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another case of hairloss - sorry, long text

Hi to all,
I have read the hairloss cases in this forum and I must say I (female) am also very desperate about my hairloss which I have for almost 3 years now. I went to many doctors, checked my thyroid, iron, went to a dermatologist, gynecologist, but they all say there is no real reason for this hairloss. No one in my family experiences it, neither my brother nor my sister have it though they are much older than me and my mother and my father who are in their eighties still have full hair.
I am 40 years old now, but it started three years ago. I had much stress, break of relationship, changing of area, problems at work, nothing in my life worked out any more. Suddenly I was told that I am losing much hair and I realized that I losed about 200 hairs per day especially after washing and combing. Even touching my hair is painful now, and it breaks very easily. I cry after washing my hair, when its wet and I go with my hand through it my hand is black with hair. Before hairfall started I used to have much dandruff and the scales were very big. Now I still have some dandruff, but not like before. My skin is bad also, especially on the right side I have pimples which leave dark patches when they heal which takes many months sometimes. I suffer from bad digestion and constipation and I have a gastritis. I have almost no thirst at all and would prefer not to drink all day if possible. Nevertheless I have to go to the toilet a lot, especially in the night, and my sleep is very bad. I turn over and over in the night and wake up very early around 4:30 in the morning almost every day. I start brooding then and I cannot find sleep again. My hair is also very brittle, my nose blocked on the right side and this is bad in cold wair then tears start to run from my eyes and people think I am crying. I also have much stress at work and had some financial losses which make me think many times. I really have existential problems in my mind though I can survive quite well. I do not take allopathic remedies and never took hormones. I also have pimples on my back but only down my spine area. I forgot to mention that hair started to turn grey step by step when I was only 16 years old.
Can anyone suggest a remedy? Is there any chance to be healed? I do not now how to go on anymore because I had such thick beautiful hair and with the amount I have lost during the last years someone could make a great wig. Thanks for all useful suggestions in advance, Melitta
  amanita on 2004-10-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The body is a container for a vital force,spirit, an energy phenomena and this is why homeopathy works ,,, because it is an energy based therapy.
Stress is very bad for this combination, because the body tries to equalise stress problems by "bleeding" from energy level to physical level . While homeopathic remedies may help ... the only sure way out is to walk away from stress.
passkey last decade
Thanks for your answer. I have posted here before, but was abroad for some time. Nothing has worked out for me yet and I do not know which remedy can cover all my symptoms. Are there some suggestions? Thanks for help, Amanita
amanita last decade
Arnica 6c is your remedy. Dose 2 balls taken three times daily under the tongue.

It should stop your hair loss within 2-3 weeks, cure your acne in a week and you will notice that you will sleep soundly if you take 3 balls just before you sleep.

Please read all my posts on this forum under Hair Loss as they are applicable in your case and report on how the Arnica 6c helps you to overcome your problems on this BB.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Mr. Livera,
thanks for your suggestion. I have already started with Arnica and will wait what will happen the next two weeks.
Anyway, are there some other remedies which could be helpful? Thanks again.
amanita last decade
I am awaiting your report of how Arnica reacted with your loss of hair.

There is a record of success in reducing the loss of hair which you may be interested in a recent post at:

Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Mr. Livera,
sorry for not writing you earlier. I have not taken the Arnica regularly and at the moment the hairloss is really bad.
I will start again with it now since I was reading the last threads where women and men have the same problem. Do you think it can even help when the problem is hormonal?
amanita last decade
I hav recently had some success with treating hair loss with a lower potency of the same remedy Arnica 6c in water.

The method I used is as follows:

Get a 500ml bottle of water. Decant 100ml from it and put just 1 drop of the remedy Arnica 6c into it. Bang it hard on your palm and watch for the water to fizzle like when you open a bottle of soda. This is called succussion and it potentizes the water every time it is banged hard and this rise in potency helps the remedy to act faster than in the dry dose method.

The dose to be taken is 1 teaspoonful of the remedy 3 times daily for the first few weeks and reduced to 2 teaspoonfuls when an improvement in the loss of hair is noticed.

Please note the response of your hair to this therapy and report on the progress on this forum in a month.
Joe De Livera last decade

At the bottom of this page, the website says, "If symptoms persist, seek professional medical attention. Bear in mind that even minor symptoms can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition, and a timely diagnosis by your doctor could save your life."

All these symptoms you have should be looked at by an allopathic general practitioner. Together, they could mean something worse than just hair loss.

Please see a professional doctor. You can talk with him about using homeopathic treatments, but get a professional diagnosis first.

Take care, and I wish you the very best!
Orume last decade
Dear Dr. de Livera,
thanks for your suggestion and also thank you that you and the other ones (Sabra, Erika and everyone else) take care of us patients and share your knowledge with us. I will post again in a month.
amanita last decade
Dear Dr. de Livera,
thanks for your suggestion and also thank you that you and the other ones (Sabra, Erika and everyone else) take care of us patients and share your knowledge with us. I will post again in a month.
amanita last decade
Dear Orume,
thanks for your post. Of course I have searched for medical help already. I went to three different dermatologists, I visited an internist, gynecologist, endocrinologist and I even went to the clinic. I had a check-up at my dentist and of course a GP had a look at me. Doctors are not really very patient with their "patients" and except a prescription for the pill and for a antidepressant I was left on my own again. Thats why I am here. I know that something is seriously wrong and I wont stop looking for the reason. But believe me, before I came to this forum I had a long path to different doctors behind me.
amanita last decade
I have tried Arnica now for some time and I have also changed my shampoo. Anyway, my hairloss is worse than ever and I also seem not to be able to get rid of my blocked nose. I lose hundreds of hairs every day and I am really desperate. I will have another bigger blood test end of next week and also go to the clinic again. I am really not keen to get cortisone or to be told to take the pill. What can I do? Can homeopathy help in my case or will I have to give in to allopathic suggestions. Please advise.
amanita last decade
Your case seems very complicated and I shall study it further and advise you.

It is a pity that you did not report progress all these months as I could have suggested alternate remedies. I notice upon looking at the many posts that I suggested Arnica on October 26 2004 and asked you for a report on March 9 2005. I see that you replied only on May 26.

However I shall try to help you and in the meanwhile do not despair. I am glad that you have checked your condition with specialists who have given you medication and I hope that Homeopathy can now help you.

I am wondering if your problem is really due to your Hyperacidity which you referred to in your first post.

Can you describe it in detail ? In the meanwhile I would like to have you use Nat Phos 6c dose 2 tablets after lunch and dinner and let me know 2 days later how you react to this therapy and if your gastric problem is helped. This is just a long shot and if it works and helps your hyperacidity, you may perhaps get over your hair loss.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Mr. de Livera,
thanks again for your reply. It is good to know that there is someone out there who cares.
I cannot remember that I wrote about hyperacidity and I do not think it is the case with me. I simply do not know the reason for my hairloss and I have already undergone several tests including thyroid.
I will try to explain my condition further. My hair comes out in clumps. It also gets gray very quickly. I got my first gray hairs when I was sixteen. When I noticed my hairloss I had a traumatic experience before and a lot of stress. At the same time I realized that my lips are very dry and I could (and still can) remove a lot of skin from my lips. Sometimes I also lose hairs from my eyebrows and lashes. ALso the skin around my nose is very dry. My nose inside feels dry, too, which is much worse on the right side. I had my teeth checked and x-rayed for this reason but they are okay. I also used to have small warts in my face on the temples for some time which I removed regularly and which came back regularly. I cannot sleep through in the night and I am very sensitive to criticism, light and noise. I do not like to be in a crowd but like to be with mates whom I like.
My menstruation comes normally but tends to be late when I am under stress. Bleeding is quite strong especially on the first two days and I suffer from PMS some time before where I am extremely sensitive and irritable. No hairloss in my family, even the old people in my family had full hair.
I also suffer from constipation a lot.
I am still under stress because my company seems to close down and I worry about the future. I have the fear to be become poor and I also lack self confidence. I am almost completely thirstless and have to force myself to drink water. I do not drink tea, coffee or sweet liquids but I crave for sweets and salty things.
Sometimes I think I have a very severe disease because of this extreme hairloss but tests were not showing much. I feel left alone by doctors and I also want to be HEALED and not just suppress symptoms by Regaine or Cortisone. Hope you can help.
amanita last decade
Yours is an interesting and complicated case and is not the type of case that can be addressed on a forum like this without meeting you in person.

However I shall be glad to indicate a few remedies to help you which I believe can help and perhaps arrest your hair loss. I would first like to treat your Gastritis which you reported in your first post. This is what I meant by Hyperacidity which usually causes the food not to digest with the resultant discomfort.

The remedy I indicated Nat Phos 6c still stands and I shall await your report in 2 days after you start on this therapy.

You must also force yourself to drink at least 5 lt water or other liquids daily as it is obvious that your system is not excreting the byproducts of your food sufficiently. This can cause the majority of your problems. The Nat Phos will help your constipation.

I would also like you to take Arnica 6c succussed as I indicated above twice daily. This will help you to sleep soundly while also helping to arrest the loss of hair.

Remember that this therapy will not have instant results but your gastric conditions will be solved almost immediately from the first dose onwards.

No coffee, cola drinks and ham, bacon, sausages during treatment as they antidote all Homeopathic remedies.

Feel free to report often to keep me advised of your progress.

Where do you live ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Amanita,

Listen to Orume. Orume is right.
shina_help last decade
dear shina - amanita has already said at the beginning that she has consulted regular doctors and undergone all the usual tests and been told that there is no medical reason for her condition....
erika last decade
it is possible you may be helped by taking phos-ac.
erika last decade
Hi to all,
I had another big blood test and have almost all results ready now. It seems that the hair loss is due to high male hormones (DHEAS and Androstendion), whereas testosterone is completely normal. Also FSH is too high.
I guess that the gynecologist will tell me to take the pill or prescribe HET.
The hairloss is really getting over me, I am losing complete strands though I still have relatively thick hair but I do not know how long.
Erika: I have tried acidum phosphoricum 200 some time ago but it didn´t help to solve my problem. Maybe the problem is also due to adrenal glands. Any suggestions?
Mr. De Livera: I have not yet been able to get the new remedy you suggested but I hope to get it next week.
amanita last decade
as you have tried phos-ac I re-read your notes above - the first remedy that comes to mind is Natrum Muriaticum.
Sepia is also a possiblity and slightly indicated.
I will read through again after the weekend and have a think for you.
You say the gynaecologist will 'tell me' to take the pill or HET - he/she can only suggest not tell, it is your choice....
take care, erika:)
erika last decade
Hello once again,
maybe I should also mention that I am not able to sleep through the night, but wake up many times, turning round and round in bed. I cannot stay in one position in bed for a long time. I have tried Arnica but unfortunately it has not helped me.
Now I am scared that I may suffer from a tumor of the adrenal glands since a colleague told me that my lab results could indicate that (he was measuring them because he works in a laboratory and has experience).
I do not really suffer from hirsutism but I have more hairs on my thighs than before. I also suffer from stress of any kind easily.
Of course I will go to my doctor again but would prefer to be healed by homeopathy.
natasha last decade
here I am again. I wanted to add another thing, can also haircolouring contribute to hairloss? I have been coloring my hair for the last 10 years once a month since I have white hairs taking at least 60% of my hair by now.
If I stop coloring now, can this help? What else can I do to help my hair? Thanks again.
amanita last decade
Have a read of sepia and see if you think this may be suited to help you.
erika last decade
also stopping the colouring may help - but as long as you are getting this done professionally it should not be a problem. Perhaps just have it coloured less often initially?
you could look at nutrition to help with stress - zinc, vit c, b vitamins, fish oils - there is good information on the net about these.
erika last decade
Hello Erika,

I usually colour my hair myself but had no problems many years.
Today I went to the clinic wiht my hormonal tests and got the results that my androgens are too high and that I suffer from hyperandrogenemia. I got a prescription and should take spironolactone and CPA for three months and then come back. I also have to undergo two further medical tests.
My hairloss is incredible by now and when I showed them the bunch of hair which I am losing daily even they got a shock. First they wanted to treat me with cortison but since I have high blood pressure they changed their opinion.
when I sit somewhere and I stand up, I can even feel my ears getting hot by the rush of blood to my head.
Sepia is similar in many ways but which potency should I use and when should I see a difference? Every day I am losing so much hair and I can feel the day coming nearer when I am without...
amanita last decade

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