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Welcome to the ABC Homeopathy Forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals. It is just a forum and anybody can respond to any thread. Some people refer to people giving advice as doctor; this is intended to convey respect and should not be taken as evidence that a poster is a medical doctor.



Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine
... intended to help you evaluate the advice on this forum.

For JustSayin2 - Continuation of stomach and sinus issues
Hi, I was unable to log in yesterday and today and can no longer see the thread where you

ASmith2 2023-09-14
62   ASmith2 26 minutes ago

What dilution of homeopathic is best for chronic anxiety and depersonalization
I want to know what dilution is best for anxiety and depersonalization for 7+
Groulloartio 2023-10-01
no replies yet

Is there a cure for depersonalization (thats not caused by marijuana)
I need help with depersonalization. I have had small amounts of anxiety ever since I was
Uersurtoi 2023-09-28
12   Uersurtoi an hour ago

JustSayin2 - whats the next step?
Hi, I am not sure what happened to my post. But I followed your instruction and took the
soul123 2023-09-29
6   soul123 2 hours ago

Hello, I am starting a new thread as my previous one was lost in the updating of the
acpowe 2023-09-21
9   acpowe 5 hours ago

Carcinosin and pulsatilla
Hello Not sure why my old posts are not here anymore Took advice before regarding my long
Nana2 2023-10-01
1   simone717 9 hours ago

Cat with stomatitis
Anuj, continuing the thread with feral cat with stomatitis: The cat has had Nux vom for
Equoart 2023-09-19
9   anuj srivastava 13 hours ago

Post for Just Sayin
Hello JustSayin, How are you doing ? I am 47 years old mother of a 15 years old girl. I
depression1 2023-09-30
1   JustSayin2 17 hours ago

Graphites antidote, can anyone help?
Hi, about 3 months ago I started a Graphites LM1 remedy in liquid form to help with
nc_23 2004-07-09
11   osk1112 18 hours ago

IT IS GOOD TO KNOW THIS - Homeopathic aggravation
If you are resorting to self medication in homepathy it is good to know this..... In

PANKAJ VARMA 2003-07-26
80   anuj srivastava 20 hours ago

What is this happening? Like some inputs please
Hi all, Could you please provide your inputs regarding this issue that I’ve been
Rorpere 2023-09-30
1   anuj srivastava 21 hours ago

5 year old boy with Eczema behind knee HELP
Hello, My son is 5 and he has had eczema since 1 years old. His eczema went away when
Alizou13 2023-09-30
1   anuj srivastava 21 hours ago

3 year old tooth decay
Hello, Looking for advice please and thank you. Some advice on my child 3 year old
Sophrosyne 2023-09-24
5   Sophrosyne yesterday

Eczema of the Hands
Hello, I am starting a new thread as my previous one was lost in the updating of the
acpowe 2023-09-21
11   acpowe yesterday

Side effects of Sepia 30
Thank you ABC Homeo
Guptagk 2017-08-04
2   Dheeraj3 2 days ago

Sepia aggravation
Took 6 doses of 6c sepia as prescribed by a professional since Wednesday when had no
Ideal56 2021-11-13
3   Dheeraj3 2 days ago

Sepia Bloating
Took 6 doses of 6c sepia - 3 days - twice per day I am awfully bloated in my tummy and
Ideal56 2021-11-17
1   Dheeraj3 2 days ago

sepia overdose - how to antidote sepia ???
I have taken too much sepia too often and now I experience side effects. When I first

ellahansen 2013-12-08
26   Dheeraj3 2 days ago

hayfever/rhinitis (evocationer)
sir would you please take up my case and get me cured from this condition. pollen season

allergic69 2014-03-20
151   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

Abhi3 2023-09-27
2   Ziomih 3 days ago

Dog bite
A 14 year old boy Shabaz, who hid a dog bite for over a month from his parents out of
Ziomih 2023-09-08
4   Ziomih 4 days ago

Old Dog bite
A person was bitten by a dog in 2019. Is there any need of
Ziomih 2023-09-27
no replies yet

Cat reaction to vaccine
My kitty (3 months) got his third distemper shot, and had fever for 5 days, now he has
AnaPerkins 2023-09-24
2   AnaPerkins 4 days ago

High blood pressure, help Anuj
My thread has been removed from the forum. Im starting a new thread to continue taking
Taryu 2023-09-15
25   anuj srivastava 4 days ago