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Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine
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Dear Dr. Tui
Hello Dr. Tui Had my dog tumor surgically removed and the results came in, it is a mast c

cathy3 2018-10-27
25   cathy3 51 minutes ago

Internal bleeding piles since 4 years.
I have internal bleeding piles since 4 years , this was initiated by going to motions regu

rameshm 2018-08-20
43   rameshm 2 hours ago

DOCTORS: please! hypothyroidism/fibroid/psoriases
would you help me please? I am suffering from lots of diseases produced by hypothyroidism

julia2 2018-11-15
18   julia2 6 hours ago

Dr TUI only. Extreme itching all over the body
Hello dr TUI. I'm a 27 year old boy born and bred in Paris France. Until now, my

syria 2018-10-08
42   Tui 8 hours ago

Please Read this!! I need help
Hey!! I am nikhil, Computer student but college drop out. 23 age, 5.4 hight, 60kg around

nikhilsharma0588 2018-10-25
24   Tui 8 hours ago

Knee arthritis
Dear sir, my father aged 70, weight 84kg who is a retired senior loco pilot has been suffe
harimeghadri 2018-11-17
3   drjitesh 13 hours ago

Father Health Detoriating
Hi, I was wondering if homeopathy can help my father. He is 68 years old. He suffered a b
fjklasjfeopw 2018-11-15
5   drjitesh 14 hours ago

Dr. Kadwa ... Please take my case nightfall
I’m 20 years old. I think, i am suffering from nightfall.  I am very thin,&nbs

Shafi1 2018-06-07
26   Shafi1 22 hours ago

digestive enzymes
Hello I was wondering if there was a specific remedy that helps increase your digestive en
Brittany 2018-11-16
1   drjitesh yesterday

My problem is to wean away from sleeping pill which I have been using for about a month no
Mr. Vinay Kumar 2018-11-17
1   drjitesh yesterday

Dental abscess
Hi. Am 65 & retired. I have a dental abscess underneath the jaw on left mandible direc

mork 2018-06-01
136   mork yesterday

Thyroid remedies for hoarsenes
Pls help my son is 8-1/2 half years old and he have hasimotos. Since 4 years.and he is suf

surya2089 2018-10-31
21   surya2089 yesterday

Knee osteoarthritis... Please help me all Senior doctor...
My mother is suffering from osteoarthritis on knee from 7years..HIs pain increase when She
sergel20 2018-11-04
12   sergel20 yesterday

C-Section recovery need help Dr. Reva or Tui
my wife delivered a baby boy through C section on 27/10/18 before 8 days ago this is a sec

mariz 2018-11-03
16   simone717 yesterday

Anxiety & Depression, A Homeo Approach.
It's whilst waiting to determine a therapist which i find homeopathy includes a place
noorj 2018-11-17
no replies yet

Hi, I have been suffering from spots on my face for the past 15 years now. They are alway

fjklasjfeopw 2018-09-09
23   fjklasjfeopw yesterday

Apprehension and a lost life....
Hi Experts I am 36 years old and out of profession for last 9 years. Did job as a mechanic

lowspirit 2018-10-01
59   lowspirit yesterday

Stress , anxiety , indigestion, low libido , fatigue
Hello Dr Reva I am male 34 years old lean built I have been in stress from long time ,

amandeepsingh 2018-08-11
56   amandeepsingh yesterday

First post here, requesting help for chronic conditions..
Hello, I am a 26 year old female and I am looking for a remedy for chronic conditions. I
vatagirl 2018-11-15
12   drjitesh 2 days ago

Doctors please help my mother!
Hi! My mum had twisted her ankle on march 2017 but she still suffer from it. She told me
julia2 2018-11-12
11   drjitesh 2 days ago

Please Help - persisting Sinus and throat pain
Dear Doctors Can you please help me. I am 41yrs old male . I have been having bouts of
stongten 2018-11-16
4   stongten 2 days ago

Tanning beds
I know tanning beds are horrible for you but do tanning beds or the sun lights used for se
Brittany 2018-11-15
1   simone717 2 days ago

Attn: Dr jitesh -- Itching on skin
Age:32 Sex:Male Skin type: Very Fair Weight:95kg Height:178 cm BP: 140/95 Pulse:95-100 I
unar89 2018-10-29
8   unar89 2 days ago

4 yr old premature
Hi My son is 4 years old he was born 5 weeks premature but had a sound weight of 3.37kg. H

Fatimamehwash 2018-10-30
28   Reva V 2 days ago

Atypical Facial Neuralgia
Hello I'm from Austria (27 years old) and have found this forum by searching for a c

survivor2 2018-08-23
52   survivor2 2 days ago

?*Experienced Homeopaths Please* My sister needs Psychiatrist or Homeopathy
Hi, I am very much concerned about my sister, she is a mother of 2. 1 is 12 months old and

abdullaah 2018-10-30
34   abdullaah 2 days ago

Requesting help from Dr. Reva -or Dr Maheeru - autism 8 year old boy
Hello My son is 8 years old. He is non verbal. He can make approximations of some words -
Dhana 2018-11-01
12   Reva V 3 days ago

Dr tui plzz
Doctor can I take ashwagandha powder and baryta carb , silicea And symphytumQ for height
Anjali4 2018-11-15
2   Anjali4 3 days ago

Pinched nerve with numbness and pain in right arm and hand
I have an issue that has bothered off and on for several years. It starts in my upper ba
theonecloned 2018-11-13
3   Tui 3 days ago

9 year old with autism
hi I am new to all of this and recently began to see a homeopathic doctor for my 9 year o

jbh8182 2018-07-11
131   jbh8182 3 days ago

Excessive Masturbation, Porn addiction, low libido very weak health
Male 26 unmarried, I'm sfrng from much porn addiction, excessive masturbation, very w
Roing 2018-11-13
3   drjitesh 3 days ago

Baby no apetite
My 11 month old weighs only 8 kg . He was 3.5 kgs at birth. He has very low appetite . Doe
Swiss horse 2018-11-15
no replies yet

Severe obsessive compulsive disorder
I have extreme obsessive compulsive disorder .even I can't take antidepressants I thi

earth 113 2018-04-25
63   earth 113 3 days ago

I am suffering from lipoma
Dear Sir/Madam, My name is vikash Kumar. I am 35 years old, Suffering from lipoma from las

Vikash_83 2018-08-31
48   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

For the last few years I seem to be getting Prostatitis. It burns when I urinate and the f

Merisel81 2018-05-19
58   Tui 4 days ago

Height problem
Doctor can we take ashwagandha powder and baryta carb , silicea And symphytumQ for height
Anjali4 2018-11-14
no replies yet

for dr kadwa pleaseleft hand numbness and weakness in fingers
Since March 2018 I am suffering from the Numbness in LEFT HAND PALM DOWNWARDSIDS AND LITTL

mnadeemkh 2018-05-22
23   mnadeemkh 4 days ago

Anal fissure healed but still pain in hip and burning while passing stool
Hi, I am 37 years Male. I was having anal fissure 2 years back. It healed but soon afterw

utk400 2017-08-24
54   0antivirus0 4 days ago

Pressure of urine (Doctors plzzz take my case as very serious)
My problem of urine is that my penis became erected and hotted. I have to get up in night
atharkhan185 2018-10-29
7   atharkhan185 4 days ago

very low sperm count
My friend is having very low sperm count, almost nil. Its almost a year since his marriage
fizspace 2018-07-21
11   HealthyWorld 4 days ago

Shoulder & cervical, right hand pain
I had severe pain around cervical area and had been to a homeopathy doctor, who said it is

ummacsgmail.com 2018-08-16
66   ummacsgmail.com 5 days ago

Extreme Constipated 2 years old
my 2 years old son is having extreme constipation since birth, his mother is having same c
fizspace 2018-11-13
1   Tui 5 days ago

I have heard about homeopathy drugs but are they really so effective and good as many desc
Otibitepar 2018-11-08
7   simone717 5 days ago

Azoospermia Varicocele PLEASE HELP
Hello, We are a desperate couple who have tried to conceive for 2 years. We have now st
Emilia 2018-09-19
11   Tui 6 days ago

Hip pain, thigh pain, heel pain and some pain in right side of waist
Dear sir I am 33 years male from Bihar India, from past 3 year suffering from right side

Nitesh Kamal 2018-08-16
58   Tui 6 days ago

can someone help me please!!!
I don't know what the hell is going on, but I am having a lot of erection problems no matt
tod86 2018-11-12
4   tod86 6 days ago

3yo cough after the flu
Greetings. When my 3yo daughter started to sneeze, I gave her ferr phos 30 for 3 times in
namn 2018-11-12
7   simone717 6 days ago

Dr Reva - Remedy for immature 17 yr old
My 17 yr old is quite immature emotionally for his age. He still behaves like a 12 yr old

peaks 2018-09-13
69   Reva V 6 days ago

leptospirosis and uveitis in right eye
I am searching for assistance with a horse that has ERU/Equine Reocurring Uveitis (moon bl
Eisa 2018-11-12
2   Eisa 6 days ago

Plea for urgent help , Dr. Kadwa.
Respected Dr KADWA I am suffering from chronic diseases for last 12 yrs . This has almost

kksingh 2018-03-11
53   kksingh 6 days ago

Dr Kadwa..heat sensation inside whole body, hard stool n thirst.
Dear DR Kadwa i m 35 yr old unmarried woman since last one n half yr, i m having this pr
monny82 2018-11-12
3   monny82 6 days ago

High Testosterone and Hirsutism
Since I was young, I’ve always been hairier than other girls. I believe I have PCOS,
Arienal 2018-11-12
1   kadwa 6 days ago

Ref Kadwa: Homeo advise for child
My daughter is 13+ years old. The pressing concern is a stress fracture in her right foot

john doe1 2018-01-09
15   kadwa 6 days ago

Burning sensation in urinary tract
I am suffering from Burning sensation in urination problem from almost 15 years.I had take

amit143mishra 2018-06-21
21   kadwa 6 days ago

burning and painful vagina before and after intercourse
My wife feels intense burning sensation and pain (burning more percentage 80% and 20% pain

RAVIN2 2018-09-16
26   anuj srivastava last week

Leucorrhoea profuse
Im female 34 and single. I'm suffering from white discharge for a month now. The di
Meera1 2018-10-14
12   Tui last week

1. Age-9 sex-male weight-32kg, height-138 country-slovenia, 2. Main complaints and other

Ljiljana 2018-03-16
27   Tui last week

Re: Need medicine for hemi hypertrophy
Baby born with one leg bigger than the other.
Sabaa1 2018-10-30
12   simone717 last week

Aconit : advixe
I would like advice from a professional unicist homeopath. Many homeopathic doctors presc
Creapif 2018-11-11
1   Creapif last week

Gastrointestinal Issues and related Male Problems
MALE, Married, 37, 5'7", 75 Kg, -Catch cold easily, even when I open the refr
Sinnu 2018-11-07
9   drjitesh last week

Retained placenta that has calcified
I had my baby 19 months ago. I had a retained placenta following the delivery and also hem
KBerry 2018-11-05
12   simone717 last week

Heavy legs, nightly leg cramps
I have nightly lower leg cramps and sometimes even in my front upper thighs. Any suggesti
evefriday 2018-11-08
8   drjitesh last week

Remedy enquiry
Dear Sir Please tell me the pharmacy that supply Lyssinum in MM potency.I have searched r
gopal18 2018-11-07
12   simone717 last week

Bio Combination 2
I have a question here about Bio combination 2. Can bio combination 2 cure asthma if take
manu001 2018-11-10
1   anuj srivastava last week

My Daughter Height
Sir, my daughter is 10 yrs old, her height is 123 cms. I gave her Baryta carb30 for 6 or 7

punitmittal777 2018-01-01
141   Rahul2018 last week

Dr R Basu, could you help please?
Hi, I’m a 41 year old female. I have had sagging breasts for a number of years now

Homeohealth1 2018-09-23
18   Homeohealth1 last week

Dr basu , need advice
Sir as uh proscribed I used to take arnica Montana 200c for three days and now 7 days has

rshrmawow 2018-04-19
53   Dr R Basu last week

Ongoing warts for years
Hello, I am a 30 year old woman who has had warts ongoing since I was a teenager. I have m

worriedwart 2018-10-04
25   Tui last week

significance of 30th potency in homoeopathy !! by – dr deoshlok sharma & dr jitesh sharma
High potency for mentals & lower potency for pathological – BIG CONFUSION &bull
drjitesh 2018-11-09
5   simone717 last week

epididymis inflammation of spermatic cord-Left sided
Hello Guys, From past 3 years I am suffering from chronic epididymis Left sided (as per t
vshindgi 2018-10-31
10   vshindgi last week

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