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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
cyst in the left overy
my wife is suffering with cyst in overy. we are us... [LAST PAGE]
124bhavanarayana07:21 10 Nov 15 by anuj srivastava
1 year old cough and mild fever at night
Hi all, I desperately need help. Brief history...
3kasyan_s03:23 10 Nov 15 by telescope
Hepatitis B & Sexual weakness urgent help please
I am 21 years old , I started masturbation at the ... [LAST PAGE]
44mougheeshussain20:50 09 Nov 15 by gerrad645645
Avascular necrosis of femoral head with bone marrow oedema
I am 38 year old Male and maried. Pain in both ...
5mmqj9214:11 09 Nov 15 by telescope
aggravation/healing crises / What happens if the constitutional remedy was a little off?
Hi! A few months ago I consulted w/ a homeopath...
8SuzanneL13:00 09 Nov 15 by SuzanneL
need suggestion of medicine provided by my homeopath
Hi , plz help i am 25 yr old I went to homeo...
4djrjsskak12:44 09 Nov 15 by djrjsskak
night fall, sexual weakness, masturbation... suggested treatement - first draft
From a Homeopathic Practioner.... Problem Sta... [LAST PAGE]
32Reva V09:16 09 Nov 15 by RajdeepOjha98
My cat has a nipple cyst
Hello-My cat was recently diagnosed with a nipple ... [LAST PAGE]
21magicandmiracles107:09 09 Nov 15 by kadwa
Cervix cysite
Hi One young couple working on my farm, they ha...
1Veer766107:07 09 Nov 15 by kadwa
Hernia operation
my hernia Inguinal operation 10 year. right side h...
1maneek0106:57 09 Nov 15 by kadwa
Rishimba need help for mental problem
Simone has told me to take your advice after she l...
1nobita18:40 08 Nov 15 by rishimba
adhd problem and ambliopia professional help
Hello, My son is 6 years old at the moment I am a...
5fresa18:32 08 Nov 15 by rishimba
Please help, my cat can't stop vomiting after Thuja 30c - Pleaase help!!
Hello- I administered Thuja 30c to my cat for...
4magicandmiracles116:58 08 Nov 15 by magicandmiracles1
Lipomas on Back and Arms
Hello Doctors.. My name is Bilal and I have been a...
6bil4u13:21 08 Nov 15 by telescope
excessive hunger,thirst,weakness/heaviness
I have been feeling excessive hunger, thirst,dry m...
1fmsryp08:31 08 Nov 15 by rishimba
Sleeping problems - rishimba pls help?
My husband is going to answer the questions he has...
1bluesky7708:25 08 Nov 15 by rishimba
Detox Lungs/Respiratory System
Hi. I am 30 years old, female. 130lbs. Been a heav...
1nicole7441206:17 08 Nov 15 by Mahfoozurrehman
Premature Ejaculation and emission After Kids
Hello , I m 38 year old married person, 6.1ft/...
8Veer766102:25 08 Nov 15 by Veer7661
Nux Vomica: Need information
Ive read all over the web that Nux Vomica is ver...
4nicole7441220:15 07 Nov 15 by nicole74412
Frequent urination all day
Dear Doctor, I am a 45 year old male and having...
1ap_homeo20:11 07 Nov 15 by nawazkhan
I may have contracted syphilis though i am awaitin...
7sarenone19:46 07 Nov 15 by syria
Nasal Spray
oxybump. c o m says in details why Nasal Spray is ...
0oxybump119:45 07 Nov 15 by
I need help with my height..
Hi there, I'm Asian-Chinese, 18 years old, cu...
3eunicekeah18:36 07 Nov 15 by sabkamalik1
hormonal unbalance weight gain
My hormonal unbalance weight also increase, how I ...
2christineong18:33 07 Nov 15 by sabkamalik1
gained more than 15 kilos in last 2 years
Hi , I ad moved to Bangalore 2 years and started g...
5veena14199018:31 07 Nov 15 by sabkamalik1
Kidneys Revival
Is there any medicines which can revive a Shrink &...
2anujsinha4u12:48 07 Nov 15 by anujsinha4u
eustachian tube blocked
My son age 18 is suffering eustachian tube blocked...
5NM10012:47 07 Nov 15 by telescope
Dr.i use to mastrubate daily from my school day.no...
1Prasath07:18 07 Nov 15 by Prasath
Downward bent in penis
Hello to all doc. I am ankur kashyap, 27 year old...
0Itsmeaks22:41 06 Nov 15 by
inguinal harnia
i have inguinal harnia, i'm taking homeopathi...
3rimmi78622:07 06 Nov 15 by nawazkhan
Hello, I am dealing with hypersensitivity pro...
4Superfly21:57 06 Nov 15 by sameervermani
Nasal Spray non Addiction
oxybump says in details why Nasal Spray is non add...
0Anderson Smith19:08 06 Nov 15 by
Nasal Spray non Addiction
oxybump.c o m says in details why Nasal Spray is n...
0Anderson Smith19:06 06 Nov 15 by
lipoma medicine
i have 50 up lipoma in my body under skin which mo...
0jashim26106517:02 06 Nov 15 by
Dr. Fitness s Dr. Telescope plz help me Sir.
There is a problem in my foreskin, before few time...
5Pran714:31 06 Nov 15 by fitness
Acne and Melasma
Hi, I am a 32 years old woman, married for a ye...
1tensanz200013:53 06 Nov 15 by rishimba
Painful, swollen thumb
My left thumb is swollen, painful when moving and ...
3Joyner13:48 06 Nov 15 by Joyner
Cough 6 year old
hi can someone please help me choose which remedy ...
12milentie09:20 06 Nov 15 by milentie
Best medication for severe chest congestion
What remedy will suit best a 4 year old boy, skinn...
3reachoutarijit09:12 06 Nov 15 by reachoutarijit
Hair loss
Hello doc, my hair is falling too much . My hair h... [LAST PAGE]
30Bgneha04:28 06 Nov 15 by mia johnson
sexsual disorder
Hallow Sir. My age is 37, weight - 67 KG, height... [LAST PAGE]
21Bancha01:56 06 Nov 15 by mani_jee
Gum infection - second opinion
I have long lasting and recurring gum infection,...
2paul1980be23:31 05 Nov 15 by paul1980be
Dr.Showrav Pls help me...
Sir pls suggest me remedies on nutrition after mas...
0hatemylife199119:13 05 Nov 15 by
Kinldy help Started losing my hair
I am facing hair loss for past 2 months, at the...
2eddiesteve17:37 05 Nov 15 by eddiesteve
swelling in ankle and foot
i am having the swelling in my ankle and foot belo...
4arumugham16:28 05 Nov 15 by arumugham
Plz someone help me..
Sorry this my another post bcoz of n response from... [LAST PAGE]
167ansarishoaib16:05 05 Nov 15 by gaintrox
Chamomilla or Pulsatilla help baby sleep?
I have a 9 month old baby girl. She is very fickl... [LAST PAGE]
60mc_palooza15:46 05 Nov 15 by gaintrox
12Months baby eczema
Hello, My 12months old son is suffering from mi...
2pearl197715:36 05 Nov 15 by pearl1977
telescope sir suggest me remedy
I am 25 year old female suffering from acne prob...
4nasid14:40 05 Nov 15 by telescope
Hypothyroidism improvement seen with Thyroidinum 3x
Hi Doctor, 4 yrs back i was dignosed with hypo...
2ravisingh.913:50 05 Nov 15 by ravisingh.9
Kidney Stones
Hello, Age 29 years, Male I am having kidne...
5amhjn11:53 05 Nov 15 by amhjn
Tinnitus help !!
I am a male, aged 48. I had mumps when I was 10 ye...
6ss_shenoy11:41 05 Nov 15 by ss_shenoy
Right renal cortical cyst
I am 62 year old female.A recent Lower abdomen Ult...
4Sadhana Singh11:15 05 Nov 15 by 0antivirus0
Suggest Homeopath for Depression
Plz suggest experienced Homeopath for treatment of...
2ITEFAQUE10:53 05 Nov 15 by ITEFAQUE
sensorimotor ocd
Hello All I am male , 41, 65 kgs, living in india...
1gul051110:46 05 Nov 15 by kadwa
Snoring Problem
I m 31 yrs of man and having snoring problem from ...
7drai0510:20 05 Nov 15 by kadwa
Dr.i use to mastrubate daily from the age of 7 due...
3Porus10:12 05 Nov 15 by kadwa
Info About Male Erection Problems
Generic Viagra drug for cure ED issues is availabl...
2JosephJones08:42 05 Nov 15 by Sivaji1
Dr.Kadwa pls take up my case help me pls........
*I have anxiety, tension, excess fear ( eg: When i...
1sun199107:25 05 Nov 15 by Mahfoozurrehman
Aerophagia with imbalance and sinking
I am 50 year old male and suffering from aerophagi...
1rajeshbpl07:18 05 Nov 15 by rishimba
Retinitis Pigmentosa
My wife SHIKHA SAXENA has been suffering from the ... [LAST PAGE]
35Shikaatul07:00 05 Nov 15 by rishimba
Premature ejaculation with high desire of sex
im 21 year old 52kg male.doing masturbation since ...
5sidharth199404:38 05 Nov 15 by sidharth1994
Silica 30c dosage for a baby
Hi my daughter is 14 m old,with constipation issue...
8caltest0722:44 04 Nov 15 by caltest07
14 month old with difficulty swallowing and constipation
hi my daughter is 14 month old..right from when sh... [LAST PAGE]
14caltest0722:16 04 Nov 15 by caltest07
Nat phos 6x is not working
Hello I have a 5 months old baby girl who is havi...
1MehreenHasan20:47 04 Nov 15 by Zady101
Penis problem
Hi I am nir 28 years old, my penis was earlier 5....
1Neerjackson 17:25 04 Nov 15 by mani_jee
Psorinum After Lycopodium
Can Psorinum be taken after Lycopodium ? Tha...
1ITEFAQUE17:15 04 Nov 15 by nawazkhan
how common is it for a homeopath to not tell the client the name of the remedy?
How common is it for the homeopath to not tell the...
3SuzanneL17:05 04 Nov 15 by sabkamalik1
Premature ejaculation
Sir, I masturbated many times at the age of 10-28...
6djdjpj15:51 04 Nov 15 by mani_jee
doctors help.baby gags while drinking and earinf
My baby 14 m old gags a lot while swallowing food ...
10caltest0710:31 04 Nov 15 by telescope
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