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Im Shovan from India and im 31 years old. Im a in telecom support always full of stress an
shovan18 2017-08-14
8   drthoufeequebhms last month

Wart on Child's thumb
Hello My 3 year old daughter has a wart on her thumb. I noticed it about 3 weeks ago and
pclin 2017-09-14
1   homeo_helper last month

Constant worry and fear about loved ones
Hello I have had a problem of being very scared of my loved ones dying since I was as ch

pclin 2017-07-10
32   pclin last month

Dr kadwa please help
dear doctor Kadwa I am 35 years old married having 3 child. suffering from premature ejac
xain 2017-06-15
6   xain last month

Fever from sudden exposure to cold air
My husband is having fever from last 3 days after sudden exposure to cold air for around 3
sonu_cemk 2017-08-30
4   sonu_cemk last month

heel pain...
1. Age,sex,weight,body and face appearance, country, occupation.  ANS.  26 yr, M
pgajraj 2017-09-14
2   pgajraj last month

kid with low weight
hi dr, i am a mother of 4 years old girl, and i am fed up of my girl's health, she is
Uziz 2017-09-13
2   Uziz last month

free software download
could somebody please suggest a website wherefrom i can download a good homeopathic softwa
ABDELAZEEZ 2006-04-21
1   tousif last month

Please help with spermatorrhea problem
Hi Every time i get aroused, touch my girlfriend or talk about sex there is a clear stick
desirelew 2017-06-26
11   kadwa last month

Anxiety & Sleepless problem
Sir, I am 52 years old lady & housewife. I am diabetic patient since 1 year and now
nandamitra65 2017-09-13
2   kadwa last month

Uric Acid
Female, Age 33 Doing Job, Timing: 8 AM to 4 PM Having the following problems: 1. Cervica
drai05 2017-09-13
1   kadwa last month

Argentum Nitricum - Can it adversely impact other medicines?
Hi, Argentum Nitricum - the predominant component is mind in this. Can this Argentum Nitr
skt77 2017-09-12
1   kadwa last month

Warthin tumour
Hi, I have a benign tumour on my parotide gland (12 mm) that is probably a Warthin tumou
Oupouk 2017-09-11
1   kadwa last month

Excessive precum on slightest of stimulation
Karim2 2017-09-11
1   kadwa last month

cervical and lumbar spondolysis
babu1935 2017-09-08
5   kadwa last month

Recurring breast pain
Hello all, I started having itchy skin on fingers and feet and used sulphur 200, which re

Oampanpere 2017-08-21
20   kadwa last month

to 0antivirus0 plz respond
Need medical astrology solution. 1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation. ANS. 24,40,India,

bhrtbhrdwaj 2017-06-22
28   0antivirus0 last month

Hissing in Ear
My grandfather has a screaming hissing sound in his ear. He took Phosphorous 200 and Salic
CK123 2017-09-13
1   akshaymohl last month

please help me
Hellow dear Doctors i m suffering from prostatorea since 4 to 5 years with extreme weakne
asad3 2017-08-04
1   healer21 last month

pain in heels and joints
akshaymohl sir plz consider... 1. Age,sex,weight,body and face appearance, country, occu
pgajraj 2017-09-12
3   pgajraj last month

Vitiligo treatment
I am a patient of progressive Vitiligo,have tried both Allopathy and Ayurveda but in vain.
N.P.Mishra 2017-09-13
1   healer21 last month

speech delay
My daughter is 2 yrs old now and not able to speak. she has the following problems also:
ridhimaawasthi 2017-09-12
5   ridhimaawasthi last month

Pain in Anus after stool
hi i am having pain in anus after stool. 1.stool is hard. 2.pain is very actue which is
sameergupta1 2017-08-15
8   sameergupta1 last month

vision Recover
You can recover vison from following eye diseases Retinitis Pigmentosa cataract Macula Deg
deoshlok 2016-06-02
2   mahmoodjnu last month

Complicated Thyroid Disorder.
Hi, I am a 40 year old male and in serious need of some genuine help. Just to put things
skt77 2017-09-12
1   0antivirus0 last month

Extreme Pain in neck, back, diabetic Neuropathy getting worse
My husband has heart problems,is diabetic,has had multiple surgeries and has lived with pa
Layla1 2017-09-01
2   Reva V last month

night terrors
Hi. Mys 9 year old son has been having night terrors. For a week now. He also has attent
mfs 2017-09-02
2   Reva V last month

Help for Sinusitis
Hi I have been suffering with Chronic Sinusitis. My symptoms are blocked nostrils and rec
navadeepak 2017-09-11
1   simone717 last month

dr. doc. i am suffering from filaria from 1990.it is in my hydrocell.and from 2003 i have
tinku 2009-02-21
11   maheeru last month

classical homeopathy
Hi Everyone, Hope you are doing well. This short post is to tell you what is "classi
healer21 2017-09-12
no replies yet

Allergic rhinitis , Constipation with fissure
R/sir or madam i am sunil 29 year old. i am suffering from Allergic rhinitis and presently
Sunil10 2017-09-04
1   healer21 last month

severe ankle pain
I am unable to walk with my sole up position I visited an Orthodox , who suspected gouty b

dpnctl 2015-01-26
46   dpnctl last month

Need help finding proper remedy
Hello, I am on many allopathic medications for various ailments for a long time now. I hav
Deartou 2017-09-11
10   healer21 last month

My 7 year old son has typhoid test positive with exactly following looking report: 1/
zeigham 2017-09-04
2   zeigham last month

Hair fall and white hair problem
Hello sir, I am 27 year old ,i am facing hair loss problem for scalp and White hair probl
rahul77 2017-09-08
4   rahul77 last month

Lack of motivation for all activities and Social Dis-interest
Hi, I am a 49 year old married female and for last 8 months I am having total lack of mo
Vimmi1 2017-09-11
1   Zady101 last month

Vitiligo treatment
I have been a vtiligo patient for the last 15 yrs,tried allopathy and ayurveda but the spr
N.P.Mishra 2017-09-11
1   healer21 last month

URGENT.... Arnica Montana for Depression
I have started taking Arnica Montana 30C for depression. I have taken 5 times till now. I
Chitleen 2017-03-12
11   DorothyWitherell last month

Cellulite. Anyone can help me?
Hi everyone! Please, I would like to receive advice from any one willing to help me. I&rs

abcjoana 2015-12-06
16   cadenmax last month

Dr kadwa plzzzz take my case
asad3 2017-09-10
1   kadwa last month

Urine Overflow Incontinence
Hello Doctors, The last few days were really painful and worrisome for me. Everthing came
pimathew 2017-09-07
4   pimathew last month

sex problem
sir iam 24 years old.due to excessive masturbation,iam suffering from errectile dysfunctio
farhan shah 2017-09-08
1   drthoufeequebhms last month

Sex health related
Sir I am 42 yrs old men I have sex desire with my wife but when I starting panis is not so
PRAKASH4 2017-09-10
1   drthoufeequebhms last month

No facial hair
hai. my name is pramod kumar, i am 38 year old. my exact problem is no facial hair. height
pramodgopal 2017-09-08
1   kadwa last month

Irritation, redness, pain on left side of throat, sneezing, watery discharge from nose, Po
intel 2017-09-08
1   kadwa last month

Urgent help - projectile vomiting
Our baby is 7 months old, gaining waight slowly and was already treated for reflux at 4mon
Laskozvita 2017-09-06
3   drthoufeequebhms last month

Request Dr kadwa to prescribe: 9 months old cough, phelgam and constipation.
Hello doctor, request you to suggest medicines for my 9 months old son for the following a

Nehaaadya 2016-04-05
29   kadwa last month

Hair fall and white hair issue
Hello Doctors, I am 31 years old I have hair fall and white issue for 4 years my hair goi
Imran30 2017-09-01
5   kadwa last month

Erectile dysfunction due to over masturbation
I'm a 23 year old male suffering from erectile dysfunction due to over masturbation.
steve3 2017-08-03
5   kadwa last month

Problems with Hormonal levels in Male
Dear Sir, Last week , I conducted Male Hormone level tests.I want to know if they are Nor
Kamal1 2017-09-05
5   kadwa last month

Baldness problem
Hi I m 31 years old guy, I lost my 60 percent hair, please tell me how can I again reg
Dkhanna 2017-09-10
1   Dkhanna last month

Assalamualaikum,,, Sir mujhe last 10 years se masturbation ki aadat ho gayi thi ,pehle mai
tabish khan 2014-10-17
7   HealthyWorld last month

Benign Parotid Tumor (neoplasm)
Hello, I have been diagnosed with a benign Parotid Tumor growing the left side of my throa
Mizvickey 2017-05-23
3   simone717 last month

Questionnaire to answer if you really want proper treatment
Try to answer as many questions as possible.Some may be irrelavent to you.Just skip them.
gavinimurthy 2016-07-24
1   Saroj44 last month

Get taller at 19 for a boy
My son is 19 and he would like to gain some cm is it possible? Please advise me I don
Simo 2017-09-09
2   maheeru last month

Need help for stiffness/heaviness in lower extremties
I am suffering from stiffness and heaviness in my legs and feet including(foot soles),sinc
kumarviren 2016-07-09
8   healer21 last month

Hi I am suffering from grade 2 varicocele and kidney stone with hydronephrosis A famous w
psu 2017-09-10
1   akshaymohl last month

Infant reflux 6 weeks
I have a newborn who has reflux/colic. She cries most of the day and has a hard time settl
Cduff 2017-09-10
1   maheeru last month

Multiple health problems for my wife - To 0antivirus0
To Antivirus, My wife has multiple health problems like leg calf muscle pain, gas,acidity

vjhos 2017-07-11
27   0antivirus0 last month

Need help for knee injury
Problem: My 20 year old son tripped in the home 2.5 years back. It bothered him for a mont
suna711 2017-08-16
10   maheeru last month

Too much gas problem
Sir, I have problem of too much gas in stomach with offensive smell. It is formed more in
Viney Davessar 2017-09-10
1   akshaymohl last month

Writer Cramp and lack of focus
Please can I get some help because I really suffering and it is affecting my studies. I ha
Friexoiqu 2017-09-10
1   0antivirus0 last month

Spermatorrhea, Prosmatorrhea and excessive Night fall problem
Respected Doctors: I am male. My age is 21 am from Pakistan. I
Haris_Sohail 2015-05-25
2   ghaier last month

Scalp eruptions and oozing
Hi, I am 28 year old female with a long standing problem of an oily-itchy scalp with erupt
Buink 2017-09-07
4   healer21 last month

People on forum please help me with the dosage I got to know that 3 pellets/granules wit
SM24 2017-09-09
1   maheeru last month

sir my son is suffering from chronic kidney disease from by birth he is 12 yrs old now and
smankad 2017-09-09
1   maheeru last month

Belladonna/myristica in early pregnancy
Is it safe to take Belladonna 200ck at 12 weeks gestation? What about Myristica Seb 6c?
Bugsy1 2017-09-08
3   maheeru last month

Suffering from bleeding piles for 3 years now accompanied by pain/cramps in legs ( particu

rameshm 2017-06-05
16   rameshm last month

Evocationer - for my son
Hi Evocationer, My younger son who is under your treatment for Asthma now doing well. He

Shaki7 2014-12-18
61   Shaki7 last month

hot flashes
How do I use sepia for hot flashes and for how long? Severe.
Rejani 2017-09-08
1   akshaymohl last month

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