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Dear Andres,

Thanks for your detailed reply. My comments are as follows:

1. I could be wrong but I feel my herniated disc is not the cause of my neck and head pains. This is because I used to get them as a child, then got fixed by a homeopath and then came back. These used to be very strong but over time self treating (not a good idea) the intensity is reduced. The fact that I get these periodically & not all the time also indicates some other underlying problem. My digestive problems started before my neck pains and headache, so the herniated disc is probably not causing digestive problems.

I have taken therapy for my herniated disc, although I improved, it did not cure my headaches.

2. Regarding my diet, I am of Indian origin, and there is a lot of fiber in our diet. This is what surprises me, I hardly eat any meat. Diverticulosis in not common in asian people. I had asked the same question to my allopathic doctor and his answer was some athletes who are active all their lives get heart attacks. So I feel there is some systemic problem in my digestive system. Also, like I had mentioned, I did have digestive system problems as a child. So I feel over the years this has gotten worse and given me more problems.

3. I took Ars Alb 200C, two doses, about three weeks ago when I felt I am building up infection in my large intestine; colon. It takes care of my diverticulitis issue. I have taken Ars Alb before for headaches & sinus problems before I had diverticulosis & it never helped me in that area.

So coming back again, I took Ars Alb 200 for my diverticulitis, it care of that acute but my chronic condition/symptoms did not change.

I will add fiber supplements. I have been paying attention to drinking fluids even if I am not thirsty.

Please advise further.

Thanks & Best Regards,
RajanTX last decade
Any help? Can I request the homeopaths here for help...Dr. Mahfooz, Dr Murthy, Dr Rishimba, Dr Andres, Dr. Rajendra, Dr Deoslok etc for help.

I am currently having bad heartburn. It starts in the evening on & off which is a signal that I will be waking up in the night.

RajanTX last decade
I am also passing gas very frequently.. no smell.

RajanTX last decade
i am not a homeopath..not at all. but i suffered from gerd(led to a diagnosis of asthma/sinus and other complaints..but they subsided when the gerd was controlled) i was prescribed nexium. i followed joe's standard nat phos biochemic salt and arnica routine and am having somewhat good results in the past 2 weeks. i think its working, but i am not sure. i have also made big changes wrt diet. more on it later.

i did stop nexium cold turkey. but it was my choice. weigh your risks. i am sure our symptoms are not identical, rajantx...in my case, my trigger was spicy foods and wine. the first time i realised that gerd was acting up, i took 4 tablets of natphos 6x biochemic cellsalt every 15 mts..about 8 doses. the gas lock which was caught right in the middle of my chest started moving..it is bizarre, but i did feel it moving all over inside me and then it went *pop*!

i have completely changed my food habits and practice yoga. when you practice yoga, make sure you dont do poses that are not good for acid reflux. a trained instructor should teach you properly.

food: no more wine, chocolate, cheese, meat. the food right now is mostly bananas, fruit and vegetable juices. no more cow's milk. only goat's milk and now, i buy raw cow's milk to boil it at home. non homogenised milk is also good. ultra pasteurised or homogenised milk is too acidic. lots of green leafy salads. no spicy foods. lemon slices in warm water instead of aerated drinks or alcohol. limited intake of grains including rice. eating 3 hours before sleeping.

sleeping on the left side(because of how our stomach is situated) helps. elevate your pillow. i dont know if all this will help you, but i hope sharing my story will give you some ideas. the key is diet..definitely. dont deny yourself...just limit the quantities of acidic foods. if you think you have eaten too much, follow with something alkaline or basic.

also, no water for at least 1 hour after eating. i know water is good and we should have plenty of it, but when you have gerd..the best way to find a way out of it is to have small meals several times a day. when i sa small meals..think food that will fill up only 'half way'.

hope this helps. good luck.
catsjellicle last decade

i used to get bloated and had painful gaslocks after the reflux. the reflux happend almost ALWAYS after eating spicy food. i too am indian(south) and i also found that a full south indian spread was not a good idea. i literally split my meal into half and ate twice instead of a big lunch. my worst attack was after a particularly spicy thai meal(with wine...after i stopped nexium and foolishly thought that the gerd was merely a rumour)..it was so bad that a few days after that, i had painful gaslocks and my breathing troubles started coming back with a vengence.

the biggest surprise was the water. absolutely NO water intake on a full stomach after eating. its amazing what a difference it makes..

sorry for splitting a reply..unfortunately, i think in spurts..
catsjellicle last decade
Dear Rajan:
Sorry me, because perhaps my bad english has produced a misunderstanding. I didn't said your digestive problems came from your neck and your herniated disk. I said that -in my experience- the nausea and the headache in the occipuce could be produced by this cervical problem. Repeat, the sensations but no the real digestive problem.

In my experience too, colon problems and diverticulitis are caused by a deficit in fiber usually and specially by an acidification of the organism (and not only of the digestive system). This acidification and these digestive problems have been solved by a good diet, adecuated ingest of fiber and intake of probiotics, plus a cleanening of the digestive system.

Usually, this cleaning is made with NUX VOMICA in a low potency, plus another drainers remedies. But if you have taken yet Nux vomica with poor results; if you have taken Ars. Album with not complete results, I think you have to visit to a classic homeopath with experience in miasmatic prescription. He takes your case with detail and will be able to propose a medication and actuation protocol in order to develope your healthing.

It's very very difficult to solve a case like yours by mail, and it need a continued watching. Sorry me but I can't do it. I'm sure you'll find someone who can help you in your ailment.

Warmest regards
andres last decade
Thanks Catsjellicle & Andres for your reply.

Catsjellicle, I appreciate your detailed reply. I do all those things too to control my acidity. Wine for me also makes it worse. I take all kinds of things to control my acidity; ginger (good antacid and blood thinner), Natrum Phos & Tums, cold milk to control it. So by controlling it, it gets better but in my case it comes back shortly after so I do the same things. I have been recommended Nexium by my allopathic doctor & it is a lifetime medication, no permananent solution so have been avoiding it so far.

Thanks for trying to help. I have been reading a lot on my condition, I know about fibre intake and watch my diet. My diet does have a lot of fiber.... I have taken probiotics in the past but not noticed any change.

Anyway, thanks for your time. I hope somebody jumps in to help. If I had help locally of a classical homeopath, I would be using that help first.

Thanks & Best Regards,
RajanTX last decade
rajantx...the diet and other stuff is maintainance while i suppose i was really 'healed' by the nat phos/arnica regime. i say 'healed' because i dont think i am fully cured. obviously, it will take several weeks before i can proclaim that. i hope you find what works for you. i know how terrible and crippling gerd can be...its really awful.

good luck and get well soon.
catsjellicle last decade
If Nux Vom has not worked then try the following combination:-

Cina 30 4 pills in the morning

Nux Vom 30 4 pills at bed time.

Avoid milk, Green vegetables for few days.

Also take boiled water or Pure water (RO system).

You may be having some type of worms. Giardia is very common.

By the way where do you like and what is the water condition.

Also explain how is your tongue i.e.

Whether it is inflamed; Flat; White coated; Yellowish; brownish; any crack on it?

Do you get dryness feeling on your tongue?
Rajendra last decade

By the way where do you live and what is the water condition there?
Rajendra last decade
Dear Dr. Rajendra,

Thanks for your reply.

OK, in the past I have taken China 30 individually for acidity but somehow I did not feel very good.

I will immediately start on your regime as prescribed China & Nux etc.

I live in the USA, Texas area. The water is good but I still do drink filtered water.

Regarding my tongue, sometimes it gets coated with white but currently it is not. I do have a crack in my tongue as listed in my homeopathic history, general information. I have a cut/fissure type look in the middle of my tongue & goes from front to back and is about an inch long.

Regarding worms, I had doubt sometime back because of the flatulence but when I got the stool test done everything came out negative.

Do you think it is my liver malfunction?

I will keep you posted.

Thanks & Best Regards,
RajanTX last decade
Hello Dr. Rajendra,

Ok, it's been about 4 days since I started China & Nux as directed. Since today, I have made the 'split dose', medicine in water bottle...succussing 5-10 times before every use dose.

Let me add that when I started this regime, my acidity was 99% under control, meaning I was getting very mild acidity once in a while that time. After taking the Nux & China it is completely gone in the night & my abdomen was feeling much lighter.

Today, my abdomen is again feeling heavy & bloated. Feels lighter in the day and gets heavier later in the afternoon. There are some rumbling noises too (in the abdomen). I did have a light acid reflux last night. I woke up & was able to handle it before it goes in my lungs etc. I was sleeping good except last night when I kept waking up + the acid reflux episode. My legs were again feeling achy & kness feeling weak on waking up but OK after a little while of waking up. It is hard to get up in the morning even after 8hrs of sleep because I probably don't get good deep night sleep..may be also because of the loud/heavy snoring problem.

Please advise further if I should continue with Nux 30 & China 30 or need to make any changes.

Thanks & Best Regards,
RajanTX last decade
Two medicines alternated may interfere with one another.

One of the medicines Rajendra advised is Cina. Not China. It is a diferent medicine.

Your best bet will be to try one medicine at a time .

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy,

You are absolutely right, Cina was prescribed & not China....How could I do that...

Anyway, both are complimentaary to each other but China gets antidoted by Nux.

Dr. Rajendra,

OK I read about Cina in the homeopathic materia medica by Boericke. It says it is a childrens remedy, my symptoms don't match with Cina or at least as mentioned in Boericke. Was it given for worms?

I do feel some improvement whether itwas from China or Nux..don't know, my energy level is slightly better....whether it stays like that I don't know, it is too premature. I have taken Nux before and it may have helped in acute stage of acidity and other things, it has not helped on the chronic side, meaning no permanent solution.

Please advise further.

Thanks & Best Regards,
RajanTX last decade
Reply Awaited!!!

Please advise further

RajanTX last decade
Acidity - one of the causes is worms. Giardia is very common. In this case in stool some mucus is present.

However my experiece is that Nux Vom alone does not work in such situations and there is need of another remedy.

Cina is good. It works on certain worms both on childen and on certain worms with elders as well.

China also helps in Acidity.

You can try either of the two combinations i.e. Nux Vom and Cina or China whatever suits.

Theory of one medicine is good and mostly recommended but at times more than one medicines are needed. Conditions are not similar at the places where the remedies were tried and where the persns being treated stays. Also in such cases there was controlled food habits.

Now a days the Water and air pollution coupled with the type of food habits that have developed, my experience is that more than one remedy ate helpful.

Each medicine has a specific area of its action and when there are more than two areas or infections are involved - one medicine has not shown results. B

y the time the action of 1st medicine is taken care by one remedy, the other takes over and when the other is treated the 1st one reoccurs because of polutions and food habits.

As such my findings are that more than one remedy is needed in many cases and that has helped.

Homeopaths have been practising it and getting results. What great - Dr. Kent and Dr. Henahaman have recorded was as per the food habits and environment at that time and in those developed counries with no water and air polutions.Times have changed and there is need of new ideas.

Yes it is correct that high potency medicines should not be clubbed as they have long effect in the system.

Lower potencies say 6 / 12 / 30 or in X potencies can be considered if becomes necessary.
Rajendra last decade
Read this.


gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy,

Yes I have read the thread. Thanks

My point of treatment is not just my current acutes but also my chronic condition as well so that I do not have these repetitive acidity episodes plus my other problems are taken care of too.

I appreciate all the help rendered.

RajanTX last decade
OK, Dr. Rajendra & Others:

I have been taking Nux & China and then just China 30. Last 2 days I did not take anything and my flatulence came back & I was feeling acidity in the afternoon. I had been eating the normal regular home meals. I took another dose of China & my acidity was gone and I slept well.

Looks like my acutes are getting taken care of but the problem keeps coming back. Please advice for my chronic condition so that I do not ge the same problem over & over again.

Should I continue with the current remedies or do I need to take something else for my chronic abdominal problems? Please advise.

RajanTX last decade
Can I get some help!!!!

Where are all the homeopaths here? Anybody wants to take the challenge?

RajanTX last decade

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