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Remedy Relationships

Enter remedy names and click the red button to find interactions and relationships between homeopathic remedies. The results will tell you if they follow one another well, or can't be taken together.
NB - simply searching for multiple remedy names in the normal search box on any page will also access this page.


The links in the left margin point to explanations of remedy relationships on the forum. For a full explanation, please see those threads. Here though is a summary of the terms used:


The remedies are antidoted by the stated remedy, when given in homeopathic doses.

Chemical Antidotes

The remedy antidotes poisoning by these remedies. These are included for completeness, but if you suspect you, or anybody, has been poisonned, you'll obviously be seeking immediate professional medical advice.

Cognates / Similar / Compare

Similar remedies for comparison purposes.


These remedies work well in pairs, with the second remedy given later to finish what the first has started.

Inimical / incompatible

These remedies should not be taken one after another.