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Arnica Montana,the name of a miracle remedy,thanks Dr.Joe de livera.

Since a longtime the peoples of different part of the world have been using this homeopathic medicine with good confidence and till to day we are getting its curative benefits.Since after innovation of homeopathic medicines the modern so called analyser failed to recognise it as a medicines.Its a pain,they called it as placebo,not only this they doesnt hesitate to tell that homeopath also accused of giving false hope to patients for cure who might otherwise seek effective treatment.In a recent test report by them clearly has mentioned that use of Arnica may call fatal or death even.Very laughable quote is this?Since S hahnemman and during the tenure of 7pillars of homeopathy no one has been reported death after use of Arnica.World largest user of homeopathic medicine is Germany and there 80% peoples are being treated by different proved medicine in German homeopathic hospitals.In the homeopathic repetitorium a good book written by Dr.Willmar schewabe,where it can be seen what Arnica Montana capable to do as per theis PTS ++.Arnica has been earmarked for the treatment of crushing injuries,contusions,bruises,hematomas,furunculosis,hemorrhagic diathesis,as a complementary agent in apoplexy and retinal hemorrhages,general neuralgias and myalgias.Pains from muscular overexertion,ischialgia.Varicose veins,stenocardia,HYPERTENSION,arteriosclerosis,weakness of the heart muscle...over all it has also a positive,tonicizing effect on blood vessels and heart.Gastro-intestinal effects in the form of gastritis and dyspepsia.Learned and experienced Dr.Joe has advising to his patient and over this forum to use Arnica in wet dose its his modern invention,that should be encouraged by all the doctor of this forum.I have seen many patient getting benefit of this medicine and myself also advised my patient who had or yet coming to me to use Arnica in wet dosage.Criticism or posting of unsupported topic from other openions agaist homeopathy is not at all desirable as modern medicine manufacturer are jealous to see the success of the homeopathy and ppls all over the world are gradually receiving this treatment.Please see this sites for information about Arnica blank">http://planethomeopathy.com/Arnica%20montana.htm.http://home.... Thanks malaker
  Dr.Haran ch malaker on 2007-11-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Arnica is indeed a miracle remedy.

All people about 40 should take it at least once a week.
girilal last decade
I am in Udhampur (J&K) now. :-)

Yes. Arnica benefits many people for many complaints, and being a very short acting medicine has few side effects if taken sparingly.

However those who are using blood thinning medications should use it cautiously.

gavinimurthy last decade
a good definition of Arnica by yourself as well as Joe.

Really Unforgettable remedy.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
I am never against Arnica.

I only advice that it is not a panacea for all the problems on the earth for all the people. :-)

gavinimurthy last decade
Murthy ji,
Sea change in your opinion.
Appreciate that !!

Since when...

Pity Joe though...he received so much bashing...unnecessarily !!

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Yes Dr.Joe is inventing its new way of treatment thats encourging us.Its can be called as a hypothetical remedy for all ills.We should not look over other drug analyses,those have at all no idea of homeopathic medicines.Because they dont want to see homeopathy is a source of treatment and able to cure the patient permanently.Thanks malaker
Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade
I was telling the same earler too.

It can cure some conditions in some people. Not as a universal medicine for all ills.

gavinimurthy last decade
Each year I spend 2 - 4 months in Bangalore, just because I love the city or rather the surrounding or rather the food.

I always stayed in hotel, never stayed a nigh with friends because of freedom or actually my friend who live in Bangalore move in the room with me. Also other friends visit.

So it is a fun always but ALSA!! I wish it is fun!

After a week in Bangalore probably due to spicy food or may be due to tens of cups of strong tea and liquor, I use to have urinary problems. First week was a heaven and then night became hell so the days.

One day I asked Joe, in just purely in amusement. He said I should take Arnica.

What the heck, I walked to homeopathy story. Anyway I was going there each day or actually they were coming to me at my hotel.. whatever. I asked a dram of Arnica 6C (Joe recommended 30C), cost was 5 rupee but to me it was free... (Long story)

I took the medicine for just fun because the cause of my perpetual problem was spices and caffeine, it was understood that I must tame myself, medicine will only be futile. As a matter of fact I never believe if Arnica can do any good in the world.

Woh! it worked. I didn't' wake up at night even once.

Waw it a conincidence! may be. So I didnt' take Arnica for two days and problem came back. I took it and it went away.

NOw I love Bangalore, no problem at all. No matter what I eat, how much I eat or how much coffee I take.

Well I am 43 but still look like 35 (to tell you the rest of story)
girilal last decade
Thanks Dr.Girilalji,its a nice medicine,malaker
Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade
high up
Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade
certain remedy for certain disease
piyush.yadav last decade
Agreed with murthy.one must aware of using blood thinning medicine along with arnica.i hav a bad xperience of it
morshed last decade
To Dr Haran

As you are aware, I have been away from the ABC Forum since 2006 because I was suffering from so my of unnecessary criticism from 3 pseudo homeopaths on this Forum that I decided to join Praveen on the Homeopathy and More Forum. I returned last November 2009 as I have received many emails from patients on the Fistula Thread who depended on me for help with their individual problems.

I am happy to read this Thread which you had started in November 2007 when I was away and am glad to note that you have been following my lead in using Arnica 30c in the Wet dose daily. I also note that you and many others are using it and Girilal has also discovered that he does not have to wake up from sleep if he takes a nightcap of Arnica.

I am now 80 + years and can vouch for the fact the fact that I owe my good health to Arnica which I have taken daily since 1996 when I was first diagnosed with BHP.

Murthy was the first to start to criticize me for recording my research on Arnica on this Forum as he felt that taking any Homeopathic remedy daily was dangerous as according to him, this could lead to cancer.

I am proof that Arnica has not caused me any harm so far, 14 years after I first started to take it on a nightly basis. My skin is like that of a 40 year old and my Lipid Profile is like a Teenager's. BP
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear readers, we should all appreciate the work done by Joe De Livera, we all should try to put in our practice and see for results, lets be unprejudiced and lets move forwards and not be a book-worm.


Dr Abhishek Mukherjee
Dr Abhishek last decade
To Dr Abishek,

Thank you for your vote of confidence in my therapy aka 'Joepathy'.

Arnica has been one of my major ';Discoveries' and I have recorded the many cases for which I have prescribed it and the many cures that resulted which are not listed in the Repertories and MM's in use today. It is just that I am not in Homeopathy for any financial gain as I treat all patients without charge and I consider it my duty to share my discoveries with all you Homeopaths who can benefit from its use not only for Diabetes but for other ailments which I have listed on:


It is unfortunate that I have had to weather intense criticism from the classical homeopaths who even today direct calculated barbs at me when I prescribe any remedy to a patient. I hope that those who choose to criticize me realize that all remedies that I prescribe are based on my own personal experience or in the alternative I had used it for a similar case in another patient with success. The mere fact that a remedy does not appear in the textbooks is not sufficient reason for it not to be used. If any homeopath does use a remedy, say Arnica to help control Diabetes and discovers that it does not work, he will have the satisfaction of publicly proclaiming that it does not work at all. If on the other hand it does work, as the majority of patients have confirmed that it did, it would be nice if they can record their experience on this forum.

I had weathered personal attacks from a coterie of pseudo classical individuals 4 years ago and when these attacks were getting too tedious and annoying, I decided to boycott this forum but decided to return late last year as I had been receiving many emails and messages from patients on the Fistula thread who pleaded for guidance to help with their ailment which is not normally curable using modern medicine or for that matter even homeopathy. All I wish to do at this late stage of my life is to share my discoveries with other homeopaths in the hope that they and their patients will benefit from my research.

I have always emphasized the fact that the mere fact that a remedy is not listed for any ailment in the text books should not bar its usage in the manner that I have recorded. It is strange that other homeopaths who have used remedies for one ailment and discovered that the same remedy helped the patient to cure another ailment. I am sure that this phenomenon occurs many times but the homeopath who discovers that a remedy prescribed for an ailment also cured another does not unfortunately share this information with others as I do on this and other forums.

My discovery that Nat Phos 6x reduces weight by 1kg per week resulted in my giving it to a grossly obese man who reported to me that he had lost weight at about 2 kg per week. Another similar serendipitous discovery was Arnica which I gave a Type I Diabetic who was also a qualified MBBS doctor and he reported that after 2 doses his Blood Sugar had been reduced by about 35% which he had never observed before. I have recorded this case on the Arnica the Miracle Remedy thread.

If you wish to read my thread on Nat Phos 6x entitled 'The ultimate cure for Obesity' you may visit:


It is instances such as this that make my life more interesting and irrespective of what other homeopaths do, I shall bat on as I have done for the last 25 years and strive to keep up my record on the Forums that I visit.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe, i will openly say i do not use medicines in wet doses but after reading your results which you have got with Arnica 30c in wet doses ,i have been trying it on all my patients in my clinic ,i am confident to see results,i highly regret not to known this or rather ignorning this remedy in past.also as Joe suggested i went to dr p banerjee website, the research they are doing is truly amazing, all homeopaths should have a look.


Dr Abhishek Mukherjee
om sai clinic
Dr Abhishek last decade
Dear Abishek,

I am happy to note that you have already received positive feed back from your patients to whom you have given Arnica 30 in the Wet dose on an experimental basis. It is nice of you to confirm this fact on the ABC which enjoys a very wide circulation as I understand that they receive over 10000 hits daily. It is my hope that at least 1% of these visitors to this Forum will take my advice and use Arnica as I have done in the Wet dose just once nightly and experience the difference they will feel the very next day after they wake up. They would have noticed that they slept unusually deeply and this, I feel, is the secret of Arnica. By virtue of the fact that it promotes this deep sleep, it is my belief that the body is able to rebuild itself in a better manner which then results in a feeling of wellness that cannot be replicated by any other tonics and other health supplements that are daily taken by the average citizen in the quest to feel good.

I believe that I am the best test case or 'guinea pig' for Arnica as I have taken it daily usually nightly or more often in case of need since 1996 for a period of over 14 years. I was warned by many classical homeopaths when I first stated so on this forum and they insisted that I was making a serious mistake in doing so and that I would soon have to pay the price. In direct contrast to their warnings of doom and gloom, I have proved beyond doubt that the sense of wellness I enjoy at my advanced age of 81 years without any ache or pain in my body, with a BP of
Joe De Livera last decade

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