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Cyst on backside of ear


I have been reading various threads pertaining to cyst's as I too have a cyst behind my ear. It has been there for probably 8~9 months, but never thought it was a cyst and didnt mess with it.

Started applying hot packs to it, it began draining and drained for quite a few weeks but is not completely healed. I went to the doctor, he prescribed me an antibiotic to take care of the infection. After my last visit, he said to continue with the hot packs and antibiotic ointment; hopefully it will heal on its own and not need surgery. (which is fine with me :) )

The cyst is sealed but the outer rim still has puss in it.

After reading the threads I purchased and recieved one vial of each.

- Silicea 6c
- Silicea 200c
- Myristica Seb. 200ck
- One tube Calendula Gel

I took some pictures when we first started applying heat packs, peroxide, etc. and can get a picture of it currently if needed.

I have had a pilonidal cyst before, about 8 years ago. It was removed via surgery. I also beleive as a kid I had a cyst on my elbo.

From my understanding with reading these threads, a recommendation for cure is to:

1. Take one dose of Myristica 200c (5 pellets). If cyst does not burst/drain take one more does 7 days later.

2. After cyst burst and begins draining, take Silicea 6c, 2 pellets, three times/day till puss ceases to drain.

3. After cyst drains, take Silicea 200c, one dose of 5 pellets for three days. Apply Calendula topical ointment.

I know it will take time to let nature do its job. Having the belief it will, will make a big difference in the healing process.

Why do the cyst's occur, if there is a general explination.

  Dean N on 2007-01-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hello Dean,

Cause: weakness of teh auto-immune system.

Your case:

Under the crust do you see swelling, tender area which suggests that pus is filled in it ??

Have you noticed any problem inside the ear recently or in the past (from childhood till now).

Teeth....how are they ??

Do you get colds frequently???

Do you get into arguments with people frequently??

Do you get tired easily?

Pl. answer...will advice treatment.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thank you Pankaj Varma,

Just give you a brief background, I am 44, tall/slender build.

Teeth need help, i have never taken care of them like i should have. I have a receeding gum-line, need a few crowns, and a root canal or two.

I do not get colds often, I try to keep my ears covered up wehn out in the cold. Only time in the past when I got colds is working retail, around people a lot.

I am a Leo, I have learned to control my temper but do find myself irritable at times. I do though get upset and will carry anger for a bit. I am not a good debater/arguer in person so I avoid it. I try not to put myself in situations that will create discontent. I hate to be around people that argue or bicker and avoid them or those situations.

I do seem to get tired though. I find myself, if at the computer (ecspecially at work) wanting to fall asleep, take a cat-nap. If after work, I will go home and almost immidiatly go to sleep for a bit.

Just as a note, and since you mentiond auto-immune system. About three years ago in my last semester of college. I woke up one morning with my ankles swollen. Long story short, I had sypmtoms of Luppus, the gateway test showed luppus but the supporting test showed everything else ok in the body. Strange deal. Anyways it took a long time, a few months for my ANA to subside. after graduation I never had the ANA checked again becuase of medical cost to see where it was at.

Initially, the cyst was inflammed, I still have a tension like headache on my right temple (same side as cyst). I also have very very slight tenderness below the ear, on my neck. I do at times feel minor pressure on the top of my inner ear, other then that I have never had any problems with my ears.

At first under the crust the ear was tender, now that the majority of the visable puss is gone, there is no tenderness; just an outer rim of puss. The cyst is about 1/2' to 5/8' in diameter. I notice too, that below it there is and additional area that had some draining. As I look at this area, it appears a little puss in that area as well.

Overall, I have always been in decent/good health, my blood pressure is very low. I eat to much junk food (trying to change diet, lol)

Most of my medical problems have been with cluster headaches, I have had them since I was a kid. I notice them more when i seem to create stress.
Dean N last decade
Read my latest post on Sebaceous Cyst. Proceed with caution.
gregf last decade
taking a closer look at the cyst on my ear, it appears the outer ring is more firm then as if it was filled with pus.

In the last few days an increase in acne has appeared. I notice others saying this has happened with them as well when taking the mysterica.
Dean N last decade
I initially posted this thread here with intent for assitance and input as to whether this is the correct method to use for this situation.

I actaully know very little about homeopathic medicine except for I believe it does work with time.

I am gracious for all responses...

Dean N last decade
Was speaking with someone the other day about the cyst, they mentioned Calcarea sulphurica. after reading about it, it appears this clenses or helps aid the liver to clense the blood?

is this why cyst occur, issues in the blood system or say an auto immune disorder of some sort?

how can diet effect this as well?

ty for you time
Dean N last decade
Hello Dean,
I refrained from responding on this thread after seeing the post from GregF.

Have seen your post on his thread just now.

Start with a dose of Thuja 200C....this will take away the residual impact of Lupus. I expect that your headache (if any) will also go away. Is also expected to clean up your skin.

After 24 hours of taking Thuja ...you may take Calcarea Sulph 6X ...four times a day for two weeks.

Post feed back in about a week.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thank you sir,

I'll order them and should be here mid week, next week.

thank you for your help, I undestand it takes time.

Dean N last decade
recieved my order and took the thuja 200c.. now taking calc. sulph 6x.
Dean N last decade

I began taking or following your instructions. went to vegas for a few days and forgot the calc sulph. I continued with the dosage for another week after returning.

I noticed my face cleared up a bit, but began to have one or two areas that broke out.

headache is still there.. it is periodic in nature. feels more like a tension headache close to the temple.

ear looks the same (which is ok).

I imagine the cyst ran its course but as i think you eluded to in other post, whatever is causing it might still be hanging around.

so, out of curiosity.. something is in the blood system, or body that has been thre for years? can be caused by diet i guess and ???

Dean N last decade
The cyst ended up being a basil cell carcenoma.

went to a derm and they did a biopsy. getting it cut out in sept.

thought i would follow up.

Dean N last decade
Nothing to worry. Stop all homeopathic medication, and go ahead with surgery.

gavinimurthy last decade

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