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Welcome to the ABC Homeopathy Forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals. It is just a forum and anybody can respond to any thread. Some people refer to people giving advice as doctor; this is intended to convey respect and should not be taken as evidence that a poster is a medical doctor.



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Food Allergy
Dear Doctors, I have a condition of allergic. I am allergy for food, especially spice

Samel 2021-02-03
132   Samel an hour ago

Sagging breast after continuous breastfeeding
Breastfed for 3 years and now have very saggy wrinkled breasts. There was slight
nani15 2022-01-06
3   nani15 4 hours ago

Dosage/Potency of Lycopodium as a constitutional remedy
I have suffered from constipation(can go on for several days), excess gas production and
Salman237 2022-01-15
4   Salman237 4 hours ago

Can anyone help me please?
Hello respected homeopaths, Please help me. I don’t know why I can’t

depression1 2021-08-02
59   depression1 5 hours ago

Covid 19 tested positive
Hi, My daughter aged 31 years is Covid positive. She got her RT-PCR report a few hours
pimathew 2022-01-16
1   anuj srivastava 8 hours ago

Dr Anuj please help with mom's condition
Hello Doc, My mom has developed some sort of issue with sour food. If she eats anything
mayankgates 2021-10-22
7   anuj srivastava 8 hours ago

dog bite tetanus symptoms
bitten very badly on forearm by dog fractured a bone severed two arteries and bit
divinci1 2022-01-16
1   telescope 10 hours ago

I am asian woman, 62 y.o., 158 cm tall and about 72 kg weight. Married. I am suffering

YellowTulip 2021-08-16
161   YellowTulip 13 hours ago

Feeling not being in my body and more other symptoms
Hi everyone, I will be very thankful if anyone can help. I will try to describe my
Ivana2 2022-01-14
4   Ivana2 yesterday

Prostate secretion on seeing a bold woman
I'm 28 years old unmarried male. Whenever I see a highly beautiful girl or woman and
Shaksham 2021-12-26
9   Shaksham yesterday

Redness /Itching on whole body
Day before yesterday, itching redness has started on my neck area. i had applied talcum
vafaxi 2022-01-15
1   anuj srivastava yesterday

Trying to improve my health and wellbeing
Hi there, I'm 41 yr old female who discovered Gilbert's Syndrome and confirmed
rswearingen 2022-01-14
1   Kaps yesterday

Food sensitivities, candida
Hello, could someone help me, please? I do have many food sensitivities. It seems that I
Sputnik 2022-01-04
8   anuj srivastava 2 days ago

Multiple problem ( Kind attention Anuj Srivastava)
I am 75, male,very active, leading life with the following ailments. - Constant pain in

ranjandr 2021-04-02
113   anuj srivastava 2 days ago

High Bladder Neck and Hydronephrosis
Hi all, I am Alok Ranjan, male 30 years, India High Bladder Neck BNO &
alokranjan1 2021-10-29
12   anuj srivastava 2 days ago

Swollen and tightened anal passage need urgent help
I am a 35 years old Male had problem of constipation for long time. Always using laxative
Faraz2 2021-12-24
11   Faraz2 2 days ago

Stress and warts on toes
Hello! I am a male in my 40s. Several months ago I found warts on the bottom of my toes
Nik1 2021-10-07
18   anuj srivastava 2 days ago

Food intolerances??
In the past 10 years I have been experiencing what I am assuming are food intolerances.
nicole1972 2022-01-13
7   Kaps 2 days ago

Food allergies, daughter 1,5 year
Hi everyone, I will be very greatful if anyone can help. My daughter has some food
Ivana2 2021-12-14
15   Kaps 2 days ago

Need Homeopathic expert’s opinion “Rectal Fistula”
Hi, I am Male age of 50 years, Weight- 172 lbs. No diabetes, no BP or other diseases. On
King84 2021-12-24
21   Kaps 3 days ago

Bloating with weight gain, edema around ankles, GERD, anemia, low libido and bone spurs in toes
I am in my 40s with chronic hypothyroidism (after full thyroid removal), on thyroid meds,

vw123 2021-09-01
39   anuj srivastava 3 days ago

Osteomyelitis and gangrene with severe pain to touch
Hi my father is a 60 year old diabetic that had a previous amputation on his right big
Karen71 2022-01-12
3   Kaps 4 days ago

greenish phelgm coming out in the morning by cough
The problem is exists for nearly 15 days. In the morning during cough, green phelgm semi
pradipbhadury 2022-01-12
3   Kaps 4 days ago

Trouble conceiving
Hi. I am a 36 year old female. I've been trying to conceive for 7 years with no
Shell2 2022-01-09
8   Kaps 4 days ago