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Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine
... intended to help you evaluate the advice on this forum.

Fistula homeopathic treatment
Dear All, I am suffering from fistula since 2013. I have been operated my fistula dated
SALIK1 2019-07-15
1   homeo_helper 29 minutes ago

Male Impotance, Tastless/Enjoyment less discharge
male Age 28 unmarried, height 5 7' weight 70kg, software house/IT job
abc0092 2019-07-11
2   abc0092 7 hours ago

Epilepsy For External Hydrocephalus
Gender: Female Age: 7 years Diagnosed: External Hydrocephalus, Epilepsy Can not raise

jannat.lackey 2019-07-02
36   jannat.lackey 8 hours ago

Hypersensitive threw to high potnecie
Dear Friends, I took a too high potencie from Lilim Tigrinum and react now

lucawi 2019-06-30
28   maheeru 10 hours ago

Toddler tantrums
Hello all Writing for my 18 month old son, who is active, likes to be outside. He weighs
Eecki 2019-07-15
1   anuj srivastava 10 hours ago

Help with Wrist instability
A sincere request to an experienced doctor to take my case. I am 22 year old, injured my
suna711 2019-07-06
5   anuj srivastava 10 hours ago

Help with chronic Ecoli UTI
I am a 60 yr old woman who has had a recurring UTI for over 4 years (e-coli always

Juniorcat 2018-08-27
127   Juniorcat 12 hours ago

Life Force
Hello, I've heard the term life force regarding homeopathy and I'm interested
Embrace.Wisdom 2019-07-15
2   simone717 12 hours ago

Dead penis due to excess of masturbation
Dead and shrink penis due to excess of masturbation since childhood.Premature
sufibred 2019-07-15
no replies yet

Requesting help from Dr. Reva -or Dr Maheeru - autism 8 year old boy
Hello My son is 8 years old. He is non verbal. He can make approximations of some words -

Dhana 2018-11-01
140   Dhana 14 hours ago

constipation at stop using diapers
Hello, I'm looking for a homeopathic medicine to help my girl (2.5 yrs) stop using a
lussi 2019-07-15
no replies yet

Hair lost nad menopouse
Hi there, I am women 52 year "young" and I am starting to loose a lot a hair
Down 2019-07-15
1   HealthyWorld 19 hours ago

Dr.Maheeru.....Please Advice
Hi Dr. Maheeru I have some problems/symptoms for which i need your advice.If you may
ahmad88 2019-06-15
6   maheeru yesterday

Skin Aggravation Healing Crises
I've been taking a formula for burning, itching, painful, throbbing skin for 16

Embrace.Wisdom 2019-06-26
13   Embrace.Wisdom yesterday

speech regression in 3 year old
i posted in this forum about mu daughter and got a suggestion of medicine but it has not

Umeedalam 2018-04-04
82   maheeru yesterday

Vomiting tendency
Can someone suggest me a remedy to fix this? I'm suffering from vomiting issue 4
Shafi1 2019-06-30
8   Shafi1 yesterday

Alternate methods of giving homeopathy medicines
Want to know from the learned doctors here that if a patient is not able to take medicine

veenaajay 2019-07-05
14   veenaajay yesterday

Brain affected by Stroke.
Lady,65 , not hypertensive .nor diabetic,suffered slight paralysis which damaged hearing
mrbaig 2019-07-12
3   maheeru 2 days ago

For Dr. Maheeru .. Kindly Advise
Hope u r fine. I have read your posts here, so i request you to kindly advise me for my
faizan81 2019-05-24
2   faizan81 2 days ago

Gender: Male Age: 13 years My son has misaligned eyes problem. Some Homeo Doctor please
Toakou 2019-07-13
1   anuj srivastava 2 days ago

Dental abscess
Hi. Am 65 & retired. I have a dental abscess underneath the jaw on left mandible

mork 2018-06-01
223   mork 2 days ago

External Hydrocephalus and Epilepsy
Gender: Female Age: 7 years Diagnosed: External Hydrocephalus, Epilepsy Can not raise her

jannat.lackey 2019-06-30
25   simone717 3 days ago

Apocynum Can Q Use
If a patient feels good with Apocynum Can Q, can he continue this for a long term? And
mdasif 2019-07-12
4   simone717 3 days ago

Use of lycopodium 1000
Hello I just want to know about dosage of lycopodium 1000 for sexual disorder
sufibred 2019-07-10
1   maheeru 3 days ago

Voilent Sneezing
I am 59 years old suffering from sneezing. It starts from a wave of cold air. I had tried
spdhiman 2019-07-12
1   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

Feeling lack of emotions-Kadwa
Good morning, I've been experiencing lack of / flat emotions/ numbness. It has been

Fatigued 2019-03-20
21   simone717 4 days ago

Very chronic constipation and offensive gas problem
Hi I am medium build male 48 years of age height 5' 5'' weight 70 Kg. I
sanjeev2015 2019-07-03
4   sanjeev2015 4 days ago

High B/P and Buzzing Ears
i m 35 years old, for past 2 years, my blood pressure seems to be around normal value but
fizspace 2019-01-21
7   fizspace 5 days ago

can hernia be cured with homeopathy?(i'm
Ourgia 2019-07-09
3   HealthyWorld 5 days ago

Migraine, right side
The entire right side of my head feels pressure, from the temple, straight down the nose,
lisbeth 2019-07-10
1   Best1 5 days ago

Pistula on the edge of anus.
Age: 27 Male Problem: about 1'' pistula on the edge of anus. sometimes swells
jannat.lackey 2019-07-03
5   jannat.lackey 5 days ago

Qualified Homeopath in Punjab Pakistan
Hello Previously, I asked this question on this forum but did not get the response.
spinal stenosis 2017-11-22
7   Kapsdquack 5 days ago

Upper respiratory infection
Dear sir I m 33 years old male. Lots of cold thing I had eaten in past one month. From
Nitesh Kamal 2019-05-30
1   Best1 6 days ago

I need urgent help regarding a milk cyst in upper right area of breast near arm pit. It
jay1 2019-05-31
1   Best1 6 days ago

Low abdomen pain
Hi I am done over masturbation and now I don’t feel any pleasure while having sex
Inhuman2493 2019-06-01
1   Best1 6 days ago

ED , impotence
Hi, I had heart attack and had angioplasty 14 years ago. Taking blood pressure pills
sheeraz 2019-06-02
1   Best1 6 days ago

Achalasia- esophagus
Hi I am 78 male. for last two years i have developed difficulty in swollowing food in
awahab1 2019-06-29
1   Best1 6 days ago

cold and flu
hey, I'm 24, and having runny nose , watery eyes , sneezing,mild cough nd Also mild
aryan_chatz1 2019-07-09
1   anuj srivastava 6 days ago

My Daughter Height
Sir, my daughter is 10 yrs old, her height is 123 cms. I gave her Baryta carb30 for 6 or

punitmittal777 2018-01-01
189   krisha100 6 days ago

Anal Fissures or Fistula
I am 52 yrs old male and have had 3 surgeries over the last 25 yrs. Each one about 5 yrs

rw2801 2019-07-06
13   Kapsdquack 6 days ago

Morning sickness
I feel emptyness, tired and difficult to open eyes in the morning. I feel as if I am

Sadhana Singh 2019-04-04
57   Sadhana Singh last week

please save a child's life
Gender: Female Age: 7 years Diagnosed: External Hydrocephalus, Epilepsy Can not raise

jannat.lackey 2019-07-02
20   maheeru last week

Anal Fissures or Fistula
I am 45 yrs old male suffering with Anal fissures or Fistula, I dont know what it is as
subodhtomer 2008-09-04
10   maheeru last week

Help My Mother
Age: 60 female Problem: Wounds & Blister on tongue (painfull), Wounds on right gum.
jannat.lackey 2019-07-03
2   Kapsdquack last week

How to take Merc Sol after Thuja?
Hi Doctors, I would like to know the gap between thuja and merc sol. thuja works on me
ganapathi1 2019-06-19
7   maheeru last week

How to increase B-size
I am 20 and suffering from body shame because i am flat and my B-size is about 30 .I
Shubhi1 2019-07-05
1   simone717 last week

Dog is throwing up water
My dog is older not sure how old but maybe 7 or 8 but she is not eating her food and she
Raven3 2019-07-05
1   anuj srivastava last week

Constitutional prescribing
Hello I was wondering , in constitutional prescribing for a deep healing does this have
Brittany 2019-07-03
4   maheeru last week

22 year old needs help with wrist pain not going away
A sincere request to an experienced doctor to take my case. I am 22 year old young man.

suna711 2019-02-25
104   maheeru last week

If you antidote remedy with camphor, mint, nail varnish etc. How long foes a physical
Ideal56 2019-07-04
2   Ideal56 last week

muscle pain in upper arms, joint pain, nerve pain, pain increases sleeping
55yo Male, 219 lbs, 5 ft 11inches. My shoulder joints hurt when trying to sleep,
benindavis 2019-06-28
1   anuj srivastava last week

Upset Stomach
It seems around most holidays and when I have upsetting news I get a bloated and upset
Merisel81 2018-12-25
3   Merisel81 last week

Which is best
What do you get better results from. 6c or LM
Ideal56 2019-07-03
4   maheeru last week

Dr Anuj Srivastav please
Suffering from nightfall Sir, I am 22 years old and I am suffering from excessive
Shafi1 2019-06-28
9   Shafi1 last week

I am 36 yr old male.suffering from Hypothyroidism for last 3 yrs.T3 T4 is normal.but TSH
Yiew 2019-01-22
4   Yiew last week

Hi, I was wondering if I could get any advice on schizophrenia. I would like to use

jimbates 2019-04-01
16   anuj srivastava last week

cina 30c healing crisis. please advise!
Hello. A few months ago I first gave my youngest son, age 4, cina 30c and have been

lisamarie1081 2018-06-22
13   maheeru last week

Genital herpes (HSV1)
Hi Sir/Madam, I have genital herpes from past 13 years and suffering a lot with genital
sivakumarrs 2019-06-01
10   sivakumarrs last week

For the past month, I have been getting attacks of vertigo. With tingling in the neck and
summer4 2019-06-29
1   anuj srivastava last week

Mother tincture Doses.
Hell can somebody let me know that the Doses of Mother Tincture as i advised by my
Yiew 2018-04-27
2   Yiew last week

Enlarged belly and hair on chin
I am 26 Yr old unmarried girl. My belly is enlarged appears like a pregnant lady. There
renukar06 2019-06-02
6   homeo_helper 2 weeks ago

Macular Degeneration - Medication Daily Dosis PLEASE, HELP ME
The Banerji protocol for cataracts is Calcarea carbonica 200c mixed with Belladonna 3c ,
monalisa2 2019-03-27
5   monalisa2 2 weeks ago

Dr Maheeru please help, Urgent
Hello doctor, Could you please help me urgently ? I am too much tensed and overwhelmed
depression1 2019-06-12
12   maheeru 2 weeks ago

7 years old - Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Hello Doctors, My daughter was diagnosed with ADD when she was around 3.5 years old. We
Aallana 2019-06-26
7   maheeru 2 weeks ago

Menstrual pain
Dear Doctors! My 15 year old daughter has been suffering by lower abdominal pain for 3
pradeepx28 2019-06-30
3   pradeepx28 2 weeks ago

Prostatorrhea, weakness and Erectile Dysfunction
Sir, I am 25 years old male. For the last 6 months, I have witnessed that whenever I talk

Shaksham 2018-12-01
147   EricWyne 2 weeks ago

Need a miracle to cure it Sexual problem.
Hello, I am suffering from excessive pre-cum and PE and my penis not erect during
Asifahmad555 2019-06-27
9   Asifahmad555 2 weeks ago

Dr Reva V- needs help with Fibromyalgia
Hi Dr. Reva V, I have fibromyalgia. I have inflammation on my body with pain all over. I

libra18 2018-06-12
31   libra18 2 weeks ago

Erection Problems, Possibly from Proving. HELP HELP HELP
Hello, I experience erectile dysfunction right now. Let me tell my story shortly. In

WoriedOne 2019-05-31
19   alexalex 2 weeks ago

Excessive masturbation
Hello to everyone. Drs plz help me i am 34 yrs of age suffering from incomplete erection
mukaram 2019-06-30
1   alexalex 2 weeks ago

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