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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
7 week old baby silent reflux
Hi, My son is has the characteristics of silent r...
3Relfuxbaby115:32 09 Dec 16 by Mariarico
Dear Dr Kulkarni plz help
Dear Doc, I have taken to many remedies as suggest... [LAST PAGE]
49Aks00014:27 09 Dec 16 by DrKulkarni
Depression and extreme muscle weakness
I have been suffering from depression and extrem...
1ahsan_kazmi14:19 09 Dec 16 by telescope
Hypothyroidism can be fully cureable by homeopathy-Try it now Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Hypothyroidism can be fully cureable by homeopathy... [LAST PAGE]
38deoshlok02:45 09 Dec 16 by satvem
None of potencies of any remedie work for Child specially 30c
Hello Experts, I am looking for some answer, i ...
1Homeopathy198022:11 08 Dec 16 by simone717
Rebalancing nervous system??

[message deleted by ramheight6 on Thu, 08 Dec ...
2ramheight618:53 08 Dec 16 by simone717
tinnitus- over 4 years
I have had chronic, severe tinnitus (in both ear... [LAST PAGE]
47musica17:25 08 Dec 16 by moderator
Black head
Gud mrg sir I have a black spot( black head) on my...
2pavan11115:42 08 Dec 16 by pavan111
Penis enlarge
Gud mrg sir my name is Pavan Kumar height 5.6 weig...
8pavan11115:41 08 Dec 16 by pavan111
Help for Alopecia Areata
Sir, I am suffering from alopecia areata for ...
2star145214:51 08 Dec 16 by star1452
berberis Aquilfolium Q=1x dosage
Hello am confused about berberis Aquilfolium Q=1...
2Ayazawa14:15 08 Dec 16 by nawazkhan
For Doctor Kadwa: Re Hepatitis b treatment
Please Doctor Can I also take Lycopodium 200 for...
3San113:18 08 Dec 16 by San1
Yeast overgrowth on my dog's skin due to which there is itching all over his body,licking and biting,pawing at face and shaking his head,recurrent ear problems
tell a remedy please to help my dog...
0sourabh1603199810:43 08 Dec 16 by
Compressed Fracture L4 and 5
My father age 80 yrs suffered from fall 2 yrs back...
2Druzma10:31 08 Dec 16 by homeopathycures1
hydrocele problem
Hello doctor my cousin brother is suffering from t...
1Alfa249008:53 08 Dec 16 by kadwa
Mild acne, skin & lip darkening and not able to gain weight
I am female, age 27, height 5'6'', ...
1kar.cpm08:33 08 Dec 16 by kadwa
short ejaculation time
hello doctor i am 28 year old 5:10 hight but i fac...
4Alfa249008:18 08 Dec 16 by Alfa2490
Scalp Dermatitis
Hi, My daughter is 17 years old. When she was a b...
9zee08:16 08 Dec 16 by kadwa
severe nocturnal emissions
hello sir. I am khuram shahzad.i am from ...
5khuram107:59 08 Dec 16 by kadwa
Male with possible overactive bladder/interstitial cystitis
I am a 35 year old male who has had an issue with ...
3xargoth07:51 08 Dec 16 by kadwa
Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz as homeopathic remedy
Hi all, Is it possible to capture schumann reso...
0ramheight607:06 08 Dec 16 by
joint pain after fever
on oct 1st i suffered from fever.It lasted for 3 d...
1mkguptamzn05:47 08 Dec 16 by HealthyWorld
Ashermans syndrome after ablation
Hello, I am 33 years old and had an ablation done ...
3Fairzoga05:43 08 Dec 16 by telescope
Bald patches on my chin
Hello, 42 yr old, healthy male with normal life... [LAST PAGE]
59alopecia01:05 08 Dec 16 by alopecia
Phoneutria fera venom
Dear All You might be interested in the fact th...
0urbs123420:20 07 Dec 16 by
dr mohla =staphysagria v/s phosphorus acid v/s sulphur...please guide me dr mohla and dr kulkarni..
My age is 27, married, i used to mastrubate from l...
0Ankort18:18 07 Dec 16 by
I m 26 yr old girl suffering from internal piles ...
4Riya318:01 07 Dec 16 by Riya3
1 month old with GER
My third son us just over one month old. He is bre...
1Nat09270815:13 07 Dec 16 by Mahfoozurrehman
Help with an autoimmune disease
Hello. I am a 26 year old mother of three. At abou...
2Nat09270811:56 07 Dec 16 by yhollyr
Please help Homeo Dr's.... urgently
i m 32 yr married male from delhi and I did over-m...
5aguy12309:11 07 Dec 16 by aguy123
right inguinal hernia
My elder god brother is diagnosed as 'right...
12manav_skg05:28 07 Dec 16 by Pourkaurc
Taking Arsencium Album CH30
I have been taking Arsencium Album CH30 daily for ...
2dmstarr05:16 07 Dec 16 by WLaChenal
How to Get white and fair skin color?
Hi DR.Plz help. I read in your website that hom... [LAST PAGE]
21Alika James18:12 06 Dec 16 by IsidoraBrankov
Masturbation problem
I am 28 years old male from india. I am suffering ...
1Fraurse16:11 06 Dec 16 by Fraurse
Ovarian cyst outside ovary
Hi, I have had 3 x 1cm cysts outside my ovaries 2...
2maryam11:49 06 Dec 16 by kadwa
Herpes Eye Infection
13 yr. old male with swollen eye lids, almost unab...
1biol11:27 06 Dec 16 by kadwa
eye twiching
My left eye twiches constantly does not go away al...
1Saqib jalal 1011:24 06 Dec 16 by kadwa
Possible Cat Scratch Fever
Fifteen years ago, a cat accidentally caught my ...
1kt80811:16 06 Dec 16 by kadwa
patient needs passiflora mother tinctur quiet often
Hi I have patient and have tried numerous remedy ...
1join4me11:11 06 Dec 16 by kadwa
Dr. Kadwa: help with teenagers chronic cough
Hello dr. My 14 year old son coughs every winter. ... [LAST PAGE]
18rania140311:02 06 Dec 16 by kadwa
Phytolacca Berry
Hi, SBL India has Phytolacca Berry tabs for WEI... [LAST PAGE]
17pimathew11:00 06 Dec 16 by Mousumi1
I have Degenerative Joint Disease ( Osteoarthritis...
3Zameer110:44 06 Dec 16 by kadwa
Pus cells in urine recurring fever E coli detected
Hello Docs, My dad is 74 year old under weight he...
8Homeopathy198021:45 05 Dec 16 by Homeopathy1980
1 month old sleep- someone who has experience pls
So my 1 month old has been fighting his naps-- t...
4Mariarico21:27 05 Dec 16 by rom109
Anxiety, Depression,Stress and sexual problems
Sir,I am a 16 years old boy.I am suffering from d...
2Uizashierv18:15 05 Dec 16 by simone717
Quick question for whoever is free at the moment
Hi there. I gave my baby a dose of Nux Vomica 200...
2alaskamom18:12 05 Dec 16 by alaskamom
Dry skin (Mild Congenital Ichthyosis)
This is challeging case. Kindly advise homeopathi...
10naman17:09 05 Dec 16 by Sylwia45
berberis aquif.
I'm HIV positive. Since last few days i have ...
1sanjay616:45 05 Dec 16 by Teupne
I have been suffering from tenesmus for about 4 ye... [LAST PAGE]
13Saqib jalal 1015:36 05 Dec 16 by moderator
Treatment for Psoriyasis
Hi all, I am suffering from psoriyasis since 2 yea... [LAST PAGE]
40siva113:52 05 Dec 16 by simone717
Vaginal Muscles Tightening !!!
My wife is 36 years old and has given birth to 4 c...
12abu essa12:12 05 Dec 16 by Sylwia45
Phosphorus Type
Hello, Upon reading the different constitutiona...
11Jen0707:40 05 Dec 16 by KHAN G1
11 month old baby boy -difficulty while stool
My 11 month baby is taking/showing much pressure t...
2Alexgrg07:38 05 Dec 16 by Alexgrg
E-coli infection at Semen
Arghya here. AGE -48 Last 2 months getting pr... [LAST PAGE]
42araghyagmail.com06:40 05 Dec 16 by Bon
Call for Dr.Deshlok - for Hypertension
Hello Dr. Deshlok. I have filling this on behalf ...
7shahidr10005:26 05 Dec 16 by shahidr100
Difference between 200c and 200ck?
My doctor recently requested a script for a homeop...
7Bellina04:57 05 Dec 16 by gavinimurthy
Breast lift and augmentation
I will be having breast lift and augmentation in a...
0LuLu04:33 05 Dec 16 by
night fall
i am 23 yr old I have been suffering from night...
6king ko04:25 05 Dec 16 by shyam11
I have been suffering from uneven skin tone...curr...
1arshd153403:50 05 Dec 16 by Teupne
Social anxiety sweating & hyperhydrosis sweating
I am a male 38 years suffering from excessive swea...
1kevinp03:33 05 Dec 16 by Teupne
26mm Stone in Right Kidney
Hello Doctor, My age is 37years and still not m...
1sashtheboy03:23 05 Dec 16 by HealthyWorld
enlargement of size of breast
em 20yrs old but my breast size is 28...plz provid...
1Mishra122:55 04 Dec 16 by simone717
Hi all doctors in this forum, steroid injection
I have got this question for all doctors in this f...
3sanjib3118:40 04 Dec 16 by SAJID141
Help requested from Dr.Kadwa or any available expert. Wife Suffering from severe allergic sneezing
Dear Sir, My wife is suffering from severe allerg...
2krishnasinh722916:14 04 Dec 16 by simone717
Attn: dr. Kulkarni
Hi Doctor This is Mike Khan whom you had prescrib...
2mikekhan09:09 04 Dec 16 by DrKulkarni
To Dr. Kulkarni Requesting Remedy for ED PE due to prolonged masturbation
Hello doc., age 26 height 5'10 weight 70 ... [LAST PAGE]
63hp199007:45 04 Dec 16 by DrKulkarni
penis hardness
Sir I am 29 year old. My penis very soft. I want t...
1M Hashim 07:35 04 Dec 16 by akshaymohl
Severe Masturbation effects since 16yrs challange case for doctors. specially dr akshay mohl
My name is Ajay..I am 36 years old male,I am sever...
12ajayxp9904:28 04 Dec 16 by Teupne
masturbation side effects
I have been masturbated for 4 years alot from age...
2Saqib jalal 1004:27 04 Dec 16 by Teupne
im suffering from gynecomastia since 5 year i doin...
3Maizo18:54 03 Dec 16 by simone717
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