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Hair fall and white hair issue
Hello Doctors, I am 31 years old I have hair fall and white issue for 4 years my hair goi
Imran30 2017-09-01
5   kadwa last month

Erectile dysfunction due to over masturbation
I'm a 23 year old male suffering from erectile dysfunction due to over masturbation.
steve3 2017-08-03
5   kadwa last month

Problems with Hormonal levels in Male
Dear Sir, Last week , I conducted Male Hormone level tests.I want to know if they are Nor
Kamal1 2017-09-05
5   kadwa last month

Baldness problem
Hi I m 31 years old guy, I lost my 60 percent hair, please tell me how can I again reg
Dkhanna 2017-09-10
1   Dkhanna last month

Assalamualaikum,,, Sir mujhe last 10 years se masturbation ki aadat ho gayi thi ,pehle mai
tabish khan 2014-10-17
7   HealthyWorld last month

Benign Parotid Tumor (neoplasm)
Hello, I have been diagnosed with a benign Parotid Tumor growing the left side of my throa
Mizvickey 2017-05-23
3   simone717 last month

Questionnaire to answer if you really want proper treatment
Try to answer as many questions as possible.Some may be irrelavent to you.Just skip them.
gavinimurthy 2016-07-24
1   Saroj44 last month

Get taller at 19 for a boy
My son is 19 and he would like to gain some cm is it possible? Please advise me I don
Simo 2017-09-09
2   maheeru last month

Need help for stiffness/heaviness in lower extremties
I am suffering from stiffness and heaviness in my legs and feet including(foot soles),sinc
kumarviren 2016-07-09
8   healer21 last month

Hi I am suffering from grade 2 varicocele and kidney stone with hydronephrosis A famous w
psu 2017-09-10
1   akshaymohl last month

Infant reflux 6 weeks
I have a newborn who has reflux/colic. She cries most of the day and has a hard time settl
Cduff 2017-09-10
1   maheeru last month

Multiple health problems for my wife - To 0antivirus0
To Antivirus, My wife has multiple health problems like leg calf muscle pain, gas,acidity

vjhos 2017-07-11
27   0antivirus0 last month

Need help for knee injury
Problem: My 20 year old son tripped in the home 2.5 years back. It bothered him for a mont
suna711 2017-08-16
10   maheeru last month

Too much gas problem
Sir, I have problem of too much gas in stomach with offensive smell. It is formed more in
Viney Davessar 2017-09-10
1   akshaymohl last month

Writer Cramp and lack of focus
Please can I get some help because I really suffering and it is affecting my studies. I ha
Friexoiqu 2017-09-10
1   0antivirus0 last month

Spermatorrhea, Prosmatorrhea and excessive Night fall problem
Respected Doctors: I am male. My age is 21 am from Pakistan. I
Haris_Sohail 2015-05-25
2   ghaier last month

Scalp eruptions and oozing
Hi, I am 28 year old female with a long standing problem of an oily-itchy scalp with erupt
Buink 2017-09-07
4   healer21 last month

People on forum please help me with the dosage I got to know that 3 pellets/granules wit
SM24 2017-09-09
1   maheeru last month

sir my son is suffering from chronic kidney disease from by birth he is 12 yrs old now and
smankad 2017-09-09
1   maheeru last month

Belladonna/myristica in early pregnancy
Is it safe to take Belladonna 200ck at 12 weeks gestation? What about Myristica Seb 6c?
Bugsy1 2017-09-08
3   maheeru last month

Suffering from bleeding piles for 3 years now accompanied by pain/cramps in legs ( particu

rameshm 2017-06-05
16   rameshm last month

Evocationer - for my son
Hi Evocationer, My younger son who is under your treatment for Asthma now doing well. He

Shaki7 2014-12-18
61   Shaki7 last month

hot flashes
How do I use sepia for hot flashes and for how long? Severe.
Rejani 2017-09-08
1   akshaymohl last month

Leg calf muscles and feet pain - To Dr Mohla
To Dr Mohla, My wife, age 40 years is having pain in both legs calf muscles, feet and sol

vjhos 2017-08-23
13   akshaymohl last month

3 1/2 boy remedy help please!
I have a 3 1/2-year-old boy here are some traits of his Constitution: Separation anxiety

ivey465 2017-03-23
37   ivey465 last month

1.3 year kid eating problems..drinks only milk
I have a 1.3 yr old son. Of lately he has stopped eating solids and has increased his milk
Owllure 2017-09-08
1   Zady101 last month

Increase your height
Forget about growth hormone injection or limb lengthening operation. They are way to expen

deoshlok 2005-11-16
1335   riaa199 last month

Baby fever and cold- 10 month old
Hi My 10 month old baby got what looks like a common cold on Friday, sneezing, watery eyes
Mariarico 2017-09-06
3   maheeru last month

Male, 31, HPV recurring Genital warts
I am 31 years old. I have HPV. I began getting Genital warts 8 years ago. The warts are ve
tomas86 2017-09-08
2   simone717 last month

Cartilage regenerater, Arthritis, joints pain, lumber pain, spondolysis, rheumatic arthritis,
it is cartilage generator for the joint pain in a 6 month this is my own product and I p

deoshlok 2007-01-18
44   Kmps22 last month

Early Ejaculation
Hello Dr. I am 28 years old, height 5.8, i used to masturbate since age of 15, now while
Stush 2017-09-08
no replies yet

Pain in knees due to osteoarthritis - To Dr Kadwa
My mother, age 68 years, weight 70 kg has osteoarthritis since several years now and she e

vjhos 2017-07-26
47   akshaymohl last month

Fordyce Spots
Can this be cured by homeopathy? Can has anyone cured it before? I really need some help a
irahman95 2017-09-08
no replies yet

Turantula hispanica and Chamomilia together?
Can both of these remedies be used in conjunction with one another?
ivey465 2017-09-08
1   simone717 last month

Cured cases under supervision of 0antivirus0
NO PATIENT SHOULD POST UNDER THIS SECTION it is only for other homeopaths and practitione

0antivirus0 2015-04-16
24   0antivirus0 last month

Visual stims, Autism 3 year old boy
Hi I need some help. My boy is 3, had severe gastrointestinal problems from the beginning.
LilMasha 2017-09-07
3   akshaymohl last month

Increase the Penis grith and size
Dear sir I am really impressed with Homeopathy b4 few days.Sir please write any m

parimal 2008-07-30
40   simone717 last month

Severe Acne
Hello everyone. I am 19 years old, male. I am suffering from severe cystic acne since one
MTaimurG 2017-09-04
5   simone717 last month

How much Opium 30c to take for Anxiety and insomnia?
My brother (35) suffers from severe generalized Anxiety disorder and insomnia bouts. Benzo
serotono 2017-09-02
5   simone717 last month

Eczema creams and homeopathy
Our son is currently taking a homeopathic remedy for: - Autism - Eczema - Warm and sweaty
kalegaur 2017-09-05
1   maheeru last month

sever headache.
Mother age 67yrs. She have many times sever headache and always in early morning at about
pgajraj 2017-09-07
1   0antivirus0 last month

no pain no itching - pus rashes/bubbles
hi all mykid 5 years young has got 'no pain no itching - pus rashes/bubbles' th
dpnctl 2017-09-07
2   dpnctl last month

Sexual problems
Hi doctor ! I will describe my disastrous experience in short.. Started masterbution - Age
Sahin91 2017-08-31
3   Sahin91 last month

Doc Deoshlok plz suggest
Dear Doctor, I had Baryta for confidence and it worked miraculously. Then I took medicine
akshay03 2017-09-07
no replies yet

Sexual problem with loose scrotum
Hi to all the respected doctors here, I am posting this after going to various homeopath d
sarabase 2017-09-07
1   sarabase last month

Pemphigus Foliaceus Treatment, HELP !!
I would like to treat my dog in suffering with Pemphigus Foliaceus (feels painful to see i
rajvenkta 2017-09-06
1   Homoeopath Amir26 last month

Stomach problem
Dear Sirs, i am 35 and i have been having the following problem which nobody so far manage
domenica s 2017-09-07
2   domenica s last month

Please help Dr Kadwa
I am 21-year-old female in London, just finished university and looking for jobs or furthe

jus1 2017-06-18
13   kadwa last month

pain in lower abdomin of rightside
Dear Sir,i m 55 yrs now having pain in rightside lower abdomin constantly since childhood

v.kapoor 2011-06-22
296   kadwa last month

Dr. Kadwa......Please advice
Age: 25 Height: 6’ Weight: 76 Kg Marital Status: Single Country : USA Smoking &
faizy123321 2016-07-07
9   kadwa last month

lead toxicity
Please Sir, Male 63 yr dark complexion My blood test report has these abnormalities LIP
ARUN7 2017-09-05
1   kadwa last month

Facial assymetry
Hello friends and dr., Myself navi, i m 22 yrs. My left eye is lazy eye and in alopathy th
navi2 2017-09-04
1   kadwa last month

Nux vomica for Semen Leakage
I am suffering from precum problem. Waterly fluid comes as soon as I get excited. Is Nux
peguy 2017-09-04
2   kadwa last month

Habit of masterbution
Sir I am 21 year old and I have bad habits of मास it occurs about six to seven days
Fruirj 2017-09-07
1   HealthyWorld last month

Genital warts
I had genital warts long back,chronic warts was in childhood,later genital warts appeared

amit143mishra 2017-02-14
48   mnaari last month

nose blocked and sinus
I am RajeshBabu(Age 40) suffering from sinus. I am taking Kali Bichrome 200c(once morning)

elururajesh 2017-02-17
59   mnaari last month

How to prepare pills from CH liquid
Hi, I was looking for Arnica Montana 3C pills. But since the store does not have this pot
avnsiva 2017-09-06
1   maheeru last month

Should homeo Liquid be converted to Pills
Hello all,I understand in this forum that a single drop of potentized medicine is too high
maya_hari 2005-12-09
9   avnsiva last month

This is my last hope. Doctors please cure me.
Sir, i've been suffering from unhealthy scalp for almost an year now. My hair gets ve
Uenkoo 2017-08-22
7   Uenkoo last month

Sperm Count Low and Homeopathy Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
The leading cause of male infertility is low sperm count. Others may be low sperm motility
deoshlok 2009-04-17
12   Sahin91 last month

numbness in hands
Hello, I am suffering from numbness in hands and disturbed sleep.Sometimes i sleep a lot
aryanagar 2017-09-06
1   drthoufeequebhms last month

premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
Hello forum. I am 30 years old. 10 years passed that i am married. I have also a son. The
Kamrul hassan 2016-12-13
12   Shemul last month

Treatment of Acne in Teenagers
It is not commonly known that Arnica 6c in the Wet dose can cure Acne in young adults. It

Joe De Livera 2010-01-23
53   dotsprocanada last month

can i take vitamin D while on homeopathy
i was diagonised with vit d defficiency 22.9.. so doctor prescribed me vit d for 2months e
saranaaz 2017-09-03
2   saranaaz last month

Scalp Folliculitis
Hi, I have been suffering with scalp folliculitis since last 4 yrs. At present my scalp h
preethi3 2017-08-19
2   preethi3 last month

Calcaneal spur problem
I am suffering pain with calcaneal spur(left ankle) for the last 6 months. I used ledum pa
elururajesh 2017-08-31
5   elururajesh last month

Help finding a remedy
Male 36 yrs We don't have an access to go a good homeopath in our area and I am look
kalegaur 2017-09-05
1   drthoufeequebhms last month

If 6 tablets of Sulphur 30 are prescribed at night then how much is it in liquid form(drop
MTaimurG 2017-09-05
4   maheeru last month

Natphos for toddler with Silent reflux/gerd
Hi Joe, My 18 month old daughter, has what I believe to be silent reflux and has had it f
KrissyC 2017-09-04
1   maheeru last month

Helicobactor Pylori
Please can you help me as I am suffering from Helicobactor Pylori. I have a gripping pain
Rosie03 2017-09-05
2   simone717 last month

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