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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Recent forum scuffles
There has been a bit of venom spitting about on th...
0moderator06:44 14 Mar 16 by
4 years old restless behaviour
Hi Dr, My 4 year old daughter has always been ve... [LAST PAGE]
14Padma106:28 14 Mar 16 by xxxyyy
fitness just don't try to fool everyone here
Hey fitness, I was silent after your last di... [LAST PAGE]
15sabkamalik106:27 14 Mar 16 by xxxyyy
can't remember talks
DearFriend dr. I am male70years of age,I can'...
7rcmangla4606:27 14 Mar 16 by xxxyyy
remedies for parkinson
my father 53 year old, deceased with Parkinson for...
8gsdaghnot06:26 14 Mar 16 by xxxyyy
cysts Problem
One year ago my wife, 35 years old Non-working, de...
5HARI_DELHI06:23 14 Mar 16 by xxxyyy
lameness in dog do to arthritis and hip dysplasia in the making
My dog has been diagnosed with degenerative arth...
6emiashby06:23 14 Mar 16 by xxxyyy
about Antimonium crudum 200
I am 32 year old man and I have warts on my fing... [LAST PAGE]
23a.rahman8313706:22 14 Mar 16 by xxxyyy
Excellent Remedy for Coughing...
This is my own discovery that a homeo remedy "...
0mitesh105:48 14 Mar 16 by
constipation, gas, uneasy
my father 60yrs old he had some severe acidity an...
7jhony105:15 14 Mar 16 by kadwa
Creatinine level in Blood 1.59 help me to treatment
I am Patient of High Blood Pressure Last Month M...
5Suhail205:12 14 Mar 16 by kadwa
Cavitation Bone
I have complication from having five molars extrac...
0victoriaroz04:16 14 Mar 16 by
Dizzy for about a week
Hello, Could someone help me with the dizziness? ... [LAST PAGE]
39koshka00:56 14 Mar 16 by koshka
Arthritis Rheumatoid
My wife age 44 years has been suffering from arthe...
0surender17:56 13 Mar 16 by
How can nse lycopodium cm
Please tell me about this medicine and how can i u...
0Amir shahzad117:45 13 Mar 16 by
excessive body and facial hair
I'm a 21 year old girl suffering from PCOD. I...
5cutequeen17:39 13 Mar 16 by cutequeen
Lubar compression
My mother is ages 65 years. She is having gall bla...
1Ashley116:13 13 Mar 16 by mitesh1
Regarding Spigelea remedy
I am suffering from neuralgia problems so I took s...
1ansarishoaib15:56 13 Mar 16 by Mahfoozurrehman
Bags Under Eye
Sir, Kind Attn: vk804 I am 57 years old man ...
7dassanjay4415:29 13 Mar 16 by dassanjay44
Excessive pain above stomach and in abdomen while taking deep breaths/sneezing, coughing.
Dear experts, hope you all are doing well! This...
3mitesh114:56 13 Mar 16 by mitesh1
ongoing eczema condition
Seeking assistance with ongoing eczema condition...
0Weena Girl06:51 13 Mar 16 by
burning mouth syndrome
I am 20 years old girl.I am suffering from severe ...
5lakshana06:12 13 Mar 16 by FireFly1
Work big days
Sometimes I just need help to get though a big day...
1Lis10105:26 13 Mar 16 by sabkamalik1
hypothyroidism. Lycopodium? I would appreciate any Advice
I haven't checked my TSH hormones yet but I...
1Happy ladybird02:14 13 Mar 16 by telescope
Reversing of beard hair from white to black
Hello, I am 30 years old and getting my beard hai... [LAST PAGE]
139336rj17:24 12 Mar 16 by 9336rj
Blood in stool
Sir i have problem of constipation but from 3-4 da...
7Chandan Sourabh17:20 12 Mar 16 by Chandan Sourabh
dr akshay mohl.plzz suggest
Dear Dr Akshay Mohl, I used to be shy & low ...
3Akki0314:01 12 Mar 16 by Akki03
tearring pain behind upper shoulder with left arm pain
i am suffering pain in my left arm starting from n...
1asiantex10:29 12 Mar 16 by 0antivirus0
Help needed Lumber spondylosis
Respected All, I have been diogosed lumber spond...
1Kumawat07:22 12 Mar 16 by telescope
Anyone with success stories of neurogenic blader treatment.
Good day freiends, I am very new here and i hav...
1tokunbo07:20 12 Mar 16 by telescope
Male breast treatment
My age is 24,male and I am from India.I am under t...
0homeopathymedicine1605:23 12 Mar 16 by
High Fever with severe bodyaches
Hello Dr's Can you please suggest a remedy...
1venus074303:44 12 Mar 16 by venus0743
Piles nd fissure treatment
Hi,i m 33 yrs old married female wt 80kgs,ht5.1,no...
3Erefiab02:25 12 Mar 16 by nawazkhan
boil below the lower lip
Small boil redness pain below the lower lip Given...
2dkpateria00:12 12 Mar 16 by dkpateria
Joint pains - Any doctor please help....
i have been suffering from joint pain since past ...
2Yoorgia19:13 11 Mar 16 by lbakley12
Azoospermia - No Sperm Count
Hello I am 45 years old and me and my wife is tryi...
0Rizwan9915:49 11 Mar 16 by
Dr Nawaj khan Plz suggest
Dear Dr Nawaj, I used to be shy & low confide...
1Akki0315:38 11 Mar 16 by Akki03
Endometriotic Cyst : Seeking help from Dr. Nawaz
Hi Sir, Myself Priyanka from India! I am 34 yrsol...
1Priyanka112:55 11 Mar 16 by nawazkhan
Dr kadwa Plz suggest
Dear Dr Kadwa, Let you brief my case. I was low c...
8Akki0306:55 11 Mar 16 by Akki03
Weekness by over Mastubration
Hi, I'm from india I have masturbated for a g...
1Rakesh74206:09 11 Mar 16 by kadwa
lameness in dog do to arthritis and hip dysplasia in the making
I posted on March 5th about this problem of my dog...
1emiashby05:57 11 Mar 16 by kadwa
mustache loss
Hi, I am male 22 years..from past 2 months i am...
3crown101:16 11 Mar 16 by crown1
Emotional, angry child...
I'm trying to work out what remedy would be b...
3Nikky1022:45 10 Mar 16 by jamesandange
Autistic Meltdowns (high copper, aluminium, suspect candida overgrowth)
Hello, I'm in desperate need of advise. My 1...
2jamesandange22:39 10 Mar 16 by jamesandange
belladona- autistic child
friends, after giving belladona 200c si...
8mamsnu22:37 10 Mar 16 by jamesandange
Motion After having breakfast
Dear, I get motion after eating breakfast. I am m... [LAST PAGE]
17DO DO18:49 10 Mar 16 by DO DO
depression and infertility
Please help me. I have been trying to conceive f...
3bluesky7716:56 10 Mar 16 by bluesky77
Got punched, swollen lip and cut
Hello, i got punched in the face last night by a r...
3rahman_hope16:01 10 Mar 16 by fitness
anal itch and a small bump
Hi! i am 29 years old unmarried female.I am suffer...
2sana zia15:50 10 Mar 16 by nawazkhan
I am suffering from sinusitis
I have suffered long term with sinus problems . I ...
5Masud215:45 10 Mar 16 by 0antivirus0
I Really Need Help for Sexual Weakness.
I am 35 years old and married. I started masturba...
8Simant12:05 10 Mar 16 by henri
overall growth
Hello Doctor, i have only son and his DOB : 28/...
1kachhawa11:51 10 Mar 16 by kachhawa
urine & cervical problem
respected doctors...please help me for my mother s...
8mariz11:11 10 Mar 16 by mariz
Good homeopath in Mumbai
Hi there, Could anyone suggest a good homeopath i...
4Anushka110:57 10 Mar 16 by Anushka1
Num vom 200 overdose
I am facing nuxvom 200 overdose side effects. Fr...
1Sandipan01:43 10 Mar 16 by telescope
Piles Problem
Hi, I'm 31 Yr old and doing sitting job. ...
3drai0501:36 10 Mar 16 by telescope
High cholesterol -doctor please help
Hello, My name is Simram and I am almost 40 year... [LAST PAGE]
15Simran2501:35 10 Mar 16 by akshaymohl
My kid suffering from chronic cough for 4 years

[message deleted by bzohara on Wed, 09 Mar 201...
0bzohara17:05 09 Mar 16 by
undigestion, vry heat and burning frm tracheas(blood on gargile) to stomach, teeth yellowish,painful to bitter
25y&M-whn i eat burning frm tracheas to stomac... [LAST PAGE]
26jhony116:14 09 Mar 16 by 0antivirus0
[message deleted by radhey1504 on wed, 09 mar 2016...
0radhey150407:51 09 Mar 16 by
I have been diagnosed DVT in my left lower leg las...
8skumar107:09 09 Mar 16 by homeo_helper
CSR with earlier problems of Neck pain and UTI
Dear Kadwaji, Namaste. Hope you are doing w...
0speddiraju06:23 09 Mar 16 by
Problem with Baby Finger due to Diabetes
Hi Doctors Recently my father got some injury o...
2Soumick Basak04:22 09 Mar 16 by Soumick Basak
Dear Doctors Plz look at this case
Dear Sir my wife have a problem of itching all ove...
7Nitesh Kamal03:18 09 Mar 16 by Nitesh Kamal
Scars on Face
Helo Ice pick/box car/acene scars on my brother f...
1SinghNK02:38 09 Mar 16 by SinghNK
affordable homeopath?
Looking for an Affordable homeopath. Long distance...
2bluesky7701:01 09 Mar 16 by 0antivirus0
Anxiety Neurosis
I am suffering from Severe Anxiety for the last tw...
4susjay20:41 08 Mar 16 by snageshb
Homeopathy in Canada for immigrant Homeopaths.
Hi. I am an immigrant homeopathy practitioner. I a...
1collacomd17:50 08 Mar 16 by emiashby
lameness in dog do to arthritis and hip dysplasia in the making
I can't find my postings!!!!...
0emiashby17:46 08 Mar 16 by
Male breast
My age is 24,male and I am from India.I am under t...
1homeopathymedicine1615:03 08 Mar 16 by fitness
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