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Snizzing problem in the morning mostly
Hello, almost every morning either of my nose gets blocked or start running water and I
aly.irshad 2020-09-21
3   thakurhimanshi 26 minutes ago

I have fever 10days with coughing
I have fever 10 day back where my body feels cold and sweat. The fever was coming and
forfeit 2020-09-21
2   thakurhimanshi 34 minutes ago

Burning in legs, eyes and urine
I have a burning sensation in my legs eyes and urine. Is there a cell salt remdey that
Jazminx2 2020-09-18
11   Jazminx2 44 minutes ago

Eating disorder
If someone could so kindly look at my case and advise, it is very long standing and very
angelicam 2020-09-20
11   angelicam 4 hours ago

Wart on ear
Hi, I have a wart on my left ear that has been there for many years. It is black, parts
BOPP 2020-09-14
20   BOPP 7 hours ago

Plz help. Psychological case of two real brothers
I want to discuss case of my two elder brothers. Brother 1: Age about 39 years. Highly
alik 2020-09-20
3   alik 10 hours ago

Dog with rashes and swollen nipple.
Hello, My female dog , 7 yeas old has been itching herself on her paws and in between
Gba 2020-08-17
15   Gba 10 hours ago

Irregular period and infertility problem
Hello everyone. I am lavanya from india My main problem is irregular period My age :
Lavanya1 2020-09-16
4   Pramod Jha 13 hours ago

Homeopathy for Polycystic Kidney Disease PKD
Hi Sir, I am Mahendra with age 65 is a patient of Polycystic kidney disease.I have been
kushalrocks31 2020-09-20
5   Pramod Jha 14 hours ago

tight right knee
i have tightness around right knee not able to bend or sit cross legged.sometimes while
newhere1 2020-09-06
23   newhere1 14 hours ago

8 year old with weight and anxiety issues
I have an 8-year-old daughter who is in third grade this year. She started to gain weight
momofx 2020-09-13
7   simone717 14 hours ago

Abscess on chest
I have an abscess or what you may call an excrescence on the chest for around 8years. At

Arun kanti 2020-06-12
35   anuj srivastava 15 hours ago

Collapsed Arch left foot - presenting symptoms - suitable remedy
Good day everyone, My left foot arch is collapsed and following are the symptoms it is
yamarty 2020-08-27
15   anuj srivastava 15 hours ago

hard Lump on bottom right gum
I have had a hard lump on my bottom right gum for 20 years now, at the same i hear a
Averyvl 2020-09-21
2   Averyvl 15 hours ago

AUTISM ADSD 12 Years old
Lnk 2020-09-16
5   freehomeoforall 17 hours ago

Weight loss from 3 doses of NAT MUR 200
I had more than 10 kg weight loss within 3 weeks of taking 3 doses of NAT MUR 200. I am
Mr123 2020-09-13
8   Mr123 23 hours ago

Essential thrombocythemia with enlarged spleen
Hello. I have essential thrombocythemia ( a bone marrow chronic disorder with
Aneliv 2020-09-19
4   anuj srivastava yesterday

Alopecia, darkcircel, bat
Mera 1sal ka bachha hai Pregnency ke bad mere hair fall bohot ho raha hai. Forehead ke
bijoy007 2020-09-19
2   thakurhimanshi yesterday

Anuj - Please Advice - Suspected Coronavirus Symptoms
Dear Anuj, Hope you are fine. Actually Maheeru prescribes me regularly but now a days he

ahmad88 2020-04-01
215   anuj srivastava yesterday

Neck pain and stiffness
I am 70years old female. For sometime I am feeling stiffness in the neck. Turning to left
Sadhana Singh 2020-09-20
3   thakurhimanshi yesterday

Female Herpes Simplex Virus 2
Hello, I have been married faithfully for 16 years, last year I was diagnosed with HSV2.
MPall 2020-09-09
8   anuj srivastava yesterday

Aunow 2020-09-17
19   Pramod Jha yesterday

Stomach Rash
Hi - I have developed a rash on my stomach and between my breasts. The rash is red and
treezal 2020-09-14
9   treezal 2 days ago

Lichen planus pigmentosus
Hello sir... I have lichen planus pigmentosus from past 2 year diagnosed by
Mubashar1 2020-08-26
9   homeo_helper 2 days ago