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4 week old
My son is breastfeed and is suffering from what I believe to be severe reflux. From birth
Broosu 2017-12-03
1   healer21 last month

Index Finger joint pain
I am 57years old housewife. My index finger joint have stiffness and pain. Morning finger
chandhuc 2017-12-03
1   healer21 last month

Small cysts on left ovary
Hi I have been getting severely painful periods since the last 3 years. My symptoms starte
Pure nature 2017-12-02
3   healer21 last month

need expert
Hello, I am suffering from IBS Diarrhea, my symptoms are Diarrhea, gas, unformed stools, a
saish 2017-11-15
2   saish last month

7mm kidney stone stuck in ureter
Can someone take this case please?? Left side front and back pain. Not able to eat, mostly
bluesky77 2017-11-29
7   bluesky77 last month

Bladder Neck Obstruction -
Hi I am Naveen from India. I have low urine stream flow problem. Abdomin scan, KUB xray, M
naveensamala2000 2017-10-26
7   0antivirus0 last month

1.5 yrs baby girl suffering from 102 fever+cough(dry)+ vomit+blocked nose
1.5yrs old baby girl having 102 fever for 3 days dry coughing vomiting and she is touc
sameergupta1 2017-12-03
no replies yet

Is there any Treatment of Avascular Necrosis in Homeopathy ??
Hi Everyone,I m 26 years old chap suffering from "Acascular Necrosis" of both hi

SavrajSingh 2005-01-13
34   anshika1718 last month

Sugar and Candida issues
Hi, I have following issues: 1. Hypothyroidism, my alopathic doctor wants me to take 200
asiflakhani 2017-12-03
1   healer21 last month

Anxious son
Hi could someone help my 12 year son is suffering anxiety panic attacks, as a baby and up

natou0810 2017-10-05
18   0antivirus0 last month

1.5 yrs baby girl suggering from 102 fever+cough(dry)+ vomit
1.5yrs old baby girl having 102 fever for 3 days dry coughing vomiting and she is touchin
sameergupta1 2017-12-03
no replies yet

Necrotic cyst
I have 2 necrotic cysts size of half golf ball on either side of my lower neck. I do not w
barb.chadha 2017-11-25
4   barb.chadha last month

Is there a sleep med or supplement that really keeps you asleep all night without morning
toby1 2017-12-02
4   toby1 last month

how to cure herpes 1&2 permanently
I have Hsv1 &2 last 3 years. How to cure it permanently

krishna reddy2 2017-04-23
13   ameliemur9 last month

Erectile dysfunction
Hello , I am 28 yrs old unmarried guy. sir i am suffering from ED since last 3 yrs due
sanju17 2017-12-02
1   sanju17 last month

Nose Bump, swelling and pain
Hi, i have used past 6 months ago bio combination for mouth ulcer Merc Sol-3x Borax -3x
vipinkumarseo 2017-12-02
1   healer21 last month

My 9 year old son has adenoid and tonsils
My 9 year old son has grade 4 adenoid and grade 3 tonsils as per X-ray examination (3 mont
ravi11 2017-11-18
6   healer21 last month

Very Poor Concentration
I am 37 years old man. i have always been unable to concentrate properly. although till th
agramayank 2017-12-02
1   akshaymohl last month

Knowledge for Depression ect
Hello, not sure if this is the correct place to post, if not please move. I currently hav
Driven 2017-11-27
7   healer21 last month

After taking calcarea carbonica several months my swear has been supressed completely. My
iulia2005 2017-12-02
1   drthoufeequebhms last month

pelvic muscle problem, difficulty in urination
hai sir! i am a 27 year old male. i am suffering a lot because of pelvic muscle issues. th
nani13 2017-12-02
no replies yet

good evening. i am a 27 year old suffering from hypothyroidism. my tsh test revealed a lev
nani13 2017-12-01
1   akshaymohl last month

Hypothyroidism can be fully cureable by homeopathy-Try it now Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Hypothyroidism can be fully cureable by homeopathy-Try it now Dr. Deoshlok Sharma See the

deoshlok 2011-09-24
41   Eeman1 last month

Post nasal drip past 10 months
I am suffering from chronic sinus and coughing due to post nasal drip. My symptoms are wor
Rikti 2017-12-01
1   healer21 last month

Strange problem from past 3-4 years. Dr kadwa
Erections of penis causes stiffness in back and legs . Legs get cold as ice as if all the
Dileep7 2017-11-30
6   healer21 last month

Need to know about the best homeopaths in Mumbai
I have had 2 very big anxiety attacks. The first one went on for almost 2 months and now I

WitchIcono 2017-10-06
30   WitchIcono last month

cannabis indica
anyone know where I can purchase this rememdy. Thank you
giorgib 2017-12-01
no replies yet

Depression and Anxity Help
Dear All please help me in my depression and anxiety. I am a 48 year old Male.From Mumbai
LonelyMan69 2017-12-01
6   healer21 last month

No full Evacuation in the morning
I am aged at 45 Years and since last few years I do not get the full evacuation in the mor
Sunilk_lal 2017-12-01
1   healer21 last month

Hypothyroidism improvement seen with Thyroidinum 3x
Hi Doctor, 4 yrs back i was dignosed with hypothyroid since then i never had taken any a
ravisingh.9 2015-11-02
6   akshaymohl last month

Premature ejaculation and other problems
Hello!honorable doctor,I am 29 year old. I feel some problems. 1. Sometimes, not regular
Akash Biswas 2017-12-01
1   healer21 last month

I have taken the homeopathy remedy two days back of power-30. 2nd day itself it was effec
Jessica1 2017-12-01
2   healer21 last month

Lower Back pain, Hip Pain, and Knee Pain
Dear sir i m 31years old male. Due to long time sitting on the chair. Lower Back, Hip, an
Nitesh Kamal 2017-10-21
4   Nitesh Kamal last month

hypothyroidism and phimosis
namaste! i m 27yr old male suffering from hypothyroidism. my TSH tests revealed a level of
nani13 2017-12-01
no replies yet

help with candida
Hi, I have few problems I have been dealing with for a while. 1. I have hypothyroid -
asiflakhani 2017-12-01
1   drthoufeequebhms last month

PE and possible Urine bladder problem
Hello Doctor, I'm 34 years old, My premature ejaculation problem started appearing mo
PEsolution 2017-03-15
6   ehomeo last month

Homeopathy treatment for bad breath
Bad breath is due to many reasons, it could be because of the not brushing the teeth prope
ehomeo 2017-12-01
no replies yet

Need help for my mom
Hi, I have a 75 year old mom who complains about chakar. She takes following medicine
asiflakhani 2017-11-30
2   asiflakhani last month

My wife age 43 years is having headache at backside . She is also having pain above both e

skmangal 2017-11-01
16   skmangal last month

very high sexual desire
I have very high sexual desire how can I reduce my sexual desire very urgent it causes man
kingwaqar 2017-11-27
7   Reva V last month

Hypothyriod for 7 years
Heloo Plz suggest me some homeopathic medicine for this problem.. I have many problems..
Eeman1 2017-11-30
1   healer21 last month

I am 20 years old male.I have found my chest little fatty since my puberty.But the more I
hridoy 2017-11-30
no replies yet

tight phimosis, very dry foreskin
i have been suffering from a very tight phimosis. it feels very dry inside my foreskin whi
nani13 2017-11-30
no replies yet

Tinnitis, Vertigo, Menieres
I am a 65yo male who has been diagnosed with bilateral Mernieres 9 years ago. I take Antiv

bzmeltzer 2013-05-21
120   Homeosepian last month

Remedy finder
I need help with my masturbation issue..... I have a very bad habbit, I'm 23 yr old a
wikkii390 2017-11-30
1   HealthyWorld last month

pelvic muscle weakness
good afternoon sir! i am 27 yrs old male. i have been suffering from weakness of pelvic mu
nani13 2017-11-29
5   healer21 last month

ref: att dr kadwa
Dr. Kadwa, As advised by you I am about to complete the below course of medicine, I am n
john doe1 2017-11-29
1   kadwa last month

name : taimur khan age:22 gender:male sir mujhai alergy hai .or mujhai sans lene me taklif
sameer7 2017-11-27
2   kadwa last month

Impotency, Compulsive urge to watch porn & masturbate, loss of mental and physical vigour and stamina
I am a 38 year old male, masturbating since the age of 14. At the younger side of my age I
Ankaith 2017-11-27
1   kadwa last month

have two problems that I need to deal with Psoriasis and BPH
for Psoriasis I am taking R65 Reckeweg drops and Topi Cardiospermum ointment I now wish t
RBS 2017-10-16
4   kadwa last month

My 22nd month baby not walking
Dear Sir/Madam, My 22nd month baby not walking. When we try to make her walk. She don
Vikash_83 2017-11-20
3   kadwa last month

Diabetic - Foot gangarene
My father is 64 years old and Diabatic patient from last 25 years. From last 4 years he is
ayeshashah 2013-09-05
10   Gap1 last month

Erectile Dysfunction
I am 34 years old, facing ED for past 5 years. Tried many ayurvedic treatments but no cure
qwerty4 2017-11-29
1   akshaymohl last month

Schizophrenia with themes of opression and being controlled...
Hello, I am hoping to get some direction in finding the right remedy to help my mother, s
kiki2 2017-11-26
5   homeo_helper last month

88 year father constipation
My 88 yr old father suffering from constipation last 2 days...please advise medicene.
andy_65_in 2017-11-29
1   Reva V last month

Phytolacca Berry
How long does it take for phytolacca Berry to take effect in weight loss - does it take co
kohler 2017-11-29
1   Reva V last month

Pcos help
Hi. I m suffering from pcos for 10 years. Age 24. Have tried many homeopaths with temporar
kiranzia20 2017-11-25
4   kiranzia20 last month

Very aggressive behaviour
My brother is 32, single. And doesn't do any job. He sometimes help his brother in b
Meera1 2017-11-29
1   healer21 last month

My mom Suffering with Severe Leg Knee joint pains for 2years
My mom's Age 45(female) She has been suffering with severe leg Knee joint pains wit
Chiru1 2017-11-29
1   healer21 last month

pneumonia in 1year old
Hi my 1 year old is very chesty and always has been on and off since she was born. We were
vee1 2017-11-28
8   healer21 last month

continuation of old medicine merits and demerits
Sir/Madam, IA per ur suggestion 3 medicine is taken. There is 0.5% change in night slee
RadhaKrishnan Nair 2017-11-28
1   simone717 last month

pelvic muscle spasms, difficulty urination and erectile troubles
namaste. i m a 27 yr old male weighing 58kgs and 5'8" high. i sit for hours infr
nani13 2017-11-29
3   nani13 last month

Sexual weakness- diabetes
Hi I am 42 yo male having diabetes and some liver damage for last 10 years. Recently I hav
gul0511 2017-11-29
1   akshaymohl last month

Sabaceous cycst
Hi I have a sabaceous cyst on top of my scalp /head and is there since 4-5 years.It does
Lotus22 2017-11-29
1   healer21 last month

hello Sir. Good Morning. i am 23 years old. i am suffering from pcod last 6 years. pls hel
sonia17 2017-11-28
8   healer21 last month

De Quervain’s tendinitis
Hi, My wife (age 34yrs) is suffering from De Quervain’s tendinitis. She has pain in
mubashir2 2017-11-29
no replies yet

Body Odor
I have a constant horrible body odor despite having good hygiene and after taking a shower
1288 2017-11-28
3   akshaymohl last month

syzygium jamb 100ml
Hi, can someone tell if the syzygium jamb 100ml is a good medicine for diabetes. What shou
Krishna.c 2017-11-28
3   akshaymohl last month

I have been suffering from pain in waist since several years. It increases during winter s
mkh2000 2017-11-29
1   healer21 last month

Sexual Problem
Dr.sir, I'm male 31 years old, my penis is fully weak, it stands for 2sec and there&r
sourav1011 2017-11-28
3   healer21 last month

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