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Headaches after exercise

Hello folks
First time on forum

Male 46 yr
Never smoked
Blood pressure 120/78
Cholesterol great

Have always been active and play a lot of soccer still
For the past 2 yrs , about 30 minutes after a game, I get a bit of scotomo in my vision, then a headache comes on

Have had headaches since teens

The blurred impaired vision last about 20 minutes only then disappears

Can anyone suggest something for this??? It is very frustrating.......

Thanks very much
  towzer on 2004-11-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Some changes took place 2 years ago. Please think back.
An unhappy move. New water. Live in another environment that is not as good for you.

Have you changed eating habits due to new location?

Many headaches are caused from the stomach. The vagus nerve is irritated and is connected to certain portions of the lower brain at the base of the scull.

Out of curiousity, at least two hours before the next game, do not eat anything and only drink water. Take one supplement of Hydrocloric acid at that time and only drink water.

Our eating habits have become too alkaline. Our body produces H. acid, but we are becoming short and hence all the talk of reflux desease.

This would be a good simple test of the stomach activity and the vagus nerve.

Absolutely no milk or sodas. I also would suggest no beer. It seems that the beer companies are changing their formulas and many are complaining they cannot drink their favorite beer any longer. Please let us know. Sabra
sabra last decade
Sabra thanks for reply

Where can I get the hydrocloric acid??

My doctor (GP) thinks these are migraine related because of the visual problems that happen first

I will add that I do have a sensitive stomach and have reflux

I did not want to go on any of the high powered migraine meds so I hava an appt this week with a Homeopath in Toronto. Ithought I would try this route first

towzer last decade
Hydrocloric Acid is a supplement one can get at health food store, or drug store, better health foods. Many types of headaches begin with eye symptoms. Lets eliminate the stomach first.

Be patient, please do not let an MD alarm you. Not to say they are not good, but too much alarmists and grouping illnesses and people together instead of thinking of individual responses. Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks again
I will let you know how it goes tonite as I have an indoor game

This problem occurs about 50% of the time after the game and I make sure I get enough water. Usually drink about 1000ml or more during and after.....
towzer last decade
Another thought is electrolytes. I used to get similar headaches after long hikes and after I started to add "Emergen" (electrolyte mix with vit C) and drink with my water during activity, before and after (or take something similiar added to water)--no problem
Good luck, Loree
loree last decade

so would a gatorade like drink work????
towzer last decade

I picked up Betaine Hydrochloride today
I presume this is Hydrocloric acid?

It is 500mg

Is one or 2 enough to take?

towzer last decade
Yes, like a gatorade, but mix with your water!
loree last decade
thanks everyone

Played indoor tonite for over one hour. No headache. Just a little tinge of one.
No visual aura

I took some hydrocloric acid before and also drank 1000ml of water and 500ml of gatorade

Could be just a coincidence that nothing happened because the headache aura happens about half the time

Will try this again on the weekend. My question is should I continue to take the Hydrocloric acid????
towzer last decade
Yes, at least one or two with each meal to give it a good try. Sabra
sabra last decade
If you Do have a headache, lose the gatoraid, it is overrated and a marketing item to spend your money. S.
sabra last decade
ok thanks everyone
towzer last decade
I think it is a "IrisVer" headache.......blurred vision before a headache....the most peculiar symptom.

Towzer, can you explain more about your digestion, any liver complaints in the past etc. ?

Skin colouration...change in (near past)?

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Yes have had digestive problems. In 1995 I ended up with hepatitis after travelling abroad.

Last year caught HPylori and cleared that up with major antibiotics

Have had a lot of rumbling, gas etc. My own GP said I had IBS and I have now been taken Metamucil and it has reallyu helped in being more regular as before I started taking this I would go maybe 1 or 2x weekly

When they xrayed me after the HPylori they said I had Duodenitis and reflux
The duodenitis is gone but reflux is still there

My headaches have been around since I was a teenager. Just over the last 4 years the aura has happened. Played soccer last night, drank tons of water, and everything seemed ok.

I saw a homeopath yesterday and he gave me Lypocodium, put one under my tongue and he also had said if I feel the headache coming on to take some Belladonna which he gave me
No liver problems.....

Hope this helps
towzer last decade
Here it is Towzer !

Hepatitis is a complication of the liver.

When Duodenum and the liver both are affected, IRIS VERSICOLOR is the answer.

The identifying signs are .....blurring of vision coming up before the headache begins.

The headaches are frontal in nature ....i.e. around the eyebrows and fore-head. More severe on the right side.(Not Lyco ).

(Incidentally, Lycopodium is also a liver remedy but its headaches are different).

IrisVERSICOLOR is made from a herb of the same name.....covered in the United States Pharmacopia.

Headaches may or may not be accompanied with vomiting, nausea etc.

Carry a 1 dram bottle (plastic) of IRIS VER 200 ...(pills)....with you when you go to play. Stick it in your socks. When the headache comes next time, promptly take one dose of the med.

Belladona is for right sided headache.....but the ears, nose, lips, cheeks, eyes all turn crimson red with it. Don't think you have that.

Your headaches are a result of the liver and duodenum involvement.

Come back with the results.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Great thanks Pankaj

Have headaches since I was a teen but not with aura, but my dad also suffered from migraines

towzer last decade
To Pankaj

Thanks for advice

Can or should I take the Irisjust before headache or should I be taking this to clear up any liver, stomach ailments as well

Also when I do get the headache with aura, I usually have the field of vision worse on the left side if that makes a difference

Also noticed lately that my stomach is bothering me. I am burping, gas, flatulence, hiccuping, yawning, and sometimes even a bit short of breath. I heard that perhaps Hydrocloric acid is good for this or do I have TOO much acid???

towzer last decade
Take IrisVER> 30 four times a day for a week.

Will take care of most of your problems.

(On the other Forum also, I noticed today... someone suggested the same med to you).

Once the impact of the 30 potency is used up, you can move up to 200 potency.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Looking forward to giving this a try
towzer last decade
agree with Pankaj, you did not include liver problems with posting. This is why we all keep talking and soon more info comes out.

I also encourage the use of the Hydrocloric Acid for anyone with so-called reflux disease.

Try the IrisVER, and then after we know your responses, you may need to think of treating the liver homeopathically. Sabra
sabra last decade
I have been taking the hydrocloric acid with meals'
Dont know what its doing as my stomach is still rumbling, gassy etc

I will continue with it as I heard that if it starts giving heartburn to discontinue?

One other thing I had 5 years ago Sabra was 2 episodes of pleurisy?? Never had it before and have no idea where it came from. Both times were within a year of each other and about 1 yr after i had the hepatitis , which by the way after I had my GP told me i would never get it again as my body would build a defence for this

towzer last decade
Pleurisy is an infection at the bottom of the lungs inside the body cavity under the ribs, very painful. It is not connected with the liver, except another infection location that may be a moving infection of the past.

Glad you brought up the liver. Allopathic meds suppress problems of the body. This is the probable are working with.

Hydrocloric Acid not good with ulcers of stomach. I have never heard of it "causing" reflux. It is used widely and people here have stopped antiacids. I suggest it first when someone has stomach reflux. Then we can go on.

Keep posting any new/old symptoms. Sabra
sabra last decade
To Sabra and Pankaj

I have orderded the IrisVer from Healthstore in Toronto
They only had the 200CH
So I got a bottle of that today until the 30CH comes in next week
Had a headache this am. Vision a bit distorted but not as bad as usual. Have headache now and have put a granule under my tongue

My questions are as follows:
How often should I take?
Do I or do I not repeat?

Sabra I also noticed today that my ears were itchy inside? Had to bore my finger in their to get relief. This is about 2 weeks now and I have not thought anything of it. One other thing I want to mention is that I have always been stuffed up. It is like clockwork that either one of my nasal passages is nearly completely blocked or they both are partially blocked???

Regarding the Hydrocloric how do i know if I dont or have too much acid?

towzer last decade
Take another dose of 200CH in the evening or night.

Then watch the response.
Post feed back.

See if itching and nose block improve with IrisVER.

Sabra will answer your question about Hydrocloric acid.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
About the H.A. Two am and pm is usual. If reflux improves, is ok. If continues, take 3. Usually enough. Look in a book at the health store and read about the problems of alkaline over acid in general body health.

Is the ear itch new? Or are you remembering as you go? It is ok, that is normal. We tend to disregard annoying things as unimportant until they flare up. There are many ear drops available. Stay away from anything with sulfa in it.

Let us know. IrisVer has all sorts of noise, but no mention of itch. One never knows if it is the answer for that as well. We do get bonuses from the right choice of remedy sometimes. Sabra
sabra last decade

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