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testing positive on TB tests?

What does it mean when a person tests positive on tuberc tests but there's no active tuberculosis? Could this be simply b/c a person had a BCG vaccination in childhood? But then why doesn't everyone who had it test positive? Drs say it means they're susceptible to the disease. Could this possibly mean that there's a tub miasm in the person to begin with, and thus they were more susceptible to the vaccine to begin with? And does the tub vaccination transform into a tub miasm? Thanks!
  starnet on 2007-02-13
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Dear Starnet:
Vannier distinguished two types:
1.- Tuberculous patient: he presents symptoms of this illness.
2.- Tuberculinic patient: he presents a terrain, a predisposition, but not neccessarily he suffers this illness.

Tuberculousis can't be heritaged, but the terrain can.
andres last decade
Dear Andres, thank you for your reply. A friend of mine tests positive on TB tests. She has no active tuberculosis and never had. But she was vaccinated in childhood. So I'm just wondering if she tests positive because of that vaccination: but then why do some vaccinated people test positive while others don't. Could this mean she has the tuber miasm?
starnet last decade
It is possible to have a positive PPD test with the BCG vaccine. Another way the test can be positive is if you were exposed to the TB bacteria at some point in your life.
rxmom08 last decade
Hi, rxmom08. Thanks for your post. I am still wondering why some people test positive after BCG vaccination, but others don't?? Are some more susceptible to tuberc to begin with (i.e. were born with a Tuberc diathesis)?
starnet last decade
Dear Starnet:
That's i believe:
You can be vaccinated in your childhood. Vaccines can help your inmune system, and can depressed too.
Sometimes, if your inmune system is not enough strong, you can experimented some susceptibility to the vaccines.
It's the explain of the tuberculinic terrain or predisposition.
Why the test are positive? I can suppose that her inmune system has developed a reaction to this vaccine and can be signs of TB, but generally that will prepare a very disposed tuberculinic terrain (I don't know if may be the cause of a true tuberculousis).
If you want to treat her, you need first of all a very very deep and good drainage, and after you can treat the illness. I suggest to drain as better as you can, and then you can repeat these test. Perhaps we can find a big surprise.
If you need investigate about vaccines and themes related you can ask to GINA TYLER -she has a very good knowledge about them- in the hpathy.com forum.
Best regards
andres last decade
With the BCG vax or with exposure to the bacteria, the body starts a immune response since it recognizes something foreign. If someone does not have the ability to build this immune response either due to a condition or a medication they are taking, then the PPD test can be negative. It is not a perfect test and there is a possibility of false-negative. This would explain why some may not test positive.

If the PPD test is positive, it does not mean the person has active TB. The bacteria is in latent (doesn't do anything) form and may or may not become active. You will see TB signs and symptoms when it is active.
rxmom08 last decade
Dear Andres,
What is a very very deep and good drainage?
s2005 last decade
Dear all:
Looking into homeopathic literature, I found some thing may be interesting.
As I said before, before tuberculousis it's neccessary a tuberculinic terrain. It's very difficult to me to think of the vaccines as actives carriers of illness. As I know, the pathogens who lives in the vaccines are weaked by the preparation proccess and only can produce a reaction -right or wrong- but NO THE ILLNESS they are trying to fight.
Then, if the test are positives -depending on the fiabiility grade of these test- you can think this person is contagied by TB.
Sometimes the vaccines -as I said before- can depressed the inmune system, and then the person vaccinated -who has not turberculous symptoms- can develope a tuberculinic terrain and suffer symptoms related with this miasm.
As Vannier said, when we find a patient with this terrain, we have to do a very good drainage, because the toxins in his body are provocating a progressive desmineralization with phosphaturia and constipation.
How work this drainage? It produces an constant elimination of toxins and reduces the desmineralization.
How we can drainage?
Acting with homeopathic remedies on the affected organ or selecting the remedy based in the patient's symptoms.
To do an effective drainage we have to drain the organ and the organism, because of this we use a dilution scale, begining with 6CH, after 12CH, after 30CH, 200CH, 1000CH...
Low potencies act on the organ, and high potencies act on the organism.
Sorry for this long post.
Best regards
andres last decade

Imam Ali Raza Alahis Salam The 8th Successor to Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said 'The bread of Barley & Rice (flour of the two mixed in equal weight) is the best diet and cure for tuberculosis'.

When i read these narrations about tuberculosis i tried to make an experiment, and i found two female patients of tuberculosis one of them was in end stage in a well reputed hospital in karachi (Pakistan) and doctors said we dont know if she will get better or not, all we can do is pray and at this critical condition she was discharged from the hospital to her home, when i visited her i thoroughly examined her symptoms and reports she was really in a miserable condition, the second young female patient visited my clinic, i explained the details of treatment and advised to stop all the prescribed drugs, avoid bathing and showering, routinely separate the bedding and utensils from others and spit only into a tin cup and discard it after boiling for half an hour. In addition i advised the patients and their family members to cook all the food in olive oil and regularly take the bread of Barley & Rice (flour of the two mixed in equal weight) in every meal for six months, besides Beetroot leaves fresh or cooked, Raisins and a healthy diet related to the disease was also suggested as an additional food.

Unfortunately nights are mostly troublesome for tubercular patients but when they satrted taking the bread, on the very first day their appetite was improved, they had no night fever, no night sweat, in the next meeting after few days they told me that they were feeling much better, malaise and hoarseness of voice was gteatly improved, i could not believe such a rapid improvement but it was visible to me, and it really proved to be fast acting cure, both the patients continued to follow the treatment and after about three months the pulmonary specialist was shocked to see the x-ray, spotless lungs and the remarkable improvement, both the patients were back to normal by collective efforts and full support of their family members.

One should not assume that taking a medicine is necessarily the best approach to treating a disease, i have successfully cured many such diseases which are incurable without drugs like hepatitis, cardiac diseases, hypertention etc etc. As you know that taking recommended or more than recommended dose the drugs may cause problem and unpleasant effects but this is the cure full of side benefits, you can not share prescribed medicines to others but you can share it to all.

It may also be noted that this treatment is not limited to any specific type of tuberculosis, you can treat any type of tuberculosis using the same food cure. It is preventive as well as curative, i decided to share this miraculous cure with everyone so that individually or collectively using the same recipe you may fight a global war against the widely spread tuberculosis.

Once the doctors, health professionals try this most cheapest, most natural treatment, the amazing shocks and after shocks will not let them ignore this miraculous cure.

Dr Syed Zaair Husain Rizvi

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