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Hives & Itching


I am a mid 30s Non Veg Male.

In 2001, I experienced a hives break-out and itching for the first time in my life. I saw my allopathic doctor and was treated with a combination of Atarax & Doxepin. The symptoms at that point seemed to have resolved.

Three years later, in 2004 the symptoms re-appeared. Due to the previously experienced side effects of allopathic medication, I started to look for alternative medical treatment and someone mentioned homeopathy to me. Not knowing about a good homeopath in my area, I visited the teaching clinic of a Homeopathic College in my city. After a succession of long interviews with learning students of the college and overlooked by a senior practitioner, they determined that Sulphur 30C was my constitutional remedy.

I took Sulphur 30C and experienced severe aggravation the next day...so much so that I had to take a strong prescription anti histamine to help tide over the aggravation. Interestingly, the symptoms cleared away once the aggravation ended.

Recently (started in March 2007), I have been experiencing a re-surface of my symptoms of hives break-out especially on my thighs, knees, elbows and lower legs. The hives usually are worst towards the morning hours and peak when I wake up. The hives are accompanied with a lot of heat and a lot of itching...so much so that I have to use a comb to scratch my itch. Itching doesn’t seem to help though…makes it even worse.

Cold Shower seems to help temporarily and I prefer to be in cool open environment when my symptoms are at their peak. Also, I feel so irritated that I compltely undress myself so I can freely scrtach my itch…. sometimes I get very depressed and cry a lot especially when I feel cornered by my symptoms….essentially a feeling of helplessness and frustration sets in over me.

The recent re-lapse seems to be the worst that I have been through because even strong prescription anti histamines do not seem to work. My doctor had to prescribe steroid tablets (prednisone) to help manage my current symptoms, however, I am willing to do whatever it takes to help me stop taking the steroid pills and cure these symptoms permanently.

Based on my previous (partial success in 2004) success with homeopathy, I have tried to self treat myself this time and have done the following so far....

1. Took Sulphur 30C (single dose) two months ago and experienced short term good results...the symptoms went away for a week and then returned.

2. This told me that perhaps I need a stronger dose so this time I took a (single dose) of Sulphur 200C.....same results....symptoms went away for a week and then returned

3. Following the above thought process, I have also tried a (single dose) of Sulphur 1M and Sulphur 10M....for both 1M and 10M I took single doses and waited a week before repeating

The current status is that my symptoms are there, but not as intense....so I am currently able to manage my symptoms by taking a light dose of anithistamine alongwith the homeopathic medicine.....my understanding is that since Allopathic medicine operates at the physical level, it does not interfere with the working of homepathic remedy.

I need help in resolving my situation. Something within me tells me that Homepathy has the cure that I am looking for, it is just a matter of finding it….this is where I need help….please

I would appreciate if one of the experts could kindly advise if I am on the right track or correct me.

Many Thanks for your patience and looking forward to hear from you soon.


  rookie_curious on 2007-10-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Would one of the experts please respond...

rookie_curious last decade
You need to take Sulphur in split water doses. I will come back in the evening. Meanwhile list out all the present symptoms, the medicines you are currently taking.

gavinimurthy last decade
Thank You Murthy....

Here are my symptoms...

skin; like insects crawling on skin;
skin; like insects crawling on skin; evening; ;
skin; like insects crawling on skin; night; ;
skin; heat without fever;
skin; itching;
skin; itching; morning; ;
skin; itching; gnawing, biting;
skin; itching; must scratch; until it is raw;
skin; itching; better scratching;
skin; itching; on becoming warm; ;
skin; itching; worse wool;
skin; out-breaks on skin;
skin; out-breaks on skin; gnawing, biting;
skin; out-breaks on skin; rash;
skin; out-breaks on skin; rash; rose coloured patches;
skin; out-breaks on skin; like nettle rash;
However, it is not relevant to the following. If any of them are central to your case, you should consult the remedy grid (click next again).
skin; goose bumps;
skin; like insects crawling on skin; morning; ;
skin; like insects crawling on skin; night; on waking; ;
skin; like insects crawling on skin; better rubbing;
skin; itching; morning; on rising; ;
skin; itching; evening; ;
skin; out-breaks on skin; rash; with itching and burning;

Additionally, the hives and itching is mostly on my knees, elbows, thighs, lower legs, waist area and sometimes in the hands as well.

The only homeopathic remedy I am taking at this point is Sulphur 10M. The recent dose (5 pellets)of Sulphur 10M I took was 24 hrs ago.

I hope this gives you a good picture of my case. A lot of my mental symptoms are also included in my original post, for your reference.

Depending upon the severity of my symptoms, I sometimes need to take a prescription antihistamine (Atarax 25mg) alongwith Homeopathic medicine. The last time I took Atarax was 3 days ago.

Would you please suggest the most appropriate remedy and describe the method to take it.

Many Thanks for your help.

rookie_curious last decade

Since sulphur has been helping you ,although briefly, let us try it out in wet dose.

Follow the below mentioned procedure exactly.

Procure a 500 ml. bottle and fill it with 250 ml. of water.

Mix 2 drops of the sulphur 10M medicine in it and shake thoroughly.Add about 30 ml. of good quality brandy to it, to aid preservation.

This is called RSB(Remedy solution bottle). Don't add any more medicine to it further, other than the intial 2 drops.

Take a teaspoonful(5 ml) out of it as one dose.

You have to take a dose once in two days, from the same bottle.

You have to succuss the RSB five times before taking each dose against a semi hard surface.

Watch this short video to understand how to succuss.


Lable the RSB as medicine so as others won't use it inadvertantly, and keep it in the odorless refrigerator.

Make sure that there are no odors on you (perfumes etc), near you (in the room, sprays etc), and in your mouth before taking the medicine.

Continue twice daily for a month and come back.

In case you get any new troublesome symptoms (which is unlikely) stop taking the medicine and report.

gavinimurthy last decade
Hi Murthy,

Thanks for your detailed instructions.


I have Sulphur 10M as pellets. Will Pellets work instead of liquid ?

If Yes, how many pellets should I use for creating the contents of RSB per your method.

Please let me know and I will proceed accordingly.

Thanks again,

rookie_curious last decade
Add three pellets instead of drops. The rest of the procedure is same.

gavinimurthy last decade
I made a mistake at the end of the previous post.

It is not twice a day, but once in two days as mentioned in the beginning of that post.

gavinimurthy last decade

Thanks Murthy
rookie_curious last decade
I am responding to your e-mail request.

Just take Sulphur 200 ....one dose every week for 6 weeks.

Split doses etc don't work much. Some people have a different view , but I haven't seen much benefit in this age of chemicals and pesticides in food.

Let me know feed back thru e-mail after three weeks.

Best wishes
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
'In this age of chemicals and pesticides in food' split doses only will work, as the medicine is renewed frequently.

The one dry dose you have taken might be getting antidoted by the next day, and your waiting for another week before you take the next dose will delay the cure.

The split dose concept is not the view of 'some' people, but that of Hahn. himself, who perfected the method so as chronic problems can be handled much better to ensure faster cure.

Any way you heard both views.Decide what you want to do.

gavinimurthy last decade
Thank You Gentlemen...

I deeply appreciate your suggestions and the time you spent on this.

Question for Murthy:

Could you recommend some reading material on 'split dose' concept, for my understanding.

rookie_curious last decade
Perhaps you can start here.


gavinimurthy last decade
Hello Mr Murthy,

I've been taking 5ml of medicince from RSB every two days for the past week....as per your suggestion.

At this point, I'm experiencing a resurgence of my symptoms (hives & itching.....especially upon waking up in the morning), whereby, alongwith the medicine from RSB I am also needing to take Atarax 25mg (once in the morinng and once at night) and Prednisone 5mg once a day.


1. Does the allopathic medicine antidote homeopathic medicine ? (in other words I am asking if it is Ok to take allopathic medicine alongwith homeopathic medicine)

2. Would it help if I increase the frequency of medicine from current RSB to daily instead of once every two days ?

2. Alternatively, do I need to create another RSB with higher potency (50M Sulphur) to manage my symptoms ?.... and follow the current dose pattern.

Many Thanks for your time.
rookie_curious last decade
If you take allopathic and homeopathic medicines together, there is no way to judge whether the medicine is acting or not.

The best thing is to do is to continue allopathic medicines only for this bout.

Start the homeopathic medicine when you are free of the symptoms for atleast two days.

Just take a single dose from the RSB you prepared, and report after two days.

gavinimurthy last decade
Got it....Many Thanks
rookie_curious last decade
Hello Mr Murthy,

I just wanted to follow up to our previous conversation....

I took your suggested remedy for about a month and have been sympton free now for over a month or so....

Thanks for all your help.

In the mean time, my 6 year old daughter (who was born with a small pacth of eczema on her tummy) was treated by a homeopath a few years ago for eczema and itching (especially on her elbows, under the knees , lower legs and back)....she was symtom free for a couple of years but has been suffering with the symptoms of itching for the past month or so.

I've given her a couple of doses of the remedy that I created per your advise. Haven't noticed a difference in her symtoms....should I continue giving her the remedy or would you be able to suggest something specific for her.....here are some of hey symptoms, for your reference:

skin; dry;
skin; itching;
skin; itching; morning; ;
skin; itching; morning; in bed; ;
skin; itching; night; ;
skin; itching; gnawing, biting;
skin; itching; must scratch; until it is raw;
skin; itching; better scratching;

Thanks very much for your help.
rookie_curious last decade
May I request some guidance from one of the experts to manage may daughter's problem of severe itching...

Many Thanks
rookie_curious last decade
I was able to suggest a split dose of sulphur, since you already tried it, and found it beneficial.

However in your daughter's case the details are not enough to prescribe. There are atleast a dozen medicines that cover the symptoms you mention.

We need more details to select one medicine out of these medicines to start with.

Describe her attitude, desires , aversions, any behavioural pattern which seems out of ordinary, her reaction to temperature changes (thermal preferences) etc.

The more details we have, the better is the chance of the selected remedy working.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Suffere,
I read your letter and you discussion. I am experiencing same symptoms and I am suffering. did sulfur work ? are u still symptoms free?
much appreciated
napopharm last decade

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