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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I have come across cases where Non-Veg people are having worms. The type of problem that you are having are relating to entestinal disorder. Many poblems because of one reason.

Pl. get your stool tested. If in one go the results are clear pl. repeat it atleast upto 3 times.
Rajendra last decade
I will get my stool tested.

My friend who was very much helped by homeopathy said I should mention the following information. After looking at my skin, he said it looks like the brown spots are damage from an acid, and when I looked at one of my acne creams, it has glycolic acid in it. I have struggled with acne all my life, so my derm prescribed me topical medications. The problem is that my skin is very sensitive, and my friend thinks that the topical medications have made the problem worse. My skin is unable to shed properly, and all the pores are clogged so my skin is unable to heal. I have yet to find a moisturizer that doesn't make my skin worse. Anyway, my friend said that this information is key, and that I should have shared it in my first post. From looking at my skin, he says the brown spots are major damage from products that help get rid of extra layers of skin, but that in the process greatly damage the skin. Is there any remedy that would help my skin shed and unclog properly?

Thank you.
whatamess last decade
I would suggest use - Natrum Muir 30 2 drops in a spoon of water at 8 AM and 6PM for a week and then wait for a week.
Rajendra last decade
Thank you, Rajendra.

I've been taking Nat Muir 3x/day for 3-some weeks. Just to clarify: Do you want me to change the dosage? What do you mean by 2 drops? 2 pellets?

You asked me to get Hypothyroidism tests. I am 2.1 which according to some doctors is considered normal, while other doctors consider that borderline/starting hypothyroidism. I have many of the symptoms of hypo except for being overweight. I would actually be considered normal or underweight. I also get my testosterone levels tested. They are normal, but when I have taken medications to block testosterone, then my body hair and acne stop. So, it seems like my skin is sensitive to any levels of testosterone.

Thanks to Nat Muir (and the other meds that you suggested before, which I stopped taking) I no longer crave sour or sweets and less so salt. So, the Nat Muir is having some effect.
whatamess last decade
You were earlier advised Nat. Muir 30 (2drops in a spoon of watwer at 8AM and 6PM) for three days and report.

Further you may send details as per ther following site :-

Rajendra last decade
The details of the site are as under

A. Where each symptom is located (ie at right temples)

1. What first started it off (ie walking in a cold wind)

2. When it's worse (ie on seeing bright lights, on stepping, before period, etc)

3.When it feels better (ie lying down in a dark room, when warm, when cold)

4.Your sleep pattern and details of any recurring dreams.

5.What you are sensitive to (ie, heat, cold, touch, criticism, etc)

6.Your state of mind (fears, anxieties, attitudes, moods, etc)

7.Any desires or aversions for particular foods, and wether certain foods make you feel better or worse.

8.Details of any major diseases suffered in past.

9.Detals of any reactions to other medicines taken.

10.History of homeopathic treatment if any.

11.All other symptoms you have (ie watering eyes, cold feet, thirst).

If you write it as a list rather than a history of your life spanning many pages, it will be easier to read your post, so you are more likely to receive a response. The more concise you can make it, the better.
Rajendra last decade
This what you said I should take previously: 'In the meantime please take Natrum Muir 30 (4 Pills three times a day)' - Rajendra

What does 2 drops mean? 2 pellets?

I answered all the questions previously, but I'd be glad to start over.

A. Skin on face and arms.

1. Not exactly sure. Stress and topical products with acid.

2. Whenever I put any kind of cream or product on the skin. Allergic reaction to everything I have tried.

3.Have yet to exactly indentify when it feels better. In general, I feel better at night time.

4. Go to sleep late. Somewhat restless sleep. If I didn't eat anything right before going to sleep, will be hungry at night and get up to eat. Need to eat little meals often. Vivid dreams that usually cover events that took place during the day.

5. Get cold very easily. Cannot keep warm in air conditioned public places. Body will start shaking uncontrollably when cold. In winter, will be cold, but then will overheat from all the layers of clothes. Sweat a lot. Sweating feels uncomfortable. Do not like to be touched when under stress or to be comforted. Like to be left alone when unhappy. Only like playful or happy touch.

6. Openminded. Many opinions, always weighing opinions and indecisive. Very much fearless, except for fear of walking alone on the street at night and of deep ocean water. Low tolerance for stress. Very sensitive to noise.

7. Fatty food and preservatives make me feel worse. I like salt. Used to crave sour and sweets. Do not like hot or warm milk.

8. Allergies, malaria, infections.

9. Medicines either make me sleepy or overly nervous.

10. First time trying homeopathy.

11. Cold feet and hands. Poor circulation. Muscle cramps. Gas. Headaches. Noise in ears when swallowing. Random shooting pains.
whatamess last decade
If the medicine is in lequid form then two drops and if it is in pellet then 4 pallets in a spoon of water.
Rajendra last decade
I took Nat Muir for 3 days as directed, then stopped. No change in skin conditions, but I feel terrible since I've stopped. I felt pretty good emotionally when I was taking Nat Muir. My skin still looks bad. Scars, inflamation, burns, cracks, deep wrinkles, discoloration, etc.

Should I restart Nat Muir?
whatamess last decade
Continue Natrum Muir as advised.

Report after a week.
Rajendra last decade
Thanks, Rajendra.

When you say 4 pellets in a spoon of water, do I need to let the pellets disolve in the spoon, or can I let the pellets disolve in the water in my mouth? I've been doing the latter because it takes a long time for the pellets to disolve in a spoon of water. Does it make a difference?
whatamess last decade
No progress on my facial skin. It seems to be getting more and more dry and the areas that are cracked seem to be growing each day. It's as if an acid destroyed a layer of skin and now the skin is unable to repair itself. On some days, my skin on my face is so painful that I can barely smile, even though I have stopped topical and internal medications that may have contributed to the skin damage. My skin has lost its ability to fix itself. The Nat. Muir definitely has an effect on balance and mood, but it's not helping my skin.
whatamess last decade
I still feel your skin problem is due to entestinal problem.

Unless you are able to have clear bowls daily, the skin problem will remain. SO please concentrate on your stools.

Take Isabgol Husk 2 spoon with milk Luke warm or Luke warm water before dinner.

Homeo medicine : Ars. Alb. 30 (1 drop in a spoon of water in the morning daily )for 3 days and then report.
Rajendra last decade
Arsenic Alb. :

Skin, dry 3
Skin, discoloration, brown, liver spots 2
Face, dryness (See Skin) 3
(Total 8)
Rajendra last decade
I got my stool examined and it tested positive for Giardia. It also tested for a high level of yeast. I took medication for giardia. After this, I took Ars Alb as suggested for 3 days and it got my stools moving. Instead of going once every 2 days, I went 3 times a day. What a change!

Now, I still have pimples and discoloration on my face. The pimples seem to be caused by staph and/or yeast. They are under the skin and linger for a long, long time. I haave many pimples on my hair line, and even on my scalp where I also have dandruff. My face and scalp are both very dry and very oily.

I did some reasearch on your website and came across this posting: blank">http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/25587/

The questions asked by the homeopath are very relevant to me. The homeopath asks:
(1) can she wear wollen garment? My answer: no
(2) is she childish? yes.
(3) eats little and often: yes.
(4) drinks in small mouthfulls: yes.
(5) like body warm, but head by window to keep head cool: yes.

My feet and hands are usually cold, and my head feels like it is boiling. It is very unpleasant.

What should I do next?
whatamess last decade
Any advice, doctors?

Remedies that I took:
Nux Vom - made bowel movement more regular, but then back to once every 2 days.
Nat Mur: made me feel more balanced. Made nose more dry.
Ars: resulted in 3 bowel movements a day. Made me very tired the first day I took it.

Now my bowel movements are more regular, but in addition to discolored skin, I have very greasy (as well as dry) skin, with small pimples, especially around mouth and hairline. The pimples lead to more discoloration.

The skin on my hands gets broken very easily. The scars always turn a deep purple and take a long time to heal.

My head feels very hot, while my hands and feet are very cold.

Thank you.
whatamess last decade
Take Carbo Veg 30 ...three times a day for 3 days.

Give feed back.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thank you, Pankaj Varma.

I will report back in 3 days.
whatamess last decade
First day: my head feels more hot and heavy, and my right ear started hurting after the second dose. I feel more tired than usual (just like after the ars). My scars are still very purple. I'm craving salt/sugar more than usual.
whatamess last decade
Well that appears to be an aggrevation. Stop taking more Carbo veg.

It is a good sign, means the choice of med is correct.

Allow the med to keep working on you ...with doses already taken.
Post feed back...

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Day 2:

stopped carbo veg. as instructed.
went through intense sadness, then got very tired. Slept over 10 hours at night.
woke with urge to clean up.
aversion to vegetables.
craving for fried meat.
burp after eating anything.
itching at anus.
skin looks bad. scars are purple.
no more ear ache.
Scalp not as itchy.
whatamess last decade
Some good things are happening like a deep sleep.
Long locked up sadness is coming to the surface.

Are you generally sad, depressed, dejected, locked up grief, angry or supressed anger etc ???
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Experience highs and lows. Repressed anger since childhood (sad and lonely childhood with a few very happy moments. Distant family). Anger about current friendships and sadness about skin problems which are truly debilitating for me. Spent years doing humanitarian work under dangerous circumstances despite very low tolerance for stress.

Skin is worse. More areas with infected hair follicules.
Head is very hot. Want to put ice on head.
Craving salt/sugar/fat (even though was content with vegatables earlier this week).

Look up Carbo veg. The following are relevant to me:
Sluggish (especially digestive system)
Short and shallow breaths followed by one deep one.
Pulse imperceptible (can never find it)
Like window open (but need body covered with blanket, while head elevated and close to window)
Trouble looking upward. heavy eyes.
Hot head. Cold hands and feet.
Cold sweat.
Nose red. Gums bleed easily.
Face flushes easily.
Unhealthy skin on face.
Exhausted easily.
Numbness of body parts sat on.
Worse from cooling down after being warm.
whatamess last decade
Day 3:

very restless night. ended up sleeping with lights on. why? no idea.
head feels cooler.
Hands and feet still cold. Body feels cold too now.
Painful lymph nodes under arms.
no improvement in skin.

In my last post, I meant 'I looked up Carbo veg.' Didn't want to imply that anyone else look it up. I find this website very educational, especially when those seeking advice explain how remedy seems relevant to them. So, I just wanted to write up a list for anyone who might be interested.

Do I need to stay away from cooked as well as raw garlic? or just raw garlic and onions?
whatamess last decade
Am I supposed to just keep on updating?

Day 4 & 5: Skin and scalp much worse. Itchy and very painful.

What do I do next?
whatamess last decade
I am reading your posts.
Pl. update day 4 and 5.
Will re-assess situation and recommend next course of action.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

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