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Please help; ill infant (11 wks, male)

I was hoping someone could help us. I've been to two pediatricians, and both have claimed 'relux' and suggested Zantac (one also suggested acidophilus). Neither addressed the other symptoms, nor the progression of the illness.
I'll be as brief as possible:

His birth weight was 8.5 lbs. At 10 weeks he weighed 11.4 lbs. He is strictly breastfed. Milk let-down is normal. His temperature runs a degree or so high. Highest temp was after immunizations at 101.2 only during the first night. During the 6th week I was prescribed a weeks dose of Kelfex for a ‘suspected’ bladder infection. When that didn’t work I was prescribed a single does of Diflucan, which also did not work. Over time the symptoms have gone away (mostly) with the exception of very intermittent and non-irritation itching. Could either of these drugs have caused the below?
Also, at around 7 weeks, the pediatrician suggested I drink up to 8 glasses of milk per day (in addition to water); I did this for about 3 days, but it just didn’t seem logical so I stopped, soon afterwhich the below symptoms began. Could this have created an intolerance in my child that has resulted in the below?
Please advise of any possible remedies/thoughts/suggestions.
• Previous to 7 weeks – Healthy and normal stools, burps, etc
• 7 weeks- Developed bright green diarrhea with lots of curd. Begins to cry after feedings. Up until 7 weeks, all was well (with the exception of a raw allergy ring around his rectum at 5 weeks which lasted about four days and went away completely with a natural remedy baby-cream). Spit-up is normal and curdy, not creamy or frothy (at the time I didn't know this wasn't normal).
• 8 weeks- Still has green, curdy, runny poop. Crying after feedings becomes less fussiness and seemingly more pain-induced- a little bit of wailing. Legs lock out straight, and tummy is tight. Noticing more spit-ups than the normal chin-type; there's more of it, and it's curdy. Projectile vomits a few times over a couple of days- it is mixed in with lots of saliva/liquid, and there is A LOT of it. Salivating A LOT and chewing on fist (I thought perhaps an early teether?)
• 9 weeks- Still has green, curdy, runny poop. Crying is becoming dreadful screaming. Spit ups become gag-filled vomit sessions immediately, and sometimes during, feeds. Legs lock out straight and stiff, tummy is tight. Vomit after every feed, lots of wailing. Will still be consoled when put in swing or put to breast. Zantac prescribed by doc #1
• 10 weeks- Still has green, curdy, runny poop. Charles seems to be in GREAT pain after feeds (discontinued zantac). Vomits lots of non-curdy cream mixed with saliva/clear liquid. Doc #2 advises acidophilus - it seems to make him act very painfully constipated (but he still has diarrhea). Discontinued acidophilus after three days. Has now begun full reflux symptoms: Screaming after feeds, vomiting, arching back, pulling legs to chest or stiffening out-right, coughing, lots of salivation and chewing on fist, etc. Have eliminated all milk and by-products and soy, citrus, etc. Feeling incredibly malnutritioned!
• 11 weeks/current- 'Reflux' is bad. Poop is still very runny, though it no longer has curds in it, rather now it has cream colored 'ribbons' in it, and overall it is tinged more of an orangy-green (not blood tinged, just not as green as it was). Last night’s night spit-up was bright yellow.
  LittleC on 2007-01-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear LittleC,
I am so sorry to read about all the problems with your little guy. I am but a student of homeopathy but am a mother of three. Therefore, in my motherly opinion you have at least three problems that I can discern from your post.

The first one being the immunizations. Part of what I think is happening is a reaction to them. In my opinion your child is too young to receive them, if you give them at all. Generally speaking a breastfed child is protected. There are remedies that can be given to help counteract this reaction, ie the fever, screaming, coughing, salivation.

Secondly, you are taking/took antibiotics. He is apparently reacting to these as well. A lot for such a young immune system. Homeopathy can help you with this if you are still having symptoms. The probiotics: acidophilus was a good idea when taking antibiotics but could be too much for him as well, it's not clear in your post if you are taking them or if you gave directly to the child.

Your child could be reacting to the milk you began to drink excessively. Projectile vomiting in an infant is a common reaction to allergy to milk, the screaming after feeding, etc.

You commented on feeling malnourished...well, you must read about how to re-nourish yourself. Try eating oats, rice, barley with miso. I know miso is a soy product but it is fermented and this helps. Other kinds of protein in moderation will help you. Introduce them one at a time into your diet to see how your child responds. You should eat some greens that are steamed, but nothing too hard to digest. If you are not digesting well, neither will your child. Drink pure water, no caffeine, black tea, coffee, chocolate, sugars, no lentils as they can dry up your milk. Please do some research about how to eat when nursing. There are many good websites out there that can be helpful in this area.

You have a sensitive child. Please give us more info about yourself and your child before anyone can suggest homeopathic remedies that will help you overcome your current situation. Much of what you describe in your post sounds to me like a reaction to immunizations...I have seen this before.

Know that you are in my prayers.

jadeshade last decade
It scares me how little doctors know about health. it seems that relying on them can be downright dangerous, you are doing the right thing by looking around.

we went through this with our son, his pediatrition was utterly clueless, as by the sound of it, your doc is as well.

our baby turned out to have serious food allergy issues, even though strictly breastfed, the foods come through the mother's milk. the green water stools are an indication of food intolerance/issues. the medications that your doc gave probably didn't help at all either.

homeopathy was by far and away the best thing we did for our son... but, its quite difficult to determine the correct remedy. can you find a classical homeopath in your area? a good ND might not be a bad idea as well. My wife had to give up dairy, fish, nuts and several other foods while she was breastfeeding. If baby keeps ingesting the intolerant foods, he may break out in eczema ect. The info you are getting from your doctors is not going to help you, the antacids are only addressing symptoms, you need more intelligent help.

Please let me know if I can be of more help, I hope your baby can better (and am sure he can if you get better help).

john34 last decade
Thanks so much for addressing our issue! I know, these western docs scare me also, and granted they do lots of good, they're just 'people' too, and many times don't know best, if they know anything. I'll be happy to try out any remedy along with, if not before, traditional 'therapy'. All suggestions/comments are welcome!
In answering questions... Little C began his symptoms previous to immunizations - I wish more than anything they were related, but unfortunately, they aren't. It is definitely possible that the worsening of the symptoms are, I suppose. The green poop... well, just about everything began around the time I ingested all that milk. I should have followed my intuition and NOT done it, but, at least I stopped when I did. Ugh! I gave the acidophilus to Little C by mixing the powder from 1/2 capsul in with .75ml water and feeding by syringe. His resonse over a few day period was very painful straining to poop, as if constipated, but then only green (explosive)diarrhea would result. Why would he strain and push as if constipated?
I'm working very hard on my diet... it is hard to find anything that doesn't have some sort of soy in it, but we have a great healthfood store where I've found a few things. I'm also eating plenty of poultry and lots of non-gas producing veggies. I'll try the miso and see if he reacts. I'm drinking ONLY water - from our well and filtered - we have great water...
There is a homeopath here locally who I need to contact, but for some reason I'm a little fearful to... this is the first step I've ever taken in doing such a thing. Granted I'm a herb fan who relies on acidophilus, goldenseal, etc, but in giving herbs to my 11 week old... it's just a little scary. Make sense? Forgive my sophomoric understanding of homeopathic medicine!
John, what exactly is a ND?

Thanks to you both so much!!
LittleC last decade

Don't be afraid to consult, we waited way to long to go see our homeopath (who is also an MD!). Before that we tried many herba/natural approaches, which helped, but not like homeopathy. the consult could save your child much suffering... and, it doesn't hurt to listen anyway.

re the acidopholous... watch out, many have dairy in them, and our son definetly reacted to them. there are some probiotics without dairy soy ect... some even designed for infants.

choosing the right homeopathic remedy is complicated enough when you can talk to the patient... for an infant, i think it takes a real pro to get right, and if you don't get it right, it probably won't help.

My wife had do go down to 4 foods for a long time. I don't think it would have been necessary had we gotten the right help sooner. but, his pediatritrian was helpless, and our so called 'specialist' didn't even mention diet, just told us to take elidil (toxic). the antatics they gave your baby interfere with digestion... not great long term.

hang in there,
john34 last decade
...still seeking help/advice for the below.
My infant is ingreat pain and I 1) don not want to stop breast feeding, and; 2) do not want to give him zantac, prevacid, or any other 'acid blockers' to cover the problem.
Please help if you can or have any useful information.
Thank you!
LittleC last decade
Hang in there Little C, I hope someone gives you some good help soon. In the meantime, remember that allergens can remain in your breastmilk for at least a week after you stop consuming them. I'm sure milk is a big issue for your baby now, even if you avoid it for a week, there may still be reactions.

john34 last decade
Thanks, John.
As you know, this is tremndously difficult... to see this sweet little person in so much pain, and there's absolutely nothing I can do...
Still awaiting results re the lactose, etc...
LittleC last decade
Little C-

I do know, we have been there. Also, the tests are not great as far as accuracy... trust your own trial and error over the tests. it will work better in the long run.

Also, a very skilled kinesiologist can 'muscle test', even on the baby to check for food issues... again, not foolproof, but can be helpful.

john34 last decade
Dear LittleC-

I totally understand how difficult for you this must be.

An ND is naturopathic doctor. You should consult with one or even a homeopath in your area. Don't be 'afraid' to go to this person...

Your baby may be 'pushing and straining' because there is cramping before the stool. If you go to the front page of this website there is a Remedy Finder there. Put in some of your baby's symptoms in the little window and then go on to check off all the symptoms in the windows that follow. Keep clicking on the 'next' button until you get to the end. I did this with just a few of the symptoms you described and came up with a remedy I thought your baby would need. I'm curious to see if you come up with the same one. You can administer this remedy yourself. I would give only a 6c to an infant. You do this by dissolving the remedy in water (3-4 pellets in about 3 oz of distilled water) and give only a few drops by mouth (2-3). Only do this 2 times a day for 2 days. You should see improvement.

Also to know what remedy it would help to have a general description on the baby, ie, blonde or dark or pink or olive, thin or chubby, etc. Does he sweat about the head and feet?

You can do gentle massage on him. Some babies find this soothing and it might help him. A good naturopath would probably know about techniques that would assist him.

I hope this helps you and your little guy.

jadeshade last decade
Hi, the last post has good advice, go to the Remedy Finder and look at the symptoms for mercurius, and chamomilla.
Is C sensetive to temperature? if so then merc may help. is he cold on one side and hot on the other then Cham may help.There are so many remedies to choose from on such little info, but the two I have mentioned are good bets.
Look up the symptoms, you will know which to give.
Kind regards
parachute last decade
parachute last decade
Same thing happened to my daughter...it turned out she had food allergies (soy & egg) and whenever I ate them as a breastfeeding mom, I passed the proteins to her through the milk. Allergies run in my husbands family. She was not vaccinated at all so that's just a different look at vaccinations, though I don't support the use of them. Also antibiotics can cause a whole slew of problems for you and for Charles so my advice would be to go homeopathic in the future and use antibiotics as a very last resort. They can cause breast thrush and thrush in Charles and it's horrible (happened to me with my first before I knew better).

It can take up to 21 days for the milk protein to be diminished from your body and your breastmilk so please don't eat dairy again thinking that stopping it didn't help.

I followed the elimination diet that Dr. Sears (askdrsears.com) recommended for colicky babies. I was eating turkey, rice, squash and water at one point but you know what it WORKED!!! I slowly added in other foods and waited for a reaction in my baby. She did have some and that is how I was able to narrow down the foods that were hurting her body. They were later confirmed with a allergy test by an immunologist.

In the meantime, you can try Chamomilla as needed and also Colocynthis too.

I hope Charles heals quickly! Keep up the breastfeeding!!!

Erin last decade

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