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Doctors, pls help me in my complex case (Hepatitis C, Sexual weakness, Knees problem, skin tags etc.)


I am male and my age is 32, I am married since last 7 year. My complexion is wheatish and 98 kg weight and 5'10' tall.

I have following complaints

1- hepatitis c was diagnosed in June 2003

When I came to know that I am HCV +ve, I was psychologically down and I felt myself sick (my father died because of HCV and liver cancer cirrhosis) so I had lot fear. I observed pain in liver region for some 3 or 4 months (timing was mostly afternoon 1 to 3pm). I went through both qualitative and quantitative PCR tests for HCV and LFT (after every month). SGPT SGOT were more than normal range during those 3 or 4 months and bilirubin was also 0.7, but then I met with a dr and he encouraged me and told that I need not to worry and just to be happy and no need to think about HCV and its effects. Since then I am feeling better, dramatically SGPT and SGOT also within limits now and bilirubin also decreased.

But still I feeling ache in liver region at times.

Appetite, hunger and thirst are normal.

Urine and stool are ok, no constipation or soft stools.

2- I had done excessive masturbation from the age 12 to 25, and it left many bad effects on me both physically and psychologically (on my personality). Following symptoms

Sexual weakness, erections are not that strong.
Semen thin and quick ejaculation.
Penis skin and glans feel numb hence lack of sexual pleasure during intercourse.

Weak knees, knees pain when I stand or walk a lot, even when I am tired after day's work then knees pain and sometimes thighs and lower legs also pain. I can’t stand for long time as knees pain. Sometimes knees pain when I am sitting on chair or lying on bed.

Pls note that my major problem is lack of sexual sensitivity in penis skin and glans, may be it is result of excessive masturbation, so some nerve damage occurred.

Glans is also cold.

A habit to handle organs unintentionally.
Sometimes I feel strong desire to show my genitals to others, especially to little girls and women.

3- Falling of hairs started when I was just 17 and now I am semi bald.

Always itch and scales on my scalp.

Whenever I scratch my scalp, dry scales appear in hairs and even fall in front of me (when I scratch a lot with a comb), it aggravates in winder season.

4- My teeth bleed easily, my saliva is always bloody.
With a slight pressure or movement, during brushing etc

No teeth pain

Front lower teeth becoming black from roots and look so dirty.
Front gums also look swollen and separate from teeth (especially lower)

Bad odor from mouth

5- Face skin is too much oily and greasy; it becomes greasy just after 5 mins of a face wash

6- Skin tags tendency on skin like chest, arms, armpit, inner thighs etc
One big skin tag is hanging in my left armpit; it is big cauliflower like growth.
No pains there.

I have described my symptoms in my own way, if u needs some more details u can ask.

I need a good homeopathic remedy to cover my symptoms

Pls help me
  Fahad_ici on 2007-09-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
China off
faisal qureshi last decade
Dear Dr Faisal

did u study my case in detail
and what potency of china

other doctors, pls also study my case
especially i request dr mahfooz, murthy and rejendra


i am disturbed
Fahad_ici last decade
pl follow dr faisal advise only too many cook spoil the pot please j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
Homeopathic medicines are powerful, and the founder of homeopathy has experimented a lot, and formulated a set of guidelines.

He was aware that a prescriber can't choose the perfect medicine, and most probably it will be a partially indicated remedy.

If we repeat a partially indicated remedy, in unchanged potencies ,there is a possibilty of uncomfortable medicinal symptoms being grafted on the patient, particulay for sensitive people.

At the same time a single dose is not ideal, as there is every chance of antidoting it,unknowingly, and the patient has to bear the sufferings for a considerable period.

Keeping the above difficulties in view, he has advised the 'split' dose method, where the least quantity of medicine can be given for days together without complications, and since the dose is renewed every day, there is no fear of accidental antidoting, as even if the remedy is antidoted, the next dose will revive the action.

I know many prescribers are not familiar with split doses, and they are used to the TD/BD methods. Some give it for three days, some for five days. These type of prescriptions may not harm the patient, if he has moderate sensitivity.

In such cases, where the prescriber prescribes unchanged potencies either in dry doses, or drops in water, a rider is to be added to stop taking the medicine in case any uncomfortable new symptoms develop.

As long as a single medicine that covers the majority of the patient's symptoms are prescribed in split watery doses, it will do all the good it can, even if it is a partially indicated remedy.

The remedy can be continued for a week to start with, and the situation can be reassesed. If there is improvement,it can be continued, and if not another suitable medicine can be chosen.

On forums like these, if a single medicine is prescribed, preferably in split dose,and even if it doesn't cover the totality, but only a few symptoms, no harm will be done, and the medicine will do all the good it can.

So, the intervention of another prescriber with a diferent medicine may only confuse the patient, and it is better to reserve our views, till the patient tries the first medicine suggested and come back.

The above is applicable for chronic cases.

In case of acute cases, the situation is different, and the more appropriate medicine will relieve fast, and perhaps one can intervene with proper reasoning if one feels, the first medicine suggested may not be helpful.

The aim of all of us is to cure the patient fast, in a safe way.

All my general posts are aimed towards that, and I hope my colleagues will take my suggestions in the right spirit.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dr.faisal qureshi, /


This is a case of Serious lever problem.

Mr. Murty has already given some signal as above.

According to me with so many ailments here, it is difficult to identify a single medicine through symptometic ASSESSMENT.

The methodology for such treatment that I have in mind and I tried in others as well is :-

1st identify the Miasm and give the identified Miasmic remedy.

After 48 Hours - Remedy for removal of virus from the lever to be administered.

Thereafter, the Lever remedy for long time.

One case of similar type is undergoing treatment fo which you can refer the following site :-


Rajendra last decade

There was mistake in including the site. Pl read is as under :-

Lever Infection:

Rajendra last decade
Dear Doctor murthy and rajendra

i am confused that what to do
i have tried my best to explain my condition
because homeopathic doctors ask such questions

some more additions

1- i feel pain in liver region after spicy or oily food (but not just after eating, after few hrs as if i take in dinner then i feel pain on next morning or sometimes midnight (when i awake for urination and i feel that pain)

and my main concern is teeth bleeding, becuase i worry that i may spread HCV virus or get other viruses thorugh my teeth during drinking or eating

all valueable doctors, pls guide me properly

i want to get rid of all my complaints

and also tell taht whether virus can be removed compeltely via homeopathy

Fahad_ici last decade
Both the problems are relating to your lever mal functioning.

Pl. get your lever and its viral cured and then only you will find changes in yourself.

If you want to go ahead with the Homeo advice, please study the 4 below mentioned categories and let us know to which category do you belong:-

1. observant and aware of his immediate environment/ Hypersensitivity - reacts more strongly than the supposedly “normal individual / feeling of inadequacy / live in a world of fantasy/ creates relationships of support/ tendency towards platonic love/

2. inclination to show off/ keep things to oneself/ reluctant to convey emotion/ Avarice/ inflexibility/ control/ Pedantry/ dogmatic/ exaggeration/

3. tendency to conquer /easily envious /tendency to destruction/ immaturity./ disorganized/ explosive anger/ Suicide or Murder/

4. constant tendency to change/ feel dullness and boredom/ Need for travel/ take up new activities, new ideas/ difficulty in finishing/ fear of punishment/ alternations in the mental sphere.

Rajendra last decade
It was hard for me to understand these difficult words
I got help from a dictionary
again it was ahrd for me to select a category,
so I have tried to expalin in the fowllowing way

1- I don’t have the follwing symptoms

observant and aware of his immediate environment
feeling of inadequacy
creates relationships of support
tendency towards platonic love
inclination to show off
tendency to conquer
tendency to destruction
Suicide or Murder
constant tendency to change
Need for travel
take up new activities
new ideas

2- I have the follwing symptoms

Hypersensitivity - reacts more strongly than the supposedly “normal individual
live in a world of fantasy
keep things to oneself
reluctant to convey emotion
easily envious
feel dullness and boredom
difficulty in finishing
fear of punishment
alternations in the mental sphere

I had the problem of explosive anger but it reduced with time and now very minimal anger
Fahad_ici last decade
Good. You are towards over weight. Resembles to some extent the 1st category.Other categories not much relevance.

(Hydrogenized Constitution)

According to me pl. have the following treatment :-

1st day - Sulphur 200 (3 drops in a table spoon of water early in the morning after taking bath. (There should be no odour in the mouth. Not to take anything for atleast an hour.)

After 48 Hours - Ars. Alb. 200 (2 drops in a table spoon of water early in the morning (There should be no odour in the mouth. Not to take anything for atleast an hour.)

After 48 hours of the above remedy start - Chelidonium 6 (2drops in one spoon of water three times a day ) preferably 1/2 an hour before meals.

Very light meals. Lot of Glucose and Lemon Juice. Honey is also good. Avoid Oily preparations.

Wish you speedy recovery.

Keep reviewing your LFT (Lever Function Reports) every fortnightly.
Rajendra last decade
Dr.Kumar prescribed you lyco, and you said it worked for some days and then failed.

That was an year back. Why you didn't follow up?

Then in January this year Dr.Deoshlok asked some questions, but you never replied.

Now, you are back with the same problems once again.

There are many good prescribers on this forum. Wait till they reach a consensus, on how to deal with your case.

Hurry will make you only worse.

I prefer that you try Chelidonium 6c alone. I always go for a single remedy therapy.

gavinimurthy last decade
dear doctors

i did not mention follwoing symptoms earlier, pls also note these

1-i am 98 Kg and 5'10' tall
i look older than my real age, i am bald (hair have fallen a lot after 17)
and i have mature looks, prople say that i look like 40 but i am 32

2- my face skin is very oilya nd greasy and looks dirty even after face wash
i wash my face a lot daily but just after few minutes, greasy sweat comes out and it looks dirty and also mature looks

3- bad odor sweat in armpits and inner thighs (also scrotum), my udnerwears are always yeloowish dirty with genitals and inner thighs sweat

4- always want to handle my genitals, unintenionaly
and itching of genitals

Dear murthy
i used lyco 1M last year
but i lost Dr kumar, i mean that no communication with him, so i stopped

now i promise that i will follow up the valueable advices from this forum
Fahad_ici last decade
If one remedy is the only way then there is no need of Miasmic (Constitutional)correction of the system and system improvement after treating the ailment.

One remedy (Chel.)will start working on lever in this case but the removal of the viral in the system will take substantial time and that too if the resistence power of the patient is so improved by Chel.

Chel. is not anti viral and takes time to strengthen the lever.

It is because of this reason I normally advise Ars. Alb. to be given first. It is anti malignent too.

This method has worked on many for better results.

There are cases on this forum as well.

None of them are counter indicative.

Not more then one potentized medicine is there on one day.

It is single remedy for that day.

No single expert is having one view on many matters.

One Reporatory's finding differone to the other on many remedies.

This has been seen on 'Bed wetting' platform.

Similarly no two advisors can have similar method and remedies. It differs from individual's knowledge and experience as well. Books are O.K. and necessary tools. If all are the same then there is no need of various authors.

Principals can be the same but the findings may differ.

Still Doctors in the Homeo colleges are not trained to identify medicines by combining all the available reporatories nor all the doctors are experts in comuputer and inernet operations.
Rajendra last decade
Let the patient decide what he wants to do.

gavinimurthy last decade
There is nothing seperate as miasmatic treatment.

If a miasmatically indicated remedy is chosen, it too is to be given singly, and allowed to act fully, before intervening with another medicine.

The miasmatic medicine is chosen in such a way that it covers the present symptoms of patient too. As such there is no need to give a miasmatic remedy first, and another medicine for present symptoms.

This is what is called as allopathic thnking with homeopathic medicines.

gavinimurthy last decade
how can i decide myself? please guide me how to start? i respect both of you but i am confused. what u think about lyco as i used it last year. doctors first you decide then i will follow the mutually agreed prescription.
Fahad_ici last decade
dear murthy bhai

i had a question regarding this case, because it seems to be fit in my case.

i had similiar history as above define but my Liver is not working his work due to over masturbation.
i had on the same age dr.rishi give me 3 doz phos 200 on the same day and wait till month.
and now one weekly doz.
i had still had the liver and stomach problem, dont you think your therepy in above mention case is treating the liver first and then you go forward.
should you kindly help in my case.
i am not checking any doctors but rewiving my case give me more gudience.
my case is http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/98783/
shahzad36838 last decade
dr rishimba. is attending the case of shahzad36838

Let her decide the further course of action.
Rajendra last decade

My experience is otherwise.

The way I have advised earlier works.

In the interest of patient let us agree to disagree.
Rajendra last decade
One medicine at a time and allowing its action to complete is the best way.

Read my previous posts on this forum by cliicking my name.

gavinimurthy last decade
I would give you another example (beyond Sulphur) i.e. Ars. Alb. Its duration of work is 60 to 90 days.

Also refer the following link:-

ars.htm " rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://homeoint.org/books/boericmm/a/ars.htm

Dose.--Third to thirtieth potency. The very highest potencies often yield brilliant results.

'Low attenuations in gastric, intestinal, and kidney diseases; higher in neuralgias, nervous diseases, and skin. But if only surface conditions call for it, give the lowest potencies, 2x to 3x trit. Repeated doses advisable'

Am I to understand that the repeat dose will be after 90 days?

Kindly enlighten me.
Rajendra last decade
dear doctors please suggest me a medicine or course of medicine.
i want to describe the action of lyco 1M which i used last year. i am now sexually much better in terms of quick discharge, weak erections, lack of pleasure. after first dose i also feel improvement in knees and teeth problem. and my hairs and face skin became better. but when i had any sexual activity, my symptoms reoccur again with more severity like knees pain, sexual proble
Fahad_ici last decade
Dr. Kumar advised that lyco 1M will cover all my symptoms. i carried it for a long time but i did not found those results which i observed after very first dose. now please guide me.
Fahad_ici last decade
Don't repeat. wait for some time say about a month.

Only inter current remedy will be given thereafte. On repeatation of high potency it creates more problems.
Rajendra last decade
Dear rejandar

i used lyco 1M last month, 1 year ago

so what to do now?
which medicine

u recommended cheledonium 30, but do u think that lyco is suitable remedy for my symptoms

and where is dr murthy
Fahad_ici last decade

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