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axillary breast lumps

I am a 44 year old woman.I have breast tissue lumps under the both armpits.They have steadily grown over 10 years.Mammogram shows only breast tissue.
I have no pain but some discomfort
I have noticed that as these lumps have grown in size my breasts have reduced in size.
They can be removed by sugery only but the scar is very painful.
I am a patient of rheumatoid arthritis.I am on strong allopathic medicine as it is quite active.
I also have autoimmune hypothyroid problem and taking thyroid hormone replacement.
My periods are generally regular and normal.
I would like to avoid surgery but do want these lumps to go away.
  vishali on 2004-10-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Vishali, You have see MD and get diagnosis of what kind of lumps are they ? Definately palliave method of Rx always good. But as you have for long term problem you should get biopsy done. That will help in making selection of homeopathic durg.

For other problem see your homeopath and start constitutional remedy that will help in pain on a longer run..
Wish you good luck..
Raj last decade
Thanx for your prompt reply Raj.The doctors dont need a biopsy because it is normal breast tissue that is growing in the wrong place.I have had two mammograms and ultrasound to check.Its a fairly common condition.
vishali last decade

Have you tried any other homeopathic medicine before or have you seen homeopath. Please write more about you personality, likes and dislikes, weather modalities and other problem if you have beside lumps. THat will enable me or someone to make a symptom picture before suggesting any remedy. Thanks,
Raj last decade
Hi ,
Here are some details about me:
I am a strong and silent person, a typical taurus,until provoked.I can be very patient at times.But certain situations can make me nervous..like going on stage etc.I love to study.I have recently acquired heart ultrasound licence and am now going for MRI.
I was athletic and strong .I dont cry out loud when in pain.
I like good food..I used to crave choclates and cakes a lot but now for the last few years I can control myself.I dont like to eat a lot of meat .I like fish a lot..and vegetable dishes and like green chillies instead of red..I cook fresh food everyday.
I like comedy I dont like violence and vulgarity.I am a religious person.
Since my teens I have become sensitive to cold weather.It used to make me stiff esp. my whole back.warmth is comforing
I have had typhoid twice and measles twice..once in childhood and then in my twenties.
My thyroid goitre grew when I was 16..but it gave me trouble after my first child,when it became hyper first and then hypo..i have been taking thyroxine since 26.
I have always suspected my rheumatoid arthritis as I am a doctor and my mother had it too esp. in my early twenties because of the stiffness with cold weather.But it actually started when I was 30 I did take homeo medicine(which I dont remember) for it and it went away for a while,then I went to Kuwait.I had migrating arthritis and was feverish all the time and had frequent sore throat..i used to take painkillers.These were years when my kids were small and very difficult to handle..then my husband's parents who were both bedridden and needed constant attention , had to be looked after too.So I couldnt think about my pains and ignored myself.After the death of my husband's parents..say a few months later I developed severe generalized rheumatoid arthritis.So since 1998 I have been on allopahic medidne..steroids didnt help me a lot .I took gold injections and methotrexate..it was manageable.I tried to take homeomedicine but it didnt work at all or i couldnt tolerate the relapse.
Now In Canada since 2002 I am taking another medicine instead of gold and feel much better.These medicines are hepatotoxic so i get my blood tested every other month.so far its been normal except my rheumatoid factor which has been rising and is close to 1000 units ..normal is 33.It means I may get extraarticular involment.For e.g. since a few months
I have epischleritis in my left eye and soft tissue swelling under that eye.
I can tolerate the winter here now that I am better but cold rainy days are bad.In Kuwait airconditioning was my worst enemy.
I do get flareups here and there but they go away after a few days.
I had taken Kali phos 3x when I had a stiff back a few months ago..it worked like wonders.so I keep it handy.
I dont sleep a lot.If I take a nap in the afternoon its very difficult for me to sleep early at night.6-7 hours is usually enough for me.
I have a short heart murmur.My heart is a bit on the larger side and sometimes I get irregular heart beats,but its functioning ok right now.i dont feel weak or short of breath more than the other ladies of my age.
So these lumps are actually the least of my problems but I have started dislikng them because they are ugly and i can feel them under the arms.I am not a very obese person.I have gained 15 kilos since i got married .I think its because I like to take snacks frequently esp. cereals not fats,I do that when I am bored or depressed and have nothing to do.Usually I am a very optimistic person and have many friends who rely on me as I am eager to help them at any time.

I am from Pakistan.( vishali is my good firend's name).
I hope this lengthy description answers your questions.
I would not have bothered you if I didnt need surgery and they seem to be growing and growing .Thanyou very much for your time.
Best wishes
vishali last decade
I forgot to mention that I had taken homeopathic medicine for my eyes .I have upper eye lid swelling for many years which doctors say could be due to thyroiditis..and I also have swelling under my left eye(which I have mentioned ).The homeopath gave me apis and another I dont remember..one for kidney problem and other for liver problem I took them for two weeks but It didnt work.
And I also suffer from hoarseness of voice which is again linked to my rheumatoid arthritis.
looking forward to your remarks.Thank you all.
vishali last decade
I am almost sure that you have an imbalance of metals in your body.

I have been watching unusual thyroid problems showing up everywhere. Strange symptoms and so hard to treat.

Call around and ask chiropractors if they offer hair analysis. It is sent to a lab and it comes back with a graph of nearly every mineral and metal in the tissues, not the blood.

The hair must not be dyed or pubic hair is used. A small amount of hair very close to the scalp is taken from 2 places and sent to the lab.

I had a problem and decided to do this and found that my calcium was off the chart. This causes many problems. I had high mercury. I took natural formulas for 3 months, changed my fish intake and I am nearly back to normal. I take natural Iodine.

I have studied several books and looked online and couldn't find but two possible remedies that came close to your discription of symptoms.

PHOSPHORUS and PHYTOLACCA. Look them up and see what you think. Keep in touch. Ask what you wish. Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra,
Thankyou so much for your feedback.I wil do as you have advised.Thanx a lot again.Take care.
vishali last decade
What was the problem with your kidney and liver??
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
None actually..Thw homeopath thought that the upper eyelid swelling is due to liver problem and under the lower eyelid is due to kidney problem.I took thehomeo medicine he prescibed a year ago and havent gone back to him after that. `The medicines I am taking for my RA are toxic to liver (methotrexate and Leflunomde).I have taken gold injections for atleast four years and those were toxic to kidney.But my blood tests and urine tests have always been normal except for ESR which is high when I have relapse and RA factor which has been rising steadily.
vishali last decade
I will research some more on Phosphorus and Phytolacca for you.
Ofcourse ! Sabra has spent time on chosing these meds for you.

Meanwhile, I suggest you continue with Kali Phos 3X and along with that take Natrum Sulp. 3X. ..these two can be taken together...since these are Bio-chemic meds....more like tonics but with surprisingly efficient results.

Since you are a doctor and would have checked your self, do the lumps have water collection in them??

when you took Apis...did any changes?

Are you near the coast in Canada or in the hinter-land?

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi Pankaj Varma,
I live in Mississauga the fastest growing city in Canada which is inland and not near the sea coast but close to the lakeshore.
The lumps have only normal breast tissue nothing else.
Apis did not work on my eyelid swelling .I dont remember if there were any other effects.
vishali last decade
In the event Apis is called for and doesn't work, VESPA CRABRO (wasp) may be helpful.

The swellings under discussion are actually flesh in incorrect location. Eye puffiness could be fatty tissue, as it is so very common.

Apis is somewhat like Rhus Tox, but Rhus is better for hives and itching. Apis more like edema or allergic swellings. Rhus is more east coast and Apis more west coast USA. (not written in stone.)

Vishali, Because this case is very puzzling, do not hesitate to try other remedies from my learned colleagues. One never knows when some obscure remedy will be THE ONE! (or two) Sabra
sabra last decade
I had an ultrasound scan of eye lids in April..they found soft tissue swelling not fat and in the lower lid I can actually see the swelling of the conjunctiva on the inside of the lower lid and also in the outer corner of the eye..so I really think this is edema not fat.
vishali last decade
Should I try Apis again?Howlong will it take to find out that its working?maybe I didnt take it long enough.
vishali last decade
The edema in the eye lids is plain inflammation or does it contain fluid??

What is teh condition of scalp, hair, nails(hands and toes) etc.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hello Pamjaj Varma
I dont understand what you mean by plain inflammation.if you mean there is redness and pain..then no.Its just watery swelling .The eye specialist said nothing could be done about it and cosmetic surgery is dangerous ..and that its going to get worse.The puffiness on upper lid is below the eyebrow so that it droops a little over the eye crease.
The lower left swelling although very slowly increasing , seems to be related to the pinkness of the outer corner of eye which comes and goes and I dont have any pain or discomfort when its pink.There could be some inflammation going on there.I am not sure.
Scalp..is dry and I have to use anti dandruff shampoos to control it.
Hair has been falling a lot..even before I started taking methotrexate.
Nails..toe nails are normal finger nails have longitudenal ridges and they become a little distorted when i grow them long.
I have always had some swelling over my feet and shin more so if I am sitting or standing a lot since my early twenties.Sometimes my hands and fingers too when I wake up or hang them down for long.
My blood pressure is on the lower side about100 over 70 or even 65.

I really appreciate what you ALL are doing to help so many people here.Thankyou so much for your time and effort.
Best wishes
vishali last decade
For the moment take Kali Phos and Natrum Sulph as suggested by me. (Bio-chemic).

Try what Sabra has suggested.

If a few doses work....we can proceed from there.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Sabra's original suggestion of trying PHYTOLACCA seems to be the best.

Along with Bio-chemics take PHYTOLACCA 30 OR PHYTOLACCA 6 ....four times a day for 4/5 days then reduce it to 3 times a day...gradually tapering off.

It will begin to show some results in 48 to 72 hours.

Send feed back.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thankyou so much.I will start these medication as soon as possible.I just hope they are available at the store here.Will be in contact with you after I take them for a few days.
Bye for now.
vishali last decade
Forgot to ask you one thing ..how many times a day di I take the biochemics?
vishali last decade
Take the Bio-chemics four times a day.

you can take the tabs of both the meds together.

Bio-chemics are like vitamins.

If Phytolacca starts an aggravation....reduce the doses or stop for a while ....depending upon the extent of the aggravation.

Every constitution has its own individual pace of reaction.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

With Phytolacca what potency and dosage would you recommend....seeking a second opinion....for the benefit of Vishali.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Pankaj Varma,
what would be signs of aggravation..just give me an idea..I have some pain in my joints nowadays as winter has started and its been raining too.
would the swelling of my eyes increase?
vishali last decade
Along with the symptoms you have given, do you also have skin rash/itching ?

During rainy season any back problem?

(Aggravations are manage-able,
they are in the form of a mild headache, fever or skin eruptions etc).

Something that goes away in 2/3 hours to 2/3 days.

It is better to go thru the aggravation and heal your self....rather than to allow the disease to go into the important organs like the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys etc. etc.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I am not afraid of the aggravation..I just wanted to know if I could differentiate between them and my present symptoms .I dont have any rash or itching nor any back pain.I am actually fasting its ramadan..but because I have pain in the knees , left foot and my mastication joint I am taking a strong pain killer called voltaren 50mg to get thru the day.so its all suppressed now.what do you think I should do?..take medicine after ramadan when I can stop the pain kiler and observe the symptoms.But ramadan finishes in 10 days.will I be able to contact you and Sabra then ?
vishali last decade

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