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interrupted sleep with angry crying in baby

My 7 months old daughter is unable to go to sleep by herself (day and night). She cries and screams as if in pain, pulls her hair and ears and scratches her face. She only goes to sleep when carried in a scarf or sling or when (breast)fed. She can scream for an hour (the more tired the worse) without falling asleep. She often 'powernaps' for about 30 minutes and cries upon waking. She has a very light sleep.
When not tired, she is the happiest and most cheerful girl, full of smiles. She is extremely ambitious (gets upset when she is not able to do something), could crawl and stand by herself at 5 months.

I have given her chamomilla 30c, which did not change anything. Also coffea 30c does not work. I was recommended belladonna by the pediatrician, but am unsure if this is right and at what dose.
Thanks a lot to in advance to anyone who can help us.
  caleda on 2007-09-05
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Hi Caleda,
is your baby drinking normal ,how is his bowl system any constipation or dirrhoea.
most of the baby got a wind /colic in tommy they cry and can't sleep for that best is give her message on around navel + give her bath regularly you can see diffrence.chammomilla is the best remedy this is high potency for her maybe perssist her symptom how lang did you use if more then 3 dose then wait dont do any thing it will settle down.you can try Bell but first wait for chammomilla at least a week.any concern cantact me please i am more happy to assist you

Good luck
faisal qureshi last decade
Hi Faisal.
she has a very healthy appetite, but immidiately spits it out if she feeds too frequently. If i feed her solids after 5pm, she sleeps worse.
Her stool is normal, usually a lot and smelly, mornings and every 4 to 7 days. i do give her warm baths and massage her with a special oil. She enjoys that a lot, but it doesn't seem to influence her sleeping or crying.
She now sleeps 1 to 2 hours a night. Her hands and feet are always very cold. She gets distracted easily and gets over-stimulated easily since she can't shut off.
What potency of Chamomilla do you recommend (I last gave her C30 last Sunday)? And Belladonna?
Thank you very much for you support!
caleda last decade
Hi Caleda,
best advise for you is stop coffea don't give any more and give an other dose of chamomilla let see how is going. mix one dose of chammomilla in 500ML bottle of water and shake it properly and give her that water little little and all finish within 72 hour then stop and wait for 1 week any change cantact me please.
Good luck
faisal qureshi last decade
Dear Dr.faisal

There is no need to finish off all the 500ml. water within 72 hours. That will be either too many doses/too much of a dose at a time.

The correct way as per Organon (5 th edition ) is like this.

Procure a 500ml.bottle and fill it with about 250ml. of water. Mix two to three drops of the medicine in it and shake thoroughly.

No more medicine is to be added till all the stock is exhausted. It is called as RSB,Remedy solution Bottle.

Label it as medicine, and store it seperately in the refrigerator, so as others won't take it inadvertantly.

Make sure that the refregirator is free from any odor.

Take a teaspoon from the RSB, and mix it into a cup of water, stir well, and give a teaspoonful to your daughter,and throw away the rest of the water in the cup.

The above is called a dose. You can repeat the dose thrice a day for acute problems, and once in a day for chronic problems.

Make sure that you shake the RSB vigirously, before giving a fresh dose.

Stop giving the medicine after there is visible improvement.

If there is no improvement even after a week, you should come back and report.

gavinimurthy last decade
Thanks Murthy let see the pt how she find.
faisal qureshi last decade
Thank you both very much. i will start tomorrow and report back.
caleda last decade
More than a week has passed, and nothing has changed. She screams and fights sleep as much as ever and wakes up every night after every 1-3 hours. She also has a cold now and is teething. Wouldn't that indicate chamomilla even more?
caleda last decade
Dear Caleda
OK, now you can try (Belladonna-6) one dose twise a day only 3 days and stop after 1 week cantact me back

Good luck
faisal qureshi last decade
Thanmk you, Faisal, will do straight away.
caleda last decade
This is another case of entertinal worms.

I wish my friends consider this fact instead of prolonging the treatment.

Treating the worms will give early relief.

Treating constitutionally might improve the situation which can be done after treating the worms and reduce the child's agony.
Rajendra last decade
Wouldn't the worms be visible in a stool sample? How do you suggest they be treated?
caleda last decade
Mr Rajendra boy is only 7 month how come he got worm.........
faisal qureshi last decade
Cina and chamomilla are similar and there is a possibility of mistaking one for the other.

We must look at the diferentiating symptoms to decide between the two.


alternates between a red-hot face, glowing with a bright redness of both cheeks, and a pale, sickly face, with dark rings or circles around the eyes; or, again, red face with great paleness around the mouth and nose. This is Cina.

If the face is frequently red and hot on one side and pale and cold on the other, it is Chamomilla.



No harm in trying Cina, as chamomilla has no effect.

If the alternation in the face as described is found, cina can be given with confidence.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dr.faisal qureshi, Worms can pass through contact of cloths even.

Kindly view the following link:-


Threadworms - also known as pinworms - are the most common parasitic worms in the UK. They're tiny (about 1cm long), pale, thin worms that look like cotton threads and thrive in the intestines.

Less common are roundworms, or ascaris, which are larger, look more like garden worms and also live in the intestines.

Toxocara worms, tapeworms and flukes are also occasionally problematic in the UK.

Threadworms are usually passed on by poor hygiene. Children easily pick up threadworms from each other through contact with skin or objects contaminated with the eggs of worms. These enter the mouth and grow into adult worms in the gut.

Who's affected?
Threadworms are particularly common among younger children who play closely together. Poor hygiene, particularly not washing hands after using the toilet, is a major factor in the spread of infection. Exposure to cat and dog faeces can cause toxocara worm infections. Pregnant women and children should steer clear of litter trays and always wash their hands after contact with pets.


The main symptom of threadworms is itching around the anus or vulva

The main symptom of threadworms is itching around the anus or vulva. This is worse at night when the worms come to the skin surface to lay eggs. The worms may also be seen on faeces.

Toxocara worms can lead to visual problems when they migrate to the eye and cause inflammation and scarring of the retina. The worms may also move to the lungs, causing a cough and asthma, and lead to swelling in other body organs. '
Rajendra last decade
Dear Faisal,
I gave my daughter belladonna D6 for three days, then stopped as you recommended. At the same time I quit drinking coffee (I only drank some decaf before) and started feeding her more solids. Her sleep has improved significantly. She now sleeps 7-8 hours (sometimes wakes up once in between), but only sleeps for 1-2 hours after that. During the day sleep varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Crying is still more or less the same when she is tired.

In addition I talked to a kinesiologist, who also diagnosed belly ache as the cause for her crying. He recommended to put her on Chamomilla D12/single dose/every day until all her teeth are out, which I started yesterday.

Thank you very much for your help!
caleda last decade
Hi Caleda
very nice to know about some improvment ,so belldonna is doing good job please stay on that medicine now you can use Belladonna-30D one dose daily for 3 days only instead of 6D ,OK here is bell more better then chamomilla.
please keep up date me.
Good luck
faisal qureshi last decade
Dear Faisal,
Belladonna C30 did not make any difference. The past 2 weeks she has been waking up about 5-6 hours after going to sleep, and is hard to get back to sleep (the usual screaming when she is tired). Then she normally sleeps another 2-3 hours, after which I feed her. After that she wakes up every 1-2 hours. All in all that makes about 12 hours of (interrupted) night sleep. During the day she is still the same: screaming horribly when she is tired.
I don'y beleive in the belly-ache theory anymore as she shows no signs of pain (neither when she is crying nor when she is not). Her problem is that she can't switch off, hence can't fall asleep and can't go back to sleep once she wakes up. Any ideas? Thank you!
caleda last decade
any update
faisal qureshi last decade
Dear Caleda, I'm not sure whether you are going to read this post after 3 years late, but only want to share with you that we have the same case. Now our girl is 13th months young and behaves the same way. We are on vacation now and believe me now I want to leave back home.
I suppose that your baby now is about 4 years and may be the problem is disappeared but since I am very nervous and impatient my baby has the same temperament. When I am aggravated I take belladonna 30C and it improves the symptoms. It does the same when I give to her. I know that this is buried deep in me and her and could not be healed by remedy but with way of life. I hope you are well now and everything is good.
silverback last decade

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