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Sebaceous cyst - scrotum

1) Age 35, slender built, light dark complexion - married and father of a girl

2) Professional marine engineer so stays half of the year at sea

3) Cyst starts growing on scrotum skin at age 22/23

4) Grown on both lt & rt and of different sizes, none have any visible openings, some times someone gets bigger and burst out - lets off chessy matter, yellowish in color, anf have fine sandy granules if squeezed between fingers but if bursts early only liquids (little smelly)- now more than 20 nos of different sizes are colonising on both scrotum, those bursted bfore left some hard sacks, sometime the cyst regrows on same spot become cauliflower

5) Seen some homeopaths - treated with Thuja (diff potencies) - no result

6) At the age of 30 seen a skin sp in India, he electro-coterised 4 large (pea sized)cysts, got scurs recovered in 6 weeks - till now no regrowth on the same spots; but the process of colonising cont.

7) No pain accept when someone get infected internally and then forms puss & sometimes burst or in other times pain stops & the fellow remains steady.

8) Sustain very hot weather, though sweat profusely and need much water then - but cannot take cold, get cold easily at the head, sinus, chest - first nose starts running with violent sneezing then within 1/2 days running nose stops and the sinus become affected, catarrah gets yellow, thoat and chest become affected and then the real problem starts - I become asthmatic ( no wheezing but coughing,etc....starts, cannot take a little smoke, dust, odour, aircon room, etc..

9)Cough variant asthma !! suspected though donot need regular medication sometimes.
This problem started at the age of 28 whlie leaving in room a bit damp & cold - and going on a sad episode of broken marriage - the cold lasted for more than 1 months and seen doctor when I cannot lie without elevation- pillows under my back - he put me temporary medication and warned me against asthma - then this episode returns 1/2 in a year while I am staying at home

10) Had dry eczema on rt & lt foot (frontal part of ankle) started at the age 22 - had a short time of treatment (allopath) twice but left as no improvement (the patch reduces in area & then again regows) - normally itching, the patch is dry, dark, gives off no liquid - now occupies 3/4 sq inch same for a long time, a little patch on lt but bigger on rt.

11) Loosing hair sp at the front (hereditary) but have many small growths on head, small growths if scratched bursts and gives off smelly liquid & cannot stop scratching till bleeds - so the skin become affevted in many places and I am having many patches on head without hair, sculp sweats

12)For 4 yrs having pain on knees, climbing stairs is very painful, if pressed no pain but on climbing or if walks for a while feel the pain just under the knee cap (tendon!!)(have treated with sulphur in hi potency: no result - then with medorrhinum ..the pain went off and returns after a few months- then again sulphur given and the pain was not there foa longer span of time but returned again - now suffering --for a month just after wake up from bed when set foot on the floor feels a dull pain as if bruised on lt/rt feet

13) Love sweet, love to enjoy rich food, but hate oily food, fat & greasy food. Donot like to take extra salt at table even the curry tastes bland. So sometimes during heavy labour need to take salt tablet with large glasses of water.

15) Sometimes I talk too much, love to read very much, my friends like me and I like them too

16) sometimes get very very angry for a silly thing and cannot be cajoled, if someone tries to calm me down that enrages me more - even I know this but I can't control though I try

17) Forgetful - can't remember the last para I read just now - weak both in numbers and letters, can't remember name, cannot think about a problem for a long time, can't remember the someones house I visited once.

18) at night finding some address i feel afraid - acannot do that - I feel I see a little less at night - Have differeces between lt & rt Eyes, Rt eye perfect but lt. is not okay - wear specs only for lt. (Lt +1.25 / Rt 0)

19) Have great fear of height (cant see down from a height) body freezes, feels nervous as if butterfly fluttering in my belly

20) I have allergies (which confirmed by skin prick test) but those donto disturb me much, at least I dont take them seriously- IgE level tested - slightly above normal tested 4 yrs back

Sorry for the long note - actually I wanted to give all tiny details to help finding a miracle cure. I knew allopath dont have so much time to hear my history and cannot cure me as they couldnot. They would put me on steroids, antibiotics....
I wish someone would help me on basis of my whole picture - if you are not bored by this time. Please dont be bored and wish I would get help from some nice person. I pray for you all for a good life ahd.

  blue.morpheus on 2007-12-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
any past and family history ?
faisal qureshi last decade
Dear Faisal Qureshi,
Thanks for your kind concern.
Now for your perusal -

1) Seb. Cysts on scrotum - dont know about anybody in the family having these now or before
2) Asthma - my mother's father had that, one of my auntie has asthma (suspect)
also she has sinus problem , which I am suffering since 11 yrs of age + polyp in both nostrils which create problem at times ..no surgery or antral wash till now only sometimes had some allopath med.
3)Father has dry eczema on foot (he is diabetic)
4)Father lost hair, started at age 30 but he had/has not any scalp eruptions/itching like me
5) Mother had knee pain but now she says she is okay (Mother dibetic +
and Hypertension +)
5) Mother suffers from cold time to time, violent sneezing (hay fever!!), cold & cough (suspect going to be asthmatic like her father & sister !!!!)
6) Forgetful - mother /father developed this at later ages but I am like this at an early age;
so far I can remember though not very sure - at the age of 21 I suffered from typhoid but recovered within a short while, stayed in bed for less than a week - and then got attacked by jaundice (genereal kind) suffered for 2 months - slowly recovered my weight & total health. Still now HbsAg -ve

My intellectual ability I feel deteriorated after this two attacks, My mathematical capability is not like before as it was till I passed class 12. Iam an engineer now but I feel I could do better in my field if I could work my brain like before as it was before 21, I cant concentrate well, cant work for long time, cant solve complex problem
7) I catch cold very easily, feel bad in the cold morning - violent sneezing, running nose, tickling throat - sore throat... my mother aslo feel bad in the morning.

so far I can remember. If you have any more question pls let me know, I will be very happy to comply. Thanks again for your concern and reading my long note.

blue.morpheus last decade
Hi Zion
please try(Silicea-200c)2pills daily for 5days only then stop and after 3weeks report me back,OK
Good luck
faisal qureshi last decade
Dear Faisal Qureshi,
thank you very much for the Rx, I will comply and let you know pronto. Best wishes & Greetings.

blue.morpheus last decade

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