jul 08 by
PART 2 Why the thyroid gland is not functioning - Obesity and the rest of it
This is the second last instalment of the Earlier ... [LAST PAGE]
15Alexthink 07:25 12 Jul 08 by Alexthink
please help chronic flatulence
first of all i want to say that i used to be a ch...
5nano200904:33 12 Jul 08 by nano2009
Antidote for Cimicifuga Rocemasa?
Anyone? Please?...
3desertrose 01:07 12 Jul 08 by desertrose
Antidote.. how long before next remedy pls??
Hi Could someone enlighten me on best period of t...
1desertrose 00:17 12 Jul 08 by desertrose
The Explanation; why people get sick. Why we get sick? Why my child is sick! Why this has to happen to me?
The Explanation; why people get sick. Why we get ... [LAST PAGE]
20Alexthink 19:17 11 Jul 08 by Alexthink
a word on arterioslerosis
All sicknesses are caused by stress . Arterios...
6Alexthink19:14 11 Jul 08 by Alexthink
All our Problems - Stress is part of being HUMAN
Stress is part of be... [LAST PAGE]
13Alexthink 19:13 11 Jul 08 by Alexthink
Lies, lies, lies...
Lies, lies lies Many times I have written about ... [LAST PAGE]
17Alexthink 19:09 11 Jul 08 by Alexthink
birth stress - something mothers should know
Many people have asked for remedies or solutions t... [LAST PAGE]
27Alexthink 19:07 11 Jul 08 by Alexthink
Please help: Severe dandruff
Dear Doctor, I have severe dandruff from last ...
5amukihsa16:08 11 Jul 08 by amukihsa
phlegm problem.
i am having problem with phlegm in my chest and it...
1quashiga14:12 11 Jul 08 by srisri
dry mouth/palate
Dr Mahfooz, I had posted on this foum regading ... [LAST PAGE]
13mj06120512:10 11 Jul 08 by mj061205
Chronic ear infections - 12 months old
Hi. My 12 month old son has been suffering from ea...
10littlefinn11:32 11 Jul 08 by Dr Tahira
Kidney stone.
I am 39 years old. I have 16 mm stone in the left...
3ogdvan 10:56 11 Jul 08 by ogdvan
Potency in wet dose
I have read in this forum about wet dose (the reme... [LAST PAGE]
16troja09:35 11 Jul 08 by desertrose
i had been on depro injections for nearly 4yrs &am...
0LINDA7509:25 11 Jul 08 by
Side effects of GA General Anesthesia
My wife went through a C-section around 2 weeks ba...
0tjalal09:21 11 Jul 08 by
What dose of Sulphur 30c
What dose of Sulphur 30C do I take for vulvar an...
2lizbeth7606:35 11 Jul 08 by lizbeth76
trauma head remedy
A table fell on the head of a sufferer and the he...
4hisam06:05 11 Jul 08 by gavinimurthy
HCV Patient
Person age 50 is having ALT levels upto 147 even...
0hisam05:45 11 Jul 08 by
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