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I don't want my dog to die!

I know he's a dog, but can anyone see it in their heart to look at this???

We've spent what money we had on 3 different vets-1 was holistic and 2 are not. None of them can tell us acurately what is wrong with him, but for $700 they can offer an ultrasound and liver biopsy!!! or option b is the 'shotgun' approach of prednisone (a steroid)!!!!

I tried home remedies but with different diagnosis from the first 2 vets, I didn't know if I should continue- and when I didn't and the combination 5heel liver drainage homeopathic remedy ran out, he started to get worse again. eventually I agreed to antibiotics which I know is the worst thing for him.

He has high lymphocytes so they are guessing CLL - chronic leukemia or inflamed bowel disease. They want to put him on Prednisone and I said no. This is a natural reared dog, no vax since 8 wks of age, no drugs, no flea stuff, nothing.

He was fine 3 months ago, in top form. Now in 4 weeks he's lost a bunch of weight, won't eat or eats sometimes, had diarreah, is so lethargic (all this is worse of course on antibiotics), sleeps all day, he is just so so sad. He was on a natural diet for 6.5 yrs but vet said he can't tolerate it and changed to kibble. Again how can you dispute that when what you are doing isn't working??? We are trying to get him to eat anything. He will no longer touch raw chicken, but red meat yes-but maybe that was giving him diareah???. he will take essiac tea by an eye dropper, but not nettle tea. he won't eat yogurt or cottage cheese or flax oil, nothing.

He prefers to be outside in the snow and he loves to go for walks with me, but I have 2 small children and it's been very stressful here, we've all been sick with colds, dealing with him and researching til all hours, and we are supposed to be moving across the country in 2 weeks.

I have tried in vain to find a good homeopath and been 'taken' by 2 in the last 4 yrs who ended up giving allopathic drugswhich I refused. My husband has no faith anymore- BUT I know homeopathy can help our boy!!! I have a bunch of books, but it all sounds like him and this is a critical situation!!! Every holistic vet in the last 6 rs has charged us 2-3x as much as a regular vet and has been unable or uninterested in helping us. I am so frustrated and overwhelmed, and broke until my husband starts his new job.

can anyone help me???

thanks for listening.

  wendypape on 2007-12-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
what was going on around tie all this started? 3 months ago? think and relate what u remeber--sallest of changes first noticed and list the progression

p.s. red eat diet has been best choice--diarehea expected if noy use to it--allow him eat the red meat -No procesed meat at all--definitly no soy based foods
John Stanton last decade

Well, the only things that stick in my head are that he had started to wander again. We live on 100 acres back in off the road, but he kept disappearing on daily runs (we have another dog but she remained here). He's a big rin tin tin type dog and I found him twice trotting down the side of the road. So, we put the Invisible Fence collar back on him for a few weeks. He hates it and it scares him. Our only other options are to tie him or put him in a kennel. We lost one dog already to the road when axel was 1. He's only taken the shock from the collar a couple of times as we keep the rubber piece on it now just the beep is enough to keep him in the 3 acres or so of perimeter. We did have a physic friend tell us she believed he accidnetally got into someones pills they threw out, but honestly my husband just laughed at that.

I am looking at the calendar. our female was in heat at the end of august. i have pics of Axel around that time and he looks very sound and sturdy/healthy.

august, september were awesome months around here- life was smooth, fun etc. for all of us.

But the dogs got sick at the same time last year too. except it was excessive itching that went on for months-again 2 'homeopathic' vets and no answers and i finally did hydrogen peroxide and borax and increased their supplements etc.

oh, one more thing. we have had 'behavioural' issues with him over the last 3 yrs. He was given stramonium 200c when he was about 2.5 yrs of age .

back in july i think or maybe even a bit more he suddenly DESPISED my BIL whom is a really nice hippy kinda teacher guy that has always been Axel's favorite and our accountant lady who was pretty special to him. We don't see them often. Just these 2 people! Something changed and he actually lunged at my BIL a few times unprovoked and we had to start putting him away when they were over as we didn't trust him. Really snarly. Around the same time he bit my husband or my husband got his foot in the way-there was anger and food, i wasn't there unfortunately- although my husband admits it was his fault it happened. Although growly and a guard dog, this dog had never bitten anyone before,he's terrific with the kids buthas had issues with me 3 yrs ago. We've always felt he had lots of training and his training instilled a good bite reflex. In fact one time at a company gathering an older woman who'd had a couple to many glasses of wine, tried to make him do tricks and roll over unbeknowst to anyone else and he grabbed her by the head but never even so much as broke the skin.

After he bit my husband, we didn't know what to do or if he was becoming unstable. There were some suggestions of having thyoid checked.

Then after our females heat cyle was over, he mellowed right out again into a different dog-still doesn't like my BIL. So then there was talk of having him neutered, but then there was the issue of the clinics requiring FULL vaccinations before surgery!!!!!!! and people told us it is too late, he's too old for it to make a difference.

We also noticed that when he got his supplements, and kelp etc. he was a happier dog as well.

I noticed a big change in him maybe end of october or early november health wise. We are under an incredible amount of stress and our appts with lawyers were coming up. I am guessing I was very grumpy, stressed and doing alot of yelling at the kids and he is sensitive to all of thisl. He is a very sensitive dog. I'm not really a yeller,at least I wasn't, and my husband and I don't fight- we argue rarely but mostly just ignore one another if we are cranky. the kids have really been bickering with one another for the last 2-3 months- it's been unexpected and trying to say the least. they were always so happy with one another.

anyhow, one day Axel came in and went straight to the couch to lay down. he normally sleeps on floor. he continued to do that. i noticed his back was hunched so ithought he needed a chiropractic adjustment. I didn't have the money so i waited for my SIL who is one to come thru our area. Around the same time we got a new shipment of organic chicken necks and backs in. he wouldn't touch it. however there is some conflicting memory as to whether or not he actually ever ate any of it. at the time our female did eat it.

he was off his food and presented with diarreah 4 days later and it continued like that for several weeks. not copious, just cow patty type and dark. then i started to notice the rapid weightloss.

the chiropractor asked how his kidneys were and i told her we were pretty sure he'd peed on the floor 4 or 5 nights but then it stopped. i forgot all about this when we went to the vets but she should have picked that up. the 2nd vet saw in his urine test that he had bacteria and an infection. i had been using colloidla silver, oregano oil, ozonated water, colostrum, some homeopathic remedies for a couple ofdays and so when we repeated the urine test it was clear . We thought thats all itmight have been.

But then after 3 or 4 days of appearing to improve, he started to deteriorate again.

there was question of our well water, as we don't drink it.

but the weird thing was our female and our male both vomitted on the day he we made the excursion to the vet in toronto. i gave them colloidal silver straight to drink and they never vomitted again, but she was off her food a bit too and in fact neither one of them will touch chicken anymore- neither our organic shipment, nor regular storebought. he did eat some cooked steak, tablescraps, catfood etc. she never had diareah or weightloss and in fact is gaining weight as she has been given kibble too.

over the years, he has never had kibble, mostly turkey or chicken with supplements. we probably should have been feeding more red meat but it's expensive.

I wondered if we could have poisoned him with too many supplements. My husband was feeding them when i was putting the kids to bed and i kept telling him if he wasn't going to feed them separately, then he neeed to make sure he didn't steal hers too.

i can say that lately he won't eat or eats sparatically, weightloss, lethargy, sadness, depression, not thirsty, better for outside, better for ride in the car, better for walks.

anyhow, i have a sinus infection setting in and my eyes are burning, and now i hear my 6 yr old coughing like crazy. I must go.

this is not how i ususally present information- it's a mishmash and i am so sorry, and i'm not sure if any of this helps.

thanks for reading.

wendypape last decade
dose sulphur --1 pellet 3oc --now --in 8 oz water -stir-- and pour in for water in driniing bowl---no repeat dose---after has noticibly drank---remove --clean bowl thorougly--and resume with fresh water only---red meat diet maintain---no other--raw bones also--allow bury and chew at will---respect his space --some anger -biting--sensiivity ay be heightend--handle with care---noother meds at all--nothing on skin---no hydroxide nothing--nothing at all--simplify
John Stanton last decade
Hi Wendy, Sulfur may help but in the meantime look at Arsenicum alb, (food poisoning)Carbo veg may help too.
parachute last decade
John- the post from parachute just reminded me. I did give him arsenicum (i think in 200c in the beginning with the diareah and off food.

He did then eat for a few days.

I'm so sorry, i had completely forgotten, not sure if this makes a difference.

wendypape last decade
AND after the arsenicum, he got SUPER friendly and calm and peaceful like (before all this other kicked in). In fact someone said, wow what did you do to him, he's so nice.... and that was the only thing I could think of that would have made such a dramatic shift in him, because I remember thinking at the time--- shoot, I wish I'd given that to him for his behaviour a long time ago.

wendypape last decade
dramatic --immediate calm-- in acute ill -- i expect this--but lasting--this is chronic situation and such response indicates only partial hooepatic to ill...

still sulphur--and observe /relate back all chsnges u see-- no matter 'how seemingly unrelated/unimportant)
John Stanton last decade
john: he drank this morning before I had a chance to mix the remedy. Then not again.

Sooooo I mixed it in the 8 ounces of water and gave it to him with a turkey baster. He went outside, rolled as usual, came back in and has only moved once or twice. Usually he wants to go out more and lay in the snow, although it is a very blustery blizzard snow day and he changed his mind last time he wanted to go out. He watches and follows me with his eyes while he is laying down.

A friend came by and he went outside and barked lamely wagged his tail to greet her and then went and laid down again.

In fact he didn't even get up when my husband came home until he called him. Head down, weak wag of the tail, back to lay down by me at the computer.

When his eyes are open he seems mentally alert-his eyebrows go up and down etc.

When asleep many times I see the bottom part of his eye- the white, like his eyes are rolling.

Although he's not drinking, he's also not smacking his lips anymore all the time which I forgot to mention.

what is your experience with stopping antibiotics before they are up?

I am wondering about strength and energy right now since he is not eating. Old time herbalists call for barley water or more recently wheat grass??? I won't get worried about his water intake just yet.

thanks so much.

wendypape last decade
the pet needs nitricum acidium-30 in three doses after dissolving in water at an interval of half hour each.give once only not to be repeated for seven days.
rssaini18 last decade
John: nothing noted after sulphur. today he is increasingly weakened. has not eaten in 2 days. I don't think I have a whole lot of time to wait.

shall I try him on nit acid?


wendypape last decade
no i dont recommend nitric acid--relax---what his exact status currently? what of his stool?times passing stool? urination? note nad relate characteristics of stoo/urination? feel his nose-detail what u observe--as sell ears--relate this back---
what meds u been giving?herbs?supleents since sulphur dose?
John Stanton last decade

I'm so sorry. I didn't know what to do. I had given nothing while waiting to see about sulphur. It is hard to wait when they are so weak and won't get up. I gave him the nitric acid 30c.

He really perked up a couple hours later, he went outside and barked at deer or whatever, ate a bunch of cat food and eggs from our hens (we needed to feed him something), drank a bunch of water!!!, he slept sound, then this morning I took them for a walk and he's PLAYING and running. Obviously this will take time, but this is certainly an improvement. We also chose to stop the antibiotics and we'll give him straight colloidal silver instead.

His urine is lightening up although they say the antibiotics darken it.

Waiting on stool. First time he's eaten in 2 days. Last stool was formed 2 days ago. My husband saw it on a walk so I can't be more detailed.

Nose moist and warm last night, and moist and cool right now, although we were outside 1/2 hour ago. Ears are fine inside and out. Feel soft and cool to the touch.

Different dog inside house and outside. Inside, curls up on couch, floor or bed. Outside wants to go for a walk off property, eager, trotting. Disappointed when we turned around at end of laneway to come home.


wendypape last decade
ok-ur nitric acid prescriber isin charge now--no need for me at this point.
John Stanton last decade
Due to the fact I am an idiot and didn't wait, now i've screwed it up! arghhh.

maybe the sulphur was the one that helped and now I've mucked it all up.

I am sorry!

wendypape last decade
If the dog is OK, dont worry. Regards
parachute last decade
wendypage--u take dose nux vom--before sleep--1 pellet 200c in 4 oz water--stir-- 1 teaspoon dose--no alcohol or any stiualnts--coffee-teas--...etc--refrain from supplemensta dn herbs and such--just food and drink--for 2 days--and include back in diet what seem fit..let mmed response occcur --relax ---see what next 24-48 hours bring--only intervene if deemed fatal--u need be clear decide--take nux and keep eye on dog...relate as see
John Stanton last decade
Arghhh.We lost our satellite internet connection with all the ice and snow on it, so I am just picking up this now-gee maybe the universe is interfering. LOL

Anyhow, I looked up nux and I do have it in 30c , 200c and a 1M. What are his symptoms for you that match this???

he's been getting fresh wheatgrass, essiac, flax & cottage cheese, ozone, acidophilous, salmon oil, kelp and ambrotose. He's back eating whatever dog food I can get him to eat, not huge amounts but a couple cups a day. he is still picky about brands but REALLY wants table scraps if the kids drop them on the floor (ie. steak last night), but he did have another normal bowel movement. He's still thin, but his coat is really soft and shining considering, he's very playful outside with us and our female and more ambitious about everything- be it something in the fields or someone arriving- which is certainly an improvement to him not wanting to get up at all 3 days ago!! Although unless you go with them, they don't really want to be outside in the cold running around. The snow is too deep in the yard, so it's mostly just the driveway and laneway that is walkable. He does ask to go out and just lays in the snow outside the door until he gets too cold and comes back in shivering. This usually happens at night. He is not sleeping on the couch as much- choosing to sleep lay out on the floor or down in the basement on the cool floor.

***I gave him a real bone and I couldn't believe he didn't eat it. He guarded it from the other dog and then carried it somewhere butthen came back. I JUST decided to look VERY closely in his mouth to see if I could see any sores or anything. I see a front tooth broke off and looks like there is a huge cavity in it. This wouldn't explain his blood results but it might explain not wanting to 'chew' bones, necks etc. hmmmmm None of the vets would have checked this because he's not too friendly at the vets and he's a big dog so they always put a muzzle on him.

Since it is daytime here- if the nux symptoms still fit, would you suggest that I give that this evening???

thanks to everyone on list and off who has offered their advice (professional or not ;-)) and support, kind words, I simply cannot tell you how much that has meant to me.

wendypape last decade
dont concern about nux at this time
John Stanton last decade
latest bloodwork indicates 'maybe' lymphoma or chronic leukemia but pathologist truly can't say for sure- high lymphocytes and some liver values. they want to supress immune system with prednisone to 'perk him up'!!! I am trying to prevent this but I really need input.

His current symptoms are:

*got 'old' looking/acting really fast-1-2 months.

-diminshed/lack/occasional appetite with rapid weight loss

-picky appetite (6 different foods to find 2 he will eat) when shows interest in food it is in evening.seems worse for eating- like his low back is hunched and sore. Seems every 2nd day he is hungry.

-gave raw beef bone and he REFUSED!!! guarded it from other dog, took it and hid it but would not eat it. that's unheard of!!!

**-thirstless or picky about water (maybe well water is off)

-eating snow alot today

-not much urine-dark

-urine-weak flow


-better from outside (i think he gets hot and wants to cool his belly area down)

- sleepiness/lethargy/tired/ sad- all the time unless someone comes or we go for a walk-he just wants you to play with him, throw him snow balls or a stick or rock.

-wants to sleep beside me or under table during the day now or beside my bed at night.

-is aware I am watching him alot outside-doesn't like it, will growl if i try to sneak a urine sample. tries not to be seen when have a bowel movement-growls when i sneak around the corner-will stop and try to go somewhere else.

-broken tooth, cavity

-afraid of noises like snow blower.

-dislikes wind.

-enjoys sitting in snow with head facing sunshine, but dislikes blizzard weather

-he never pants if the room is too warm from the woodstove.

-hind legs appear weakened

-dreams/sleep all legs are moving, mouth/head is moving - lots of jerking movements (he used to snore for years, I just realized I haven't heard that anymore)

*normal formed brown bowel movements
eyes, ears, all external body is symptom free
better for walks with me
better for car rides with me
no pain or swelling can be found anywhere

I have spent hours trying the Remedy Finder but I'm not getting better then a 40% match. yikes. most don't addres the thirstlessness... I thought of pulsatilla but ????

Any other suggestions please. Last remedies given were arsenicum 200c a month ago and nitric acid 30c last week.

thanks so much

wendypape last decade
Hi Wendy,
look up floricum Acidum. It has much, but not all. I have had good results on less remedy info.
parachute last decade
Did you stop the colloidal silver? Why were you giving it? Sounds very contrary to homeopathic treatment to keep giving that as well as trying remedies.

ruth45 last decade
how is your dog doing?
allergic last decade
Not sure. Dog does great for 3 days (depending on what I'm doing), then no good for 3 days, back and forth.

Still dealing with:

weight loss
appetite loss
some growling, grumpy
eating snow
rolling in snow
laying in snow
picky eating about every 2 days- we've been trying lots of things- LOVES cooked ham, sardines, eggs
refuses fat on meat, bones, dairy, veggies
1 time only eye discharge-milky white

bloodwork still shows low platelets, high liver values, high lymphocytes

have been giving tissue salts and sesame oil to try and help with platelets.

When he eats, doesn't matter if its raw red meat or kibble- he gets worse and won't eat for a couple days and he looks awful.

i have given arsenicum 30c a few times and I think it helps him eat.

I tried lycopodium 200c but i think that made him worse! Hard to know when you are struggling alone.

tremors or shivering has stopped.

Still weight loss! ribs and hind end very bony. He's not eating enough!! is wobbly some days, other days running and barking outside. Seems so sad unless you ask him if he wants to go for walk or car ride, wags, gets excited.

We are packing now to leave for the east coast on tuesday- I hope he can handle the journey.

Bowel movments last I checked were normal on kibble, loose on raw meat.

He is VERY picky - will refuse 5 different kinds of kibble, then choose the cheapest crap.

If eating raw meat, he will not eat the fat- sniffs it and walks away.

Usually hungry at night. Last night was counter surfing with his nose, very interested in food, but not in anything I gave him!

a few days ago he ate raw chicken necks and back for the 1st time in 6 weeks. He ate it with gusto and now won't touch it.

Seems he only eats a little bit at a time.

He does not drink frequently. I do give him extra in a turkey baster to make sure he doesn't get dehydrated.

i put bach flower remedies in the drinking water.

Can anyone recommend a good homeopathic vet????

thanks so much.

wendypape last decade
colloidal silver: I have researched it for the last 5 years. Since the vets don't know why this dog is sick, there is a possibility it is a virus or bacterial infection. The colloidal silver would kill that as well as any pathogens in the well water. In fact it was partially responsible in wipiping out the original kidney infection in 48 hours. Many believe it to be completely safe and non toxic. The unfortunate part is that the term 'colloidal silver' is widely thrown around the internet and it is not all the same product. Some of what people refer to as CS I understand to be indeed toxic. One needs to do their homework ;-) Owners have placed very sick animals on straight CS and the animals have survived when they were previously told there is was no hope, even with parvo and other fatal diseases. S
ome say it is hard on the liver and kidneys but again, what they are referring to as 'silver' is not 'silver water'.

We have since switched from well water to bottled water for the dogs.


wendypape last decade

I have googled floricum Acidum and cannot find any information on it. it is also not at abchomeopathy.

Do you have any other info on it???

thanks so mcuh

wendypape last decade

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