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Hyper pigmentation
Sir, I have got severe hyper pigmentation in my face gradually from face till neck for th
ukalyanam 2016-03-27
1   kadwa last year

please suggest medicine for liver parenchymal disease, gall bladder collapsed, age 74 years suggest homeopathy medicine
sir, my father 74 years old suffered from liver parenchymal disease and gall blader colla

arti kotak 2015-09-15
40   kadwa last year

Cold air settling in chest
Whenever I go out in cold, cold air seems to settle in my chest. My breathing becomes diff
vtechy1 2016-03-04
5   kadwa last year

How to edit post and post reply?
How I can edit my post and pictures that I uploaded on this forum. When I am going to edit
sd121 2016-03-28
no replies yet

Sir Joe De Livera....how to gain weight,i am pre daibetic
sir i am 34 yr old unmarried woman. i am predaibetic..my weight is 50 kgs and height is
monny82 2016-03-28
no replies yet

please help me taken multiple misprescribed remedy
I took multiple different remedies in lowest potency Aconitum napellus 6X , Agaricus mus
Sahhar 2016-03-26
3   akshaymohl last year

Nasolabial folds
I am 54 yo in fairly good health. BP is under control with meds.(amlodipine/hctz). Face ha
tulapappgmail.com 2016-03-27
no replies yet

treating Tinea Crusis
Hi. I have Tinea Cruris (jock itch) & stumbled upon this site. I see many who suffer &
Uocef 2016-03-27
no replies yet

6 month old with cold, bronchitis
Hello Dr, My 6 month old son caught a cold about 4 weeks back and been coughing and al
vidrathi 2016-03-27
1   nervousguy1 last year

Glands on floor of mouth
Since dental treatment 4 months ago I have had great discomfort in my mouth. Dentist foun
SJF1503 2016-03-27
1   nervousguy1 last year

Dr Akshay mohla sir pls give advise
Hi Dr akshay, my sister was Pregnant and she got c.section Operation for delivery befo
saisimran1993 2016-03-25
6   akshaymohl last year

Male pattern Baldness...
Hello i am 30 yrs old male suffering from Male pattern Baldness.. my hair lines are recedi
avijit.here 2016-03-25
1   fitness last year

Yorkie with pyometra
Hello my little toy Yorkie 2.9lbs is in the early stages of pyometra. I'm new to herb
hayliedavidgmail.com 2016-03-26
1   fitness last year

Male pattern baldness
Hi I'm 26 years old male suffering from severe male pattern baldness (runs in my f
strandedguy08 2016-03-27
1   fitness last year

Hormonal insomnia extreme
And what is freaking me out is that all my prior "coping strategies and remedies"
Pbrownie987 2016-03-27
1   fitness last year

Nose & Ear problem
Hi, Since last 2 Years, in my right nostril, Air/breathe is not passing by.Instead, the
Martworld 2016-03-27
1   fitness last year

Urgent: Enlarged prostate and Asthma
My prostate has enlarged, and I am taking sabal ser Q for it. Progress is slow. I have t
vtechy1 2016-03-26
3   Dr.Generous last year

Psoriatic Arthritis with deformity of joints
grid above based on my symptoms. i am a male of
smiza 2016-03-25
5   mitesh1 last year

Glaucoma Help.
My mother Has this condition Glaucoma, it is more persistent in her left eye. She has been
ABhi.MD 2016-03-26
1   Mahfoozurrehman last year

Help losing all my hair I'm 23
I'm 23 years old and have been losing my hair since 2011 but it's gotten worse.
melenz 2016-03-26
1   akshaymohl last year

Bad reaction to Pulsatilla 1M
Would love a professional's opinion on this or anyone who has had a similar reaction.
pauli171 2016-03-18
4   akshaymohl last year

cure of gout and uric acid.
Dear Readers of ABC Homoeopathic Forum, I post this to benefit the public suffering with G
skv1965 2015-06-22
3   Vikk last year

Neurofibroma Treatment
Dear All, I have multiple neurofibroma all over my body leaving aside my neck and above.
alvin_dmello 2006-03-17
10   aruna1 last year

Autsim - help for my 6yr. son speech delay, lack of eye contact
Please help/advise, very much appreciated! My son is 6 yrs. old and was diagnosed with
azubair1 2016-03-25
2   azubair1 last year

Attn: Dr. Ali007, Joe De Livera || PCOS, Chocolate Cyst problem
I am 33 year old. Married for 5 years. We are trying to have baby for last 1 year, without
bashar 2016-02-18
8   bashar last year

Cluster headaches
I have been recently having extreme headaches since 2 months now and they start on the rig
cherrychew 2013-11-06
3   Dr.Generous last year

Dr. Mohla, your kind help needed... Please help me with your experience
Dear Dr. Mohla I am 27 year male and facing multiple issues together. Request you to p
Ausuiph 2016-03-26
no replies yet

Doctor Mohla or Shaurav plz help Premature ejaculation
Doctor jk mohla or doctor Shaurav please help my case of Premature ejaculation I will gi
android121 2015-07-20
7   akshaymohl last year

Help Dr.Kadwa Sir Plz Help me.
Respected Dr. Kadwa Ji Sir, i want to know about homeopathic medicine acid phos 30c can
Joyoflife 2016-03-25
2   Joyoflife last year

weak erection
i am kunal 21 yr boy..i am doing masturbation from last 5-6 years due to which my penis be
kunal2 2016-03-22
5   surender last year

What are Isodes?
I am a first year BHMS student from India.I want to prepare a power point presentation on
drsameer1 2016-03-26
no replies yet

0antivirus0 Need your help
Just want to know from astrological point of view that which Sun in my horoscope is cause
ahmedpatient 2016-03-23
6   0antivirus0 last year

Eye related...
I am Mahesh, 36 years,got married. To one of my eyes there exists a blurred vision with se
maheshkatlagmail.com 2016-03-26
1   mitesh1 last year

Kashif help for my Brother
Dear sir My brother is 32 years old. his skin of back side of palm is hard & itc
Nitesh Kamal 2013-06-12
3   Nitesh Kamal last year

dry cough
Patient id:-G102 Age:-32 Sex:-Female Problem:-Dry cough since 10 years. Mostly in nigh

digitronic 2016-01-30
13   0antivirus0 last year

sleeping issues.
1. Age : 41 2. Male 3. Married 4. Weight 84 KG 5. Height 5'7'' 6. c
filza 2016-01-05
11   nawazkhan last year

Staphysagria causing loss of orgasm sensation??
I was prescribed this for prostatitis, and it stopped the aching in that area but also see
mrjump136 2016-03-24
4   mrjump136 last year

permanent flu and sore throat.
please i need your kind attention. from last one year i am suffering from flu , sore thr
filza 2016-03-25
1   mitesh1 last year

Silent reflux
Hello. I need some advice on my 4 week old baby who is 11lbs. She is suffering from what
Bnh8485 2016-03-25
1   mitesh1 last year

Burning mouth syndrome and itchy roof of mouth
Hello, I have had burning mouth syndrome now for almost 3 years. I've been to severa
FireFly1 2016-03-13
6   mitesh1 last year

High IOL (Eye) Pressure
Dear All, In year 2008 during eye checkup it was diagnosed that I had retinal detachment
theahmer 2016-03-22
2   theahmer last year

Breast enlargment
I want to increase my breast size plz can some one help me? Im 24 year old.. And unmarried
Zeenia 2016-03-24
6   Zeenia last year

Need advice regarding Calc phos, Calc flour and silicea.
I have osteomalacia, weak and underdeveloped dones and malabsorption .My bones are not
Joyoflife 2016-03-23
6   Joyoflife last year

How To Increase Hight
i am 26 th Year old my height 4.5 inch , how to increase hight , plz help me, And One More
kiran2 2016-03-25
1   nervousguy1 last year

Pulsatilla - Diarrhea
I've been taking Pulsatilla and have a terrible case of diarrhea (diarrhea started
magicandmiracles1 2012-09-16
2   Floraore last year

Sciatica Left Leg from 18 Years
I am suffering from sciatica please advice. My problem details are as follow 1. Name:-Na
Nitesh Kamal 2015-05-05
5   Nitesh Kamal last year

Att:Please mitesh1 help
I would like your help choosing an homeopathic remedy for my problems.If you can and have

seroquel 2016-03-17
15   mitesh1 last year

Psoriasis Advice request
Dear All, I have psoriasis from last 16 years got this condition worse since last 2
saad1231 2016-03-04
11   saad1231 last year

SOS call for my 2 year old daughter.
Hello doctor, my daughter is 2 year 4 months old, she was a healthy child when she was bo
Nehaaadya 2016-03-15
10   nervousguy1 last year

Child with strong jealousy
I have 2 girls ages 8 and 10. It has always only been the three of us together without a d
3tephmt 2016-03-18
2   fitness last year

dust allergy and post nasal drip
Sir, For the past three months i am severly suffered from dust allergy lead to sinus pro
royale6775 2016-03-24
1   nervousguy1 last year

Longtime and continuous Catarrh
I have longterm catarrh (falling of white sticky fluid in my throat);not sure i f i have g
Royal1 2016-03-24
1   nervousguy1 last year

confused about treatment for pcos..plz clarify
Hi, I'm 28 year old married women. I was diagnosed with pcos 4 years ago. I suf
gloemm 2016-03-24
2   gloemm last year

Congestion in throat and breathlessness
I am facing two problems: 1.) My throat is congested at times. May be once in 2-3 days.
abhi91deo 2016-03-07
7   nervousguy1 last year

no injury but pain & increasing swelling in one finger that is worsening
About a month ago, I noticed my index finger had a sore joint. I had no injury to it recen
4naturalcures 2016-03-24
4   4naturalcures last year

for homeodr
Patient ID: Sex: male Age: 24 Nature of work: student weight : 90 kg height :5"1

aquaaaa12345 2016-02-09
31   homeodr last year

adenomatous complex hyperplasia of endometrium
My wife 49 for more than 10 years has been having menses irregularities.Hormone tests dur
panekiz 2008-06-13
4   ladijoon last year

Where to buy homeopathy medicines in India?
If the medicine is not diluted properly, then i might cause side effects - I read this lin
agriz 2016-03-24
2   agriz last year

skin itching and arm pain
1. Age, sex, weight, country, occupation. ANS.Age-36, Sex-male, Country-India, Occupatio
Nitesh Kamal 2016-03-24
1   ahmedpatient last year

attn: Dr Nawaz or Kadwa only
need help and advice regarding eye floaters please. have had them since a year. I am a 50
Healthy1231 2016-03-22
1   kadwa last year

Dr. Kadwa sir plzz help me(urgent)
I am 23 year old unmarried boy.i am suffering from nightfall since past 6 years.i used to
shashi488 2016-03-22
1   kadwa last year

Bach Remedies - Do they antidote homeopathics?
Do Bach remedies antidote homeopathic medicines? I have read some lists that say yes, oth
LuisaMary 2016-03-22
1   kadwa last year

Kadwa, Please help
I have dandruff in my moustache and beard area and head.My hair have become very dry and b
ahmedpatient 2016-03-21
1   kadwa last year

plz help dr. kadwa
I have been suffering from low grade fever since last 6 year..but not always documented.
manish1 2016-03-18
3   kadwa last year

Erectile Dysfunction
Hello, I am 34 years old. I can't hold my erection it lasts only for few second
Ieye 2016-02-09
5   kadwa last year

for telescope
I have been suffering from low grade fever since past 1 year.. it is documented once in a
manish1 2016-03-23
4   telescope last year

My Father is suffering from sciatica since a year. His age is 57 and he has Diabetes.
abhi91deo 2016-03-24
1   akshaymohl last year

Uncontolable anger.. I can commit suicide please help
Hii.. I am really very worried. my anger is very very uncontroalble. I get angry on small
kashmala 2016-03-23
6   kashmala last year

Should I continue
Recently I visited a doctor. He advised me some medicines. I'm taking those about
tajem 2016-03-14
2   tajem last year

for simone
I have been suffering from low grade fever since past 1 year.. it is documented once in a
manish1 2016-03-24
no replies yet

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