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Pkd remedy
I am 30 yr old and suffering from polycystic kidney disease and polycystic liver disease.a
Ramu578 2018-01-14
5   Ramu578 last month

Dear Dr. Kadwa, please help
Dear Dr. kadwa, I am a 28 year old female that you recently prescribed Calcarea Carb to,
Buink 2018-01-30
1   kadwa last month

Hi My father is 76 years old. He developed hernia for which he got operated around three
RashidMunzur 2017-11-13
12   kadwa last month

Regarding AlfaAlfa
Hello sir, Someone suggested me to take AlfaAlfa for my weakness. Request you to please
Brahmarandra 2018-01-26
3   kadwa last month

Dr.Kadwa/Dr.Nawaaz Khan/Dr.Simone/Dr.Maheeru. Please Help !!!
Dear All Respected Doctors/Passionate H'Paths, Case with mental predominance. I am
Saadho 2018-01-28
4   kadwa last month

i required expert advice, Pl. REPLY
I took Hyoscyamus 200 one dose daily for three days. After it showed some improv
vkg1 2018-02-01
no replies yet

fear and dread
My husband is about to undergo major surgery. It is very serious and he is overcome with f
winnieandco 2018-01-31
1   homeo_helper last month

2nd attempt...............hot flashes
Please will someone take a look. I am desperate. I have to go and buy something and I cann

winnieandco 2017-08-28
75   winnieandco last month

Polycystic kidney disease
My name is Ramesh Kumar.my brother age 35 is suffering from polycystic kidney disease.mult
Ramu578 2018-01-14
8   Ramu578 last month

congential ptosis
Sir, I have congenital ptosis in my right eye. I am taking homeopathy medicine drop. can u
gaurav111 2018-01-31
no replies yet

congential ptosis
Sir, I have congential ptosis and had a surget at the age of 5 . Now my eyebrow lifts mt
gaurav111 2017-06-17
2   gaurav111 last month

Frequent Urination
Hello. I am a 63 yr old female in good health except for frequent urination at night, and
shirleystorer 2018-01-30
1   healer21 last month

I have a lymphedema in my thighs for 2 years. It is not huge but I feel pain and stuff lik
niki123 2018-01-26
5   healer21 last month

Low immunity
I am a 30 year old female. I have always had very low immunity and fall sick quite often.
pg9241 2018-01-30
1   healer21 last month

Homeopath please help
Need help , I have severe Gerd and Esophagitis due to which having throat pain unilateral
Sweety3 2018-01-30
9   healer21 last month

my 4 year old son have fever
my son have some fever its been two days dont know why he has no complain no sore throat n
imran655 2018-01-29
4   Reva V last month

Constipation, hypotension, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, low appetite, dark circles
Hi, I am a male 34 years old. Since beginning of birth i have been told by parents that t
Dipstick 2017-12-23
12   healer21 last month

taking multiple remedies
Can I take multiple remedies at one time together, or is it better to only try one first,
sonu5 2018-01-30
1   healer21 last month

acid reflux
PLease can you help me....I have been struggling with indigestion issues for 14 months...i
wellsmay 2018-01-30
1   healer21 last month

SSRI side effects
Hi to all homeopathic doctors. my age 42 male I am using zoloft 50 for my panic attack. zo
filza 2018-01-30
1   healer21 last month

piriformis syndrome/sciatic pain
I have been suffering from sciatic pain (left leg) for over two months now, apparently see
florinha 2018-01-26
5   healer21 last month

Fever From 14 days
Dear Doctors, My 4 Year Brother's Daughter (Bhatiji) is ill from fever from 14 days.
Mohit161 2018-01-30
5   healer21 last month

De Quervain’s tendinitis
Hi, My wife (age 34yrs) is suffering from De Quervain’s tendinitis. She has pain in
mubashir2 2017-11-29
1   healer21 last month

I am 20 years old male.I have found my chest little fatty since my puberty.But the more I
hridoy 2017-11-30
1   healer21 last month

Neck - back side pain
I am Mohan Kumar G, working as Software engineer. I am getting severe pain at neck backsid
mohankumargonthina 2018-01-30
2   mohankumargonthina last month

Disconnected, confusion , mental prob
Sir, I am 35 unmarried male. I had anxiety attack in 2011 because of which my BP also rais
ahmedja 2018-01-23
5   drthoufeequebhms last month

its started with sore throat
Hellos dr i kind had sore throat and now i kid of lost my voice cant talk no cold yet was
imran655 2018-01-13
8   drthoufeequebhms last month

Unable to make long duration sex.
I am 38 years male. For 6 to 7 years I get ejaculated after 2 to 3 minutes of sex. Please
Jonnyjinnie 2018-01-29
1   healer21 last month

Dr. Pls help -7 year kid suffering from cough
My Son is suffering from cough from last three days. He has whooping cough and it become w
Nikita D 2018-01-29
1   healer21 last month

Muscle and Joint pains
I have repertorised my case and found out some benefit using Guaiacum 30c. Its been 3 day
novicehomeo 2018-01-30
1   healer21 last month

Postpartum frequent period while brestfeeding
Sex : Female Age : 29 years Weight : 45 kg Height : 5' 2" Problems: Breastfeedi

SMA 2017-11-20
30   maheeru last month

menopause help!!
I am 56 years old and have been struggling with hot flashes/ sweating about 20 times day a
julie2 2018-01-28
5   healer21 last month

how i get cured from hepatitis b by dr osele
Viewers i am Geeta Kamar, am from India in new delhi, Me and my entire family has been suf

Geeta1 2016-07-14
58   useghe last month

BoooBooo : Sure Treatment Procedure For Lichen Planus
Lichen Planus (pronounced LY-kin-PLAN-us) is a common inflammatory disease of the skin and

booobooo 2009-11-24
31   Harry4 last month

drthoufeeqbhms need help
Hello drthoufeeqbhms I am posting this new post , sir you have previously replied to all m
Sweety3 2017-08-08
12   Sweety3 last month

urgent help needed severe gerd
Hi everyone. This is Zia. I have GERD symptoms since 1 month. It started as sour taste i
Muhammadxiaullah 2018-01-22
8   Muhammadxiaullah last month

Progressive Supranuclear Pasly (PSP)
My father has been recently diagnosed with PSP. This is a progressive disease and recently
mjvhome 2018-01-28
1   kadwa last month

Sepia 30c
I am new to homeopathic treatments. For depression, how many pellets & how often shoul
Bevi 2018-01-27
1   kadwa last month

Dental treatment advice
Dear Doctor, I am 27 years F. One of my lower right tooth has got cavity in the sides. I
Tulip1 2018-01-26
1   kadwa last month

Lower Creatitine and Potassium level
Hello Sir,My brother age 42 was recently detected with creatitine value 5 and potassium as
Ridhiverma 2018-01-25
2   kadwa last month

ref att dr kadwa
Dr Kadwa, I am completing the fourth treatment as advised by you and have seen improve
john doe1 2018-01-25
1   kadwa last month

Lachsis 200 side effect increase white blood cells
I use lachsis 200 4 drop morning and evening for high blood pressure a one weak. I feel pr
Rehman2 2018-01-25
1   kadwa last month

Recurrent fever
Hi, my niece 3.5 years old, and has fever every month since she is 1.5 years old, I need
Dilraj 2018-01-29
1   healer21 last month

is there any cure of ADHD in homeopathy. I am mentally paralyzed
Hi, I am a 29 years old female. I have been struggling with this problem for long. I don&
B3auty 2018-01-28
1   healer21 last month

Heel Spurs = Plantar Fasciitis
Question by "sazim", a forum member, in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/

Nesha-India 2005-09-23
30   impix last month

Bubble in Vagina in 10 yrs old child.
My 10 years old neice complains of bubble in the vagina. She feels uncomfortable the whole
Rav009 2018-01-26
6   moderator last month

How to take sulfur 1M - itchy skin
Hi, I was advised by a homeopathic doc to take rhus tox 30m for 2 days for my itchy skin.
BOPP 2018-01-28
no replies yet

Critical sexual problem :(
Hello, Age - 21 Unmarried 1. I am suffering from premature ejaculation problem, i lasts
Asifahmad555 2018-01-27
2   Asifahmad555 last month

Case with mental predominance
Dear All Respected Doctors/Passionate H'Paths, I am posting one of my very close rel
Saadho 2018-01-28
4   healer21 last month

Urethra inflamation and redness and pain just inside penis
Hi am 24 year old from last 1.5 years m having very strong pain and burning sensation in w

Grief 2017-12-15
14   jawahar last month

Erectile dysfunction (ED)
Caladium seg. Can be taken with Avena Sativa q ?
Zmed 2018-01-28
no replies yet

help in posting the case on forum
Hi Moderator , I am trying to upload a new case . I am not able to . Can u please help me
Saadho 2018-01-27
1   healer21 last month

Penis and scrotum burning
Sir my scrotum and penis burning...and urethra burning...is it possible to cure it complet
Anik420 2018-01-27
5   healer21 last month

Pain in stomach after 4 months of C-Section
Hello, She is suffering from the stomach pain even after 4 months of c-section. It feels

mjv001 2018-01-19
16   healer21 last month

dry eczema medicines combinations
I have been prescribed following medicines taking in combination, Pls confirm if it has an
aksh3312 2018-01-13
1   aksh3312 last month

stretch marks
my thirteen year daughter having numerous stretch marks on upper arms since the age of nin
sweetu1 2018-01-27
1   healer21 last month

Total impotency
Homeopathic remedies ≡ chonti homeopathy introAbout HomeopathicsHomeopathy Forumh
chonti 2018-01-27
no replies yet

low sex power + erection problem
my name is Fahad from Karachi Pakistan. I got married around 25 days ago. I am 27 yrs old.

fkhan84 2011-12-03
49   chonti last month

Eye Brows Case for Dr Kadwa
My niece aged 11 years has complain of falling of eye brows of both eyes with itching and
Samba87 2018-01-26
1   healer21 last month

high createnine and high urea
dear dr, im from jharkhand, india. my mother (57 yrs) is suffering from hypertensi
nick5 2018-01-26
1   healer21 last month

I am a 66 year old male have been wearing bifocale for years. I have been told that I hav
bzmeltzer 2013-12-04
5   Rabersniver last month

how to use lycopodium CM
Dear Sir, i am 34 years old i have read about Lycopodium CM a lot but not know how to use
sahirashh 2012-04-25
8   akt333 last month

Lycopodium clavatum 50 M and Nat mur 6x
Hi, I need to take one dose of lycopodium 50M(only once) after that Nat mur 6x four tablet
Amit123 2018-01-26
1   John Stanton last month

Healer21 I need your help in quitting smoking.
Actually, my father is a chain smoker and he has been smoking for long. I once bought a ho
Shamim2 2018-01-26
1   healer21 last month

chronic malabsorption with other symptoms
I have noticed that i have chronic malabsorption since 2-3 years,my stool is oily(greasy,s

robin us 2018-01-18
17   healer21 last month

eczema help!!!!!!!
Good Morning, I am seeking some advise on how to deal with my baby's eczema, he has
kandilee 2017-10-14
3   kandilee last month

left side sore throat
Woke up with left side sore throat, hurts when swallow. Feels better with warm drinks or s

bluesky77 2016-06-14
67   Amran7md last month

Re: Lachsis 200 side effect increase white blood cells
What antidote lachsis 200 My heart rate abnormal and feel pressur on head no sleep before
Rehman2 2018-01-25
no replies yet

erectile dysfunction problem
I have been facing the ed related issue for last couple of years.I am unable to maintain
Aurtue 2017-02-11
3   gvsafe last month

Peudendal neuralgia
Is there any cure of this nerve deases in homeopathy??????
Anik420 2018-01-03
10   drthoufeequebhms last month

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