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Praseodymium metallicum
This is the first time I have heard of this Praseodymium metallicum remedy.. Can someone t
AParreno 2007-01-04
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Dalia 2007-01-04
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Is Erika around?
Does anyone know when Erika is going to be around to post or had she gone away for a while
newbie2 2007-01-04
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Happy New Year and Again To Dr Ashok or Pankaj
Hi, I have posted my hair fall conditions before. But I never got any input from Dr Ashok
vkothari80 2007-01-03
1   vkothari80 last decade

blood thinner cumidin need something for sinus infection
Hi I have been on blood thinners for 2 years now and need something to take for an infecti
nataliedan 2006-12-28
5   ZepOz last decade

Performance anxiety-inability to perform sex for want of erection
What could be the homeopathy remedy the inability to perform sex for want of erection.Geni
naman 2007-01-01
4   ZepOz last decade

Very Girly Boy
I am interested in knowing if the doctors on this forum believe that such a problem can be
peace 2004-12-21
11   eleventhdr last decade

Hair loss due to Scalp worm
I had started hair loss from the age of 19. Now I'm 25 and i've lost a lot of ha
indianboy 2005-12-25
7   eagle4417 last decade

hepatitis b and c
HEPATITIS B AND C are on increase in Pakistan . is there any homeopathic remedy for that.
KHATTAK 2007-01-03
2   ZepOz last decade

Joe De Livera
What homeopathic remedy can be used to clean blockage in the arteries.If a remedy is appli

Chuck D. 2006-12-28
15   ZepOz last decade

teachers want my son on ritalin!!
My son is a very sweet natured, highly empathetic, and extremely smart 7year old. He occas

samnbudsmom 2005-09-10
40   ZepOz last decade

abscess on gum
for the past one month i am having an abscess on the lower jaw gum and i have tried many h
meera hallan 2007-01-04
2   robina last decade

straighten hair
hi sir, i am having curl hair.. i want to straightne it.. is there any homeopathy remedy
hari_2005h 2007-01-03
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alopecia and underactive thyroid
I am a 38 year old woman with two children. Approximately 2 year ago started to notice ha
jumbo 2007-01-03
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Epstein-Barr, viral issues
Good day! I was just diagnosed with EBV, as an adult. I was told it would not morph into M
moonsta 2007-01-03
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Dr. Deoshlok Sharma, and others.
I addition to the information I already gave, my nephrologist called me up early this morn
cks689 2007-01-03
no replies yet

manic depression, salmonella and shigella
To all the wonderful doctors and expert homeopaths: I read the above artice stating that
cks689 2007-01-03
2   cks689 last decade

Help 5 month old kitten with ideopathic cystitis
Hi, I hope I'm on the right site to ask this question. I just lost a 17 yr old cat t
Calli 2007-01-03
2   Daisy43 last decade

complicated case
hii.iam male 31 years old..i have complicated problems..iam masterbating from very early a
ilyas-30 2006-12-31
3   ilyas-30 last decade

eid mubarak to all member and doctors
eid mubarak to all members and doctor shahzad
khurramkausar 2007-01-03
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fear/anxiety - Jacob/Pankaj kindly help.
I'm seeking help for my anxiety problem. Here are the details : About me : I'
anonymous.user 2007-01-02
5   anonymous.user last decade

Gray Hair
Hi, I am 31 year old with lot of gray hair. Now a days it is spreading rapdily. Is there
neeru 2007-01-03
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Hi. My penis size
Hi all, Can you please suggest me, what to do to increase my penis size. Its too am
kumar_dasari 2007-01-03
no replies yet

Dr. Sharma, Pankaj Varma, Gavini Murthy
I need your comment please -I tried to look for a qualified homeopath who might want to do
cks689 2006-12-22
4   cks689 last decade

Erruptions on chin
I am getting eruptions on my chin and around the mouth area. It has been there since I was
nshukla 2006-12-01
8   rishimba last decade

tinnitus in my left ear
i have a ear problem. few month ago i injured my left ear,then i want to ENT specialist an
gurmeet 2006-12-28
4   gurmeet last decade

Carcinosin - How should it work ?
Hello, I posted a related question before. Some background : We have a 3 and half year
sonals 2006-11-20
7   Sycotic last decade

Neurontin (gabapentin) and seizures
Hi, I have a friend who recently had several very severe seizures. He has been taking neur
TreeFrog 2007-01-02
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Constitutional Remedy
What is constitutional remedy. And how should it be prescribed?
kampani 2007-01-02
no replies yet

Help w/ my Mom
My Mom (85 yrs. old)was just diagnosed w/ Parkinson's & Dementia. I am her primary ca
Nyssa 2007-01-02
no replies yet

Please Help Should This Be Happening
I am wondering if anyone here who is an experienced homeopath can help me please. I have
readmoon 2007-01-01
3   readmoon last decade

roof of my mouth burns
when l eat certain foods at my first meal of the day the roof of my mouth burns (not hot
bondd06 2007-01-02
no replies yet

Bacterial Vaginosis + Gardenella
Hi, I'm 25 year old female that has bad odor from my vagina. I am very clean and was
tabitha 2007-01-02
4   Daisy43 last decade

Complicated 2 yr old Host of Symptoms, Vac Rem needed plz
My son is 2 years 7 months old. He was born via emergency c-section after a 24 hr induced
sazrim 2006-12-31
8   john34 last decade

which is better? store bought silica or home made?
which silica should I use for my acne scars?? Were can i buy it? what potency should i sta
chamoy 2006-12-30
11   gavinimurthy last decade

Serious acid reflux problem
Hi Iím 44 year old suffering from acid reflux for a year. LES does not close properly and
Dietmar 2006-12-31
2   Dietmar last decade

4 yr kids behaviour
Hi, She is a very sharp girl but behaves on the extreme. Like she is very restless and tal
sreelekha 2007-01-02
no replies yet

prostate enlargement,diabities ,high blood pressure-dr pankaj varma or any other homeo'
I had posted a thread on 25th december,2006 detailing some problems. Will dr.Pankaj verma
bughi 2006-12-26
2   rishimba last decade

Perianal abscess
I am 38 M and suffering from Per. Abs. since last 2 months.I had allopahic treatment for a
kumar_s 2007-01-02
2   ZepOz last decade

Do allopathic antidepressants supress action of Silicea 10M
Nearly two months ago my homeopath prescribed Silicea 10M to me for my over-anxiety and ne
vinay_a 2007-01-02
1   ZepOz last decade

eczema remedy needed - doctors (sharma?)please help
I have filled out the form I found many times on this forum. Please let me know if you can
cdresko 2006-12-30
2   rishimba last decade

Happy new years to all -Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
brighter hopes zany ideas beautiful beginnings affable challanges raring spirit infinite j
deoshlok 2006-12-31
4   moddy last decade

Perianal abscess
I am 38 M and since last 2 months suffering from perianal abscess
kumar_s 2007-01-02
no replies yet

to Rishimba
Hi Rishimba, I am old patient of yours. I should say a very successfully treated patient
simran13 2006-12-28
5   rishimba last decade

Suffering for more than 6years form mouth ulcers
Hi,I read some articles here before posting and came to know a lot many things. So hope fu

rajneesh 2006-03-12
43   robina last decade

Pleaseee suggest on this topic of mine-dandruff & hair fall
Hi, i have lot of prob with dandruff and hair fall , i wud like to know if protar-K shamp
monty_080 2007-01-02
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highly sencetive to sunlight
i am higyly sencitive to sunlight, i can not expose my self in direct sunlight for more th
jarang_adam 2006-12-30
6   jarang_adam last decade

happy new year 2007
Hi All, Wish everyone a very Happy,Healthy, Sucessful, Peaceful & Prosperous New Year
Gautam 2007-01-02
no replies yet

Vitamin B5 for acne!
Happy New Year!!! Ok for 5 weeks now Iíve been using a new acne clearing regime with unbe
scottchu 2007-01-02
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Where To Start With Autistic Daughter
Hello. I'm new to this forum and homeopathy in general. My 6YO daughter was diagnos

deannap203 2005-02-22
28   sergiorvil last decade

natural pain reliever for arthritis
Sore No Moreô is a natural pain relieving gel that provides temporary relief for muscle so
SoreNoMoreNM 2007-01-01
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help please
i have back pain, on and off along with sometimes cloudy urine, and now i have lumps on my
saad.health 2007-01-01
no replies yet

Dissolving one pill
I have a basic question: what if I have only one single pill left of a remedy I need to ta
Snowflake 2007-01-01
3   Daisy43 last decade

Chronic annal fissures and warts Plus erection but no strength
age: 40 years weight : 84 lbs waist : now a days 41', height : 5'08' weath
asad66 2007-01-01
no replies yet

Seasonal Hair Loss & itchy scalp
I am 61 years old. I started losing hair about 15 years ago which seemed excessive. I h
jackiebelle 2006-12-31
2   jackiebelle last decade

Uveitis of Right Eye
I had redness and pain in in my right eyes. I has been diagnosed as Uveitis by an Ophthalm
Nice_Guy 2007-01-01
no replies yet

Happy New Year
wish all on the forum a very happy new year maya
maya_hari 2007-01-01
no replies yet

Excessive phlegm when sleeping
My wife has been suffering periodically from an excess of phlegm in her throat, a problem
boweasel 2006-12-29
3   robina last decade

Happy New Year
Happy New Year and Eid Mubarrak to all friends at ABC Forum. Best wishes, Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA 2007-01-01
1   robina last decade

Eruption after Calcarea carb in Asthma
Dear Sir's; My son have 12 years old, when he had 4 years old he had his first bronch

sergiorvil 2006-11-05
39   sergiorvil last decade

breastfeeding depressed mom looking for a cure
1. I am a 34 year old woman with a six month old boy. I feel utterly utterly depressed at
Meandra 2006-12-30
2   Meandra last decade

Wife Drowning in mucus for over 2 yrs, no health insurance - Please help
My wife has had sinus issues for years but nothing she couldn't manage (ear and sinus
MeeKahEhl 2006-12-30
1   deoshlok last decade

Eye condition
I am 29 years, female, US. Most of the times in a day my eyes looks glassy. Actually a clo
ttracy_plains2006 2006-12-31
1   deoshlok last decade

Serious acidity problem
Hi Iím 44 year old suffering from acid reflux for a year. LES does not close properly and
Dietmar 2006-12-31
1   deoshlok last decade

Dr. Sharma, Pankaj Varma, and other experts
I posted a reply to reallytired which is really quite long and I do apologize for that as
cks689 2006-12-25
4   deoshlok last decade

Known Remedies for diabetes
Could someone let me know what are the wellknown remedies for type 2 diabetes...?

hisam 2006-02-01
19   Daisy43 last decade

Panic Attacks - what works?
I dislike heat, have panic attacks mainly in the evenings, sleep restlessly, want to sleep
dcleckler 2006-12-30
2   dcleckler last decade

Happy New Year to all!!
As the New Year begins, may you all be blessed with the joy of new beginnings. May each d
cks689 2006-12-31
no replies yet

Black plaque removal
ppl can u tell m ehow can homeopathy help the patients, especially a children point
livex 2006-12-28
2   livex last decade

Plz read it nd reply back
My aunt is having so many different kinds of problems due to loss of hair. I am going to t
Wazeema826 2005-08-31
3   sergiorvil last decade

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