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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
9 years boy not getting height/weight
dear, My son is 9 years old,he have chronic con...
1chakbedi12:19 22 Jan 17 by chakbedi
sexual problem, please help me urgently
I am 25 years old Male. i have very low beard grow...
0abhay11199217:12 21 Jan 17 by
Info on some rare homeopathics
Hello. Does anybody know anything about Bismuthum ...
11Kelly115:46 21 Jan 17 by simone717
Weakness & Pain in lower legs
M/29, unmarried. No outdoor game, No heavy work o... [LAST PAGE]
31maddy_12309:58 21 Jan 17 by maddy_123
Masterbation effects
Hello, I am encounter premature ejections and freq...
2Mayankraj06:26 21 Jan 17 by Mayankraj
Diagnosed h pylori from breath test and have been suffering vaginal irritation
I have been diagnosed with h pylori through breath... [LAST PAGE]
20Flower304:29 21 Jan 17 by Flower3
1M Potency
On the bottle it says 3-6 pellets 3-4 times a day....
1nataldav200:59 21 Jan 17 by simone717
2.5yr child enlarged adenoids and tonsils
Hello, I'm looking for recommendations to tr...
1ejk00:15 21 Jan 17 by homeo_helper
Post paralysis retrograde of tongue
My wife age 36 suffering obesity .in previous wi... [LAST PAGE]
44honey63516:49 20 Jan 17 by honey635
abdominal pain
For myself: I have a problem for which i hvae had... [LAST PAGE]
17plaguedmum12:30 20 Jan 17 by plaguedmum
Ulcerative Colitis .......Dr Mohla ....pls help
y dad, who is around 75 years of age is suffering ... [LAST PAGE]
13venus074301:17 20 Jan 17 by akshaymohl
Question about.(Cartilage regenerator) dr.deoshlok sharma
it is cartilage generator for the joint pain in a ... [LAST PAGE]
14ridha8922:12 19 Jan 17 by dpnctl
Paralysis on the right part of body
Paralysis on the right side of the body My Father... [LAST PAGE]
31fakhruddin.mota18:37 19 Jan 17 by vinay2224
Gallbladder Polyps
I have 5 Gallbladder Polyps, 3 are tiny but the ot...
1Gerald118:02 19 Jan 17 by Gerald1
Peyronie with gynecomastia
Hi All, Is there any remedy for Peyronie and gyne...
0Midhu15:58 19 Jan 17 by
Alfalfa Tonic And Liv-T
Can I Take Alfalfa Tonic And SBL Liver Tonic At ... [LAST PAGE]
15suman1010:32 19 Jan 17 by suman10
Please Help: Long Term Ulcer In Gum
Hello there, I am from India and my age is 36 y... [LAST PAGE]
17khmedia10:17 19 Jan 17 by khmedia
my child's insecurity
Goodmorning everyone, I am new to this forum and i... [LAST PAGE]
23Alia S08:34 19 Jan 17 by sameervermani
Dr Kadwa Please Help with Thinning Hairs and Hairfall
Sir, I am 28 years old Male from Ghaziabad, Ind... [LAST PAGE]
22mayankgates07:04 19 Jan 17 by kadwa
Central retinal vein occlusion
Dear Doctor I am 26yr old female and recently ha...
1Zeba siddiqui06:47 19 Jan 17 by kadwa
Erectile disfunction and pemature ejaculation and semen leakage
Dear Sir, Im from india leavimg in middle east...
2Needcure06:17 19 Jan 17 by kadwa
chapped lip and infection
dear sir in every winter there is a problem for...
1Nitesh Kamal06:14 19 Jan 17 by kadwa
Retinal vein occlusion of right eye
Retinal vein occlusion of right eye approximately ...
1Sweetbriar06:05 19 Jan 17 by kadwa
hypothyroidism post pregnancy
Hi I am 32 year old. I developed hypothyroidism af...
1samee105:52 19 Jan 17 by kadwa
5 week old with GERD
Hello My daughter is 5 weeks and she spits up v...
3Tati8505:44 19 Jan 17 by kadwa
Frequent allergic Rhinitis + Cold + Cough + Fever
I am having this problem for last 10 + years. R...
3golubholu04:34 19 Jan 17 by golubholu
is here homeo are curing patients?
hello reader and patients is any home... [LAST PAGE]
52Dit04:19 19 Jan 17 by Drquest
Cold flu congestion
Hi I am new on this forum. I face flu and cold ...
1Ierzou04:12 19 Jan 17 by HealthyWorld
How to cure side effects of masturbation
From Gujarat. My name is Andrea, I'm a patie...
1Evaristo01:24 19 Jan 17 by akshaymohl
Migraines from dairy
I have been getting migraines and I believe it is ...
1natahleigh01:01 19 Jan 17 by homeo_helper
Ankylosing spondylitis
Dear all I m suffering from ankylosing spondyliti...
1skumar0921:29 18 Jan 17 by Ali007
Kid- Preventing root canal and extraction
Hello Sir, Hope to find a urgent remedy that wo...
5lemi20:41 18 Jan 17 by Drquest
6 year old boy with hearing deficit
My son is 6 year old and he seems to have hearing ...
8Swati02817:02 18 Jan 17 by 0antivirus0
High BP with high pulse rate
My wife age 40 is suffering with high BP , remains...
0keshavktl16:09 18 Jan 17 by
Repetitive UTI
Hi 41 year old female here. Had repetitive utti ab...
2Eve14:41 18 Jan 17 by Eve
Dr. Kulkarni need help for husband
Please tell me what information you need for my hu... [LAST PAGE]
17human114:01 18 Jan 17 by DrKulkarni
Penis pain
Hai any body pls help me out..i started penis pain...
2Shaik Munvar13:46 18 Jan 17 by Shaik Munvar
brain fog
1 am 23 years boy suffering from all symptoms of b... [LAST PAGE]
19upasana107:25 18 Jan 17 by upasana1
Calcarea Fluorica 30c-Epulis Dog
Hi, I am really desperate to find information on... [LAST PAGE]
16Bennie 04:31 18 Jan 17 by Trey
Retinal vein occlusion of right eye
Retinal vein occlusion of right eye approximately ...
1Sweetbriar21:10 17 Jan 17 by simone717
Foresaken & Fear
Can someone recommend a remedy for me? I have fee... [LAST PAGE]
14taz5515:15 17 Jan 17 by simone717
Success with Endometriosis??
If any doctor has successfully cured a case of en...
0jawahar13:35 17 Jan 17 by
breast reduction
doctor, i am 39 years old women height 5 feet weig...
2ranveers12:55 17 Jan 17 by ranveers
Angry and high blood pressure
Hi, I am a 38 year old male. I am feeling angry ...
4kashifkbr09:18 17 Jan 17 by kashifkbr
problem with my left ear.. ?? asap please
hi, need help. i am facing problem with my left ea...
1ishan01us.bi06:43 17 Jan 17 by HealthyWorld
Old cough issue
My daughter 4yrs 10months old suffering from cough...
5ins06:29 17 Jan 17 by ins
Bad effect of masturbation and it's homeopathic treatment
Hello Doctor , I am about 20 years old now. I sta...
5Nur104:37 17 Jan 17 by jawahar
Skin Disease Name
White moka like on throat and chin. Keeps on commi...
0Drquest02:35 17 Jan 17 by
Weight gain, acne, anxiety, brain fog, depression
Can someone please help me? I don't know whic...
3TheaLightweaver11:12 16 Jan 17 by 0antivirus0
Masturbation effect
I want to increase of penis length and girth which...
4Nur110:53 16 Jan 17 by Nur1
frozen shoulder
i have been suffering from frozen right shoulder s...
1BSN MURTHY08:58 16 Jan 17 by kadwa
Running Nose (chonic)
Hello Doctor,my Daughter aged 8 have a chronic run...
1Hamza201708:46 16 Jan 17 by kadwa
Type 2 diabetes...dr kadwa
Hi I am 37 years old male, a couple of days ago d...
1navedsha08:05 16 Jan 17 by kadwa
Giardia parasites
Hi , I'm 18(male).I live in Ukraine.I was d...
1Nurmagedov456708:00 16 Jan 17 by kadwa
greying of hair
Sir plz me Sir i m 30 yr old and my hair is greyi...
1snlgps07:48 16 Jan 17 by kadwa
fungal infection in the groin
I had fungal infection which was cured by taking r...
1fizspace07:43 16 Jan 17 by kadwa
Nipple Sensitivity
I am Ravi. My age is 27. I have nipple sensitivity...
1Ravish107:39 16 Jan 17 by kadwa
Gum disease, loose teeth
I am having gum disease for a long time, and one...
1vtechy107:33 16 Jan 17 by kadwa
Help regarding tongue
Hi I am 24 year old male I am having white coating...
1tongue problem07:27 16 Jan 17 by kadwa
Premature ejaculation
hello i am 45 yrs male, suffering from premature e...
4ganesh107:21 16 Jan 17 by kadwa
Please help with Silicea 30c - Kadwa? Brisbane?
I have been under the care of four different homeo...
6emeraldbridges06:35 16 Jan 17 by kadwa
how to properly give Kali phos for baby
Hello I have a 10 week old who has been sleeping ...
3Mariarico06:17 16 Jan 17 by kadwa
Restless 9month old given too many remedies
My 9 month old wakes at the end of every sleep cyc... [LAST PAGE]
178Cailanna03:35 16 Jan 17 by Cailanna
Nat phos 6x - reflux - 3 month old
Hi, I have a 3 month old daughter and she has h...
9tinibini03:19 16 Jan 17 by Tati85
My son suffering from frequent cold attact
My son age 17yr, normal complexion, veg. Having sl...
4sureshjai19:30 15 Jan 17 by sureshjai
Repeating compulsions in 12 year old girl
I am seeking advice on what might be a helpful rem...
2ESCR0015:59 15 Jan 17 by simone717
Giggle Incontinence
Hi There. My 11 year old daughter has been having ...
1ESCR0015:58 15 Jan 17 by simone717
Giggle Incontinence and ocd
Hi There. My 12 year old daughter has been having ...
1ESCR0015:58 15 Jan 17 by simone717
laughing incontinence
Hi There. My 11 year old daughter has been having ...
2ESCR0015:57 15 Jan 17 by simone717
Enlarged tonsils and adenoids
Hi, My son 5.5 year old he has enlarged adenoi...
1Lakshmi212:41 15 Jan 17 by 0antivirus0
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