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Uti infection and fatty liver 1


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Liver infection?

Dear all,
My mother has recently become ill and is undergoing investigations at hospital - blood tests and ultrasound scan of internal organs.
As yet she has not been prescibed any drugs. I would love some advice on how to support her homeopathically. Here are some details:

Background/Mentals state:
She is 60 years old and has rarely been ill. A couple of bouts of flu and cold sores are the only thing I can think of. She recalls having apendicitis (excuse spelling) when she was a child which resulted in her appendix being removed. She also tells me that when she was in her 20s she had terrible bouts vomiting (usually at night, like violent food poisoning). She recalls that following some tests she was told she had a scar on her stomach (?) Since then she has only had vomiting bouts at times of severe stress or worry.

As a child I recall my mother drinking alcohol quite heavily (and secretly) although in recent years I think this has declined (or become more secret). However I have noticed that alcohol seems to affect her fairly quickly (slurring words and repeating herself).

Currently she is not drinking (as far as I know).

Recently my parents have been preparing to move from the family home and have now done so. Although she has not indicated it I am sure that my mother has found it very distressing.

She prides herself on not having been to the doctor for 16 years and blames my Father for her current illness since he took her to hospital.

She is clearly very anxious about her health but does not want to talk about, see the doctor or go to hospital. When pressed she becomes tearful and says that no one understands her (not wanting to see a doctor).

Physical symptoms:
yellowing of the whites of the eyes
swelling of abdominal region
swelling of ankles
swelling of bags under the eyes (worse after waking and on getting up in the morning)
she passes flatulence involuntarily on moving which offers no relief
she says that she feels fine, just uncomfortable

When the swelling began I gave her a dose of Nat Sulph since she felt there was water sloshing about inside her. She no longer feels this sensation but the swelling has not gone down and on touch feels pretty solid.

Tests have ruled out Hepatitus A-C but the doctor wonders if it might be type 5 (?)

Because of the liver signs I have given her tinctures of Card-M and Chel as recommended here and elsewhere.

I would be grateful of some advice, particularly from experienced homeopaths.

Best wishes to all her stry to support one another on this site.

  kairos1973 on 2007-08-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
What is the bilirubin level?

Since how long this yellowing of the whites of the eyes is present?

How is her appetite?

Are the doctors planing to do endoscopy?

gavinimurthy last decade
Just had call from my father, the results of the scan are 'inconclusive'.

I do not have the blood test results to hand. I know that the second round of tests indicated that various levels were 'going in the right direction' except that her white cell count was surprisingly low, as was her blood pressure.

Her eyes have been yellow for a couple of weeks (since the swelling began). I think her skin is slightly yellow as well but it is difficult to tell. She loves the sun and has a very bronze sun tan. (forgot to mention that she is, generally, cold)

She has an appetite but can't eat much since she feels full, and therefore more uncomfortable, very quickly.

Many thanks.
kairos1973 last decade
Please get all the details of investigations conducted and post here, for further advice.

gavinimurthy last decade
The fluid is being drained from her abdomen tomorrow morning and she will then return home while further tests are run on it.

Has anyone had any experience of this sort of thing?
kairos1973 last decade
This is a clear case of Serious lever infection.

Chelidonium Q is the remedy. Pl give 15 drops in one spoon of water 15 minutes before each meal.

Since the damage done is due to th Alcohal, simultaneously she is required to be given - Ars. Alb. 30 (2 Pills daily in the morning).

No oil or fatty food. Very light meals. Lots of Lemon juice and Glucose (if not diabetic)
Rajendra last decade
My mother has remained in hospital since I first wrote. They did not drain the fluid manually but took a sample to check for infection - results in 2-3 weeks.
She has been given 'water tablets' to help her drain the liquid in her abdomen.
The consultant has now said that it looks like cirrhosis. They intend to peform a liver biopsy to confirm this, but who knows when?
I am unable to get details of any of her test levels, but I have been told that she has been given Vitamin K because her blood was not clotting properly.
She has also had endoscopy but we were told no results and will now have to wait until Monday for any feedback.
I have continued to give her Chelidonium Q. And I gave her one dose of Ars 30c because I was so desperate.
Since then the swelling has reduced a little in her upper body (even before she was given the water tablets) and the yellowing of her eyes has faded by about 50%.
She is also much less scared of being in hospital.
She keeps asking for the account books of our family business to be taken to hospital so that she does not fall behind! (This attitude is nothing out of the ordinary for my mother!)

That is all the information I have.

Many thanks to all who respond.
kairos1973 last decade

'I have continued to give her Chelidonium Q. And I gave her one dose of Ars 30c because I was so desperate.
Since then the swelling has reduced a little in her upper body (even before she was given the water tablets) and the yellowing of her eyes has faded by about 50%.
She is also much less scared of being in hospital.
She keeps asking for the account books of our family business to be taken to hospital so that she does not fall behind! (This attitude is nothing out of the ordinary for my mother!) '
Continue the same as above. Pl do not to for many Allopathic tests. It may spoil the patient's lever.

Be careful even antibiotics and Allopathic medicines for releasing water from the body may effect lever and kidney as well.

DO not disturb the lever since both the above Homeo medicines (Ars Alb. and Chel.Q) are responding.
Rajendra last decade
My mother continues to improve, she is now almost her normal weight again. I have not repeated the Ars since the dose seemed to kick start things.

They intend to perform a biopsy on the liver on Wednesday to ascertain the damage to the liver.
She has developed spots on her chin and a large cold sore on her upper lip. I assume this is just part of the healing reaction or are these new symptoms?

kairos1973 last decade
I would recommend to avoid biopsy. Whether there is any damage or not, they do not have any treatment but create big mental problems and unnecessary medications.

Pl. continue the medicine as suggested.
Rajendra last decade
Remarkably, my mother has been discharged from hospital.

All visible swelling has gone down and the doctor says there is only a little fluid left in the abdominal cavity.

Her eyes are still slightly yellow but the doc says the bilirubin levels are down.

Her discharge note says that she has cirrhosis with a small liver with a nodular surface.

It also notes that she has acid reflux, a hiatus hernia and small gall stones in the gall bladder. (None of which we knew about before and which my mother is determined to ignore.)

She has been told to avoid salt and alcohol.

Mentally she was quite nervous at leaving hospital (ironic given her terror of going in).

She just wants to get back to work.

Although she has been given 2 types of 'water' tablets and an antacid, she maintains that she has been given no 'real' medicine, so she is not 'really ill'. She has a horror of having to take tablets for the rest of her life, but she says 'these don't really count'.

Overall she has had 2 doses of the arsenicum (spilt dose, since that seems the gentlest way from my reading) and continues to take Chelidonium Q.
Any advice on how she should continue now?

With thanks to those who have participated in this post.
kairos1973 last decade
I sm happy. She is responding well.


DO not interfere. Avoid biopsy if possible. You are concerned with the cure not the status of the disease.

Ars. Alb. can be repeated after watching the progress.
Rajendra last decade
Not sure how to continue now.

Should my mother remain on the Chel Q longterm? at the same dose?

Should she take anything else to support her liver health?

She is much better, still very tired and very thin having lost so much liquid, but eating healthily.

kairos1973 last decade
Another dose of Arsenic Alb. 200 in split dose can be given.
Rajendra last decade
Chelidonium Q should continue for some more time.

We will examine after say 15 days on getting the Lever Function test conducted
Rajendra last decade
chelidonium is the write drugs go on continue till getting the good result. you can add cholestrinum 3x for further getting good r esult. at least three times in a day.

dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
dr.deoshlok sharma,

Snce the patient in on recovery, can we switch to the other potency after getting LFT done?
Rajendra last decade
Excellent, dr. rajendra,
there is no need to interfere your case you are going to be successful.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
very good j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
dr. mahfooz
j k mohla

Thanks Drs. for the encouragement -
Rajendra last decade
Hello all,

My mother has just had her check-up - they have taken blood and will contact her if anything is wrong.

The doctors believe that there is still a little water in her abdominal cavity and that she is still slightly jaundiced.

She is still very tired and is losing her voice at the moment. No soreness.

She is also getting terrible cramps in bed at night (perhaps due to her reducing her salt intake, as rec by the doctors?)

She continues to take Chel Q and has had one dose of Ars 200c, about 4 days ago.

Regardless of what I or the doctors say, she continues to claim 'they still don't know what caused it'. I call it denial!

When she is tired and takes 30mins to sleep in the afternoon she reappears claiming she could not sleep, even tho' I saw her fast asleep moments earlier!

Any bservations/comments/advice welcome.

kairos1973 last decade
Cramps - Pl give her Calc. Phos 3x (4 pills three times a day)

This is in addition to the other remedy.
Rajendra last decade
For removal of water, please give her : Natrum Sulph 6x 4 pills three times a day.

In Biochemic - Natrum Sulph 6x is a Lever remedy and also called as Excess water eliminator. It can be given alongwith other remedies.
Rajendra last decade
Anything to report by the patient?
Rajendra last decade
Thanks for the nudge, Rajendra.

I saw my mother a couple of days ago.

She is up and about and all obvious swelling has gone with the merest touch of yellow in her eyes.

Her mood is definitely 'down'. My Father tells me that she hardly speaks to him, replying in 'grunts'.

I got her to take one further, plussed dose of the Ars 200c.

She is eating very healthily but in tiny amounts as she has a very small appetite. Interestingly, she left a whole plate of savoury food, saying it was too much to eat, but ate 3 slices of a very sweet dessert. She told me that she keeps eating chocolate and cocoa-cola when she needs a bit of energy.

She talks of having good and bad days. On the bad days she feels weak.

She has been told that there is virtually no water left in her abdomen.

Any thoughts most appreciated.
kairos1973 last decade
NO chocolate and cocoa-cola please. You may give her Honey with lemon in a glass of water.

Is she continueing Chelidonium?
Rajendra last decade

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