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Desperate! 3 1/2 yr old son poor eating is getting much worse

Good Afternoon,
I am praying that someone can help us. My 3 1/2 yr old son has never been a good eater, even as a baby but he has stayed in the 50% for weight and above that for height. We have had testing done and there is no medical condition that we can find. Here are some facts about him:
1. Had severe reflux as a baby and was treated with Prilosec until 1 yr old. (I have since learned from that mistake)
2. Pale skin, blue eyes
3. Energetic
4. Average immune system
5. Seasonal outdoor allergies, runny nose, blocky skin, scratchy throat
6. Very Sensitive skin
7. Extremely inteligent
8. very tempermental and sensative emotionally also very creative and funny
9. has regular bowel movements
10. Actually hates eating and has to be reminded throughout a meal to continue. A small waffle will take about an hour to eat.

His diet is now getting even smaller and he is starting to tell us that he is done with a few foods he was eating. On an average day, he will eat tator tots (hashbrowns), bacon (not every day), a waffle and an occasional fruit. He does drink 14 ounces of soy milk a day and takes a vitamin.
I am an energy worker and have had some success but I really feel this is about the mental relationship he has with food and I have been to so many doctors and therapist that I am feeling a bit hopeless. I am wondering if there is a homeopathic option that would increase his appetite to the point he needed to eat what was in front of him. He will not even let a new food near his mouth.
I feel this is defintely a mental battle, but I cannot prove to him that there are good foods out there until he will put it in his mouth.
Please help!
Thank you!
  hnb13 on 2007-07-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
All I can say is soy milk at his age may not be a super idea. Give rice or oat milk instead. (Oat milk I think is much tastier)

This may help with appetite and digestion...10 drops in water (that is a tincture mix-herb and small amounts of grain alcohol) or 300mg of Gentian root.

Bergamot and peppermint oils encorages appetite. Inhale that deeply under the nose.

Something called Ignatia Amara is used for people with eating disorderes who have emotional swings, but that may not apply. Take a 6x, 12x, 6C, 30C, twice daily for 2 weeks or until improvement beforehand.

Anyways, go to Answers.Yahoo (dot) com also. You will get better answers than me, and in Mental Health may be the best category. Good luck.

(Oh yeah, don't let him ever have milk dairy...to much junk in there)
ErikJ123 last decade
try meddorrinum 1M one dose only and wait for 5 weeks if any change cantact me .
good luck
faisal qureshi last decade

The Gonorrhoeal Virus. A Nosode.

For the constitutional effects of mal-treated and suppressed gonorrhoea, when the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve.

For persons suffering from gout, rheumatism, neuralgia and diseases of the spinal cord and its membranes - even organic lesions ending in paralysis - which can be traced to a sycotic origin.

For women, with chronic ovaritis, salpingitis, pelvic cellulitis, fibroids, cysts, and other morbid growths of the uterus and ovaries, especially if symptoms point to malignancy, with or without sycotic origin.

For scirrhus, carcinoma or cancer, with acute or chronic in development, when the symptoms correspond and a history of sycosis can be traced.

Bears the same relation in deep-seated sycotic chronic affections of spinal and sympathetic nervous system that Psorinum does to deep-seated affections of skin and mucous membranes.

Children, pale, rachitic; dwarfed and stunted in growth ( Bar. c. ); mentally, dull and weak.

Great heat and soreness, with enlargement of lymphatic glands all over body.

Consumptive languor; fatigue; great general depression of vitality.

Pains: arthritic, rheumatic, in a sequel of suppressed gonorrhoea ([Daph.] od., Clem. ); constricting, seem to tighted the whole body ( Cac. ); sore all over, as if bruised ( Arn. , [Eup.]).

Trembling all over (subjective), intense nervousness and profound exhaustion.

State of collapse, want to be fanned all the time ( Carbo v. ); craves fresh air; skin cold, yet throws off the covers ( Camph. , Sec. ); bold and bathed with cold perspiration ( Ver. ).

Mind. - Weakness of memory; cannot remember names, words or initial letters; has to ask name of most intimate fried; even forgets his own name.

Cannot spell correctly; wonders how a well-known name is spelled.

Constantly loses the thread of conversation.

Great difficulty in stating her symptoms, question has to be repeated as she loses herself.

Cannot speak without weeping.

Anticipates death; always anticipating, feels matters most sensitively before they occur and generally correctly.

Irritated at trifles; cross during the day, exhilarated at night.

Very impatient; peevish.

Anxious, nervous, extremely sensitive; starts at the least sound.

Time passes too slowly ( Alum. , Arg. n. , Can. I. ).

Is in a great hurry; when doing anything is in such a hurry she gets fatigued.

Many symptoms are < when thinking of them (pains return as soon as he thinks about them, Ox. ac. ).

Head. - Intense burning pain in brain, < in cerebellum; extends down spine.

Head feels heavy and is drawn backwards.

Sensation of tightness and contraction; extends down whole length of spine.

Headache and diarrhoea from jarring of cars.[maybe ears?]

Throat. - Sensation s if she had taken a severe cold, with distressing aching in bones; throat sore and swollen, deglutition of either liquids or solids impossible ( Mer. ).

Throat constantly filled thick, gray or bloody mucus from posterior nares ( Hyd. ).

Appetite. - Ravenous hunger immediately after eating ( Cina , Lyc. , Psor. ).

Constant thirst, even dreams she is drinking.

Insatiate craving: for liquor, which before she hated ( Asar. ); for salt ( Cal. , Nat. ); sweets ( Sulph. ); for ale, ice, acids, oranges, green fruit.

Bowels. - Stools: tenacious, clay-like, sluggish, cannot strain from a sensation of prolapse of rectum ( Alum. ).

Constriction and inertia of bowels with ball-like stools ( Lach. ).

Can only pass stool by leaning very far back; very painful, as if there was a lump on posterior surface of sphincter; so painful as to cause tears.

Sharp, needle-like pains in rectum.

Oozing of moisture from anus, feted odor of fish brine ( Caust. , Hep. ).

Urinary Organs. - Sever pain (backache) in renal region, > by profuse urination ( Lyc. ).

Renal colic; intense pain in ureters, with sensation of passage of calculus ( Berb. , Lyc. , [Ocim. c.]); craving for ice.

Nocturnal enuresis: passes enormous quantity of ammoniacal, high colored urine in bed every night; < by over-work or over-play, extremes of heat or cold, when the best selected remedy fails; with a history of sycosis.

Painful tenesmus of bladder and bowels when urinating.

Sexual Organs. - Menses; profuse, very dark, clotted; stains difficult to wash out ( Mag. c. ).

Metrorrhagia: at climacteric; profuse for weeks, flow dark clotted, offensive; in gushes, on moving; with malignant disease of uterus.

Intense menstrual colic, with drawing up of knees and terrible bearing down labor-like pains; must press feet against support, as in labor.

Intensive pruritus of labia and vagina < by thinking of it.

Breasts and nipples sore and sensitive to touch.

Breasts cold as ice to touch, especially the nipples, rest of body warm (during menses).

Respiratory Organs. - Asthma: choking caused by a weakness or spasm of epiglottis; larynx stopped so that no air could enter, only > by lying on face and protruding tongue.

Soreness of larynx as if ulcerated.

Dyspnoea and sense of constriction; can inhale with ease, but no power to exhale ( Samb. ).

Cough: dry, incessant, sever; painful, as if mucous membrane was torn from larynx; deep, hollow, like coughing in a barrel; < at night, from sweets, on lying down; > by lying on stomach.

Sputa: albuminous, frothy; small, green, bitter balls; viscid, difficult to raise.

Incipient consumption; severe pains in middle lobes.

Back and Extremities. - Pain in back between scapulae; whole length of spine sore to touch ([Chin. s.]).

Intense burning heat, beginning in nape of neck and extending down spine, with a contractive stiffness, < by stretching.

Rheumatism of top of shoulder and arm; pains extend to fingers, < by motion (right, Sang. - left, Fer. ).

Lumber vertebrae painful and sensitive to touch.

Pain in sacrum, coccyx, and back of hips running around and down limbs.

Pains in legs, from hips to knees; only when walking.

Heaviness of legs, feel like lead; walking very difficult, legs are so heavy, legs give way.

Lower limbs ache all night, preventing sleep.

Intensely restless and fidgety legs and feet ( Zinc. ).

Terrible suffering in legs and arms during an electrical storm.

Aching in legs, with inability to keep them still in bed, < when giving up control of himself, when relaxing, in trying to sleep.

Coldness of legs and feet; of hands and forearms.

Drawing, contracting sensation in hamstrings and ankles; cramps in calves and soles ( Cup. ).

Ankles easily turn when walking ( Carbo an. , Led. ).

Burning of hands and feet, wants them uncovered and fanned ( Lach. , Sulph. ).

Almost entire loss of nervous force in legs and arms; exhausted by slightest effort.

Painful stiffness of every joint in body.

Deformity of finger joints; large, puffy, knuckles; swelling and painful stiffness of ankles; great tenderness of heels and balls of feet; swellings of all joints are puffy, like windgalls.

Relations. - Compare: Ipec. , dry cough; Camph. , Sec. , Tab. , Ver. , in collapse; Pic. ac. , Gels. , inability to walk; Aloe , Sulph. , morning diarrhoea.

The burning feet of Sulphur and restless fidgety legs and feet of [Zinc. are] both found at the same time in Medorrhinum.

Aggravation. - When thinking of it ( Helon. , Ox. ac. ); heat, covering; stretching; thunder storm; least movement; sweets; from daylight to sunset (rev. of Syph. ).

Amelioration. - At the seashore (rev. of Nat. ); lying on stomach; damp weather ( Caust. , Nux ).



Does you son's symptoms tally, atleast in a few areas?

gavinimurthy last decade
Look at this.

Children, pale, rachitic; dwarfed and stunted in growth ( Bar. c. ); mentally, dull and weak.

Is your son like this?

If not this medicine is capable of making him so, in higher potencies like 1M.

Homeopathy is a double edged sword. Use it cautiously. It may cause as much damage as it can help.

Don't put the health of your child in the hands of total strangers. Seek help only from a competent homeopath who earned your trust.

gavinimurthy last decade
And these doctors can't even spell the name of the medicine correctly.!!

gavinimurthy last decade
What is his height and weight?


Warn you, pl. don't give 'Medorrhinum'

Further querries :-

Have you got his lever function test done? If not pl. do so.

Does he grinds his teeth in the night?

Any itching in his anal or in the nose?

Whether he comes to food and stops after a little eating or completely avoids?

Noted as under :

'Seasonal outdoor allergies, runny nose, blocky skin, scratchy throat

' Very Sensitive skin'

Will examine further on receipt of information.
Rajendra last decade
-He is 38 1/2 inches tall and weighs 38.10 lbs

-I have not had the liver funtions tested but will order it right away.

- He does not grind his teeth

- No itching

- He avoids food just from the look or smell of it. It never reaches his mouth. If I force him to try, he cries and then makes himself vomit.

Also want to note that he is very strong minded and intelligent for his age. His comprehension skills amaze even the doctor.

Thank you very much for your help!
hnb13 last decade
'Aversion to all food even Meat.'

Any Tuberculosis history in the family?

Was the child vaccinated for T.B.?
Rajendra last decade
No history in the family and his adversions are of a mental nature. He loves alot of fruits and plenty of snacks like cookies, crackers, some candies, also loves bacon. But we limit his intake. He more wants to be in charge and eat what he wants and refuses to try anything new of any nature.

Thanks for your help!
hnb13 last decade
Noted Skin colour Pale.

Pl give him Chelidonium 30 (4 pills 3 times a day) about 15 minutes before meals.

Calc. Phos 6X 4 Pills three times a day say 1/2 hour after Lunch and in the morning and evening.

Report after a week of starting medicines.
Rajendra last decade
Dear patient,
Please try the folloing combination of salts to cure your kid.

1. Calceria Phos-6x
2. Natrum Phos-6x
3. Natrum Sulph-6x

Buy the above three salts in powder form and use 2 grain each (2+2+2=6 grain per dose) ,mixed it in a little water and give him thirce a day for a week and report. Hopefully you will found him in a better position after a week.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade

You can either of the two combinations. Both are O.K. for the problem.
Rajendra last decade

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