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Need HELP with 12 yo child bipolar like mood disorder

I have a 12 year old son who has had what is officially diagnosed as an 'extreme mood disorder'. Very similar to child bipolar disorder. There is some thought that he may just have a volatile temperment, and not really bipolar.
However there do seem to be some differences. He has been on many conventional medications. And because some of these have worked miracles for short periods of time, i am convinced that there is some sort of imbalance that can be rectified. We have gone through the spectrum of what has been considered 'safe for children' medications, and I have just recently been trying to learn some more about homeopathy, and wanted to try some treatments.

i had gone through the Remedy Finder and had come up with arsenic album 30c (pellets), but i see there seem to be many other possibilities that seem to be a better match.

I would like to try the arsenicum album since i have it now, but i am not sure of the dosage to give him, or how it should be administered (i have seen posts about mixing it with water, etc)

It also seems that Stramonium might be a good second choice if this doesnt work.

So, let me go into his symptoms.

primarily he is very easily irritated and frustrated, and this can ofter quickly escalate into a mood meltdown, at which point, the world is against him, he is focused only on this one thing that has upset him, nothing else good matters at that point, and anything similar which has ever happened comes out. Generally turn into fits of depression, sadness, anger, frustration. Alot of fealing of unfairness in what he is dealing with. I have also noticed that he requires a physical release, which unfortunately often turns into his banging his head or hands on the floor, wall, desk, whatever is convenient, and can also often include throwing things and hitting things.
This does not happen EVERY time he is upset by something, but i have not been able to put any regularity to when it does happen. I could say it is aggravated if he is tired or hungry, or obviously otherwise in a bad frame of mind. I have also noticed that after one of these episodes, he often has headaches, sometimes stomach aches (from the pure energy it takes for this meltdown), but he seems to have gotten a 'release' that helps him for a short period of time afterwards.
During these meltdowns as well, there are often talks of wishing he was dead, though i believe that they would not be carried through, but that is how he expresses his extreme emotion at that point.
I have also noticed in the recent year or so, that his 'high' emotions are also becoming more and more extreme, but, those are usually not an issue in the world, right ? :-)

He has had these symptoms since he was 6 months old.

He is also extremely sensory sensitive. Loud noises bother him, pain is extreme. noises also tend to give him headaches. stress tends to give him headaches. stomach aches are not as common any more. tags have to be cut off clothing, sometimes necklines or sleeves need to be cut because they feel too binding on him.

Very easily frustrated. Expects to understand things quickly, and for things to happen quickly, and when they dont, he is very frustrated.
Quite rigid in his way of thinking, takes alot of thought (and explanation from others that he trusts )for him to think outside of the box that he may have established about something. Everything is to an extreme, especially when he is having a meltdown, his perceptions are extreme. An accidental tap on the shoulder will become someone hitting him.
again, depending on his state of mind at the time, a particular case like that could become a nightmare, or could be no big deal at all.

He has a very hard time accepting authority, alot of this is due to the many accomodations that have been made for him, primarily at school, so that he wouldnt have a breakdown, and i am trying to help him understand that he has to learn to function in the world without accomodations.
He can be defiant, and disobedient, but it is not a continuous thing. He can also be very kind and helpful as well. It again, depends on his state of mind at the time.

He sleeps well for the most part, he has had a handful of nights where he hasnt been able to fall asleep, for which he takes a pill of melatonin, and is fine after that.

We had a few months of taking fish oil, but it didnt seem to help, if anything it may have made things slightly worse.

He is also suffering from poor self esteem, because of these meltdowns that he has had in front of other children, he is very self conscious of that fact. He is currently in a class with other emotionally disabled children, and he has a very hard time dealing with them, because they have their own outbursts and issues that are sometimes directed towards him. He has very poor social skills, mostly from insecurity, and lack of social interaction with his peers. He prefers to interact with adults because they are more accomodating and not as 'mean'.

He does struggle and attempt to control his emotions, especially as he gets older, but he has times where this is difficult for him. He has a hard time with transition. I have made a routine out of warning him ahead of time of something he needs to do, so that he can mentally prepare for it.

Whatever this is, it is somewhat hereditary, my father had the exact same 'temperment' and 'issues', but no one seems to be able to put those symptoms on any other family member.

Extremely intelligent, very lazy, and again, has learned to work the system to be 'accomodated', which we are also trying to put an end to,

sounds very similar to the child discussed in this post:

I dont notice anything out of the ordinary from other generalities .. not generally hot/chilly thirsty, etc, except for his extreme sensitivities. And those are also driven by mood, in a 'good' mood he is not bothered, in a 'bad' mood, and everything is extreme.

He has some lack of focus, but i think that is more from the prozac that we are currently weaning him off of because i have seen that reaction in him before, and it also comes from wanted to procrastinate on anything that he has to do.
  anitakfitz on 2007-11-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You might want to look at Medorrhinum.

The extreme behaviour, the rigidity and the biploarity of behaviour is very well covered by it.

Some confirmatory symptoms you might want to probe:

Any cravings for citrus fruits ?

Any genital rashes ?

Any amelioration by the ocean ?

Alternation of eczema and asthma ?

Any rashes in the genital area ?

If answer to any of this is yes , Medorrhinum would be worth thinking about.

sameervermani last decade
Another remedy you might want to look at is

sameervermani last decade
there seems to be a dominance of syphilitic personality in him which probably is inherited.

thus, considering the miasm, an anti-syphilitic remedy is what is required.

please look at KALI CARB for some typical symptoms.

start with a single dose of 200c potency and if you dont get a response, take 1M after a week.

report after 15 days for any changes felt and so the follow up doses could be decided.
rishimba last decade
I have started him on a dosage of 30c of arsenicum album . 3 pellets 3 times a day. How long do i need to try this remedy before i know if it is doing anything? what about adjustments?

I looked at Medorrhinum, there are a few symptoms that i can see, and some that are the exact opposite.

out of the questions that you asked, i would say 'no' to all except a possible amelioration by the ocean, but i think that being outdoors has helped to a small degree. I do see the intense itching (on bug bites), the burning pain in the head with his headaches when stressed, hopeless of recovery somewhat, but more hopeless of everything ... often times he will adamantly state 'i cant' or 'it wont help' to where he is refusing to try anything. If he cant understand something, and is repeating these words, and some 'switch' clicks over, then all of a sudden he knows everything, and does not need anyone to explain any further.

he does get cold/canker sores often. we have the intensity of all sensations, but mostly only in an aggravated state. stress and anxiety also cause immediate triggers.

the biggest issues i still feel are the irritability, and the rigid resistance, which then cause anger and frustration, and if coupled with anxiety of what may happen, is further escalated.

He also seems to be fearful of physical restraint. He has been hospitalized, and is currently attending a school where if he becomes a danger to himself or anyone else, he must be but in a room away from the other kids, and kept there until he calms down. if he refuses to go, he must be physically carried there, to which he will throw himself on the ground ... or the words that are generally used are show extreme dramatics about the situation, refuse to admit to his actions which required physical force to be used on him.
everyone lies. whether he actually believes this or not, i do not know.

I read a bit about Hyoscyamus and it does look close, in addition to Stramonium and Belladonna. They all have bits and pieces of symptoms

i had come up with arsenic album from the Remedy Finder, which is why i went ahead and started with it, but i GREATLY appreciate everyones help in looking at some other possibilities if this does not work

I did look at Hyo as well
anitakfitz last decade
I am also not sure what you mean by syphilitic personality
anitakfitz last decade
Try three doses of 30C (preferably repeated at 30 min intervals) and see if there is any improvement. In case there is improvement, DO NOT repeat the remedy.
When the improvement reaches a plateau ,(which might be in 2 , 4 or 6 weeks) depending upon the case, you can up the potency, and give a single dose of 200C.

In case, you do not see any improvement, you can try a single dose of 200C, about 10 days after the day you give 30C a try.

If that too fails, the choice of remedy is probably not correct.
sameervermani last decade
for you reference i am pasting a good write up about syphilitic personality.

if you look at KALICARB, you will find nearly all of your son's mental symptoms are covered by the remedy. moreover, its a strong anti syphilitic remedy.

please go through the materia medica of KALI CARB and decide for yourself.

i have given the potencies.

The Syphilitic miasm
Syphilitic miasm owes its name to the fact that it shows an innate inclination to destruction, which is a predominant feature in syphilis. It has been tormenting the human race before the outbreak of syphilis. We should consider syphilis as one of the most probable manifestations of the syphilitic miasm. Certainly if Hahnemann was alive today, he would pick another name for this miasm.

But let us begin to describe the syphilitic person’s mental sphere. One of the predominant features in syphilitic miasm is the tendency to conquer. He constantly wants to conquer something. After the conquest the object conquered loses its importance, it may even disgust him. He has set himself a new target; he is a hard person to satisfy, that is to say. The syphilitic is the kind of person to be easily envious. Whatever catches his eye, he wants to have it.

Another major feature of syphilitic miasm is the person’s tendency to destruction. Hooligans, for example, destroy everything, whatever they run across. They destroy even when their team wins. They go to sports field not in order to enjoy the game but to destroy. Destruction is a delight to them.

Thus, whereas the psoric fan will be modest and will respect the rules and the opponent and whereas the sycotic fan will tend to show off by wearing multi-colored scarves of his team, the syphilitic person seeks destruction at every single moment.

The syphilitic religious person also destroys in the name of God in whom he believes. He wants to kill, to eliminate the supporter of a different religion; in contrast to the psoric person who penetrates the deeper meaning of religion and who is a religious philosopher as well as the sycotic person who sticks to ritualism.

Another syphilitic expression of religious sentiment is the rites of “Black Magic”. The believer invokes the God of conquest and destruction in order to achieve his aims, either of conquest or destruction. Another frequent syphilitic picture is atheism.

The “iconoclast” who respects nothing, who believes in nothing, is also another syphilitic expression. Religion is an expression of the law, the syphilitic struggles against the law. Syphilitic persons do not have a developed social consciousness; they cannot offer other people anything of themselves.

They are anti-heroes; they do not accept having social obligations. They refuse to do their military service as by law enacted. Indicative of that is Caryotaki’s poem:

Michalios has gone to the army.
He started in pride
together with Maris and Panayiotis
He could learn not even the “slope arms”
He always used to mumble: «Mr. corporal,
let me go back to my village».
The next year in the hospital,
he was silently looking at the sky.
he was pointing his eyes in one point,
his look was nostalgic and gentle,
as if he was saying, as if he was begging:
«Let me go home».
and Michalios died a soldier.
Some soldiers escorted him,
Maris and Panayiotis were with them.
The hole was covered on top of them,
but they left his foot outside:
Poor guy he was a little tall….

We can see in this poem certain features of syphilitic person. First we see the lack of social consciousness. Secondly we notice dependence on family. This dependence shows a profound immaturity. It is a form of dependence that does not correspond to his age but bears elements of infantile dependence.

This is due to the fact that the personality is not adequately formed, so it collapses under the impact of a stress producing stimulation and the person adopts more primitive ways of functioning, in other words he behaves like an infant. This tendency to dependence is the main predisposing factor to dependence on toxic substances and alcohol, which in their heavy forms are syphilitic situations.

Another feature described above is how easily the syphilitic person becomes disorganized under the impact of a stress producing stimulation. Even in the case of a stimulation of medium intensity there is a tendency to disorganisation, complete disorganisation, till the person is brought to the verge of the organism’s destruction. So it happens, for example, during a psychotic incident. The syphilitic reaction to a stimulation, which an ordinary man considers to be of medium intensity, is a complete disorganisation, a complete loss of contact with reality. We will say more on that subject in the following paragraphs.

The syphilitic’s person anger is a violent, explosive anger that scares the people present. It is characterized by destructiveness. The psoric person is hot-tempered, as a result of his intense oversensitivity. It is, however, a superficial and temporary annoyance. After having expressed himself, the annoyance is gone. The sycotic person usually controls his anger but when expressed, is excessive; so excessive that he becomes the focus of attention. In no case, however, will he scare the others, as the syphilitic person will.

The syphilitic person’s sadness is marked by destructiveness too. The person thinks there is no sense in living any longer. He is gloomy, sad and dismal. He denies life completely. He is not interested in anything; in contrast to the sycotic person, who shows his sadness through face expression, body posture and tears, and contrary to the psoric person, who retires into himself, possessed with feelings of inadequacy.

At moments of joy he is characterized by destructiveness as well. He wants to destroy out of joy. This destructiveness may manifest itself either outwards or inwards by driving the person mad. Someone losing his senses on a happy occasion is syphilitic miasm; contrary to the sycotic person, who wants everyone to share in his joy, and contrary to the psoric person, who behaves like a child when he becomes emotional.

Intense desire to put an end to one’s life is syphilitic miasm as well. Suicide or Murder. It is an expression of the destructiveness typical of the syphilitic person. Generally speaking, the syphilitic person does not experience joy. He cannot feel the simple joys of life. For example, at a child’s birth the syphilitic person will be thinking to himself: “Why have you come to this world? …You’d better not have been born…Troubles and worries await you”.

On the other hand the sycotic person will be boasting about his child, trying to point out the new-born’s natural gifts, and he wants everyone to admire his child, whereas the enthusiastic psoric person behaves like a child out of joy.

Destructiveness is the predominant feature in the physical sphere. A typical physical manifestation of syphilitic miasm is ulcer. Ulcer is a destructive process. There is destruction of shape, destruction of structure at some point of the tissue.

Quick metastasis often goes together with the destructiveness of the cancer process as we see in some forms of cancer.
rishimba last decade
I too agree with dr.rishimba however the potency if 200 not suits then 1M is needed.

Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Thank you very much for the description, it was much more helpful than what I have read. I have actually ordered some books that hopefully will give me some similar descriptions of some of the homeopathic medications.
Would you happen to have something similar for arsenicum album or bella?

I did see quite a few pieces in the description that did fit (I will get into that later). But the primary focus seems to be destruction. I do not see this characteristic except when his emotions/frustration/sadness comes to an extreme. At which point, he needs a release of physical energy to come about, and this is where the kicking, throwing come in .. but it is not a driving force, or even present at any other time.

What I see as the predominant issues are : irritability, need for things to happen immediately / lack of patience, or frustration sets in, sensory sensitiveness, MUCH more so when already aggravated. Lazyness, does not want to put in effort, but, also at the same time can be very competitive. But not to a destructive level. Very self conscious and insecure (but i think this is more a developed trait). VERY intelligent.
Cautious and anxious. The caution probably comes from the anxiety of an action/event.
Has ALOT of reverence for rules. Fear of consequences if he breaks any rules. I know he tries to do what he is supposed to, until emotions set in and drive him beyond the point of control of his actions/motions/behaviour. He has told me during these episodes that he is so full of emotion, that he blacks out on his recollection of parts of the event.
Intense headaches during and after (seems to make sense due to the extreme intensity of the breakdowns).

The explosive anger comes in after he has been aggravated, and is further aggravated.

I have started him on 30c 3 pellets 3x a day. I cant tell if it is helping, I want to say slightly, but he has also had some changes in his regimen (school routine) that may be a factor as well.
anitakfitz last decade
The more that I read on these handful of remedies, it seems that Bell is the one that best matches his mental state
anitakfitz last decade
Belladonna will help him sure.

Also look at Theridion for sensitivity to noises.


Crocus Sativus for Bipolar.
girilal last decade
should i go ahead and give up on the arsenicum? or increase the dosage first ? how long should i be waiting to see a response for the remedies ?
anitakfitz last decade
also, what dosage should i be using with bell ?
anitakfitz last decade
upon reading Crocus Sativus, this does sound VERY close. What dosage/rate should i administer ?
anitakfitz last decade
I started him on belladonna 200c 3 doses 3x a day the first day, then 3 doses 1x a day. This has been almost a week. I changed back to 3 doses 3x a day yesterday because he was doing SLIGHTLY better during the day, but the evenings were still a problem, and mornings are still a problem. I gave him 3 doses of 30c this morning, i can see a SLIGHT improvement, and he says the same thing as well, but it seems very short lived, just a few hours. Would this be normal? should i try a higher potency, perhaps 1 M ?

Also, i wanted to add that i have a hypothyroid condition which i apparently obtained during my pregnancy with him. Thyroid antibody count is also high, so i have been on synthroid supplements until then. I know that the thyroid can do strange things during pregnancy, but I didnt know if this might help shed some light on a possible rememdy. I have been reading and reading, and everything seems to have a few symptoms (both mental and physical), so my list of things to try grows longer and longer. I would guess that a combination may be necessary.

I have also ordered symmetry, the lithium orotate spray, since it seems to address many of his issues.

The primary concern is his irritability which quickly blows into extremely volatile and violent behavior.
Which in turn causes depression and lack of self esteem.
I need to find SOMETHING to help him, he is continuing to get worse ...
anitakfitz last decade
have u tried KALI CARB.

try it if you have not.. then report.
rishimba last decade

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