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Constipation in 5 Year old girl

Hello Doctors! I really need help to get to the right medicine for my 5 year daughter.

1. She passes small black round hard stool

2. She has to put too much pressure to pass the stool. Most of the times water comes to her eyes as well

3. She has been going through this since past 3 years.

4. At the commencement of the problem (around 3 years back) she used to pass stool 3 to 4 times a week.

5. We had taken her to our family pediatrician and he had prescribed Miralax (which does not have any side effects and is not habit forming)

6. That used to take care of the problem. But whenever we used to wean her from MiraLax she again developed the constipation.

7. Currently she is not on any medication (since past 1 year), and passes the hard small stool everyday with difficulty.

8. She eats fruits everyday, and mostly eats home made healthy vegetables/food. However she does not like drinking water very much.

9. One thing is that when she was small (until she got to 2), she used to cry too much and never was able to sleep through the night (used to wake up 10-15 times in the night). We did not realize it then, but now we feel that it had probably been due to the fact that she used to feel very hot.

10. Another thing is that we might have over fed her in her early years - she used to feed on breast milk as well as baby formula as well.

11. Currently she is around 43 inches and weighs around 41 pounds. She eats moderately as any other kid, and we do not see reduced appetite.

12. She likes salty stuff more than sweet or sour things.

13. She is generally more sensitive to hot climate. We may be using blankets in the night but she throws it away unless its really cold.

14. She had eczema problem as a kid since she was one year old which used to get aggravated during winter months. Since past 1.5 years we have not seen this happening.

15. She has a lazy eye problem (no squint)- Amblyopia in her left eye (Not strabismus). She wears glasses and does patching regularly every day. Power in left eye is +4.5 and right eye +1.0

16. She is a happy obedient child. Very methodical, and wants to keep things clean. She is a friendly, socializing kind of girl. She is very creative and into various arts and crafts like drawing, painting, etc.

17. She feels 24 hours is less and does not want to go to bed in the night.

18. We had given her bryonia alba 30 (and sulphur 30 at another time) long time back – and it had not helped much. But this has been at least one year back.

We will for ever be grateful for your response. All we want at this juncture is to relieve her constipation problem.
  apurb on 2007-10-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please give her CARICA PAPAYA-Q some 10 to 15 drops in some quarter cup of water at least 3 times a day.

let this continue for 10 days and then post response.

the remedy will soften the stool and help in the peristalsis movement of the child.
rishimba last decade
Dr. Rishimba thanks much for a lightening response.

I have been trying to check online to see if I can buy this since past 40 minutes, but I could not find any store.

Will you be knowing by a store or website selling it? If you can provide a link it would be great.
apurb last decade
i dont know of any website selling this remedy but i believe its available in any reputed homeopathic outlet.

if you do not find it, try ALUMINA 30C two doses every day for 4 or 5 days.

next, you can try NAT MUR 30C two doses every days for some days.
rishimba last decade
So Dr. what you mean is if I do not get CARICA PAPAYA-Q I shoudl give ALUMINA and if I do not get this as well then I should try NAT MUR.

Is this correct? Or you want me to try alumina and nat mur at the same time.
apurb last decade
dont give ALUMINA and NAT MUR at the same time.

try one for some days. if no response in 10 days, try the next.
rishimba last decade
Dear Apurb,

CARICA PAPAYA-Q is readily available in homeopathic shops in India. When I was visiting India a few months back, I bought the mother tincture (Q) of this remedy (Dr. Reckeweg Brand, German) from Delhi for my son's constipation problem. This was also suggested by Dr. Rishimba in this forum and it respnded well. However, my son has not completely recovered yet, but whenever he gets constipation, I use this remedy with success. In my son's case Nat Mur 30 also works well, but I never observed any benefits from Alumina 30! Best wishes,
manzul last decade
Dr. Rishimba,

I could not find Carica papaya-Q nor the alumina 30. So I tried the Nat Mur. I am giving it for the past 5 days (3 pellets twice daily) but have not seen the desired results. She although complains of feeling very hot, as well as her thirst for water has increased(which is good).

I am trying to get carica papaya-q from India.

Meanwhile I was doing some reasech, and found that some of her symptoms match that of Lycopodium. Is it ok if I give that to her? If so what potency, dosage and frequency should I try it with.

Manzul - thanks for sharing your experience with me - definitely nice to know that there are others of similar symptoms who got cured based on recommendations at this forum.

apurb last decade
Recently, I was reading a popular book on homeopathy and the author admitted that the constipation is difficult problem to treat with homepathy. Change of food habits as well as life style are two key factors for addressing chronic cases.

I found that Lycopodium 200 gives temporary relief. I am sure that Dr. Rishimba will be able to give an expert comment on this.
manzul last decade
lycopodium would be helpful if the child has frequent ineffectual urgings, he passes a lot of gas downwards and the stool is hard in the beginning and soft afterwards.

in case, the child has the above symptoms, you can give him lycopodium 30c three doses a day for 2 days.

watch for the next one week and report.
rishimba last decade
Dr. Rishimba, We are not sure about her 'ineffectual urgings' as she does not tell us about that.

She seems to be very tired now a days and gets irritated quickly. We also have not seen a big difference in her stool. So we are thinking of stopping this medicine.

Could you suggest something else?
apurb last decade
Dr. Rishimba, let me correct myself on the last posting. My wife just mentioned that she does see a little improvemnt in her stool. However my daughter seems to be irritated and tired after we started administering nat mur to her.

Any suggestions/alternatives?

I know you might have heard it several times, but let me thank you for the patience and the kind work you have been doing. Thank you so much for your diligence.
apurb last decade
please stop NAT MUR now that the response is seen.

wait for some days and note if there is a sustained improvement in the condition.
rishimba last decade
Hi Dr.Rishimba,

I had stopped Nat Mur last Thursday. Currently we do not see much improvement. The stool is constipated and small nuggets as previously seen. The color may have changed from black to yellow although. The other negative side symptomps like which we had seen - like being irritated, disappointed, lethargic - when we gave nat mur have also disappeared, now that we have stopped this medicine.

Meanwhile I have managed to get the carica papaya Q. So what would you like us to do:

1. Can we give carica papaya?
2. How long do we need to wait (as we had already kept her on a dosage of nat mur) before giving this?
3. What should be the dosage and duration?
4. Are there any negative side symptoms that we can expect to see with carica papaya, like when we gave nat mur

Thanks and warm regards.
apurb last decade
yes, you can start giving carica papaya rightaway.

no side effects.

you can give 10 drops three times in some water for the first 5 days and then 5 drops for the next 5 days.

in a weeks time, constipation problem should be cured.

you will note the difference in 2 to 3 days.
rishimba last decade
Dear patient,

A dependable remedy for constipation as suggested by dr. rishimba. please continue.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Dr Rishimba/DrMahfooz,

Thanks for your time and response. We have started giving this medicine from today.

One difficulty is that my daughter stays at school and day care till around 5/6 pm everyday. We try putting her to bed by 8:30 pm.

Will it be ok to just give the medicine 2 times a day instead of 3. She is just 5, so having it on her own at her school be difficult. We will however explore the possibility if some in school could give her the medicine but this request may not be accomodated.

Another option is that we can give her the medicine at around 6:00 in the evening and then again at around 8:30 pm. Morning is not a problem at all.So kindly let us know if we can just give it 2 times a day and/or if we need to change the dosage or give it 2 times in the evening.

Could you let us know if we need not give certain food items while giving this medicine. How(if at all) does she need to wait before/after eating this medicine - before she can actually eat food.

Thanks a lot!
apurb last decade
please start giving her 2 times a day and see the response for a week.

she should wait for at least 1/2 hour after taking this remedy. let her take it in empty stomach once in the morning and once in the evening.

come back after a week.
rishimba last decade
Hi Dr.Rishima,

As suggested by you we had continued the medicine for 10 days. The condition showed slight improvement till the time my daughter was on carica papaya, but came back to what it was when we stopped administering the medicine.

However while giving her the medicine, twice we noted that she compained about potty being stuck and we had to assist her to pass her stool, by wiping the anus. This had never happened before.

Now that the medicine has stopped we are back to square one or maybe worse than before - Again on 2/3 occations we have noticed blood mixed with the stool which could be due to the friction when she was trying to push it out. On prior occations we had never seen blood with stool.

Needless to say we are desperate so that you can help us out.

Please let us know ASAP what shall we do now? Not sure if this helps, but most often she does not seem to get good sleep in the night, and feels hot most of the times.

Best Regards
apurb last decade
please detail all the symptoms, physical ( with modalities )and mental.

all generals, cravings and aversions, fears and dreams.

we will try to prescribe a suitable remedy.
rishimba last decade
Dr. Rishimba, Here are the details we could think about. If you can let us know the remedy asap after consultation, it would be nice as we know someone coming from India, and could tell them to get the medicines.

- Most of the times does not go on her own for stools. We have fixed up a time when she goes and usually manages to pass them ofcourse with difficulty.

- The stools used to be hard and black and a little bigger than goat feaces.. Now they are the same except not black and have the normal colour..

- Physically she is not very active child .. Mainly because she was a little on the heavier side.. Lately she has lost weight as is growing bigger and taller (around 42 pounds and 42 inches tall) but still is moderately active. She has sufficient stamina and is an ace in swimming in children of her age group(5 yrs).

- She has a slightly protuding tummy (paunch) . This was not the case when she was born, but we think that this could have been caused by us over feeding (infant/brest milk) her when she was a baby.
- She likes salty and mildly spicy food more than sweet.
- In school she eats lunch and a snack. Does not drink a lot of water.. In home she complains of being hungry every time. Even after dinner which she may have eaten to satisfacion she loves to munch on something. This could be because she hopes that if she eats a snack she could be allowed to watch TV. We however make sure that she does not eat more than needed and also try offering fruits as much as possible which she then rejects saying I am full.

- She likes to eat butter/cheese, but we avoid giving these too much as this could be causing constipation.

- She eats a fruit serving almost daily.

- looks like she does not feel thirsty as well as we have to force her to drink water all the time at home.
- After we had given nux vomica (before carica papaya) to her she did want to drink more water which is no longer the case.
- Mentally she is good. Good in studies. Mostly able to understand things and follow directions.
- She is social and has a lot of friends.. She is good in sharing and respecting others wishes.
- Lately she does not like waking up in the morning everyday. Even though she goes to sleep by 9:00pm she does not want to wake up by 7:30am. We tried to make her sleep at 8:00pm and that did help a little but mostly is not very happy when she wakes up.

- does not mention about any dreams.
- her sleep seems to be disturbed at times since she keeps flipping form side to side and keeps making some sounds of either talking to someone or whining in sleep.. We think that she feels very hot and even though it is winter time here with us taking blankets she prefers to throw it out. Whenever we cover her, we feel that her sleep is getting disturbed. So we are not sure if her sleep is disturbed because of us covering her.

- She fears dark and does not like to go to a room where it si dark and the light is not on. However if we insist she complies to our wishes. That way she is really obedient, and wants to obey us, if she knows that we will be angry at her not doing/doing something. But other than that she does not fear anything and does not have any aversions.

- She generally has a good mood but has her ups and downs depending on how well she slept last night and how long and also if she is tired.

We are really concerned about the blood that we saw as I had mentioned in the earlier post. This never happened earlier even though she has been constipated like this for years.
apurb last decade
dr rishiba pl take suitable decision reg collosinia j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
dr. akshay, collinsonia is a great remedy for constipation in kids and can be tried, but the modalities are not matching. the child is a hot patient and collinsonia is a strongly cold remedy.

however, i feel if ALUMINA 30C which has almost the same symptoms match the modalities of the patient to a great extent.


have you tried ALUMINA as suggested earlier. please note that this takes time in action and has to be continued for some 5 to 7 days twice a day.

you can try LYCOPODIUM too if ALUMINA fails.
rishimba last decade
thanks dr
akshaymohl last decade
Dr. Rishimba thanks for responding. We will try alumina first, after we get the medicine. How many goblets would you recommend?

However as we know someone who is coming from India, we will be telling him to get the medicines. So shall we tell him to get lycopodium 30C ? If you want us to get something else too do let us know even though that may not be required.
apurb last decade
please get both the remedies in 30c potencies.

lycopodium in 200c potency as well.

1 to 2drops in 20 ml water or 3 to 4 globules chewed under the tongue would make one dose.
rishimba last decade

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