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9 year old non verbal
My son is 9 years old and non verbal, we have tried so many different homoeopath and also
jas22 2016-05-16
1   fitness last year

URGENT! My family member suffered stroke!
My family member suffered a stroke 3 weeks ago. h was released from the hospital and sent
Mariem764 2016-05-17
1   fitness last year

What dosage should be taken & how long if I am taking Apis Mellifica medicine for
Gavvala 2016-05-18
no replies yet

Wisdom Tooth Infection
Hi I have an infected wisdom tooth in the bottom left. Although it is not impacted but ve
gul0511 2016-05-18
1   nawazkhan last year

Eye floter
I sir suffer from eye floter like cow webs plz help me to cure
Ashfaq1 2016-05-15
2   Muest last year

Need proper antidote of Agaricus Muscarius-30c or ibotenic acid
Hello Sir, I am suffering from ill effect of Agaricus Muscarius-30c . 3.5 years
rajeshkumar 2016-05-02
1   rajeshkumar last year

My girl of age 15 years has been suffering from acute leg pain with swelling from knee to
mkh2000 2016-05-12
3   nawazkhan last year

Serious problem in premature ejaculation, spam like water & poor erection.
important information: age 30years, high 5'8", weight 72kg, married, body type a
sajwal007 2016-05-17
1   akshaymohl last year

menstruation ,heavy bleeding &pain,fibraiod,low BP,Anemic
Sir/Madam My wife is 41 yeards old,61 kgs weight, 5 feet tall, has follwing problems He
kotaak 2016-05-12
9   nawazkhan last year

male sex maturity problem
Sir, I m 38y male. till 25y i got quick and very strong erection. but now from 2years i f

rajiv17m 2016-03-29
33   akshaymohl last year

Severe silent reflux 2 weeks old
Hi my son is two weeks old and is suffering from severe silent reflux from the day he was
Biz 2016-05-15
2   Biz last year

Respected Doctor ...Pls Help
Hi Dr I am new to this Forum and looking forward your help . I am 42 years male invol
soni0080 2016-05-03
4   soni0080 last year

sudden brown spots on face
I am 32 year old female and currently staying in US. I have fair complexion. I have been n
Sheetal205 2016-05-17
1   akshaymohl last year

Homeopathy for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Hi all, I have a sister who is 34 years old. She was diagnosed with RA almost 18 months a

myhome 2006-06-13
22   Urvashig2691 last year

Herpes in the pubic area
I have a cluster of rushed skin in the pubic area(left side). The reddish bumps have app
HRTSunny 2015-12-18
4   HRTSunny last year

[URGENT] Brain Damage due to Cardiac Arrest
Dear ABC Homeopathy, I am looking for all the help I can get. My family member is in th
Parmk 2016-05-10
5   mnaari last year

Chemical Burn, Swelling, Rash Dosages
Love this website! My questions are varied. I had 1st degree chemical burns on my face, ne
silver7 2016-05-16
no replies yet

Lizard-remedy info
Hi All, I would like to know if anyone has any info about the remedy "liza
seroquel 2016-05-15
1   drjitesh last year

Premature Ejaculation
Hi, I am 28 years old, height is 5'10 and weight is 70 KG. I am suffering from premat
Oircuishui 2016-05-16
no replies yet

Big Kidney Stone
Dear Sir, I have two kidney stones , one 20 mm(17x15 mm according to IVP test) in righ
Bunny1 2016-05-15
1   kadwa last year

Uncomfortable sensation around bladder area
i am 28 years old male i have a faint pain and feeling of discomfort in the area around b
Muest 2016-05-16
1   kadwa last year

Allergy to my daughter age 7 yr
my daughter has developed sudden allergy all over her body after returning frim evenin
andy_65_in 2016-05-14
2   kadwa last year

dr kadwa please help me
My age is 23...my height is 6ft...my weight is 78 kg..i had habit of masturbating 5 times
harry250513 2016-05-13
1   kadwa last year

Less Semen volume with dripping cum Less energetic in sexual activity
Hii, My name is Sandip, Age 27, Weight 52kgs. I am facing some sexual problem since few ye
SaNdIp786 2016-05-13
1   kadwa last year

Haemophilia A
Sir My Son is 07 month old.He is suffering from Haemophilia A factor Viii C less than
Sturzow 2016-05-12
1   kadwa last year

My son is 17 years and 11 months old. He had cough and cold 2 weeks ago and after 3 days
naushadakhtar 2016-05-02
5   kadwa last year

Natural Skin Care Products by Herbal Care Products
Natural skin care products is a main online natural store giving cure to different disease
naturalskincare 2016-05-16
no replies yet

A lady 56 yrs old suffering from the following ailments since last one year. - Giddiness
lovely 2016-04-22
4   lovely last year

Frequent urination
Iam 28 years old , i have been living in dubai from last 2 years the problem i am ha
Muest 2016-01-28
4   Muest last year

Ear Infection in 19month old post Cold/Allergy
Hi, My 19 month old daughter has been suffering with ear pain since 2 months now. It sta
rgvttt 2016-05-16
1   rgvttt last year

Frequent urination
I am 28 years old When i eat any sugary food I need to go to urinate very very frequentl
Muest 2016-04-26
9   Muest last year

Abscess in mouth palate(ROOT CANAL)
Hi Doctor, I have done a root canal after my right central incisor got discolored to
eddiesteve 2016-05-15
3   nawazkhan last year

Rama2016 2016-03-20
26   Rama2016 last year

obsessive compulsive disorder
What are remedies used for obsessive compulsive disorder ?
earth 113 2016-05-03
11   nawazkhan last year

Knee Swelling
Dear Dr Mohla The Knee Swelling has reduced to considerable extent and related issues has
Ranjita1 2016-05-15
1   akshaymohl last year

Problem with Diabetes & High Blood Pressure
Dear Doctors, My mom is a Diabetic patient. Fast : 212. She also has high BP. Her age i
Soumick Basak 2016-05-15
1   fitness last year

Acne after taking r59 homeopathic medicine
Dear homeopaths....please help me, i am a 35 yr old female whho had always had beautiful s
notifytia 2016-05-15
1   fitness last year

MS Dysphagia
Hi there, my mother is suffering with MS and has many issues: depression , severe imbala
melmas 2016-05-15
1   fitness last year

11 month old
Hello, My 11 month old seems to be teething but is also congested, seems to be very stu
Rberrigan 2016-05-15
1   fitness last year

Anal Warts-HIV Positive Individual
1. I am a homosexual, guilty of sexual relationships with multiple men. I used to be
Godsownboy 2016-05-13
3   fitness last year

Mild disc bulge at L4-L5 and L5-S1; Lumbar spondylosis with degenerative disc disease; Attention Dr Rishimba
I am having low back pain on right side with nuralgic pain extending to hips to side of il
csouba 2016-05-15
2   csouba last year

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NHP)
My father aged 79 years is diagnosed clinically & supported by MRI as having Normal Pr
tayalmohan 2008-09-27
7   Tanya2 last year

Safe to take nat phos during pregnancy?
Joe de Livera, Ive been taking the Nat Phos for my GERD some time in 2011 or 2012. I
jully 2016-05-15
no replies yet

Pcos with acne
Hey.. I would like to share my case and ask if you guys could help me. I am giving the de
Lakshmi1 2016-05-14
6   nawazkhan last year

rejection issues
Hello i have a long standing issue,it crushes me if i am left out,sometimes i overreact an
jollyj 2016-05-13
3   nawazkhan last year

White Spots on Nails
My 8 years old son has numerous white spots on his finger nails. (Pic attached) He also
ismail1 2016-05-12
1   ismail1 last year

farsightedness& presbyopia
Dear sir I am 49 years old male. I have I have farsightedness& presbyopia as f
kotaak 2016-05-15
no replies yet

extreme anger and tensions/looking for advice from a doctorr
I havebeen suffering from low back pain and leg pain since 2 yrs without any apparent caus
aasia2222 2016-04-23
4   aasia2222 last year

Fluke (Parasites)
Hello! What is a good homeopathic remedy for fluke parasites in the intestine & liver?
bingo1 2016-05-14
1   akshaymohl last year

plz help for extra cranial heamngioma AVM
i am 29 years old and have extra cranial heamongioma AVM (arteriovenous malformation) abo
zafarullah khan 2015-09-11
4   zafarullah khan last year

Treating ODD in child
Looking for advice on naturally treating my 8 year old son's ODD . Any advice and ex
mainemomma07 2016-05-13
1   fitness last year

Fever and cold
My 2 year old baby boy always having cough and cold and sometimes fever also, he's ha
Bgneha 2016-05-14
1   fitness last year

I m 51 years old male.I have been suffering from severe heartburn from several years. It
mkh2000 2016-05-14
1   fitness last year

Skin Disease
I have been suffering from ringworm for about 4 months. I was diagnosed by alopathy last m

riyazahmad5 2016-04-22
17   riyazahmad5 last year

Plz save my life,..neck pain ,stiffness..head heaviness
Respected sir, my age is 33 im suffering frm neck mild pain but more stiffness.since 2011
ravindra kumar 2016-05-01
4   ravindra kumar last year

Dear Sir, My mother who is 84 years old.The USG reveals that she got 13.1mm 2calculi in C
udit34 2016-05-14
1   nawazkhan last year

Since last2 month feeling frozen shoulder feeling ,upon checking now found Ra fator 31.3 I
nnnodi 2016-05-12
3   nnnodi last year

premature ejac
I discovered my sex life at the earliest age (13 or 14 may be) and since then masturbated
umar 2016-05-14
no replies yet

Weak penis viens
I am 26 yr old masturbating since 15 years,due to which i have damaged my penis viens, now
hp1990 2016-05-14
no replies yet

Filaria , Filariasis , Elephantiasis , -Cure permanently - Try it Now Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Filaria Filaria is a long, thread-like roundworm called Wuchereria Bancrofti that lives a

deoshlok 2007-02-25
23   Galaxy 101 last year

Baby Cough and Cold
Please suggest some medicine for my 2 year old baby boy. It happens almost every month. An
Bgneha 2016-05-13
1   nawazkhan last year

anacardium 200c
hello, my user name is Comet3 and I would like to ask few info. I have a tendency of ruini
comet3 2016-05-13
1   nawazkhan last year

Watery discharge after ear-piercing
My niece, eight and half, had ear-piercing some months ago. You know, in Indian subcont
JollyBoy 2016-05-10
2   JollyBoy last year

Mild Autism 3 years and 9 month
PLEASE HELP my son have mild autism I need remedy for him with Doctor and I will give al
Virgo 123 2016-04-22
7   Virgo 123 last year

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
I am 25 years old male from India. I have obsessive compulsive disorder since many years
Ungo 2016-05-09
3   homeo_helper last year

Safe to take nat phos during pregnancy
Hello Doc Joe, Ive been taking the Nat Phos for my GERD some time in 2011 or 2012. I
jully 2016-05-12
no replies yet

Please help husband's severe eczema
After 15 or so years of seeing dermatologists and using steroid creams for his eczema , m
abcgirl 2006-02-25
8   davidgeffen last year

Lightheadedness/Vertigo issues
Hello, I have been experiencing varying vertigo issues since mid-March 2016. My symp
PlantNerd 2016-05-12
2   PlantNerd last year

Remedy for farsightedness/presbyopia
Dear sir I am 49 years old male. I have I have farsightedness/presbyopia as follo
kotaak 2016-05-12
no replies yet

blood clot in penis tissue
Dear doctor, before one year doctor gave me papaverine injection for penile examination,e
tutul 2008-01-29
7   fergus91 last year

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