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Acidity and Elergy

I am 35 year old male, computer professonal, resinding in Delhi since 1991 suffering from acidity and gas. Before 1991 I was in Himachal. It was started in year 1996 and continue till date though I have controlled it by loosing weight, morning evening walk, not taking fried and junk foods. If I do morning and evening walk regularly it trouble less. I do prefer home made foods and do not take out side as it up set my digestion system. I have elergy from dust, sweat and shaving. I also sweat a lot.
I cach-up cold easily and it was regular habit in childhood. Since last one year I have developed small-small had areas under my skin specially in arms, back and ribcache area.

In between if I go to Himachal these problems disapear after one-two days.

Tnanks in advance
  vijaymanika on 2007-03-31
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear vijaymanika:
Allergies has many relations with skin and repiratory system. It's very usual you begin with one symptom and along time you develope more symptoms. No rare.
If you change of location and your food habits change too, then you have to find the answer in your habits; if you change of location and your food habits don't change, the you have to find the answer in your enviroment.
Please, if you like, can you list to me the foods you usually eat.
Please, tell me the difference between the enviroment between Dehli and Himachal. I'm in Spain and I don't know both places.
Best regards
andres last decade
Dear Andres
First of all thanks to you for looking into my case.
As mentioned earlier I generally prefer home made foods and in north India we take Punjabi food.
I take Chapatti(home made bread) made from fresh dough and seasonal cooked green vegetables and seasonal fruits in breakfast. Same bread and vegetable in lunch but 4-5 bread instead
of 2 in breakfast (around 1 PM). Snacks (home made/Junk) at tea time around 6 PM. In dinner I take 4-5
Scoops of rice, pulses curry and/or vegetable curry.

Delhi as you know Capital of India and a mega metro city with pollution of all kind. Tem. in summer touches mid forties. Where as Himachal a hilly state with low population, zero pollution and 10-12 degree
less hot than Delhi through out the year. one thing I would like to mention that during winter Allergies disappear and again start in the month of March and remain till September,
which is season of heat and humidity in Delhi. I shave on alternate day and when I shave allergies are on higher side. One important thing it affects me on face only. If I am exposed to dust and Pollution my eyes get red and irritation.


vijaymanika last decade
Dear Vijaymanika:
Thank you for your explanation.
Please, when you was in Himachal, have you ever suffered eczemas, colds, coryzas, ... or some symptoms related with skin or respiratory system?
With your actual symptoms, it's very difficult thinking these are new symptoms.
Best regards
andres last decade
Dear Andres
During my childhood when I was in Himchal, colds and mucus in winter was regular affair. I have never suffered from eczemas. Can you put some light on coryzas. I had mucus problem in Himachal in winters.

vijaymanika last decade
Dear Vijaymanika:
Coryza is like a cold, but it differs in fever absence, itching in nose and/or eyes, watery mucosity with dryness in nose and redness and sensibility. The best symptom is its out of time, i.e. in spring, in summer or in autumm. Many times, people who suffer it, are confused because they thought it was a bad cold.
I ask to you these things, because I'm trying to differenciate your symptoms as relating with your allergic ailment or relating with your digestive ailment.
Have you ever had same digestive symptoms before? Can you describe them? Where, when, how are better or worse, what food make their appearition?
Best regards
andres last decade
Dear Andres
I have never faced symptoms as you mentioned about Coryza.

As I mentioned earlier I am suferring from acidity and gas for last ten years. My latest routine stool report figure out half digested and acidic other factors are normal. Junk foods, tea, long gap between meals, during colds, fried foods, between lunch and dinner these factors increase problem.

For last 7-8 days I am having pain in abdomin area which come and go frequently. It starts if I doe some physical work and if rest it goes off. Stool is loose and I use toilet 3-5 times a day.

As I mentioned earlier If I am in Himchal I go to toilet early in morning, Infact I have to rush to toilet and once a day only. No gas no allergies. I was there one and half month back and very next day when I reached there had to rush litterly to toilet from my bed but stool was normal. other words do not face any digestion or allergies problem.

Best Regards
vijaymanika last decade
Dear Vijaymanika:
Please, try ARSENICUM ALBUM 30c, three pellets under your tongue, in awaking time. Take for two days, only one dosis each day.
Report two days after
Best regards
andres last decade
Dear Andres

I shall get back to you after two days. I shall also get back to you if ARSENICUM ALBUM is not available in pellets forms. Is there any caution while take it as it has toxic and poisonous characterstics

Best Regards

vijaymanika last decade
Dear vijaymanika:
Homeopathic remedies are not poisonous nor toxic, because they are diluted and potenciated. Don't worry, you don't die this time nor arsenicum will be the reason.
Be relaxed
andres last decade
Dear Andres
No that is not the case.

I shall take this medicine in couples of days.

I Have develped new problem in two three days. As I mentioned eariler I am having acute acidity for last 9-10 days. Yesterday morning and today morning I had black motion. So went to general physician today for checkup and he asked for blood and stool test. I shall get reports by evening.

Should I cure my black motion first and then take medicine advised by you or can take side-by-side.

Best Regards
vijaymanika last decade
Dear vijaymanika:
Your proposition is right. It's better you cure your ailment, and after we can try to treat the other disorders.
Please, don't take Ars Alb. When you'll be fine, we revised the symptoms and we'll prepare a treatment.
Don't be in a hurry.
Best regards
andres last decade
Dear Andres

Blood test and Stool test are normal and it was as acidity and digestion problem.

As I was exposed to heat and dust yester day, today morning thin mucus was comming out of nose.

Best Regards
vijaymanika last decade
Dear Vijaymanika:
That's a good new.
Please, if you like, try with the prescription posted before.
I wait for your report.
Best regards
andres last decade
Hello Andres

Should I take Arse. Alb. empty stomch or after break fast.


vijaymanika last decade
Please, 30 minutes after or before eating
Best regards
andres last decade
Dear Andres

Yesterday I got Arse. Al. and took one dose today. I will get back to you day after tommorrow for latest updates.

Best regards

vijaymanika last decade
Dear Vijaymanika:
I wait for your report.
Please, write all your sensations, stronger or lighter, you are feeling (in digestive plain, mind, appetite, skin...)
Thank you and best regards
andres last decade
Dear Andres

I am feeling more relaxed and having better control on my nerve system. Mentally I am feeling stronger and cool.

Less irritation on face though for couples of days it was on lesser side but it has improved slightly.

Digestion is coming to normal but formation of gas continue and between lunch and dinner is is on higher side.

Appetite has also improved moderately. I have again started morning brisk walk for 5-6 KM that has also helped.

Today also I took one dose without your permission, because I didn't see any negative sign after two days.

Best Regards

vijaymanika last decade
Dear Vijay:
Those are very good news.
OK with your opinion.
Please, continue till your symptoms are better, but remember don't repeat the remedy intake very frequently when you have improvements, because you may have an aggravation.
If you like, continue with the treatment for a week, and then report. We can adjust the dosis for your remaining symptoms.
Best wishes
andres last decade
Dear Andres

But today in office around 10 AM local time I felt sort of giddyness. I stood up and walked down to toilt and passed urine. I felt giddynes For 8-10 seconds. I checked my BP in office dispensory and it is 88 and 129. I am still feeling giddynes but not much and feeling like naucia.

Any comments.

Best regards

vijaymanika last decade
Dear Vijay:
It's usual to have a very little aggravation with homeopathic remedies. Wathc, and if the effect persists for more than a day, stop with the remedy and report.
If the effect goes dissapearing along the hours and time, don't worry and continue with the remedy.
Report if you feel some annoyed effects.
Best regards
andres last decade
Dear Andres

I am still feeling giddy and head is heavy. If I move my head to see sky or swing my head I feel giddy. Feeling nausea also.

I didn't take Arse. al. dose today. I have purchased Arse. al. of 30C potency and pills have size of seed of papaya fruit. I took one dose of 3 pills for three days.

If symptoms persist, what should I take to de toxicities myself. Is there any space for any adverse effect these doses for three days of Arse. al. can create.

Please remember that I am not used to toxic environment, food and conditions. I have spent my childhood in clean, natural and pollution free environment in a well to do family. As I have already written that I don't take outside food reason being hygiene is well maintained in my home and outside it is not.

Best Regards
vijaymanika last decade
Dear Vijay:
OK. STOP the intake.
I'll send to you on Monday an homeopathic questionnaire for take all your symptoms and select the best remedy.
When one remedy doesn't work well, we need recolect all the symptoms and revise the case.
Don't worry, because three dosis of Ars. Alb. can't produce worse symptoms that you have, and in a few days, these symptoms will disappear.
Best regards
andres last decade
Dear Andres

It is more than three days and still my head is heavy. I am feeling like some thing heavy is kept on my head and feeling like some kind of pressure inside my skull.

On saturday arond 4 Pm local time I had 3-4 sneezing with thin mucus for a while and then suddnly disappeared with in few couple of minutes. My head and root of nose is feeling the pressure.

How the Potency can be checked of any homeopathic medicine. I am suspecting is there any mistake from homeopathic store.

Do i need to consult doctor.

Best regards

vijaymanika last decade
Dear Vijay:
When I prescribed to you Ars. Alb. -after some questions about your complaint- I did thinking of your acidity, and not in your allergy, because in my mind I kept all your complaints may come from your digestive system, producing some kind of allergy to you.
But, as you report to me, it seem s have more relation that I thought. Because of them, please, fill the next questionnaire:

1. What is your chief complaint (CC)?
2. When did this problem begin? What happened in
your life around that time? What do you think
caused it?
3. What aggravates the CC? (certain types of
foods or weather, movement, light, noise,
heat/cold, or anything else that you can think
of; please be specific)
4. At what time of the day or night is the CC the
worst? Specify an hour if you can.
5. What symptoms can you identify that accompany
the CC (whether directly related or not)?

6. Questions about the weather and environment:
you only need to answer those which apply to
a. In which season does the weather bother you
the most?
b. How do you react to cold, hot, dry, wet or
windy weather? Please mention any and all
types of weather that affect you, and how.
c. How does a change of weather affect you?
d. How do you feel in bright sunlight?
e. Do you have any special reactions before,
during or after a storm? Please specify.
f. How do you react to drafts of air (e.g. open
window, having a fan on you) ? Do you like to
sleep with the window open even when it's cold
g. How do you react to sudden changes in
temperature, e.g. going from a cold
environment to a hot room or vice versa?
h. What about warmth in general, warmth of the
bed, of the room, of the heater or stove?
i. How do you feel at the seashore, or on high
7. What position do you dislike the most:
sitting, standing, lying?
8. Do you perspire a great deal? If so, when and
where on the body? (feet, head, hair, armpits,
9. What time of day tends to be a down time for

10. What do you worry about? How do you deal with
11. Do you tend to be neater and more fastidious
than those around you, or more casual?
12. Do you cry easily? In what situations?
13. When you are upset, do you tend to tell a lot
of people or keep it to yourself?
14. On what occasions do you feel despair?
15. In what circumstances do you feel jealous?
16. When and on what occasions do you feel
frightened or anxious? Any fears (darkness,
being alone, in crowds, altitude, flying,
elevators, etc.)?
17. What are the greatest griefs that you have
gone through in your life? How did you react?
18. What are the greatest joys you have had in
your life?
19. In what situations do you feel the blues,
depressed, sad, pessimistic?
20. What bothers you most in other people? How,
if at all, do you express it?
21. Do you have a lack of self confidence and a
poor sense of self worth?
22. Do you have any recurring dreams? What is the
23. What would you need to feel happy?
24. What do you do for work? Ideally, what would
you like to do?
25. If you had an unexpected week's vacation from
work and $1000, what would you do?
26. How do other people view you?
27. What would you like to change most about

28. How do you feel before, during and after
meals? How do you feel if you go without a
29. What would you most like to eat (if you did
not have to consider calories, fat, anything
you've read about the right way to eat)?
30. What foods do you dislike and refuse to eat?
What foods do you react badly to, and in what
31. How much do you drink in a day? Include
sodas, juice, coffee, tea, milk, and
alcoholic beverages as well as water. How
thirsty do you tend to get?

32. What hours do you sleep? Do you tend to wake
up at a particular time? Why? What makes you
restless or sleepy?
33. Do you do anything during sleep? (speak,
laugh, shriek, toss about, grind your teeth,
34. How do you feel in the morning?

35. Number of pregnancies, number of children,
number of miscarriages, number of abortions
36. At what age did your menses begin? If you
have gone through menopause, at what age?
37. How frequently do they (or did they) come?
38. What about their duration, abundance, colour,
time of day when flow is greatest; any odour
or clots?
39. How do you (did you) feel before, during and
after menses?

40. What medications are you taking at present?
41. How frequently do you get colds and flus?
42. Have you had any childhood illnesses twice,
or in a very severe form, or after puberty?
43. Have you had any vaccinations since the
standard childhood ones? Have you ever had an
adverse or unusual reaction to a vaccination?
44. Have you had any surgery? What and when?
45. Have you had at any time (mention year): What
therapy was given?
a) Warts: Where? When? How treated?
b) Cysts: Where? When? How treated?
c) Polyps: Where? When? How treated?
d) Tumours: Where? When? How treated?
46. Do you tend to have any discharges (nasal,
vaginal, etc.)? Colour, consistency?

47. a) Do you tend to need a smaller dose of
medications than most other people?
b) Do you need less anaesthesia than others,
or have a hard time coming out of it?
c) Do you tend to react to vitamins and herbs
and/or need hypoallergenic vitamins?
d) Are you sensitive to paint fumes, exhuast,
dry cleaning fluid, fragrances etc.?

48. Family history: Mention diseases, causes
and ages of deaths of father, mother,
sisters, brothers and grandparents on both

49. Construct a time line: Mention from birth
on to the present day, all IMPORTANT events
(emotional and physical traumas,
heartbreaks, divorces, work-related events,
diseases or traumas your mother had while
being pregnant with you, family stress,
death in the family or of friends,
disappointment, etc.) Mention the symptoms
experienced at those moments or which you
can date to those traumas. Please try to
write at least one page outlining major
events of your life.
50. What else would you like to say about
yourself or your condition?

The heavy head is coming by your sinus congestion. It's normal if you have any kind of respiratory allergy.
Potency is impossible to check, only trust your store.
In this moment, I think you don't need consult to your doctor, but if you think that may be better, please, feel free to visit him.
When you answer the questionnaire, I'll post my opinion.
Best regards
andres last decade

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