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Please Help - Bad penis odour harming my education and social life


I'm a 26 year old male, not sexually active, and I have this horrible smell coming from my penis that i want to get rid of. some background: It's not a UTI b/c I've recently tested for that, and not an STD.
I have very good hygeine and wash under the foreskin with plain unscented soap every day, and make sure that i rinse thoroughly.

This is not my natural smell as I did not smell like this for my entire life before. But in the past few months, if I masturbate a few times in a week (2-3), than this horrible sexual smell comes out of my penis and remains for over a week.So Far I have abstained for over 2 weeks (and will forever from now on) and the smell still has not gone. Also, it seems like I'm operating on a hairtrigger when it comes to sexual thoughts. If I just begin thinking them my penis begins emitting a tiny bit of lubricant. However, the smell is still there even if dry.

Currently I'm taking 10M Natrum Muriatic to deal with this. I've just begun today.

Any advice or feedback that you have would be welcome. The smell is so bad that I'm skipping my university classes. Please help me out.
  joquestion on 2008-01-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
if nat mur doesnt help, better try SULPHUR 200C one dose every alternate day for some 10 days.
rishimba last decade
Yes my vote goes to Sulpher or Psor.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Hi patient you can take psorinum 200 1 dosage and wait for a week.You should clean your penis with good quality toilet soap 3 times a day and avoid masterbation permanently.Wishes you the best,malaker
Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade
Thank you all very much for your replies. I will definitely never masturbate again.

Is it safe to use sulphur along with the Natrum Muriatic? Not at the same time but maybe one hour apart? Thank you.
joquestion last decade
you will not get full benifit of the individual remedies if you mix them.

better take one remedy and then after a gap of a few days, you can take another.
rishimba last decade
Dear Jo.

Masturbation of the frequency you mention will not cause the condition you are suffering from, although it may exacerbate it.
More importantly though, non-excessive masturbation is a completely 'natural' indulgence of almost every sexually active human being on the planet, and an awful lot of animals, so there is no need to completely abstain from this out of fear.

To clarify, this odour is even noticed from the clean penis, and not simply from the 'lubricant' emitted during the beginning of sexual arousal, is this correct?
Mr Organon last decade
Thanks for your answers. Yes, the odour is noticed from the clean penis as well. But in this case it is so magnified that people around me can smell it. It clearly makes them uncomfortable. It also seems much more sexual in smell, despite no lubricant being emitted.
It is most definitely not my natural odour.

I went to see an allopath, he gave me nyaderm topical antifungal cream (in case a fungus was involved) and said that it was probably due to balanitis. his examination was quite quick however.
joquestion last decade
After a few days of using anti-fungal cream, the odour still remains.

It has decreased in intensity, but i think that is due to taking sulphur and not from anything else.
joquestion last decade
never go agianst nature...
i think u dn,t need any medcines if u leave those habits which creating problem..
doctor_isha last decade
Thank you. I have left those habits. In fact, I have not indulged in them for 3 weeks, yet the odour persists. This is certainly not natural as a healthy body would have recovered from it sooner.
joquestion last decade
There have been no scientific studies that show that masturbation in any way harms the body. There have been a lot of studies, however, that prove that fear, guilt, and shame can produce all kinds of interesting and unpleasant responses in our bodies.

In our culture, it is particularly common for people to be made to feel ashamed, guilty, and embarassed about enjoying the pleasure of their bodies.

You have left the masturbation behind, but it appears that you have not left behind the need to feel ashamed and afraid of it. Thus, the 'strange problem' is persisting.

Perhaps you might spend some time meditating on why God/Whatever would create you with desires to enjoy sexuality, but then tell you to feel bad and ashamed of those desires. It seems unnatural that a loving being would do such a thing.

Often these 'values' are put upon us by our society. Clearly, you are still in acceptance of this, as you feel embarassment about your sexuality (the smell of your sexual organ) even though you have ceased the supposedly 'offensive' habit. Even when you are not 'offending' by touching yourself, you are still believing yourself to be offensive and others to be offended.

I cannot help with the right remedy for this from a physical standpoint, but I do honestly think that from a mental/emotional standpoint, you need to reconsider your willingness to take on the shame-based dogma of our culture surrounding one of the most normal and natural god-given gifts we have.

I believe that God is very sad to see the way we have perverted his gift into an opportunity to shame, control, and guilt each other. Something with such magnificent potential for joy and harmony has become something we try to avoid enjoying.

Problems in our bodies are often a result of our beliefs. Physical cures can help us, but our physical problems will simply keep returning if our emotional health is not corrected along with the physical symptom that is trying to give us a message.
Chelia last decade
Thank you for your response.
It has been conclusively proven that masturbation is harmful, especially if done in excess. www.herballove.com has more info on overmasturbation. It's not an issue of feeling shame about it.

The smell is real, not imagined, I can tell from other people's reactions when I sit next to them in class.
joquestion last decade
I was not remotely saying that it isn't real. I was saying that the shame about it can be perpetuating it.

And two times a week is hardly excessive...
Chelia last decade
Noted. Definitely agree that guilt can cause stress having an effect on health.
joquestion last decade
I have taken one dose of 1 M psorinum. Two days later my penis head was covered with clear waterlike secretion in the morning. i also had incredibly sharp, acric smelling sweat from all over the body, but especially the between the genitals and the legs.

I've read that coffee antidotes psorinum. Fearing that i had taken too strong a dose I had a coffee (I normally never drink it). Today the acrid smell is gone and so is the liquid. But the original problem remains.

Should I keep using psorinum?? What should I do?
Please advise.
joquestion last decade
My advice would be to pick one prescriber who has a good track record and is willling o spend he time with you to take your case properly. Stick with this person and dont take maters ino your own hands (self antidoting).
good luck.
Ryelink last decade
Actually the ancient Chinese knew of the effects on health of uncontrolled sexual indulgence some 5000 years ago, and this still exists in their system even today. They even have guidelines for how amny times per week ejaculation should take place for different age groups.

Masturbation though, if not overindulged in, is a perfectly natural practice of any sexually active person, and even animals indulge in this. It is definitely not something which one should be made to feel guilty for, as this will cause even more problems, as mentioned above.

Jo, do not be in such a rush to antidote the remedy, your current problems could be merely aggravation from too large a dose, give it some time, and if this does not slear up, Coffea in potency (very low) will antidote the remdy.
Mr Organon last decade
Mr Organon last decade
joquestion last decade
I actually had the same problem and I recently found a product that prevents and removes male genital odors. It's called NodorO. I tried it, not hoping much to come out of it, and it actually works.

It's mainly for us uncircumcised fellow.

Raemee last decade
Dear doctors, why you people are not responding to my posts. Please reply to my posts my ID is lavender04.... I request all the doctors please
lavender04 last decade
describe all your mental and physical problems.

describe the odour.

describe your personality, habbits, likes and dislikes, fears and dreams.
rishimba last decade
dear dr. mental and physical . my mental problem is my physical problem.i fear to get married. my penis size, i got very small penis almost at 2.5inch in normal no 3.2 inch in erect position.that to in erect position it is not so hard.

odour is normal

im 5.5ft long, and 62kg in weight. slim atheletic body.

habits: i use to masteburate very frequently since i was 12. but since last 3 months i hvnt done anything.

fear: im fear what will happen if im not enough to my wife.

dream: i oftenly dream about sex, some one holding my penis, its size. even i saw today that my family came to knew about my size and even they was nervous. please help me....

dear dr. im 26yr old. i do have small penis as 3' when erected.when i was young as 15 i heard that if you stretch it continously it will grow upto some extent one day. since than im doing n each time im doing its as getting mastuburated n i was ejacuating. now, im in such a condition that even if i just hold my penis for a minute it starts ejacuating. now my problem is small penis,erectile disfunction and not hard. im afraid to get married. please advise any medicine
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help my penis from lavender04 on 2008-10-17
dear doctor, i measured my penis with a real scale, im not saying it orally.in normal postion its size is 4cm(1.5inch), and when erected 6cm(almost 2.5inch). im not even 3inch.please help me for its length and stiffness
lavender04 last decade
Try lycopodium 200c,3doses on a single day at 6hourly interval.Then take agnast cast Q,10 drops at bed time for 15 days.
Zahid)2 last decade
Dear Doctors, Is this prescription for me (lavender04), or for the guy who started the form. Please reply...
lavender04 last decade

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