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For JustSayin2 - Continuation of stomach and sinus issues

Hi, I was unable to log in yesterday and today and can no longer see the thread where you were helping me with my issues.

The last post I made I took causticum 30 liquid for a sinus/choking sensation but found its not improved.

Current symptoms are that the sensation of something stuck between nose & throat is more constant day & night, but worse at night. Feeling causes stress and Im focused on it quite a bit.

Weather has been cool and damp, I feel tired and achy including mild headache (worse now during mensuration)

Have not had much appetite again, feeling like I want more than bland food.
  ASmith2 on 2023-09-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I cant see any of the threads I was working on... you can check my mail id in my profile, if something like this happens again, contact me there.

In my last message, I asked whether you have Nat Sulph or have ever taken one?
Did you ever write that most of your problems started after you got back injured 25 years ago, because I remember reading that. Something has come up while I was looking into your symptoms, so Im asking.
JustSayin2 last week
I have Nat Sulph and I believe I may have taken it (or the cell salt) in the past but I cant remember the outcome.

I had a long bout of stomach ailments as a child.

I had a back Injury at about 27 years ago, the same time I had a lot of dental work (rapid orthodontic movement and many fillings and wisdom tooth extractions) as well as I was renovating an old home that likely had mold and lead paint.

I became very ill and started reacting to all scented products, foods, paints, cleaners.....

The stomach issues seemed to get better until about 10 years ago I had another episode where it took several years to eat normally, then just as I was getting better it hit me again worse than previous times in January past.

I also quit birth control 2 years before(was on for most of my adult life) and was extremely dizzy and feeling anxious a for more than a year before this bout of stomach issues.

I worry that tobacco use (low amounts homegrown organic) is making my sinuses/throat worse but I have no motivation or will to stop. I want to but I just feel I cant.

Another thing I may add that slipped my mind is that I have very high levels of copper in my water (17 years) I dont drink it but I shower/bathe in it.

I was just gently checking y tonsil for stones to see if thats the cause of the sensation but my tonsil had a blood spot on it, I get very stressed and anxious to the point of feeling hot and shaky when I see things like this - now I worry about the bleeding even though its not much.
[Edited by ASmith2 on 2023-09-14 16:20:48]
ASmith2 last week
Do you still have pain in your right index finger?
If so, then take a dose of Lachesis 30c, double the cup size, half teaspoon dose.
[Edited by JustSayin2 on 2023-09-14 17:52:22]
JustSayin2 last week
Not as bad but theres mild pain there. Just took lachesis.
[Edited by ASmith2 on 2023-09-14 18:33:30]
ASmith2 last week
Keep me updated just in case.
JustSayin2 last week
Appetite increased ate a fairly large supper of chicken, rice, carrots and zucchini. Throat still feels as if something is stuck. Im feeling depressed, anxious, irritated, mild headache and just generally down. Ive been cold and damp the past few days and theres a storm system moving in and my husband reminded me I always get worse when storms are coming.
ASmith2 last week
Almost all of these symptoms are indicated under Lachesis. If they came after dosing, should resolve on their own.

Wait until night time for throat symptoms.
Should help if Cold and wet weather aggravates and agg. from approaching storm.
JustSayin2 last week
okay thank you
ASmith2 last week
Just about time for bed, throat is feeling the same maybe a bit worse, feels like a stick is stuck in my throat, red spot on tonsil - feeling worrisome. Ears are clogged, pain from throat extends to ear on right causing an itchy feeling. Slightly nauseated again after a snack.
[Edited by ASmith2 on 2023-09-15 00:00:27]
ASmith2 last week
Keep observing for now. If symptoms remain the same, take a dose of Lyc.
JustSayin2 last week
On waking throat has improved greatly. Ears have also improved, mildly sticky. Stomach is a bit off some gurgling and gas in lower left side but tolerable.
ASmith2 last week
Continue to observe for now. Have all your mental symptoms also improved?
JustSayin2 last week
Feeling much better mentally. On eating a bowl of organic corn flake cereal with rice milk, the throat feeling has come back slightly. I gargled with saline but it doesnt help much.
ASmith2 last week
Continue with a dose of Lyc. Double the cup size, half the teaspoon dose.
If you feel like it, you may want to wait a little while to see you get better on your own.
[Edited by JustSayin2 on 2023-09-15 13:33:31]
JustSayin2 last week
ASmith2 last week
I meant only Lycopodium 30c nothing else.

Unless the symptoms specifically call for Lachesis, it should never be repeated before 30 days. I wont ask you to take one before 14 Oct. Last dose was 12 Aug.
[Edited by JustSayin2 on 2023-09-15 14:57:00]
JustSayin2 last week
Okay thank you, the last remedy I took was the lachesis. Ill toss the remaining liquid then.

I havent taken lyc yet.
ASmith2 last week
You can observe and wait for now, if there is no change, proceed with Lyc.

While you wait, let me know if your symptoms change to something else.
JustSayin2 last week
Just took lyc because throat is getting very bad again, feeling like something stuck, and Im feeling anxious again, not as badly anxious as before but a nervousness.
ASmith2 last week
Throat & anxiety improved within 15 minutes of taking lyc - not 100% but much more tollerable.
ASmith2 last week
It may be that tiny food particles that gets stuck in your throat causes you to feel this sensation, which may have nothing to do with the post-nasal drip. This morning this symptom was better but came back only after/during breakfast. This also might be contributing to formation of tonsil stones.
Are you still taking Calc-f?
[Edited by JustSayin2 on 2023-09-15 20:55:48]
JustSayin2 last week
I ate breakfast this morning - boiled chicken and a waffle and my throat was good, only after I ate the cornflakes and rice milk did it worsen. I havent eaten anything since taking the lyc - the throat symptoms are back again but seem a bit lower in the throat now less in the nose.

Calc-f tissue salts correct? No I havent been taking them. I will lay them out in view because I keep forgetting. is it 2 tabs 2x a day?
[Edited by ASmith2 on 2023-09-15 21:07:15]
ASmith2 last week
Just before bed, choking feeling as bad or worse than last night, feeling like I need to clear throat, but wont clear, feeling of swallowing too much saliva, feeling of thick mucus from nose when swallowing with difficulty swallowing, heartburn after a bout of hiccups. Extremely panicky.
[Edited by ASmith2 on 2023-09-16 00:13:53]
ASmith2 last week
Take a dose of Merc 30.
JustSayin2 last week
Just woke up - havent taken merc yet. On waking choking sensation is gone, throat feels sore as if I have a mild flu but with no other flu symptoms. Spent the night waking up from clenching and grinding teeth, jaw aches, ears are full.

The calc f cell salts is it 2 tabs 2x a day?
ASmith2 last week

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