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Remedy for farsightedness/presbyopia
Dear sir I am 49 years old male. I have I have farsightedness/presbyopia as follo
kotaak 2016-05-12
no replies yet

blood clot in penis tissue
Dear doctor, before one year doctor gave me papaverine injection for penile examination,e
tutul 2008-01-29
7   fergus91 last year

Fatigue , Poor Sleep and Muscle weakness
Hi Folks, for some time I have been suffering with Poor Quality Sleep. I wake up every da
KcG955 2016-05-11
1   nawazkhan last year

Milia on Face Urgent Help
I am an 18 year old girl with oily skin. I am learning to be a makeup artist so I wore hea
amazingsoul 2016-05-10
1   kadwa last year

9 yr old Upper Left Ab Pain
Hello. My daughter developed this sharp pain about 6 weeks ago. Patient ID: NR Sex:F A
concernedmom1 2016-05-11
1   kadwa last year

Can a remedy make symptoms worse?
Hello, I'm new to the forum. I'm also quite new to homeopathy. I've attende
Earthling 2016-05-09
1   kadwa last year

Dr. Kadwa please help pain on scortum
Hellow sir, I am 24 years old. 60 days ago i have affected orchitis right side scortum. On
rodro 2016-05-08
2   kadwa last year

Anxious,Shy,Scared Dog
Hello, We have a 5 month old Lab/Golden Rescue dog.. She is scared of everyone.. She warme
Bella4 2016-05-09
1   kadwa last year

Canine Pemphigus
I am caring for a 12 year old Min Pin who is diabetic and has pemphigus. The pemphigus ap
Furbabymom64 2016-05-09
1   kadwa last year

Small Penis and lack of erection
Doctor, Since my childhood, my penis has been very small. It never grew till now. I am

Bash 2016-02-24
15   kadwa last year

Remedy after inmicals
Hi how do u give a remedy which is indicated if a previous remedy is administered which is
hema79 2016-05-09
1   kadwa last year

Dr kadwa please help need a proper remedy (Weak erections)
Dr kadwa please help need a proper remedy Hello doc., Inm 26 years old male,I have be
hp1990 2016-05-07
3   kadwa last year

Dr kadwa plzz help..im in worse situation
sir i started masturbating since i was 16 yrs everthing was good but from past 3 yrs the s
rohan094 2016-05-12
no replies yet

Bipolar Diorder Manic Phase.
Hi , My Mom is suffering in very abnormal behavior from past 1 month. below is her sy
seekremedy 2016-05-11
1   akshaymohl last year

Help! Recurring staph infection in kids
I need help getting rid of staphylococcus which is lingering in our household! In the past
rania1403 2016-03-10
11   tatia.chachava last year

Please help: recurring staph infection in kids
I need help getting rid of staphylococcus which is lingering in our household! In the past

rania1403 2016-04-03
24   tatia.chachava last year

Friend's Mother with chronic illness
Hi my Mum's friend has a chronic illness but her Mindset is the problem at the mome
KcG955 2016-04-14
7   KcG955 last year

Please Advise Medicine for stricture urethra and cystitis
Dear Dr, I am 35 years old unmarried Guy. I am facing urinary low flow and some time drop
Qadri1 2016-05-11
1   fitness last year

Please Help! Lipomas all over my body
Hi, I have been suffering from lipomas on my arms, abdomen, ribs, back and thighs from mo
qavi007 2016-05-08
2   fitness last year

Joepathy can treat Hemophilia successfully.
I would like to share my experience in the treatment of 2 patients (Boys one 9 years old a
Joe De Livera 2010-03-15
3   Joe De Livera last year

Knee Swelling
Dear Dr. Mohla Amazing!, your suggested medicine worked wonders. She started showing lot
Ranjita1 2016-05-11
1   akshaymohl last year

Sun rash
Whenever I go out in the sun my skin which is exposed starts itching and becomes red. The
Bbsr1 2016-05-10
3   akshaymohl last year

Dear sir I am a 21 year old guy. Masturbating from last 10 years and watching porn but no
rajat5510 2016-05-08
4   agriz last year

Shrunk and shortened penis, High desire of sex
Age is 25 Unmarried I have following problems, I use to do masturbate since a long
teddstone 2016-05-11
no replies yet

Dr. Kadwa plz help.
I want to know,can over masturbation damage penis nerves. Actualy due to o.m my penis hard
hp1990 2016-05-11
no replies yet

hemophilia factor xiii defeciency
hi could any one please help me regarding my grand son having hemophilia factor xiii def

drmohib 2006-05-11
19   Sturzow last year

Retina detatchment
After retina detatchment,operation done.Now ,there is thread which gives irritation and in
cholingam 2016-05-11
no replies yet

Sequential Therapy
Dear All, I have read about the sequential use of nosodes psor ,med, tub and lu
Albert 2011-08-28
5   Albert last year

Frequent urination after problems at work
Here's my story: I'm a 24 yo guy. Back in July 2015 I started having frequent
VentusHeart 2016-05-09
1   VentusHeart last year

How do I use Lycopodium safely and effectively for chronic conditions?
Hi, all of my symptoms match perfectly with Lycopodium . However, I have read that Lycopo

gnomebuddy 2016-04-23
20   homeodr last year

Penis shrunk (retrenched) tight scrotum, ejaculation without orgasm
Dear Team I am 34, ht. 5.9", wt 74 kg. My penis size was 5" flaccid. Used t
Samirtreat 2016-05-01
3   Samirtreat last year

Knee Swelling
My wife had been suffering from severe arthritic pain. She is almost 5ft weighing 82kg.
Ranjita1 2016-05-08
5   Ranjita1 last year

miscarriage after 7 weeks
i married 3.5 years ago. During this tenure my wife got pregnant 4 times. each time she go
laeeq.ahmed 2016-05-09
4   fitness last year

Male infertility
Dear Drs., Please tell me some remedy for my erectile dysfunction and to treat male hor

Sivaji1 2016-03-16
30   harry250513 last year

Dr Nawaz, please help. Weak built, Low on confidence, great Anxiety
Dear Dr., I have listed all my problem below, please suggest remedy for me. 1. Age :

aftabuddin 2016-03-01
64   nawazkhan last year

I have been suffering with rosacea and migraines since I was a child. I was curious as
celirain 2016-05-07
2   celirain last year

Dr kadwa please help need a proper remedy
Hello my name narvel age 23 male, doc i am having stammering since childhood, its sudenly
Nndr 2016-04-20
10   Nndr last year

Dr Kadwa...plz help
I am 36 year old guy suffering from followinsyndrome:-1. nervousness duringinterview/meet
Rahul_prakash 2016-05-08
2   Rahul_prakash last year

A friend of mine is suffering from insomnia Dhe falls asleep easily but wakes up after
hema79 2016-05-09
no replies yet

left back and leg pain
my pain had started 1.5 yr ago while i was washing clothes bending down and went away in 2
ishu1 2016-04-23
2   Krishnakumar1 last year

dr Nawaz, help on jaw pain and heaviness etc
Hi Dr Khan, I am isha77 . I had taken your advise for my Bartholins cyst on the forum q
isha77 2016-05-06
6   nawazkhan last year

Enlarged adenoids-2,5 year old boy
Greeting! We have a son and a daughter age 2.5 years, twins. My daughter has no problem,
rklecka 2016-05-06
3   mnaari last year

ismail1 2016-05-05
3   ismail1 last year

Enlarged adonoids-Dr Kadwa
Greeting! We have a son and a daughter age 2.5 years, twins. My daughter has no problem,
rklecka 2016-05-06
3   kadwa last year

Dry, hot , rough mouth
I am 76 year old male and had a bout of typhoid some moths ago. I have by and large recove
hpadda 2016-05-07
2   kadwa last year

wrist joint disorder
My wrist joint contain a fluid layer frome ten year how can I treat it
viraj1 2016-05-07
1   kadwa last year

Dr kadwa please help need a proper remedy
Hello doc., Inm 26 years old male,I have been masturbating since age of 12 ,now I m faci
hp1990 2016-05-06
1   kadwa last year

Liver cirrhosis
Due to Liver cirrhosis tummy remains tight often. Please suggest medicine. We are gi
amirmunirmughal 2016-05-06
1   kadwa last year

4 year old attention problem
Hi I have a son who is 4 almost 5 years old who gets distracted very easily - especially
Am123 2016-05-06
1   kadwa last year

help for knee injury
hallow dr kadwa can u help me to recover from right knee sport injury. i am basically a

helpfulinformation 2016-03-02
17   kadwa last year

Too much stomach Acidity
dear mr joe It is now 6pm in karachi pakistan I have just today started your treatment
plodhi 2016-05-07
1   Mahfoozurrehman last year

looking for constitutional remedy for 30 yr old female
constitutional remedy for 30 yr old female, questionnaire please
amy 2016-05-05
1   kadwa last year

Dr. Kadwa plz help 4 Chronic Cough
Hello Doctor, I am suffering from chronic dry cough a very little amount mucus come out
ravipal123456 2016-04-29
4   kadwa last year

stammer(speech problem) & shivering in hand
Hello Sir I m Mukesh Kumar, Male, 28 years old. I have been suffering from stammer since
kumar mukesh 2016-04-01
7   akshaymohl last year

Elevated PSA
During health check up,PSA in my blood was observed 14ng/ml in 2011.Allopath doctor prescr
SKC 2016-05-08
1   fitness last year

Anal abscess fistula help please
dear sir, i m suffering from abscess fistula.every morning got abcess beside of anus after
Quuerk 2016-05-06
10   nawazkhan last year

Lumber pain
My father has back pain from last six month. He is 50 years old. Here's the MRI repor

myhashmi 2016-01-20
17   myhashmi last year

I have 10mm stone on left kidney vuj
Sir, i have 10mm stone in my left kidney at vu junction.
netheti.ravi 2016-05-08
1   vasude last year

iam suffering from over masturbation siite effect and prostatitis
Seen i masturBate from 14yr now iam 28yr going to marry nxt yr.iam suffering from prostati
Fochigo 2016-04-27
4   harry250513 last year

Medicine for watery and very thin semen
hi, this is ali from lahore city.i am 27 year old.i am to much worried about of my disea
Ali6 2016-05-07
4   fitness last year

vertigo as if drunken, weakness in thigh
1. Age - 29yrs 2. Sex - Male 3. Single 4. Weight - 64kg 5. Height - 5ft 6in 6. Countr
rejaulmeister 2016-05-08
2   rejaulmeister last year

Please help me. I feel degrade me alone in Belgium.
Hello doctor, Escuse me for my English but I don't practise no good. there is G
SoMo 2016-05-08
1   SoMo last year

homoeopathic treatment for severe aplastic anemia
Dear Doctors, My name is Dinesh Gopinath, from Kochi, Kerala. I seek your valuable sugg
dineshpanambilly 2015-01-10
8   sandy123 last year

Advice on cell salts for cat
Hi, our cats has had issues w outside <a href="/c.php/13"> allergies <
kensington 2016-05-07
no replies yet

Treatment for Cerebral Atrophy
my younger brother is suffering from Cerebral Atrophy. He is 34 yrs. It started in 2000.
malaya.swain 2016-05-05
3   fitness last year

Can I use Fucus Vesiculosus Q with Cal Crb 200 for loosing 15 KG in next 3 months
Hi Doctors Can I use Fucus Vesiculosus Q with Calc Crb 200 for loosing 15 KG in nex
Soumick Basak 2016-05-07
no replies yet

Tnx nawaz sir..your pray working for me...i am now cured..
Sir I am a pilonidal sinus patient..sir you give me treatment first.. but your prescribed
sergel20 2016-05-06
3   nawazkhan last year

Hello.....Can anyone tell me what to do if antidoting happens....The reason I ask this is
phoenix751 2016-05-07
no replies yet

can't focus, can't study help please
hi, im Male 29 y/o 5-9, 82Kg i always had hard time studying and can't focus on book
RaviS 2016-05-06
1   nawazkhan last year

hard pain in full body veins
Hii.. sir.. i m 30 yrs old female.. live in delhi .. i hv full body pain all the tym... Ve
crist1 2016-05-06
1   homeo_helper last year

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