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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
premature ejaculation
hello i am 45 yrs male, suffering from premature e... [LAST PAGE]
18ganesh106:45 14 Dec 16 by ganesh1
I feel burning sensation while passing stool....an... [LAST PAGE]
48AKDAS1306:01 14 Dec 16 by gavinimurthy
simone717 pls look in to my matter..
hello simone717 its been many days no body has ta...
8sultan205:59 14 Dec 16 by simone717
Help needed regarding my daughter health
Dear Sir I will appreciate you kind help on the a...
3Fshaikh04:17 14 Dec 16 by telescope
Gender - Female Age - 31Yrs My acidity problem... [LAST PAGE]
16Jitendra196016:34 13 Dec 16 by 0antivirus0
Severe joint pain post-dengue
I was down with dengue but recovered almost a mont...
5venkas115:38 13 Dec 16 by akshaymohl
,suffering from anxiety and depression
Iam Alok 27 year I am suffering from. Anxiety ... [LAST PAGE]
27Alok05:26 13 Dec 16 by 0antivirus0
Osteochondritis dissecans
My son is 13 yo and had surgery 3.5 years ago to s...
5Closee05:20 13 Dec 16 by 0antivirus0
Bone disease: Silicea aggravation?
I gave my dog one dose of Silicea 30c for bone d...
2MoonWolf05:13 13 Dec 16 by MoonWolf
Penis hardness
I'm 29 year old but my penis is very soft i w...
1M Hashim 04:33 13 Dec 16 by HealthyWorld
Homeopathy Treatment now available in Jakarta Indonesia
Dear All, Am Dctor Tejal Desai. If you need an...
6Dr Tejal Desai04:05 13 Dec 16 by BanditKing
Anal Abscess - for Dr.Nawaz
Hello! You have helped me previously with an anal ...
0purplecat4423:06 12 Dec 16 by
looking at adopting a double merle puppy
I'm just wondering if homeopathy could correc...
1BarefootHorses19:53 12 Dec 16 by simone717
German Companies whose medicines are available in India
Hi, I am from India and need to know the names ...
3vikasgupta.mnnit18:18 12 Dec 16 by gavinimurthy
Attn. Mr. Murthy...help needed
Sir, My father had strong fever with joint pain ...
3abgautam18:13 12 Dec 16 by gavinimurthy
for the LEARNED patients:
I believe most patients come to ABC only after the... [LAST PAGE]
52radhey150417:25 12 Dec 16 by sisir
3 week old grunting and distressed
I have a 3 week old boy who seems to be distressed...
2Tgaruccio32116:02 12 Dec 16 by simone717
For Dr Kulkarni: About Cineraria for a child with Glaucoma
Hello, My son went through Eye operation for Gl...
0svaze74gmail.com09:34 12 Dec 16 by
mdr tb
Seventeen year old boy suffering from MDR tb lu...
1Vtyagi08:04 12 Dec 16 by kadwa
Seratonin drops
My son has done just fine on seratonin drops for t...
1Karlee07:51 12 Dec 16 by kadwa
Kitten not eating anything for last 2 days
Hi All, I have a kitten 5 months old. Suddenly sh...
1Rikdeb07:23 12 Dec 16 by kadwa
guignea pig with bladder stone
which remedy shall I use for my guinea pig who has...
1shimaya07:19 12 Dec 16 by kadwa
skin tags
Both my sons, aged 7 and 3(nearly 8 and 4), have t...
1Bodywise06:57 12 Dec 16 by kadwa
for my pet dog
My pet dog Raja, 9 yrs, male, German Spitz has no...
1Sanjib106:51 12 Dec 16 by kadwa
For dr. Kulkarni_rhus tox aggravations
Sir, My father had strong fever with joint pain ...
0abgautam06:32 12 Dec 16 by
Hayfever Allergies
Hi, I require medication for my nephew. He is 5...
3neik06:26 12 Dec 16 by kadwa
my 3 year labrador is having interdigital furunes on both his front paws..they are recurrent....
since 10 months he is facing this problem which se...
3sourabh1603199806:22 12 Dec 16 by kadwa
Lower lip numbness and eye lid twisting
I am Female. 37 yrs old. I am suffering from lower...
3Jeemio06:20 12 Dec 16 by sameervermani
Loss of Voice & Hoarseness
Hi, I had a great voice until a year and half back... [LAST PAGE]
18ramchand 04:40 12 Dec 16 by madhubdn
Height increase
Hello everyone My height is 4'11 is it poss...
0Istooz18:56 11 Dec 16 by
quick discharge
Hi sir my self a.ghosh and i am 40 years...i am su...
0S.Ghosh15:54 11 Dec 16 by
Stomach & cold problem
Hi, I am 32 year male and lm suffering from this...
3Ekia13:44 11 Dec 16 by 0antivirus0
Dry Eyes with Blurred Vision
I have been experiencing dry eyes with blurred v...
9rustydevil02 11:33 11 Dec 16 by cuckoo2k
Plz help me....Relax penis
I am masturbating from the age of 12. Now I am 24 ...
1Shemul09:46 11 Dec 16 by
Lower Back Pain after Masterbation.
I am 58 years old married male. I have habit of ma...
3nizar12309:26 11 Dec 16 by krishna111
Suggest Medicine for Leukorrhea
I am 20 years old. Suffering Leukorrhea for last 4...
3asmaakter02:30 11 Dec 16 by akshaymohl
Suffering from Cysts-Dr's please reply
Hello Dr, I am a women (32 yr old) suffering from...
1Anu323:34 10 Dec 16 by nawazkhan
I am 70, male suffering from cervical Lordosis and... [LAST PAGE]
20ranjandr20:04 10 Dec 16 by Dr. Showrav
How can i increase my breast and hip size?
Age : 20 years Hight : 5 weight : 39 Breast siz...
3asmaakter16:14 10 Dec 16 by simone717
Bleeding During Early Pregnancy
My wife is 32 years old, she has 4-5 week pregnanc...
1Ranjha13:35 10 Dec 16 by homeo_helper
mucus in stool
Sir Problem abhi bhi pahale ki tarah hi hai... [LAST PAGE]
35Kumarbrajesh11:12 10 Dec 16 by 0antivirus0
Urgent. Any remedy for vitiligo?
I am 26 years old unmarried Female.It started wi... [LAST PAGE]
33dimpoo10:48 10 Dec 16 by 0antivirus0
5 phos
I have vitamin deficiency and was taking five pho...
3Ana201:54 10 Dec 16 by gavinimurthy
28 year old female with premature grey hair and dull dark face
Hi, i am a 28 yr old female getting married in 2 ... [LAST PAGE]
25reddniharika17:00 09 Dec 16 by Teupne
7 week old baby silent reflux
Hi, My son is has the characteristics of silent r...
3Relfuxbaby115:32 09 Dec 16 by Mariarico
Dear Dr Kulkarni plz help
Dear Doc, I have taken to many remedies as suggest... [LAST PAGE]
49Aks00014:27 09 Dec 16 by DrKulkarni
Depression and extreme muscle weakness
I have been suffering from depression and extrem...
1ahsan_kazmi14:19 09 Dec 16 by telescope
Hypothyroidism can be fully cureable by homeopathy-Try it now Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Hypothyroidism can be fully cureable by homeopathy... [LAST PAGE]
38deoshlok02:45 09 Dec 16 by satvem
None of potencies of any remedie work for Child specially 30c
Hello Experts, I am looking for some answer, i ...
1Homeopathy198022:11 08 Dec 16 by simone717
Rebalancing nervous system??

[message deleted by ramheight6 on Thu, 08 Dec ...
2ramheight618:53 08 Dec 16 by simone717
tinnitus- over 4 years
I have had chronic, severe tinnitus (in both ear... [LAST PAGE]
47musica17:25 08 Dec 16 by moderator
Black head
Gud mrg sir I have a black spot( black head) on my...
2pavan11115:42 08 Dec 16 by pavan111
Penis enlarge
Gud mrg sir my name is Pavan Kumar height 5.6 weig...
8pavan11115:41 08 Dec 16 by pavan111
Help for Alopecia Areata
Sir, I am suffering from alopecia areata for ...
2star145214:51 08 Dec 16 by star1452
berberis Aquilfolium Q=1x dosage
Hello am confused about berberis Aquilfolium Q=1...
2Ayazawa14:15 08 Dec 16 by nawazkhan
For Doctor Kadwa: Re Hepatitis b treatment
Please Doctor Can I also take Lycopodium 200 for...
3San113:18 08 Dec 16 by San1
Yeast overgrowth on my dog's skin due to which there is itching all over his body,licking and biting,pawing at face and shaking his head,recurrent ear problems
tell a remedy please to help my dog...
0sourabh1603199810:43 08 Dec 16 by
Compressed Fracture L4 and 5
My father age 80 yrs suffered from fall 2 yrs back...
2Druzma10:31 08 Dec 16 by homeopathycures1
hydrocele problem
Hello doctor my cousin brother is suffering from t...
1Alfa249008:53 08 Dec 16 by kadwa
Mild acne, skin & lip darkening and not able to gain weight
I am female, age 27, height 5'6'', ...
1kar.cpm08:33 08 Dec 16 by kadwa
short ejaculation time
hello doctor i am 28 year old 5:10 hight but i fac...
4Alfa249008:18 08 Dec 16 by Alfa2490
Scalp Dermatitis
Hi, My daughter is 17 years old. When she was a b...
9zee08:16 08 Dec 16 by kadwa
severe nocturnal emissions
hello sir. I am khuram shahzad.i am from ...
5khuram107:59 08 Dec 16 by kadwa
Male with possible overactive bladder/interstitial cystitis
I am a 35 year old male who has had an issue with ...
3xargoth07:51 08 Dec 16 by kadwa
Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz as homeopathic remedy
Hi all, Is it possible to capture schumann reso...
0ramheight607:06 08 Dec 16 by
joint pain after fever
on oct 1st i suffered from fever.It lasted for 3 d...
1mkguptamzn05:47 08 Dec 16 by HealthyWorld
Ashermans syndrome after ablation
Hello, I am 33 years old and had an ablation done ...
3Fairzoga05:43 08 Dec 16 by telescope
Bald patches on my chin
Hello, 42 yr old, healthy male with normal life... [LAST PAGE]
59alopecia01:05 08 Dec 16 by alopecia
Phoneutria fera venom
Dear All You might be interested in the fact th...
0urbs123420:20 07 Dec 16 by
dr mohla =staphysagria v/s phosphorus acid v/s sulphur...please guide me dr mohla and dr kulkarni..
My age is 27, married, i used to mastrubate from l...
0Ankort18:18 07 Dec 16 by
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