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only for Rishimba sir(multiple problem, depression pls help)rishimba sir pls help 31OCD and depression attn : Dr. Rishimba 3


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depression problem DR Rishimba,

Respected Dr,

I copied the questions you ask from one of the threads and giving the informations. Please help !!!

Respected Dr Rishimba,

These are the details of my wife. She had been suffering from mental depression and mood
disorder for about a decade now. Today it became more. Please help...

Describe your main suffering and from how long?

The main suffering is mood disorder. It has been there for about 10 years.
Treated by psychiatrists and kept on med for years together. was not hospitalized ever.
It started by 1999, when my wife was working in a difficult section of the office and the
boss was also a difficult lady. At the same time, my first daughter's 10th
standard examinations also came. My wife was coaching my daughter. She had dreams of
office files being lost or being checked. She broke down and shouted and also cried at the end.

I took her to a famous psychiatrist (who is dead about 3 years back). He treated he with
alprazolam and amitryptylene for four years. This contributed to weight increasing and severe
constipation etc....

After the demise of that psychiatrist, I took her to a different senior psychiatrist and
he cured her in about nine months and said no treatment or medicine is required any further.

Occasionally, she gets into worst moods or depressions, the psychiatrist advised me to give

Nexito forte for about 10 days. It was making things ok.

Today, without any reason, she screamed and shouted and cried. Of course, I have to give
the same med for 10 days.

Is there a way to get out of this problem ?


I am a computer engineer 54 years old. My wife is 48 years old and is also a graduate
working in Govt Telephones. We have two daughters. The first one is a Software engineer
in a famous IT company (joined a year back, even before her exam results)

My second daughter is really a very difficult type. She is very intelligent, shrewd etc.,,
But is not controllable. Now, perhaps she is the main problem. She insults all at home.
She has completed +2 and waiting for results to join BE.

Apart from our four, my 87 year old mother and 67 years old retired brother are with us.

Exact location? Mind.

Any cause which you feel for this ailment?

There are known cases of psychiatric problems in the family tree of my wife.

What other physical sufferings do you have in your body?

She often gets pain in the sole of her leg.

Slight gas problem.

What mental sufferings / feelings do you have associated with your physical sufferings?

The whole suffering is mental only. It is her getting irritated and in turn getting on the
nerves of others.

When did it all start?
About 10 years back.

What are the things which aggravate or ameliorate your suffering?

Tension, extra work, responsibilities, worries etc..

When do you feel better, during hot weather or cold weather, humid or dry weather?

The first problem occured during cold weather. Subsequently, the repetitions have been
mostly during winter.

What do you crave for in food items and what are your aversions?

She likes sweet as well as other items.

How is your thirst: Less, Normal or Excessive? Normal

How if your hunger: Less, Normal or Excessive? Normal

How is your bowel movement and stool type (Constipation etc.)?

A bit constipated.

How sleep, how are your dreams?

Sleep is disturbed, unless some medicine given, no deep sleep.
No strange dreams.

Do you have any strange, peculiar or unusual symptom or feelings?

What medications have been taken earlier?
Amitryptylene, Alprazolam,..

How do you look like (Appearance (fat, thin,smart, tall ,lean etc)?

Fat (now), originally very lean. Not short nor tall

Family history - What major diseases are running in your family?

In the family tree, psychiatric diseases have been diagnosed for her uncle and mother.
No BP, Sugar, heart problem

Any other information?
  kns_3 on 2007-04-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please start treatment with a dose of IGNATIA 30C just before going to bed at night and one in the morning empty stomach.

continue this for some 4 to 5 days. the sleep is supposed to improve and the mentals would change. the pai in the soles of the feel would also get relieved.

follow up with three doses of IGNATIA 200C on a single day after a week.

thats all.

if the mood swings still dont get relieved, come back with fresh symptoms.
rishimba last decade
Thank you very much. I shall try and let you know
kns_3 last decade
Respected Dr Rishimba,

As per your prescription I administered the remedies.. She was very happy cheerful etc.. during the course of 7 days.

After 5 days of stopping the med.. she started crying for very small reasons. My daughter came from B'lore for two days stay here and at the time of her leaving, my wife started crying.. She explained that she cried because, daughter did not spend much time talking to her.

I must say that crying is perhaps a part and parcel of her life. It was there before also. But my daughter says that her mother has become a kid... kiddish behavior... Should I repeat the dosage ?
Pleas guide..

Thank you in advance..
kns_3 last decade
please give her IGNATIA 1M one dose morning on every sunday for three consecultive weeks.

thats all.

come back after a month. if the need be, a follow up dose of NAT MUR 1M would be given if required.
rishimba last decade
Thank you very much..

I shall give her ignitia 1m this sunday onwards for three consecutive weeks and then report back to you.

Thanks again
kns_3 last decade
Hello KNS

I want to know if your wife is feeling ok now. I am also looking for depression treatment for my wife who is 28 yrs old.
lkhanna last decade
Dear lkhanna,

Presently my wife is doing well, after a lot of turmoils. Basically, I am not a homeopathy doctor, but years of moving with doctors in homeo, allopathy and Ayurveda, I have developed lot of knowledge in this avenues.

I found Ignitia helping a bit in the beginning, but after some time, it did not show much improvement. It seems to be more palliative than curative. Dr Rishimba is a very kind and knowledgeable person. He later on suggested Natrum Mur, which is the chronic of Ignitia. It usually works very well in majority of cases. But in my wife's case, it failed.

Necessity is the mother of inventions. I did some inventional work. I tried through different engines to find out the constitutional remedy for my wife and it turned out to be pulsatilla. I tried 200c. It showed some improvement and later on switched over to 1M once in 3 days for 15 days. It turned out to be a blessing. She improved and the problem did not repeat.

I did not want to take any chances(You perhaps know the pangs of OUR sufferings due to the better-half's suffering) I poured all my problems to one psychiatrist at Chennai (He was treating he previously also). I am not sure whether she got cured and the cure continued because of Pulsatilla or the doctor's change of drugs. She is OK, fine now. She regrets why she had to be in that unceremonious ways.

I hope your wife, who is just 28, will surely get cured shortly and you will have a happy long life.

kns_3 last decade
Hello Sir

Thanks for your response and I am really glad that your wife is well now.

Today Doctor has asked my wife to take Nexito and Lonazep for 10 days. I remember you mentioned Nexito was given your wife also. My wife has never taken any anti depression medicines and she is going to start the course 1st time.

I want to know based on your experience how does Nexito works? If my wife feels better for 10 days and doesnÂ’t feel better after 10 days, then what does it mean? Do I need to continue giving this medicine?

When you were trying different medicine, was your wife facing any side effect also?
I live in Nigeria and unfortunately medical facilities are not so good. So I will prefer to continue getting treatment from India itself.

You have tried almost everything Homeopathy, Allopathy and Ayurvedic. As per your experience which one I should try for my wife?

I really need your help and experience. So that I can go for right treatment for my wife.

lkhanna last decade
Hello Mr KNS

Can you pl reply. I really need your help and exp.

lkhanna last decade
Dear lkhanna,

I know nexito. Lonozep is clonozepam. These are usually combined in Nexito forte, available in India. I practically know the results of Nexito. It recovers the individual from acute problems, but, as far as my knowledge goes, it does not solve chronic problems. But it is undoubtedly a miracle cure, where the problem is acute, short-timed.

Regarding the question whether Homeo or Allopathy, They are not antagonistic. They can go together. But basically, Homeopathy cures the disease, Allopathy mostly suppresses it and by natural defence the body and mind adjusts, over a period of time. I prefer a combination of these. I am not recommending anybody, but I know Dr Deoshlok Sharma of this forum does a wonderful treatment for problems that cannot be treated by Allopathy. His success rate is about 90% in these cases. You may contact him straight.
kns_3 last decade
Hi everybody,

i m Manish and my dad met with an accident 1 year back,
he got head injury and a blood clot got created in his brain but the doctors somehow treated that clot without operation, just with medicines.

after that accident, he became very aggressive and short tampered.
previously he was very cool.but now he is very short tampered, so we asked d doctor abt it and he said, its normal and prescribed nexito 20 for 1 month and then nexito 10 onwards.
so now he is ok wen he takes nexito.
and starts reacting on very small situations without nexito.
like he starts crying while watching emotional scenes.

and another problem is that he sweats a lot even in cold days.
he becomes restless in hot days.

please suggest wat to do to cure this short temperateness, extra emotional behavior and this restlessness.

manish0233 last decade
please give him NAT SULPH 30C three doses on a single day at 4 hours interval in empty stomach.

no food or water one hour before or after.
rishimba last decade
Thanks Doctor,

will let u know abt the progress, but i m thinking, will this dose wrk as v r going to try only for 1 day.

please suggest.
manish0233 last decade
this one dose set will work if the remedy is right for him..

if the remedy is not correct, it will never work even if you repeat it daily !!

if your father gets a bit better in the next 30 days, we will give him the remedy in 200c potency and increase further if required.
rishimba last decade
Thanks Doctor,
You are very helpful.
Hope i can help you some day like you are helping us.

That dose worked a bit and ya, we are talking with him very politely. Whatever he says, we never say no. so his condition has improved a bit.
But wen i wrote this comment, at that time he was also facing some an other problem.

When ever he lays down on bed or gets up from bed. like he is doing rest and suddenly if he gets up or sits from that laying down position, he gets dizziness, and some times that increases too much that he need to hold something to control himself.

please suggest.
i m waiting for your quick reply.
Really worried this time.
manish0233 last decade
you need to put the full case of your dad here. please fill up the questionnaire and start a new thread.

if he is getting good response with nat sulph 30c you can give him one dose whenever the symptoms seem to return.
rishimba last decade
Hello Dr., my mother's sodium levels reached 120 in 2005 and she was admitted to AIIMS and was given salt and potassium. It affected her limb movement, her speech..she had undergone physiotherapy etc and now she can move but still not independent and doesn't talk much and clear..recently we gave nexito 10 mg as prescribed by her neuro..she has developed..swelling around eyes, feet and face..breathlessness as well..is it because of the medicine or diwali crackers..while eating walking she is feeling breathless..i would also like to mention her sodium levels still fluctuates and we often have to give her salt capsules..she is also feeling weak..pls help dr..so tht she can regain her mobility, talk more and clearer..and can regain some strength..Thanks Dr.
1105283 last decade
Please copy the Questionnaire from the following thread
and post all the questions here duly answered. On that basis remedy for your mother may be worked out.
Oedema is symptom of hypernatermia, all other symptoms like weakness etc. can occur due to hypo natremia as well as hyper natremia. i hope that you are monitoring her sodium levels while giving salt capsules. It is very unlikely that medicine like nexito plus will work as the problem is more physiological than psychological. If you could give the answers properly the indicated homeopathic remedy will be worked out. Homeopathic remedies act at both psychological and physiological planes.
kadwa last decade

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