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Patient's History Prepared according to J.T. Kent - Can anybody help?

1) Male – Eastern Indian Origin – Age 35+ yrs – Engineer (Ship staff) so pass considerable amount of time at sea or abroad in a year – Married 3 yrs with a Child – Black Hair – Dark Brown Eyes – 5’ 7” – 65 kg – Slender built – Light brown complexion – I am having black hair all over my body except my back (from neck to butt) – they are moderately dense but not too much – only when I sweat it creates a itchy feeling esp thigh, scrotum etc.
Both the Parents alive, living in same house – Maternal Grand father had asthma, Maternal Grand mother was diabetic, had Hypertension, had some other complains eg. Indigestion, blood do not clot easily, etc – Paternal Grand father suffered from pain at lower limbs (arthritis !! never diagnosed what) at the last years – Mother suffering from diabetes, Hypertension, little neurological problem (forgetfulness, etc), has some skin diseases (groups of brown spots on different part of the body), sole of her feet get very hard and need to be tended, she catches cold easily now a days, violent sneezing (hay fever !!), running nose, coughing, chest constriction - worse in the morning and seems going to be asthmatic like his father and one of her sisters, she is under several medication (Diabetes, Hypertension, Neuro & skin specialist), she feels sudden heat and get crazy sometimes and get angry and through a tantrum, Her eyes are ok though uses glass, but sees some black spots one like house fly and one vertical line, some round spots and eyes feel dry; now using tear replenishment eye drop – Father is diabetic due to blockage near pancreatic duct (suffering for 35 yrs- need to be cleared surgically occasionally), no hypertension, health mod okay, slender built but has neuro problem (Syncope) & under medication, has skin disease on foot - dry eczema, uses allopath med at times but never gets better fully. Father is very headstrong type, never listens to anybody when he is okay, drinks very less water so sometimes get dehydrated, weeps easily to draw sympathy when discussing about some sad episode or giving away his grievances.

History ….
Childhood – Born as a malnourished baby as mother could not take care of herself during war. Had very soft skull – took time to harden. Had severe dysentery (liquid shooting with force here & there), used to cry very much so voice got cracked. Mother used gripe-water to soothe me. Suffered from this dysentery for couple of years then got alright, treated with allopathic & ayurvedic medicine. Vaccinated – normally by local health dept.
Boyhood – Was a good student in my class, not the topper but trailing the topper as 2nd or 3rd boy. Not much sick so far I remember occasional fever, and headache at the forehead & temples. By the age of 10 I got (2+3) stitches on the scalp (no serious accidents – sign of boyhood mischievousness). Vaccinated BCG
At the age of 9 I suffered from mild jaundice once for a few weeks, it was not severe and Hep B tested (HbsAg -ve)
At the age of 11 diagnosed with Sinusitis. Seen some doctors and treated with allo medicines, inhaling steaming water vapour mixed with tinc. of Benzene etc. Once doctor advised of surgery & wash but we decided not to. Changed to a big-shot physician who after treating for awhile suggested my father to go to an ophthalmologist as my headache persisted. (I has been reading since I am a child, sometime I used to read in a dim light under the bed as my mother would not let me read any book but I did not care about the content as at that age I could not judge so …cont. reading whatever I get secretly or openly)
The ophthalmologist prescribed glasses and the headache vanished but used to return during sinus attacks. My right eye is perfectly alright (6/5) I need to wear glasses only for my left eye (6/9 ~ 6/12) (Glasses now: Lt =+1.50 Rt = 0) Form age 11 yrs till now glasses remain almost unchanged - slightly increasing or decreasing at times at left eye only (Lt = + 0.75 ~ + 2.50)
Adolescent - At age 12+ vaccinated for typhoid, para-typhoid before joining Pre-military public school.
Passed six yrs in residential school till I passed class 12 by this time no serious illness – fever. Cold, jock-itch, some fungal attack (at groin – beside scrotum), one or two corn on toes, minor sport injuries, only got a big laceration on left thigh (sport injury – slipped on road during cross-country) and had to stay on campus hospital for 10 days (good rest !!) – All the time treated with allopathic medicines (antibiotics, cortico-steroids, pain killers, anit-hista, etc) but the medicines were not abused much as the military doctors believed in pain & sufferings! I had suffered acne, pimples, white-heads at this time tremendously. Pimples (sometimes pea sized) started growing on my chest, back and on my face, even on nose. So many pimples luckily left no scurs on my face, chest.
Youth - During my last years in the residential school I became interested in arts & literature though I was a science student. Scored higher marks in literature than math in class 12 final. I did not join armed services rather I was planning to serve at sea after finishing the school.
I was then 20+ suffered from typhoid but recovered within a short while, stayed in bed for less than a week - and then after a short while got attacked by jaundice; suffered for 2 months - slowly recovered and gain weight. My intellectual ability I feel deteriorated after this two attacks, my mathematical capability is not like before as it was till I passed class 12. I am an engineer now but I feel I could do better in my field if I could work my brain like before as it was before age 20, I can’t concentrate well, cant work for long time, can’t solve complex problems, I need frequent aid of computers for time, schedule management and keeping track of my everyday chores on ship.
At age 21 I joined Merchant Naval Acdemy with lean & thin figure but even very rigorous life & scanty sleep I gained weight gradually when my batch-mates were loosing. But I developed some skin problems in those 2 years of highly pressurized life –
i) Eruptions on scalp - many small growths if scratched bursts and gives off smelly liquid & cannot stop scratching till bleeds - so the skin become affected in many places and I am having many patches on head without hair, need to wash hair frequently else smells bad. Seen doctor once but his diagnosis was wrong, so never took the medicine.
ii) Dry thick dark colored patch of skin (eczema!!) on in front of right ankle later small patch developed at same place of Lt ankle. No secretion, dry, hard sometimes itches when sweating or opened shoes after long use. Had allopath treatment with conventional weapons (Salicylic acid, cortico-steroids, etc) but after a shot while left the treatment as little improvement noticed and again return back as before, learnt about bad affect of long time allopathic skin treatment I don’t use any medicine for that. Father has dry eczema on his feet developed at his later age (he is diabetic as I mentioned)
iii) Cyst like growth on both lt & rt scrotum and of different sizes, none have any visible openings, sometimes one or two gets painful, red & with yellow centre and grows bigger and burst out (sometimes no pain only grows bigger with yellow middle & red outside ) lets off cheesy matter, yellowish in color, and have fine sandy granules if squeezed between fingers (comes out like thread through small opening if puncture with a needle and pressed with fingers) but if bursts early then expels liquids (little smelly) - now more than 20 nos of different sizes are colonising on both scrotum, those burst before left some hard sacks, sometime 2/3 cysts re-grows on same spot and become cauliflower. Seen a homeopath - treated with Thuja (diff potencies) - no result. At the age of 31 seen a skin sp in India, he electro-coterised 4 large (pea sized)cysts, got scurs recovered in 6 weeks - till now no re-growth on the same spots; but the process of colonising continues.

I had injured myself at Rt knee during cross-country stiple chase, the pain lasted several years but went away with two weeks of yoga!

Professional Life – At the age 24+ - Piles -At the first month of joining ship due to very hard & irregular life of a trainee engineer cadet I developed constipation and within few week I got bleeding during defecation. I checked with a doctor who said I got hemorrhoid and need to be operated. I increased my fibre intake & water intake and started to look after. I could feel the external very small pea size swelling outside the anus. Till then I had occasional constipation & that led to no severe problem and since then only ½ times I got bleeding. I started to take laxative at times but later stopped knowing its bad effect. I used some local anesthetic, povidone-iodine cream sometimes when feel itching & pain. Till now the problem remain controlled, same one very small swelling which grows bigger when I face difficult defecation after constipation.
Start suffering from little pressing pain during urination. Burning pain sometimes, also left-side of lower abdomen sharp pain felt. seen doctor and prescribed antibiotic, etc. Twice seen blood with urine. Urine tested (also cultured) found nothing but given antibiotic, etc. again and again by different doctors. Then changed over to a kidney, etc specialist from medicine specialist. He first treated with antibiotic even urine c/s showed no bacterial agent, then he treated me with psychosomatic drug for long time (3 yrs I think) but the pain came back at times. Sometimes the flow of urine felt obstructed, the flow become less & pain & pain. But no blood seen. The left side of abdomen if pressed certain place produce sharp pain.
At age 25+ Got Hepatitis B Vaccination, Yellow fever vaccination – no problem afterwards.
At age 27 Married though was a bit un-willing to marry. Marriage lasted only 3 months. I could not balance between my family and my wife, she was very much demanding, wanted to be separated, etc.
At age 28 in winter I caught cold & cough while leaving in room a bit dark, damp & cold, I took some home therapy and then some allopathic medicine but not much improvement. I suffer for 6 weeks and when one day it become difficult for me to lie down on my back without 3 pillows to Prop me (normally I sleep with a very thin pillow and sleep on my back only) I become much alarmed. I had seen a doctor and he treated me with antibiotic, broncho-dilator (Solbutamol, Terbutaline) tabs, Dexamethasone, cough expectorant etc. after about 3 months treatment I was okay, he gradually lowered the steroid dosages.
At Age 28+ I married again and tried hard to be happy, tried my best to do whatever It takes to make the life happier. Later I got pain at abdomen which was coming back at times, and feel problem during urination. Once I saw blood after a long time since the last. Went to another big-shot doctor, he directly prompt me to go for an expensive x-ray session (IVU – intravenous urography) to find the problem but the x-ray filming showed all clear. So all leads to mental problem – tension, anxiety! But it was hard for me to believe! Later I found the flow was becoming lesser and the pain shifted its place and went much lower. I was in Canada then and I was terrible and thinking of early vacation, pain become very bad one night I could not take it anymore and took Strong pain killer (Diclofenac) and the pain relieved when it started to return I took another and went to bed at night. At the deep night I woke up with urge to urinate, I sit on the high- commode and start to urinate but I couldn’t and feel a little pain and it is increasing little by little suddenly I felt that a tearing pain at my groin, urethra – and voila! Something shot out with a cling sound and a full gush of urine started to flow I felt so good. After that I collected the piece with a forceps before flushing – it was a hard piece, irregular in size, color like a dry bone or dirty china, size was like a piece of popcorn, how it was expelled is big surprise to me still now. (Calculi!!)

At Age 29 I went abroad again but got sick within days – fever and cough. I stayed in a clinic (abroad) for 6 days – high WBC count they do all diagnosis, x-rays several times – at last they found ‘Mono Spot +ve’ (I was attacked by a rare virus - Epstein-Barr virus besides bacterial infection) I was treated by Cephradine (IV & IM) and acyclovir tab etc. Later I recovered. When I got back home I got cough again and treated with antibiotic ‘Doxicycline’ and Terbutaline, Betamethasone got cured within 2 months and the doctor warned me of asthma and told me to start inhaler program which I declined.

At age 30 seen a skin sp in India, he electro-coterised 4 large (pea sized) cysts on scrotum, got scurs recovered in 6 weeks - till now no re-growth on the same spots; but the process of colonising cont.

At age 30+ Sometimes got cough, cold, running nose – used some inhalers (solbutamol, salmeterol, steroid –fluticasone) and used montelukast tab, betamethasone tab, antibiotics. But not frequently only when couldn’t take it anymore. Seen some homeopaths but no improvement.
Nasal congestion was there since 11 yrs of age but day by day it was increasing and I become aware of polyps. Used several brands of decongestant.

I inhaled pure water vapour sometimes, washed nostrils with saline (taken in through nose and take out through mouth), tried yoga, acupressure. But could not maintain regularity – yoga.

At age 32+ Seen a specialist intentionally and told him about the respiratory problem and he instructed me have some tests. Pulmonary function test (found Satisfactory) Chest X-ray (normal) , Blood IgE (very Slightly above normal), Allergy skin-prick test to confirm the allergens (found many – cocnut,moog dal, ground nut, kabuli chana, soyabean flour, wheat, tomato, cotton mill dust, wheat grain dust, Buffalo & Dog dander, some pollens & fungus) restricted me more to eat egg-plant, sea food, all sour items, surd, hilsha fish, prawn, lobster, egg, beef, cold water, ice –cream, wheat flour products, etc. during skin-prick test I felt very less swelling or itching and if I take these food I fel no problem, but may be if I eat 3-4 items together then I will face problem, but I don’t know – so far I have seen if I take coconut then sometimes I feel like coughing. The doctor gave me long medicine course for 1 year and vaccination course once in a month (one injection) for 18 months but I did not follow the prescription as it seems extravagant & expensive to me.

I can take very hot weather, though sweat profusely and need much water then - but cannot take cold, get cold easily at the head, sinus, chest - first nose starts running with violent sneezing repeatedly then within 1/2 days running nose stops and the sinus become affected, catarrah gets yellow, thoat and chest become affected and then the real problem starts - I become asthmatic - no wheezing but coughing, etc....starts, cannot take a little smoke, dust, odour, air-con room, etc.. at that time when I am suffering from cold for some days if I get into tobacco smoke, or other strong smoke / odour / smell of spices while something frying – then my throat starts to tickle, have feeling as if a feather is tickling in throat as well as in chest and need to cough violently, if try to control then throat starts to swell. No wheezing but if I quickly climb stairs at that time when suffering from tough cold than I get a bit weary for the lack of air. Then if sinus, larynx get affected then problem doubles. I get sore-throat some times but tonsillitis is not very frequent (once in a while), the treatment is always an antibiotic course together with broncho-dilator, steroid etc. someone told me its cough-variant asthma.
I can’t take cold season, and if I touch cold water, cold object I feel bad, I always wear sandal in the house. – sometimes doing this swells my polyps and constricts my nostrils. Cold air / weather + smoke, dust + cold water complicate the matter. This problem is increasing in frequency – I am staying at home almost for six months and now its winter so I am suffering much now. Every morning I wake up with congested nose, chest, heavy head, pain here and there on face, sore-throat – need hot drink, warm sunlight and warm-bath then I feel better.
All through the year I bath in lukewarm water.
This asthmatic episode returns 1/2 in a year while I am staying at home esp in winter.

During my 8+ yrs of residential schooling period I bathed in cold water, had physical exercise everyday but since I am 22 and after getting into working life I am not regular, but I walk a lot everyday, try to eat healthy diet though sometimes I indulge.

Knee pain - For 4 yrs having pain on knees, climbing stairs is painful, on climbing or if walks for a while feel the pain at the knee cap sometimes climbing down is also a bit painful but not much as climbing. (tendon!!) (Doctor treated with sulphur in hi potency: no result - then with medorrhinum ..the pain went off and returns after a few months- then again sulphur given and the pain was not there for longer span of time but returned again - now suffering. if pressed around the knee-cap near tendons with fingers feel dull ache as if bruised before or injured before.
Hair – for 5/6 yrs loosing much hair, top of head is loosing much hair; top of head always feels hot. Premature graying of hair, moustache, beard, and now body-hairs 2/3 started to grey. Now - I use Herbal Henna once a week to color my hair & moustache. I use Arnica Q & Jaborandi Q mixed with light olive oil at night on the scalp. The result – started for two weeks only.

At the age of 32 I married for the third time and living happily since, father of a two year old baby girl and expecting another next year.

Skin - For about 1.5 years a white patch developed at the tailbone (sacrum) area, suspect fungus. I think its due to water, as I had a habit of not wiping the water properly after shower and putting on trousers promptly so the water might have done that. It grew bigger and I could see (by taking a camera pic) red flesh middle of milky white patch which was painful, after I took good care and used povidon-iodine cream the skin healed now I have only the white patch which is not going away, doctor says I need to take medicine for at least 3 months. I did not use any medication except a anti-fungal cream with cortisone for a few days.

5 yrs before a tiny seed like metal particle lodged on my right palm and stayed their for a week or more, there was no pain, and I was very busy and careless thinking it was nothing (normally I am not like that) – I thought it would come out at its own, but after a few weeks I become aware and take it out with a needle (there was no bleeding – it was grafted in the outer layer nicely!). The skin mended in a while but not fully, there remained a little opening. If I work hard with my hands then the outer periphery of the hole get swelled and day by day get a little hard, and the mouth of the hole get bigger, and starts to itch; sometimes I cut the hard skin around with a blade and put antiseptic cream (no bleeding) it seemed to be mended but never fully mended even if I tend it carefully for several weeks. The opening gets smaller & bigger (as well as the skin around it gets harder or remain softer) with the amount of physical work I do with my hands. When the opening gets a bit larger then if something get inside (like light oil, lime juice) or I pick the hole with a toothpick it starts to burn & pain as if the liquid touching the flesh under skin, it seems very bad for my type of work as I have to work with my bare hands every now and then.

For 2 yrs I am watching some tiny brown eruption/spots developing on the outer side of my lt & rt upper arms (first on left) – about 2-3 sq inch of area with the eruptions which seem like very light colored spot but feel like tiny raised beads and the skin there feel rough like a frog! Same thing I am noticing on outer part of both the legs above ankles. Those spots itch sometimes (seldom) in winter or while I stay in air-con my skin gets very dry specially both the legs & hand-arms, I need to use thick emollient (body-lotion or olive oil at least 2/3 times.

Life seems nice but some problems pulling me back. I am listing the main problems that affecting me professionally–
a) Mental problem – Weak memory, lack of concentration, don’t feel like working the brain when have complex problem at hand (either mathematical, or…) laziness. This problems are great setback for a professional, tried many thing (meditation, Yoga, acupressure)
b) Knee Pain – climbing stairs, jumping, sitting one invisible chair (half-squat position)
c) Asthmatic – frequent cough, cold
d) Nose – sinusitis, polyps
e) Skin Diseases-
(i) Scalp problems – small eruptions, hair falling, graying of hairs, moustache
(ii) Sebaceous cysts on scrotum
(iii) Eczema on the feet
(iv) White patch at tailbone (fungus !)
(v) Many small raised spots on skin (outer side of lt & rt upper arms)
f) Eye problem – left eye – details in Eye Section
g) Piles
h) Small puncture at right palm
3) Mental Symptoms:
a) Memory Not good, can’t remember the names, numbers– forget the thought while writing down, can’t remember what to write next –seems that brain runs very fast and hand can’t cope up - suffering a great deal, need to keep a notebook in pocket, need to use alarms in cellphone. Insomnia – sleep late, some night cannot sleep – can’t find the reason of disturbance. Father sleeps late, mother now take sleeping pills (doctors prescription – hypertension)
b) Memory - Almost always, every time poor
c) I cannot comprehend easily – esp complex matters, mathematical problems etc which are very related to my professional arena
d) What I read - Sometimes I cannot remember at all, at times a little bit
e) I read with interest the books that I don’t need to read professionally (out of syllabus) I like to read very much, I like to know about new things – technology, life-science, literature, comparative-religion, psychology, philosophy.
f) I cannot apply my mind easily – concentration is very poor (going down day by day)
g) Sometimes irritable during sickness, sometimes feel helpless, sad
h) I can describe as having duel character – sometimes easy, sometimes hard – sometimes get very snappish, ugly - I can feel that I am wrong but do not admit and go on fighting about silly things though I try to control myself – sometimes get angry with silly matters, if someone try to console or touch I get more enraged (this attitude is lessening for a few years as I tried very hard to control – I also feel tired & depressed when strongly try to control the anger) – sometimes feel like quarrelling
i) Answer questions promptly
j) I am not anxious about future, only sometimes get anxious about near future (if I have any exam or critical job), no aversion to people, love the company but at times I like to remain at my corner for days together. No fear of death or desire to death, not afraid of future or any animal (feel creepy about large spiders or some insetcts, reptiles esp snake..). Mind full of many thoughts – Love to day-dream and pass time lazily (one of my great setback) Sometimes very talkative, sometimes reserve. . Don’t like to meet unknown or little known people for some need of mine, don’t like to go to some office where I feel I will not get proper attention, don’t like to sweet-talk people for some personal need or reason (I lost many years for this). Love to read about various subjects - my choice changes with time, sometimes changes frequently (In the past I used to dislike to read history, now I like to read History even I bought some books) I love music though can’t play or sing (I am an enthusiastic collector of music) I collect coins, mementos, Love photography. I don’t like to visit graveyard – I feel it stop us to go forward with our life. I am very much afraid of height (acrophobia !) While looking down I feel bad but don’t feel giddy or nauseated, while climbing down or climbing up in a rope ladder I feel very bad, feel some butterfly in the stomach, heart runs faster – at times feel like jump down to end the feelings. Had taken (by the advice of a doctor) Aconite (Very hi Potency) in water dose only one day (once in morning then once in afternoon) – condition improved a little I think as now I can look down from a height and don’t feel as bad as before.
k) No delusions of any kind
l) I am not very religious, but I believe in spiritualism. I believe through yoga, meditation, etc man can achieve tremendous mind- power and can do miracles (can heal, solve problem) at the age of 14 I got rid of stage-fright through mediation within a short time.

4) Sensations-
a) Throat, chest tickles as if by a feather before coughing starts
b) Nose tickles same away before violent sneezing starts
c) Pain at knee – Pressing pain climbing stairs as if bruised
d) Cold weather feels like as if cold water is going in through the nose to the lungs
e) Head feels heavy, sometimes pressing pain under eyebrows and under eyes
f) Scrotum itches too much after sweating, after opening the trouser & under-garments, cannot stop scratching so use a comb unless I tear off skin
g) Urination – after urinating it feels some remains in the urethra

5) Better – Worse:
a) Asthma, etc - Better in warm-dry or warm-wet weather, worse in cold, cold-damp, cold-wet weather. Dry coughing sometimes gets better with small sip of warm drink or water. Better in open air (warm) than closed (cold) room. Better in mod warm clean room even it is closed. Feel bad in a room which is closed for a long time.
b) Nose – sinus – polyp – Better in warm-dry weather, worse in cold weather, cold air, cold water , touching cold thing. Nose get more blocked if lying down without pillow or if bend forward.
c) Knee pain – worse climbing stairs, better resting
d) Scalp – worse when sweating a little, and hair feels wet – better when hair is dry & clean
e) Scrotum – scratchy when sweaty & warm, better when dry & under cold air (fan)
f) Piles - worse if constipated and passing hard dry stool, better if regular defecation and soft stool
g) Worse in high places – if look down from a height – if hanging by a rope or rope ladder I feel helpless, afraid.

6) Pain –
a) Knee pain – at knee cap - Pressing pain climbing stairs as if bruised
b) Sinus problem - pressing pain under eyebrows and under eyes
7) Discharges –
a) Nose – Starts as clear fluid then changes to yellow gradually if infected, when become yellow then it starts to smell bad
b) Eruptions on scalp – give of smelly little sticky liquid if broken by scratching
c) Seb cysts on scrotum – gives of yellowish cheesy matter if burst or punctured
8) Head –
a) Normally no bad headache – but if scratch the eruptions too much then bad headache attacks for several hours (need to take Tylenol).
b) Small eruptions on scalp many small growths if scratched bursts and gives off smelly liquid & cannot stop scratching till bleeds - so the skin become affected in many places and I am having many patches on head without hair, need to wash hair frequently else smells bad.
c) Hair falling esp at the top of head creating a big round arena slowly. Premature graying.
d) Hair normal hair, but needs a little tending otherwise become very dry. Scalp sweats during summer or in hot environment.
9) Ears - no problem so far, hard & moist scabs need to be cleaned at times. My father has hearing problem in one ear, so I try to be careful but I work in high noise area so my hearing may be deteriorating but I am not aware or can’t feel till now.
10) Eyes – Different focal length left-Right eyes, left one is worse than the right one. Right eye needs no power glass but left needs +1.50 and I wear glasses all the time as advised by doctor. At night finding some address I feel afraid - I feel I see a little less at night. Sometimes need to work long hours in front of pc. If feels bad normally use cool saline water as eye wash.
11) Nose – Catch cold easily - not always but most of the time. Have polyp in both the nostrils which time to time fully block the noses. Scabs are dried or semi-dried sometimes white or sometimes yellowish with dark edges. I sometimes blow out nose to clear discharge end picks out scabs standing in front of a mirror as well as cut the hairs inside regularly. Nose discharge so not make the lips or nose sore, but repeatedly wiping nose make it so. Cold air draught or touching cold water in the chilly morning – my nose start to tickle as if touched by feather, and after a short while if continued to work with cold water or taking cold wind, violent sneezing starts that leads to runny nose, congestion, etc. when running nose (clear fluid) the amout of fluid comes out is too much, I feel thirsty, need to take warm water to replenish the loss.
12) Mouth – Normal saliva, dries up if thirsty for a long time and not drinking, Light coating at the middle part of tongue (I think normal) have black spots at the tip of tongue ( I am seeing since I came to sense). Sometimes bad odour if not brushed teeth, or not talking or eating for a long time. No peculiarity I think.
13) Teeth - two artificial teeth crown installed, have several filling. Crowns are of ceramic. Filling are some metals & one tooth ceramic. Teeth are okay, slightly yellow and have some hard deposits at the back of all teeth near the gum. Never had a scaling before. Have two root canal that are crowned.
14) Throat – Suffer from sore throat at times during catching cold episodes, the pain at throat feel like stinging when swallowed, relieved by gurgle with warm saline water. I take Mag Phos 6X followed by warm water for this sometimes. My voice is not clear - I cant go higher in octave much, my voice cracks if I shout. I tried poem recitation, singing but failed due to this. It started at my childhood. When the throat is sore it pains as if stinging. Hawking caused by mucus only. It tickles at the voice-box when I become a bit asthmatic as described above. Normally I talk in a louder voice than others; I feel uneasy talking in hushed/muffled tone.
15) Eating / Drinking – I Like rich food, sweets but craving is not so strong that I must have that whenever I think. I controlled my craving for chocolate, coke, etc. I like to drink alcoholic beverage but I can go on without drinking for several months. Now a days I drink beer (most of the time instead of strong drinks) after the episode of urinary calculi. I stopped smoking but not fully – once/twice a week when I feel good (no cough, cold) I smoke a stick over a cup of tea. 5/6 yrs before I used to smoke 5~10 sticks per day.
I have no problem with milk but I don’t drink much. I believe in quality & quantity, if the food is good I eat well. I get hungry one hour before mealtime, so I don’t like to delay mealtime without a good reason. But when I am on vacation I am reluctant on that, as there is no set time for meals so hunger varies, appetite varies. Sometimes fried food creates acidity or heartburn; I feel something at the sternum if I drink water soon after taking some fried food (but this happens sometimes – normally food is no problem for me – good digestion) (Sometimes I use China Q if feel over-eaten) I do not like ice-cold drink, I love to drink little warm or little chilly without ice is preferable, drinking lemon-tea with a little sugar is everyday habit. In summer drink a mug little chilly water with lemon juice, little sugar & little salt whenever I feel like. I don’t like to take too much salt in my food, even if the curry tastes bland I don’t take extra table-salt, so when I sweat profusely during heavy labour I need to take salt-tablet with large glasses of water or else I feel strange (see dark flashes- probably low BP). I hate oily food, animal fat & greasy food.
16) Eructation – Belching happens sometimes not always, feel better after belching, comes out normally, goes off normally without any help. Vomiting – if become seriously sea-sick in terrible stormy weather when my ship is screwing like hell, normally I feel a little heavy head, sleepy & hungry when the ship is in stormy weather & she is rolling/pitching much more than normal.
17) Stomach – normal – sometimes acid reflux –little heartburn – if mealtime shifts or eat too much fried/oily food, etc.
18) Abdomen - If passing stool is not regular or sometimes I can’t find the reason it bloats, pass wind and temporarily feel better – continuously drink water and at last defecate and feel okay.
19) Urine - Have a history of problem (not free flow, urinary calculi, abdomen pain, burning sensation), written above. For 3-4 months I feel a little problem in urination, just after finishing it I feel that some still remains in the urethra and I need to give another go, even after 2-3 times I still have the sensation, this happens sometimes and sometimes I have no such feeling.
20) Stool – sometimes constipated, pass very hard stool and feel pain at anus, then starts varicose vein problem. Normally if I take high fibre food but water intake is lowered then I get constipated, anxiety & sometimes irregular life-style do that too. So if I had a busy day, at the end of day before going to bed I sit for a while, drink a litre of water slowly, enjoy music or work on a pc, which create the urge to defecate.
21) Anus – Piles / varicose vein - history written above - now no swelling – no problem but if constipated and pass hard stool then it will start to make problem – little itching, little pain & uneasiness – so use local anesthetic & antiseptic cream (povidone-iodine) sometime
22) Lungs – No past injury to lungs, once infected by Epstein Barr virus (mono spot) – cold does not affect the lungs directly. Cold air to the chest does not feel good. Cold weather is bad for lungs, detail written above. Maternal grand father had asthma, one of my mother’s sisters has it, my mother also suffers from cold (going to be asthmatic!!) When affected by cold and it become complicated then I feel bad when lying down, better upright. Sometimes little difficulty / discomfort in breathing outward (exhaling) – feel that cannot exhale fully and feel constriction.
23) Heart – Normal I (ECG is done every year as official standard procedure – showed no problem) Blood pressure normal (70-110 / 75-115 /80-120)
24) Coughs & expectoration - Cough – variant type – sometimes white-frothy, sometimes with black specs or wholly dirty blackish, some time with bloody specs, at times hard dirty scab (scab is sometime with bloody specs) found in the cough, sometimes only small balls of jelly like phlegm flies out with coughing. Most of the time whatever the type of expectorant, it is accompanied with white frothy cough. When suffering from long time cough become yellow and sweet, normally cough has no taste but at times tastes bitter. When suffering from cold & cough expectorate every now & then, when asleep normally I don’t get up to cough or expectorate. Expectoration normally in the morning at home after wake up from bed, after taking some warm drink & bath it subsides in comfortable way. When outside due to dust, smoke – need to take out the phlegm to get rid of the tickling feeling.
25) Joints - No dislocation so far I can remember. Except first joint of left ring finger dislocated (sports injury) but due to pain I failed to notice the dislocation instead I put my fingers in crushed ice, so the finger is now not very straight little bent forward at the top knuckle. Knee pain – no history of injury except on Rt knee (sports injury – full weight of body landed on Rt leg during a jump) that lasted for several years & vanished after two weeks of yoga! Knee pain problem stated above in history. No swelling, no inflammation of any joint. One osteopath prescribed 30 days heat treatment for knees (taken only two days – two yrs before). 3 yrs before had pain at the vertebrae at neck region, may be due to working in front of pc and the angle was not good – same doctor prescribed traction for 30 days (taken only two days). I took after the matter – slept without pillow for two years ( if used pillow felt pain), when work with pc always look after the correct sitting position – now for 6months I sleep with a thin pillow as before (no pain at neck – since last year)
26) Muscles – muscles are healthy well toned as I need to work physically as an marine engineer, gained 2” fat at the belly recently (lack of physical as now in vacation)
27) Bone – Healthy I think. Never been broken in any place. Sometimes suffered some sports injury – sprain ankle, etc.
28) Back – No history of sever pain or injury, only 2/3 times had little injury due to lifting heavy weight, but did not need to take bed rest for that.
29) Wound – injuries: (a) Scalp – had (3+2) stitches in two places, one cut with a thrown stone another with a broken metal. The one cut with broken metal sometimes swells and produces crust ( its about half inch scar) (b) Finger – Left hand ring finger first knuckle- joint displaced (age 22) and set at an angle , not fully straight, sometimes the joint itch but no pain, no welling. (c) Left thigh – upper part lacerated-fallen on road while running (age 19) sports injury, healing took 12 days, about 3 sq inch scar, but no problem, no itching (d) Knee –Rt knee, strain injury(age 20), pain lasted for couple of years then vanished (did yoga to relieve the pain) (e) At childhood (4/5 yrs) injured at coccyx, and got unconscious, afterward whenever I got bump at that place I used to feel sharp pain.

30) Bleeding: N/A
31) Morbid growth : Multiple sebaceous cysts on both scrotum (stated before)
32) Skin diseases – (a) I sometimes get small pimples (white-head) on my face which lets off small white seed like thing upon finger pressure. Occasional boils – not troublesome ones. Sometimes inside the nostrils (Used bell 30) (b) Small eruptions on scalp (c) Fungal skin disease at sacrum area (d) Sometimes jock-itch, fungal disease at groin (e) Seb. Cysts at scrotum (f) Eczema – dry, discolored, little hard skin at both feet (g) tiny brown eruption/spots at arms & legs --- all these problem stated above in history region – overall my skin is sensitive, and not very healthy- all the time I am having this or that – eruptions of various kind, itching, fungus, eczema (foot) etc….skin at groin area seems darkened and a bit rough to feel
33) Fever, chill, sweat – Suffered typhoid once (age 20+), occasional fever due to cold or infection, never malaria or other type of fever. Feet is cold and body is warm (compared to other persons body it is warmer), sometimes wear shocks after sundown and bedtime – feet is cold after sundown. Sweat too much so need extra water during summer or working in hot area, if I am not sweating in hot weather that means my body is getting little de-hydrated, and then soon after taking a large glass of water I start perspiring too much. I sweat most at head, and upper torso, I need to wear a head-band or scarf at forehead while working in hot-time else sweat get into my eyes. In normal weather I sweat at the arm-pit, and groin area – after that it smells bad but not too offensive for socializing. I do not use any antiperspirant or talcum powder. Sweat leaves no stain so far I have noticed. I change under-garments frequently and regularly. Soon after opening the trousers & under-garments I feel like itching at scrotum, thighs, groin like hell. I use comb (my nails are always trimmed to least) for that else I damage my skin.
34) Sleep – Dreams: My sleep is disturbed some times. I cannot sleep whole night (I am night owl) and sleep at dawn. (Hereditary) My father, sister sleep late, my mother use sleeping as has hypertension. Some times for a week or more I sleep well, then again insomnia starts – and lasts for 2-3 days. Normally I sleep around midnight. I take Kali phos 6x.
Normally I don’t dream frequently ( I am a day-dreamer !!) either I sleep a good sleep or I don’t. Dreaming is rare event at present. But at times I dream, especially when I woke up in the early morning, ease myself and again take a short nap and sometimes when I am mentally disturbed and get a disturbed sleep.
35) WOMEN- N/A
36) Men - I am or was not addicted to self-abuse but I did do that sometimes after the age 17+ did first time and then at times I did that. I used to that frequently between age 18 to 25. I have noticed that my fellow mates used to do more frequently than me so I though t I was ok. With the age and after having girlfriend the frequency decreased. Now I sometimes (2/3 times in a month) do that now when I am away from home. My sexual habit is okay, I don’t indulge in extra-marital relation, loyal to my wife. Even I was loyal to my girlfriend. I don’t have any complain about my ability so far. No abnormality in the size and anatomy so far my knowledge. Presence of women does not cause erection, but thinking of sexual matters or reading erotic-stories or talking to wife about erotic things arouses me. Erotic story books have more affect upon me than erotic-movies/ erotic-pics. Ejaculation is normal, no pre-mature ejaculation – I can hold it for a considerable span of time. Most of the time I feel satisfied. Most of the time my intention is to satisfy my partner and achieving that goal lead a great deal in my personal satisfaction. My organ, when erected, is not fully round shaft like but a little bit flattened (top-bottom) and from root to head the dia slightly increased and little curved to the left side. But that is merely anatomical deviation that creates no problem so far.
When I was having problem with urinary calculi the shaft of penis used pain behind the head at the under side (urethra) sometimes and that was really frustrating.
The scrotum sweats and creates itching when wearing undergarments. Having little black hair on scrotum too. Growth on scrotum – sebaceous cysts of many different sizes ( stated above in detail) when those burst open give away cheesy matter, leave the sac under the skin and that seems like a hard shrunken sack / squeezed skin. Sometimes re-growth occurs on the same shrunken spot. Never suffered from STD or like. I am not inclined to manipulate my private parts, but as my scrotum is itchy sometimes I mildly scratch & squeeze my scrotum skin & cysts between my fingers when nobody is around.
37) Conclusion

Can somebody help me out for my problems esp memory problem, knee pain, resp problem & skin affections.
Best wishes -
  blue.morpheus on 2007-12-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
i suggest you a remedy in you other post (Silecea) please try that and let me know,OK

faisal qureshi last decade
dear blu morpheus,
pls take one dose of 2 drops Psorinum 10M and after a one month take only one dose of Nat Mur 10M one dose of 2 drops in 1/2 cup of water.

dr. deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Dear Faisal Qureshi,
One renowned homeopath previously advised me that the seb.cyst would burst out, relieve off the cheesy matters with silicea 200 but the sac would remain like a squeezed hard skin mass and the cyst will recur again in the same places on scrotum, so I was decided to ask you again, past few days very busy with relatives so I am late, sorry.
I am now very badly suffering from Polyp (both nose) cold, violent sneezing followed by runny nose, variant cough (throat irritation, sore), asthmatic ?!! / knee pain (both knees, at times left is more) and very badly with memory problem, lack of concentration, no desire to work the brain, laziness. That's why I am asking your honest opinion about my main problems - I am suffering now and having hard time with my life, some exam is coming(profesional) and I have no desire to read or work hard, don't feel like climb stairs, and suffering from cold, cough, morning heaviness at head, little ache (sinus, head) etc. Prev treated with puls, Bryo, Lemna m, etc and temp relieved. Meantime I have posted my detail history with sufferings to have a good, solid advice. Hope you don't mind. Do you have any more question pls let me know.

blue.morpheus last decade
Dear dr. deoshlok sharma,
Thanks for your concern. I hope you already read my other post related to Silicea 200 & read about my main problems now a days.
Please consider Mr. Faisal's advice and pls do advise me as I am desperate to find something to take myself out of this situation permanently. I know a little about homeopathy ( i just am an amazed admirer) and don't think of doubting any advice, and I don't want to create some hard feelings among the doctors or forum users. So now as I have two prescription pls help me out to follow a better one for me. In my last post to mr Faisla Qureshi I noted the main problems. Best Wishes to you and Happy New Year. I hope Mr. Qureshi would not mind, as you took the trouble to advise something to me so I feel obliged to write these few lines. Rgds,

blue.morpheus last decade
attn: Faisal Qureshi

Dear Faisal Qureshi,
I followed your instruction '
please try(Silicea-200c)2pills daily for 5days only then stop and after 3weeks report me back' and its already more than 5 weeks with no result. Cysts are same as before, some are growing some waiting ....
Best rgds,

blue.morpheus last decade

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