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Diabetic Neuropathy
I am looking for help with neuropathy.I came across thi which has been used in Germany sin
Stari 2007-02-05
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my daughter is 18 and was diagnosed with lupus raynauds and sjogrens all in the last two y
rebelrae0916 2007-02-05
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Gastro Intestinal Problem
I am suffering from Abdomenal problems for a long time. I would greatly appreciate if a re
Iman913 2007-02-05
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Hi! I need to know if Phosphorus helps in BRONCHIECTASIS. Is it good for controlling blee
stallion 2006-12-20
3   stallion last decade

whats wrong with me
i have pain on my belly button ,smelly discharge since i started my period 10yrs ago i am
mari4kelton 2007-02-02
2   mari4kelton last decade

Glandular swelling+cervical spondolysis
My daughter, now 17 years, has glandular swelling. History: 1)Started in 1999 (she was 10
bhattacharyya 2007-02-05
4   rishimba last decade

I WISH I had health insurance....
I WISH I had insurance so I could get on some meds for these darn things but I can't
betly 2007-02-03
2   jaylon9n9n last decade

Doc, Im 20 yrs old. im having small hydrocele at the left one. I dont have any pain.But i
sri920 2007-02-04
1   rishimba last decade

painful backne
hi, i have recently been getting very painful back acne--i shower regularly, but i think i
allison37 2007-02-05
1   rishimba last decade

hi one of my friend is suffering with uvetis, let me know whether there is any treatment t
sanjukmk 2007-01-31
12   sameervermani last decade

not getting nat sulf 6c
for asthma problem i am not geeting nat sulf 6c instead of this i am geting nat sulf 30. i
ashok_w2k6 2007-02-04
1   alangail1 last decade

IBS and Heartburn
I have been suffering from IBSS and heartburn for last 4 years. I have become lactose into
sk_agrawal 2006-12-27
8   rishimba last decade

Dr Suresh,HELP:-Genital Warts since 3-4 months
Respected Dr. Suresh, I live in Pune ,India and facing a problem of Genital warts since 3-
ParaG 2007-02-02
2   ParaG last decade

Hypothyroid, the same?
Dear All, I want to know your opinion about the posibility of a response in totall
Albert 2007-02-03
2   Albert last decade

Old cat with eczema, soiling indoors, halitosis, increased thirst
My 17 year old cat has generally been very healthy all her life. After Christmas when we w
webbsite2 2007-02-04
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Dear DR Please help! 12 years dealing w/ hariloss
Hi I found this site and would like to take a natural approach to hairloss. Im 33 yrs old
glo143 2007-02-04
2   glo143 last decade

extremely fast hairloss
Hi, I'm 23 years old male and am 5 ft 8' and am losing hair very very quickly. T
hitman4eva 2007-02-03
1   hitman4eva last decade

penis enlargement
Dr, Im 19 yrs old. I wanna increase the size of my penis.its only 4 inches. im having h
tanka 2007-02-04
1   andres last decade

Stinging, prickling irritation
Severe stinging, itchy feeling that accompanies strong emotion, stress or often for no app
anonymo762 2007-02-04
1   andres last decade

Unintended overdose?
I know from experience that taking a remedy too long can make the problem worse. Homeopath
Jackarta 2007-02-04
1   andres last decade

hieght and weight formula chart
please show here hieght and weight formula chart from homeo pathic rules
geosaleem 2007-02-04
1   andres last decade

Pilonidal cyst / sinus
I have had a pilonidal sinus / cyst excised four times - most recently ten years ago. It h
Alf76 2007-01-22
7   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

urgent for dr. rishimba
Plz kindly answer my last post on the eczema thread http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.ph
Dalia 2007-02-01
2   rishimba last decade

hello! i'm writing because i think i've developed a sinus infection and i'm
Minka 2007-02-02
4   rishimba last decade

asthma,allergy,running nose,
i am ashok wadhwani from mumbai i have problem asthma,allergy running nose in morning,asth
ashok_w2k6 2007-02-04
1   rishimba last decade

allergic reaction
I really need some help! I woke up with a very itchy rash all over my body and very swolle
cybele 2007-02-03
2   cybele last decade

errection problem
when i feel some excitement with female my penis is not going hard pls give me the solutio
kamalk718 2005-03-23
3   Rajukumar last decade

Dr Deshlok Ji, Plz help
a Pilonidal cyst / sinus just where my tail bone ends. there is an opening and an itching
daya751 2007-02-04
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homeopathic cream
Hi everyone, I am looking for some idea to make arnica cream by myself. Is there anyone
applecake 2007-01-30
1   applecake last decade

Reactive Airway Disease
My 12 year old son is diagnosed with reactive airway disease. He has had this since birth.
Embarrased 2007-02-03
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will homepathy really able to flush dissolve kidney stone
Hi everyone, I am just wandering will homepathy remedy really able to break up kidney ston

mikechong 2006-08-05
18   mikechong last decade

i want to ask that how long the homeopathic treatment is effective.??? for example you cur
asimattar 2007-02-02
2   asimattar last decade

Pilonidal sinus..Plz help
hi everyone i m a male and i recently have discovered a Pilonidal cyst / sinus just where
daya751 2007-02-03
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social anxiety? which remedy to take? help!
I have social anxiety where I get palpitations, sweating, feeling faint or shaky hands, so
dusk_and_summer 2007-01-31
2   Seeking answers last decade

chronic constipation : Pls help.
This is for my wife. I have studied through Graphites in a materia medica, and it matches
sameervermani 2007-02-02
6   sthillaiyah last decade

Does anyone know if there is any natural remedy or solution for electrosensitivty that my
mouminah 2007-02-03
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antibiotic needed name plz?
PPL PLZ write down here any antibiotic medicine in homeopathy as i dont wanna use t
livex 2007-01-31
6   livex last decade

CAUSTICUM symptoms - please, help
My constant symptoms are aggrevatad after using any antibacterial antibiotica (for strepto
fbeye 2007-02-03
3   fbeye last decade

Frequent loose stools
Dear friends Here we have a problem- My Husband is passing loose stools around half an hou
nina_ahuja 2007-02-02
1   rishimba last decade

candida & bacteria
I have been suffering from vaginal candidasis and E. Coli bacteria. I am looking for a hom
eufrates 2007-01-31
4   rishimba last decade

Respected DR. Deoshlok, please help !!
My son (2 years 4 months old)suffers from recurrent Viral Gastroenteritis & Viral respirat
Gautam 2007-02-03
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Respeced Dr. Deoshlok, Please help !!!!
My son (2 years 4 months old)suffers from recurrent Viral Gastroenteritis & Viral respirat
Gautam 2007-02-03
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Acne is Healing! Question on Sulphur
Hello everyone...I just want to post that I haven't tried the Arnica cure yet, becaus
Michelle Sava 2007-02-01
2   Michelle Sava last decade

dr rubina
MADAM my daughter is not very much responfding to silicea/ flouric acid and sulphur for
KHATTAK 2007-01-28
7   KHATTAK last decade

Dose Question
Hi. I've been giving my 13-year-old son calcarea carbonica for anger, depression, an
mestr 2007-02-01
4   mestr last decade

eyes watering
Due to working on computers for long hours my eyes are watering. I have tken Euphrasia 6c
Reiki 2007-02-02
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Male sterility: low concentrate of living and moving sperms
We would love to have a baby, but the quality and quantity of the living sperms of my husb
eufrates 2007-02-02
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Kind attn: Mr Pankaj Varma
Need urgent help regarding Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. More about me, if necessary, wi
prash 2007-02-02
no replies yet

Lump on Neck - Help
6 months ago i develope what I though to be a pimple on my neck. It was read, swollen, et
timm7 2007-01-31
8   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Phosphorus-Attn Mr.Murthy,Mr.Sajid &
Hello Mr.Murthy, Mr. Sajid, & Mr.Pankaj Varma, I am grateful to you for providing your ki
krishnamohan 2007-02-01
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Acne and its implications
ACNE and its place in the homeopathic scheme of things. I get so many queries about Acne
passkey 2005-01-20
6   Michelle Sava last decade

hearing loss in 5 month old
hello eveyone i am new to this portal id like to share my problem with all of you my son
jappan 2007-02-01
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Bell's Palsy: Right Side or Left Side
I have read with great interest the various responses to homeopathic treatment to Bell
resumedr 2007-01-29
2   resumedr last decade

Suffering Acne - Question on Wet Arnica 30C
Hello. I would like to know what the 500ml converts to in ounces (US)for the mixture of Ar
Michelle Sava 2007-01-24
5   Michelle Sava last decade

my 8 month son is suffering from GERD please help!
Hi my 8-month-old son is suffering from GERD. It stared as a lot of spit up when he was 2
raeyloz 2007-02-01
2   Dr Kireet last decade

effect on Homeopathic medicine and health
Dear All, Can anyone pl tell me if I worn in a aroma candle manufacturing company will it
pilgrim3 2007-02-01
1   pilgrim3 last decade

genital warts
Hi! I was cured of cystitis with homeopathic remedy and I hope that exists an remedy for
Anny Mary 2007-01-30
4   Anny Mary last decade

liver fat
I am 42 years and doctor diagonised moderate liver fats.I ahve already stpped drinking al
basab kumar 2007-02-01
3   basab kumar last decade

royal honey jelly
Could it interfere with homeopathic medicines ? Could it prevent action of homeopathy ?
Rustam 2007-02-01
no replies yet

very very urgent help needed please
hi i made root canal treatment 4 months back.now from last two days i am feeling too much
asimattar 2007-01-28
4   livex last decade

nocturnal emission
doctor, i m suffering from night discgarge since 1997. this is my major problem which had
nawaz 2007-02-01
2   nawaz last decade

Dr.Rajiv Prasad Sir,Respected forum members....Please help.. Recurrent Viral gastroenteritis in Two year old...!!
My son (2 years 4 months old)suffers from recurrent Viral Gastroenteritis especially after
Gautam 2007-01-31
4   Gautam last decade

dead or immotile sperms
i am a patient of necrozospermia and my sperms are 100%immotile.i have taken so many allop
ghalibtommy 2005-08-14
6   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

congenital myopathy
My nefue has just been dianossed with congenital myopathy he will be going for a biopsy t
crewis6 2007-02-01
no replies yet

Potency advice, please!
After careful research, I've decided that Nux Vomica will be the best remedy for my 3
shhank 2007-02-01
1   rishimba last decade

supply natural fruit & vegetable powder,herbal extract
Dear sir, thanks a lot for your time first. We are a professional fruit & vegetable powd
leeyanyan 2007-02-01
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supply natural fruit & vegetable powder,herbal extract
We are a professional fruit & vegetable powder manufacture with 11 years experiences in Ch
leeyanyan 2007-02-01
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Anyone Completely Cured of CHRONIC ASTHMA?(PLZ read this and ppl cured of ASTHMA do respond with your story)
Hi People, I wanted to have a post where people cured of ACUTE or CHRONIC ASTHMA
vinhealth 2007-02-01
no replies yet

white iodine
in our arizona newspaper it said to use white iodine to strenghthen nails but i cant find
maresy 2007-01-31
1   miranda9999 last decade

Initial genital herpes outbreak-pls help
My friend's sister is experiencing her first genital herpes outbreak. It was confirme
Erin 2007-01-29
5   Erin last decade

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