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Homeopathy in UK

Dear all,

As you may already know, Homeopathy has been under attack in the media recently, especially in the UK, where there have been calls for it to be removed from the National Health Service.

If you wish to support Homeopathy please take a moment to register via the
online petition being organised by blank">http://www.hmc21.org/

Please only fill in the petition if you are in the UK, and stick to the spirit of the thing - one person, one signature.

  moderator on 2007-11-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
link does not work.
girilal last decade
Futile Classical Homeopathy Approach ONLY can be blamed for this whole media attack.

I only see people misled and destroyed when they were given a single remedy and were told to watch and wait for long time. Meanwhile their ailments worsened and they ended up in the emergency rooms and made Homeopathy a Laughing stock.

Even Joepathy can do better, spread better, manifest better, work better -- than classical homeopathy approach.
girilal last decade
I can't help but laugh at this post.

Classical homeopathy is destroying people and mixing medicines because you don't want to spend the effort to pick the right one needed is helping people !!

Wow , amazing argument !
sameervermani last decade
If even two Classical Homeopaths in UK were picking right medicines.... That was the proof enough to spread the right message but this seldom happened in UK or even in USA.

But we keep seeing people who say they were destroyed and made laughing stocks because their Classical physician gave them a minimum dose and told them to maximum wait.

ameervermani can you pick the right medicine or can a software can pick a right medicine to cure a person totally.

Can a plant, herb or mineral match a person..

Now that makes people laugh.
girilal last decade
It is very funny when a patient consults with more than one homeopath simultaenously and no two homeopaths prescribe the same remedy? What's wrong with this picture?

Yes, Joepathy has a greater success rate than any classical homeopath.

Classcal Homeopathy strategy is simply backfiring on them.
allergic last decade
Joepathy is a total success. Joe De Livera was drummed out of this website because he was getting too famous.

So thus many think tanks are born in the reaction to counter the joepathy which is a very simple medical system.

I heard a guy in Florida he treats people with Gamboli (Also called Bhindi in India or Lady-finger). Now this Gambopathy has more success rate then Classical Homeopathy.
girilal last decade
I agree, many a times, we will not be able to cure someone through classical homeopathy on this forum .

That could be because , on this forum it is very difficult to prescribe based on the limited information a patient provides and moreover there is no face to face meeting with the patient.

However , if we prescribe one remedy at a time , without too much repetition , and in not too high a potency , and with enough waiting time between different remedies, atleast, we do not run the danger of spoiling someone's case to the point that it becomes incurable with even the correct remedy. Mind you , in this process there is a distinct chance of curing the person too.

People who prescribe 1 medicine in the morning , another in the afternoon and another one in the evening are doing a very dangerous thing though.
sameervermani last decade
my experience with classical homeopaths is that they indeed do just what they claim they don't do to spoil the case and keep people sick so they can keep taking their money.

No one at this site is a true classical homeopath as the rule in homeopathy is to see the patient face to face and to sit and converse for several hours (to get personal financial information out of them or to find out how vulnuerable the person is so they can take advantage of them).
allergic last decade
UK Society has concluded many things, they don't want to be fooled anymore. This is caused by Classical Homeopaths who see patients in person.

When a patient spends his hard earned money he or she expect something not just philosophy or homeo-theo-logy but real relief from pain.

Sites like this are doing good job and keeping homeopathy alive but Evil caused by Classical Homeopaths is outweighing any benefits created by these forums.
girilal last decade
Let us all get the facts straight.

It is the pro allopathic establishment that started this campaign, as they fear that their profits are at stake as more and more people in UK started opting towards homeopathy.

All the principal campaigners are those who never took any homeopathic medicine in their life.

Not even one percent of the people who used homeopathy claimed that it is a failure. In fact many vouch for the efficacy of homeopathy.

So all this talk about classical verses non classical homeopaths doesn't hold any water.

Even non classical homeopathy can help some times, but it has its limitations as well as dangers.

Removal of symptoms is not the goal of homeopathy, which the non classical homeopaths aim at. Allopathy too can do that, perhaps more efficiently. The whole problem is that of suppression, either with allopathic medicines or homeopathic concoctions.

Both are known to suppress, which drives the disease deeper, and it is an irrefutable fact.

If all homeopaths understand the philosophy of homeopathy, and follow the guidelines which are well laid out, there is no fear of homeopathy loosing out.

The real danger to homeopathy is not from allopaths but those who tend to practice homeopathy with half baked knoweledge.

gavinimurthy last decade
Ah !! What a heart break !!
Even Arnica will fail to restore the system back to normal.

Holier than Thou !!
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I always fail to understand these exclamations which really doesn't mean anything atleast to me. :-)

gavinimurthy last decade
United we stand. Divided we fall.

moderator last decade
Dear Moderator

The website: blank">http://www.hmc21.org/

Only asked: Vote it Homeopathy worked for me.

So I voted.

And I request to all individuals who witnessed that homeopathy works should vote.
girilal last decade

If Homeopathy worked for me
girilal last decade
United we stand. Divided we fall.

Does this mean that homeopathyand more and this website work together or are they enemies?

When people like Joe De Livera get attacked does this website stick up for them?

Number one reason homeopathy is failing is homeopaths don't work together but fight and attack and critize each other.

Murthy is a good example--he goes around at other websites attacking people helping others with homeopathy
allergic last decade
No two classical homeopaths agree with each other.

And unfortunately only single remedies are used on the trials vs placebo. Had they used combination remedies, had combination remedies were administered by homeopaths -- this day would not had come.
dr mehmood last decade
Now who will tell media if a mineral, or plant or an animal is similum with human being's state..

Then they laugh..
Then who will tell them, well not exactly similum but close to similum. As close as we look depending upon which direction we are looking, depending upon which dimension we are looking.

Then they laugh..
Then who will tell them, Hey.. now we have softwares, it makes the similum as close to possible..
Just like it always takes a computer to put a satellite in the orbit, manually even if we try a billion times, it is simply not possible.

Then they laugh.
girilal last decade
Unfortunately homeopathy always stayed controversal.
dr mehmood last decade
yes, controversial due to human behaviour.
allergic last decade
Guess who killed homeopathy in UK
girilal last decade
Because of Lost, confused, garrulous, quarrelsome so-called-classical-homeopaths those are incapable to treat but only create obstacles to all who are out to prove that homeopathy is simple and beautiful.
girilal last decade
(Dr/Mr)Organon & JacobScott kill homeopathy
allergic last decade
of-course, it is killed by people who are only argumentative but no try but discuss, talk and fight.
girilal last decade
I am copying below my reply entitled 'Response to a Sad Editor' addressed to Dr Manish Bhatia on his Hpathy Forum website on:


I felt that my reply to his request to respond would be a useful addition to this Thread which will be bumped up for the enlightenment of members.

My response is about midway down the list of replies which Homeopaths throughout the world sent Manish which are all worth reading even though it may take some time to do so.

August 2008

Dear Manish,

I have just received the July edition of Homeopathy 4 Everyone and would like to place on record my admiration of your attitude to Homeopathy today which is so different from the autocratic classical attitude you displayed in your Hpathy Forum a few short years ago when you banned me from it merely because I prescribed Arnica for an ailment I cannot recollect.

I presume that you are aware that I am not a qualified Homeopath as this science is only a Hobby to me and I treat all patients with the remedy, free of charge. I am thankful to God that it has remained that way as the therapy that I give those who consult me is not governed by the strict classical rules which I sometimes use with Radar when the remedy for the ailment eludes me. It is just that feeling of satisfaction that I get in helping anyone who consults me that is the reward that I get that keeps me active in Homeopathy, sometimes to defend my non classical attitude to Homeopathy as I have always found that my direct approach works admirably well in comparison to the classical attitude of the 'single remedy to treat all the symptoms', which usually does not.

You may perhaps be aware that a few classical members on your forum resented my direct 'this for that' approach to Homeopathy and often used to criticize it, sometimes in a disparaging manner. They later labelled my attitude to healing as 'Joepathy' and this term was later picked up by the Search Engines which today lists about 150 hits under this title. It is possible that the reason for this interest may be due to the fact that the various remedies that I have used which are recorded in the homeopathic forums that I used to visit in the past and the Homeopathy and More Forum that Praveen Wadhwa and I share and visit daily today, have sufficient evidence to prove that the non classical approach to Homeopathy aka Joepathy, works admirably well. Since my conversion to the Wet Dose by Dr Luc de Schepper with whom I was closely associated during his short visit to Sri Lanka in 2003, I have been more successful in helping patients who seek assistance from the 4 corners of the world and I am happy that many have confirmed that they have been cured of chronic ailments like Asthma, Eczema and Arthritis to name just 3 that I have used my default remedies to cure or at least stabilize, thereby enabling the patient to stop dependence on the drugs that they had been using for many years.

I have often wondered what the reason was for the interference that I encountered on the forums that I used to visit in the past and it occurred to me that at least some may have been prompted by the fact that I have invariably indicated that I am not a classically trained homeopath but that I had a background of study of the science and my own experience dating back from 1968 when I was first introduced to Homeopathy as my guide in prescribing for the many ailments that I encountered. It is possible that the responses which grateful patients sometimes recorded on the threads may have irritated the classical types as they did not seem to equate the same rate of success that I had achieved and this lead to their harsh criticism of my therapy merely because it was non classical.

I am copying a paragraph taken from your Editorial below:

'The editor in me is sad, not just because I have seen the differences in our community from very close quarters, but also because I see little 'dialogue' or effort to find some uniformity in our methods of practice. While people are now willing to share information through Hpathy, I still see a lot of reservation in engaging in a one-to-one or an open dialogue about specific practices. Homeopathy today is like the conventional medicine of Hahnemann's time. Anyone can come up with any interpretation of our history, any new idea, hypothesis or theory, any method of practice and there is no critical scrutiny by the community. And if you are a big shot, nobody even thinks about questioning your new 'discoveries'. People either follow those ideas or they do not. Everybody is happy in his/her own cocoon. We are a very passive community. There is no central authority to check the validity of numerous claims made by different people. There is no central effort to resolve the timeless questions that haunt homeopathy.'

I am indeed grateful to you for having stated what to me is obvious but which when read from Hahnemann's classical standpoint can be interpreted as heresy. I am in complete agreement with you in your view and it does seem a shame that the big names in the science have their own views on even basic matters and prefer to pontificate on them merely because they are 'great' however far they are from the truth . I can think of George Vithoulkas condemning in his lectures on Arnica that it must never be used as a pain reliever and never before and after surgery. I have proved otherwise. There are numerous examples of these same greats pontificating about remedies but obviously not taking the time to test their pet theories in actual practice.

In the final analysis it is not the method used, classical or non classical that matters in the treatment of disease. It is the remedy that will achieve the fastest cure without causing the patient any discomfort and restores him back to health as per Hahnemann's first Aphorism.

I shall follow your progress in your open attitude to Homeopathy and hope that you will succeed in opening the eyes of the classical fraternity that it is time that they shed aside their classical blinkers and use remedies in the manner that many of us have pioneered and recorded instead of criticizing us for having deviated from the strict classical method of treatment which does not achieve the same results that the direct Joepathy 'this for that' method does.

Warm Regards

J T De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade

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