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Welcome to the ABC Homeopathy Forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals. It is just a forum and anybody can respond to any thread. Some people refer to people giving advice as doctor; this is intended to convey respect and should not be taken as evidence that a poster is a medical doctor.



Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine
... intended to help you evaluate the advice on this forum.

I am asian woman, 62 y.o., 158 cm tall and about 72 kg weight. Married. I am suffering

YellowTulip 2021-08-16
130   YellowTulip 54 minutes ago

Aggravation after switching from Puls 30c to 3LM
I was taking Pulsatilla 30c with very good results (less weeping). Switched to 3 LM
voltation 2021-11-27
1   Meir 3 hours ago

Food Allergy
Dear Doctors, I have a condition of allergic. I am allergy for food, especially spice

Samel 2021-02-03
106   Samel 3 hours ago

Athletic Pubalgia, more commonly known as sports hernia
Athletic Pubalgia, more commonly known as sports hernia, is defined as chronic lower
jamesganesh 2021-11-28
1   Meir 3 hours ago

Whether Symphytum Officinale antidotes Cantharis?
Dear All, My Uncle, aged 71 years, is taking Hormone Therapy (a kind of allopathic
Chitrangda 2021-11-27
1   Kaps 6 hours ago

Whether overdosing of higher potency medicine can be life threatening?
Around 3-4 yeare ago, my Uncle was diagnosed with right kidney stone of 4 mm size, thick
Chitrangda 2021-07-28
22   Chitrangda 7 hours ago

Sir when i talk with girl on phone in my panis inside coming white water precum problem
vishu3 2021-11-28
no replies yet

Dear homeopathy doctors My 10 years old daughter has malabsorption of all food. She had
azade 2021-11-20
21   azade 12 hours ago

Dear sir, Is there a tonic, single remedy or combination to tone the large intestine
pravric 2021-11-26
4   pravric 12 hours ago

pus cells
hi sir my name is shahid i am from pakistan i have puscells in my sperm sir kindly
apple3 2021-11-23
4   apple3 14 hours ago

social anxiety : help needed from experienced homeopath

Sultan4 2021-09-25
26   anuj srivastava 15 hours ago

Multiple problem ( Kind attention Anuj Srivastava)
I am 75, male,very active, leading life with the following ailments. - Constant pain in

ranjandr 2021-04-02
87   anuj srivastava 16 hours ago

Plz help me about that
My father is suffered from HCC and HCV He have severe constipation There is no stool
Ali Rao 2021-11-28
1   telescope 17 hours ago

Stomach ache
I am a 68 years aged female with a thin body structure of 48kg weight. I am diabetic

Sadhana Singh 2021-09-26
33   Sadhana Singh 20 hours ago

Indigestion, mild pressing pain at the inner right scapulae (like a catch) increases sometime like constriction
Good afternoon, I have the following issue since couple of months and have tried
yamarty 2021-11-14
25   telescope 20 hours ago

Feline Chronic Kidney Disease
15 year old Cat with Feline CKD, recently diagnosed. We’ve been giving
claudini 2021-04-01
4   Midnight002 21 hours ago

herpes cure
I was told by my Dr that herpes (Human Herpes virus) doesn't have a cure even the
VENIT2 2021-11-27
1   Sugan veera yesterday

hayfever/rhinitis (evocationer)
sir would you please take up my case and get me cured from this condition. pollen season

allergic69 2014-03-20
92   anuj srivastava yesterday

Hyperthyroid cat has Hypothyroidism due to excess Methimazole drug
I am seeking help for my rescued cat Bu-Bu who has underactive thyroid diagnosed on
declan 2021-11-24
3   anuj srivastava yesterday

Gallstone, Hgh LDL & Triglycerides, low HDL, alongwith minor issues with thyroid and Liver
Patient details are given below: Age: 11+ years Gender: Female Height: 5'
Spicey 2021-11-26
1   Sugan veera 2 days ago

Possibly Long Haul
Hello, 33M here with some possibly post Covid issues. About 2 months ago I was tested
deetee1 2021-11-12
13   deetee1 2 days ago

Ganglion cyst wrist
Dear sirs, do you have any advice for treating a 10-day old ganglion cyst on the left

roberta1 2021-06-19
49   roberta1 2 days ago

Mild regressive autism to severe autism plus development delay
Hello, We are already under homeopathic care, still I have questions .It's for my
anumol24 2021-07-09
9   anumol24 2 days ago

Lycopodium proving
I have always had trouble with my stomach .... Ibs constipation reflux for which I would

hema79 2016-04-10
40   Wiezoox 2 days ago