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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Less confidense and anxity
Sir, I am faceing anxity and less confidence pro...
1Sandipan22:19 07 Jan 16 by nawazkhan
left testicle vericocele--plz help
Hi I am 37 year old male ultrasound findings ...
8amagan18:30 07 Jan 16 by amagan
UTI after effect
Hi I get UTI every 6 months or so. After antibioti...
3jasminkd16:33 07 Jan 16 by nawazkhan
Quick Ejaculation and emission After Kids
Hi ,, I M 38 year old ,, 6.1 hight 95 kg bod... [LAST PAGE]
53Veer766116:30 07 Jan 16 by sabkamalik1
Plzzzz help with premature ejacuation
am 38 years old (male unmarried) from Asia. I want...
0thundercracker12:34 07 Jan 16 by
Please help provide medicine for Urethral stricture
Sir, My age 39 weight 70 kg. I am suffering ... [LAST PAGE]
39star145210:27 07 Jan 16 by star1452
Please help with my daughter
If someone would be kind enough to help me with my...
1angelicam07:45 07 Jan 16 by homeo_helper
Severe psoriasis in hands and feet
Problem: Feet has psoriasis with bleeding cuts a...
9sadhus07:02 07 Jan 16 by 0antivirus0
respected homeopaths i hve premature ejaculation since teenage
2traazu06:50 07 Jan 16 by sabkamalik1
dear homeopath specialists premature ejaculation
looking for cure...
1traazu06:48 07 Jan 16 by sabkamalik1
how to adjust the dose and potency
my problem was excessive sweating, hair fall, sexu...
0power4005:43 07 Jan 16 by
Any medicine to stop Fissure Re-attack permanently
Dr.Kadwa, Dr.Joe De Livera.... Please help... ...
3ankit11101:32 07 Jan 16 by Joe De Livera
Dengue - Can anyone please help
Dear Dr.s, My friend's son is 11 years old... [LAST PAGE]
17Sivaji101:25 07 Jan 16 by Joe De Livera
need help
Hello doctor I am 25 years old . I have bee... [LAST PAGE]
24needforhelp17:14 06 Jan 16 by sabkamalik1
Ovr masturbation leads premature ejaculation
Hi em Anju em frm India I did lot of masturbation ...
2Zekaiy09:29 06 Jan 16 by Zekaiy
Itchy Palms
Sir, I am 78 years Old Woman. My problem is ITC...
11purnimamitra7806:56 06 Jan 16 by purnimamitra78
Dr. Mehfooz plzz have a look on
Problem in concieving,i had Endometriosis and Hu... [LAST PAGE]
22NIDZISH06:17 06 Jan 16 by zemy2007
best help required
hi, this post is for my mother her age is 63 yrs s...
10rashid.af05:52 06 Jan 16 by rashid.af
Hydrocephalus - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Hydrocephalus and Homoeopathy Meaning of Hydroce...
11deoshlok05:29 06 Jan 16 by Frous
Hello, is there a common remedy for diarrhea? Was ...
2bluesky7722:17 05 Jan 16 by nawazkhan
RP Tamhankar - Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Tinnitus
Hope Dr Tamhankar is still on this forum. I�...
0Shabs20:09 05 Jan 16 by
Gall Bladder multiple polyps and fatty lever. – Dr KADWA
Hi, it is found that I have multiple polyp in a ga...
4rahul123120:08 05 Jan 16 by rahul1231
Sorry i want to delete this post [message edited ...
8fashfaq16:43 05 Jan 16 by mani_jee
Wintoveno / vicks effect on Calcarea Carb
What will be effect of vicks (contains camphor ) ...
0MKN16:29 05 Jan 16 by
Right Para orbital developed millia
A 56 yrs female. Developed right Para orbital regi...
1jilesh tank15:09 05 Jan 16 by deoshlok
many warts still present after trying thuja 30c for two weeks
Hello awhile back I tried thuja 30c for 2 weeks ... [LAST PAGE]
21thatkid12:22 05 Jan 16 by Phoillainoi
7 years autism worse after nat Mur 30c.Please help Dr iUdaya, rashimba and others
Hello all, Please help with my son.Hi, I have r...
2Supermom10:49 05 Jan 16 by 0antivirus0
Vitreous Hemmorhage
Hello, I am 32 year old with high Myphia (12D)....
6Ranjan Bose04:27 05 Jan 16 by Ranjan Bose
How long do I take a remedy for? I am taking Panea...
0joeytee03:38 05 Jan 16 by
hair loss
I had nice and very densed hair, (date of birth : ...
3tutun117:02 04 Jan 16 by rishimba
Fissure Reattack
My father got suffered from anal fissure last mont... [LAST PAGE]
68ankit11116:53 04 Jan 16 by ankit111
Ankel pain with little swelling
Hello I am 32 years old. My both leg ankel is ge...
1Lips15:52 04 Jan 16 by 0antivirus0
Suffering from Pre-mature ejaculation
Hello Doctors I am Sayed Ali Age 26 years. Heig...
1sayedali12:30 04 Jan 16 by deoshlok
Dr Kadwa Please Help with Gum Swelling
Sir, I am 28 years old Male suffering from gum s...
1mayankgates11:17 04 Jan 16 by kadwa
Dr Kadwa would you please help
Dear Doc I am a a male of 27 height 5'4.5&q...
1Riaji11:15 04 Jan 16 by kadwa
A 20 days male baby is suffering from cold, cough, loose motion and frequently urine.
Hi A 20 days male baby is suffering from cold, co...
1Khobaib11:09 04 Jan 16 by kadwa
General information
Hi there Couple of quick questions. As a rule o...
1joeytee10:46 04 Jan 16 by kadwa
Calceria Carbonica 30C recommded dosage
any one has any what are the recommended dosages...
5bhuptgu10:26 04 Jan 16 by kadwa
8 week old reflux and gas
My baby is 8 weeks old and we have been struggling... [LAST PAGE]
15Cmasters44310:23 04 Jan 16 by kadwa
Fever due to cold
my son is having fever for the last3 days.it start...
7Bbsr110:23 04 Jan 16 by kadwa
Narcolepsy with cataplexy and sleep paralysis
I am Zach, age 32, weight 128. I have narcolepsy ...
5Zach010210:18 04 Jan 16 by kadwa
Premature Ejaculation
"Dear Sir, My age is 26, I got married recen...
3Zoaib07:36 04 Jan 16 by akshaymohl
fungal problem in skin
I have got fungal patches on my shoulders (top and...
5muruganrsa05:21 04 Jan 16 by razikallayi
mr Dr. Nawaz and Kadwa sahib
mujhe premature ejaculation hai i ignored it for y...
6traazu01:51 04 Jan 16 by traazu
Really chronic problem
Well...I have been having issues with health from ... [LAST PAGE]
96Andy1234501:22 04 Jan 16 by 0antivirus0
challenge to decode prescription
my homopath is not letin me know the medicine whic...
2amagan16:54 03 Jan 16 by amagan
for premature greying
hi, my head hair, beard hair and few chest hair ha...
3ANUJKUNDRA15:39 03 Jan 16 by amit.homeo
Dosage and frequency of Lycopodium 1M
Dr. Please tell me that after how many days should...
0deepeshmmm15:36 03 Jan 16 by
bodybuilding issue
i am a bodybuilder. i used to feel the chill and l...
0farrukh12314:48 03 Jan 16 by
eczema/food allergy - homeopathy doctor in New Jersey USA
Hello All I am looking for a good homeopathy doct... [LAST PAGE]
23fazal11:46 03 Jan 16 by nawazkhan
Can someone please help?
Is there an on-line or by phone homeopathic expert...
3Sherrycr10:00 03 Jan 16 by telescope
Stage 5 of Kidney Desease
Pl advise if any treatment is available for shrink...
1anujsinha4u07:37 03 Jan 16 by telescope
help hairloss advice wiesbaden
i am male 27 suffering from hairloss i have hear...
6patientz03:58 03 Jan 16 by amit.homeo
Kidney treatment
Pl advise if any treatment is available for shrink...
6anujsinha4u02:14 03 Jan 16 by anujsinha4u
Public debate about homeopathy
share your supposed evidence at anoremovethisntalk...
2Oichierk19:06 02 Jan 16 by Sivaji1
Kindly help need medicin for scitica pain
Hi i m suffering from scitica pain and spasm due t...
9Navtej18:12 02 Jan 16 by nawazkhan
pimples on back.. and nose block..plzzzzz help
I am of 29 and having red itchy pimple type struct... [LAST PAGE]
17aly.irshad14:19 02 Jan 16 by aly.irshad
Sensation on Foot during every night
Hi , I feel sensation on my foot during every n...
2fashfaq13:28 02 Jan 16 by fashfaq
...help left testicle vericocele plz help
Hi I am 37 yr old male ultrasound findings T...
2amagan11:08 02 Jan 16 by amagan
height increase
my wife is 48 yrs and her height 160 cm. she int...
1atm_shahid06:20 02 Jan 16 by amit.homeo
Please suggest me the homeopathy remedies for Low Libido/sexual desire
My age is 30years and i am working in a IT sector ...
2james106:19 02 Jan 16 by amit.homeo
Kid with Allergies, Eczema and asthama (Consultation from Dr. Kadwa please)
Hello Dr. Kadwa, This is Gita. I am currently u... [LAST PAGE]
53mrm152705:14 02 Jan 16 by mrm1527
Can a Dr look at my case, please?
dear dr. i am a female, 43 years old. i'...
5ipslon02:17 02 Jan 16 by akshaymohl
How Long to Feel Like "Old Self"
Hello. I am new to homeopathy. I recently started ...
4SaltyPerson20:50 01 Jan 16 by SaltyPerson

[message deleted by rahul1231 on Fri, 01 Jan 2...
1rahul123118:39 01 Jan 16 by rahul1231
Dr Mohla. ED and premature ejaculation problem
Hello , I m 38 year old married person, 6.1ft/...
2Veer766117:12 01 Jan 16 by sabkamalik1
Medicine for Back Pain
I want to know what is the medicine for back pain....
2Salimansari34417:08 01 Jan 16 by radu_costache
Frozen Shoulder
Dr. Doctor My Mother is suffering from pain in her...
1sneha7417:00 01 Jan 16 by radu_costache
Food Allergy
I am allergic to milk cud cheeze groundnut and man...
0sushant333215:50 01 Jan 16 by
Food Allergy
I m allergic to Milk curd cheeze groundnut cucumbe...
0sushant333215:49 01 Jan 16 by
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