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My six year old coughs until she vomits

I live a long way from the nearest homeopath so I'm hoping to get some initial pointers from here before committing to a trip! Thanks in advance for reading.

My daughter is nearly six years old and has been battling with a chronic cough that leads to vomiting for the last month or so. At the same time (but possibly not related) she has had an ear infection and her tonsils and adenoids are inflamed. Until this started, she has been a relatively health child although we were aware that she had a bit of a post nasal drip and had assumed it was a slight dust or pollen allergy, which is the same as mine. We hadn’t bothered treating it because it didn’t seem to cause her any particular problems. She also had very dry sensitive skin but, again, this just seemed to be a genetic thing inherited from my husband – she is red headed and has pale skin with freckles. Other than that, she has had recurrent wax build-up in her ears. We simply flushed them out from time to time to avoid infections, and that has been sufficient up until now.

The coughing started without any significant other symptoms – it didn’t appear to be part of a cold. She has no definite fever, but her temperature is fractionally higher than normal – 37.2C perhaps.

So far we have been to the general practitioner and the paediatrician quite a few times but none of the diagnoses or prescriptions have helped. We have had head x-rays taken that show considerable sinus problems behind the cheeks and eyes; we now know that the post-nasal drip is possibly caused by an allergy to artificial food colourings, flavourings and preservatives, since those tested positive in a blood test for allergy count.

We have removed (as far as we can tell) all the allergens in her diet and she is taking antihistamines daily. She has also been given Singulair (some kind of sinus thing for asthmatics – although she hasn’t been diagnosed with asthma) and a corticosteroid nasal spray (Flixonase). On top of that, she has been prescribed 4 different courses of antibiotics since these symptoms began – she is on two courses at the same time right now, because the last lot aren’t working and her tonsils/ear are getting worse.

I am becoming deeply unhappy with the amount of drugs going through her system, particularly since none of it seems to help. I have been given various explanations, ranging from the allergy to whooping cough syndrome.

Background? We have allergies in the family, mostly on my side. My husband has sensitive skin but no real allergies or syndromes that we know about. My side of the family is more sickly. My mother suffers regular chest colds, pneumonia etc, as did her father. She also has irritable bowel syndrome and several allergies. My father has some problems with a cough which, until he gave up smoking, we had thought was a smoker’s cough. He may also have post nasal drip, but we don’t know what causes it. He doesn’t have any obvious allergies.

Both my parents and myself have back problems, and my mother has had mild arthritis since her 20s. My mother’s mother died of stomach cancer. Her father died of old age after many years of chronic bronchitis. My father’s mother died of a heart attack very young, and his father is an elderly man now with Alzheimer’s.

My health has always been up and down. I suffer from depression which was largely prompted by the birth of my children – it first manifested as post natal depression but has still never gone away even though they are 8 and nearly 6. I have had reasonably good health apart from the depression – no major illnesses or injuries, but I’m rather prone to colds and suffer more or less constantly with an allergy to dust and pollen.
My husband’s health is good apart from some minor skin issues (dryness). My son’s health is excellent, although he went through a phase at about age 2-3 of having a lot of chest infections. It was severe enough for him to be sent for chest x-rays at one stage, but nothing was ever found and he eventually grew out of the infections.

My daughter was born naturally in water at home. There were no complications but she came very quickly (2.5 hours). She was breastfed until 18 months. She fed well and never had any childhood diseases except for mild chickenpox at age 3. She was vaccinated more slowly than the normal schedule but did eventually have all the mandatory vaccs for diptheria, tetanus, polio, whooping cough and meningitis C. She also had the first set of jabs for measles and rubella, but not mumps (the vaccine was unavailable at the time of our appointment).

She had delayed speech but we were told she had no hearing problems until she was tested again at age 5. At that point, we were told that she had slight hearing impairment caused by wax. She has caught up now with all but a couple of sounds and is undergoing speech therapy to sort out those last sounds. She is a very independent little girl but shows a great need for affection. She is particularly close to me, but is quite happy to be separated from me most of the time. She is very bright for her age and is mature in many ways (eg empathy), although still childish in others (eg getting her own way). She cries easily to get her own way but is immensely brave about enduring pain – she hardly ever cries with pain, although she’ll sometimes cry with shock when she gets hurt mildly. She is a happy child generally and spends a lot of time in her own little world with her imagination. She forgives quickly.

Apart from that, she likes to wear as few clothes as possible (we live in a hot climate) but when she dresses up, she loves bright colours and patterns. She likes to sleep without anything over her. She drinks a lot but has poor appetite for food. She has a remarkable interest in small details, is a very visual person. She loves music and drawing or colouring.

Can't think of anything else - I think that's enough now anyway! Please help if you can. Thanks.
  wordhog on 2008-03-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
set upo the exact sequence-from start of ear infectin adenoid cough--relate symtpoms in exact sequence occurred and exact treatments used at the respective places....give a good idea of how this exactly played out
John Stanton last decade
Not sure I can remember, to be honest. Will try and recall.

The first day she threw up she'd been feeling miserable, hadn't eaten properly. That evening, she was sick in bed after a coughing fit which woke her up. In the day she hadn't shown any obvious signs of illness (cold, infection) but had been a bit sniffy and was coughing occasionally.

The next day she continued to cough but otherwise seemed normal. She didn't vomit again for another day or so. Our family (who looked after her for the day) noticed her coughing and going red in the face and said we should go to the doctor. Since she had started to vomit more frequently (3-4 times in 24 hours, always at night) we took her the next day, worried that she was starting to dehydrate. She was found to have a nasal drip but no chest noise, plus slight ear wax (which is not unusual for her). She was given an expectorant cough mixture, antihistamine and a nasal corticosteroid spray (Flixonase). We used all of these for a week and saw no change.

We went back to the doctor, who advised us to see the paediatrician. The paediatrician wasn't available but gave our doctor advice over the phone and faxed a prescription to us. This added antibiotic ear drops to be used in the nose, an oral antibiotic and a different cough mixture (Mucospect). We were told to carry on with the antihistamine and Flixonase.

After another few days, the coughing and vomiting wasn't better. My daughter started to complain of a sore tummy. I assume that this was due to the amount of time her stomach spent empty. We went through to see the paediatrician in person, who had the xrays done and blood taken. At the appointment he commented that her adenoids were a little swollen and she seemed congested in her sinuses. He suspected she either had whooping cough syndrome or an allergy that was causing sinus/post nasal drip which was irritating the throat and causing the coughing. After the results 2 days later, he confirmed that she had sinus infection (another antibiotic needed) and that she had an allergy to food additives. He recommended continuing with the Flixonase and antihistamine and added a new cough syrup to ease the cough rather than cause expectoration. He was also the one that prescribed Singulair.

She has been on this combination for two weeks, with no improvement despite us removing all the allergens (as far as we know). When we returned to see our normal doctor today, he confirmed our suspicion that she’s got an ear infection again, and her tonsils are also affected. She's been prescribed yet another antibiotic (she hasn't finished the last lot yet). Her other ear was syringed to get rid of the wax build-up.

Hope that helps! Sorry it's so long.
wordhog last decade
Hi I was very interested in your posr re your little girl I felt there were some similsrities to my situation. I have a little girl who is 5 who has had a cough since she was weeks old. Like you I have taken her to everybody. Asthma was talked about, but all asthma medications did not really work. She has been on steroidal inhalers salbutamol inhalers,singulair tablets,nasal sprays,cetirixine antihistamines and oral prednisolone(STEROIDS) when her cough gets really bad. We live in a damp climate where alot od kids develop asthma,however,we have no history of asthma in the family. Doctors are baffled as to what is causing her cough which realy flares up from time to time.Hercough is so bad at time that it occurs about every 30 seconds. We have taken her to hospital on numerous occassions.We have taken her to Ear nose and throat sorgeons whi don't really find anything,all her chest x rays have been clear apart from once when she did have a pneumonia and was kept in hospital.Like your child she has red hair and a very pale complexion,she was a very rapid delivery ( LESS THAN 1 HOUR) I am at the end of my tether as I Don;t know what else to do one medic says it's asthma, another says it's not as she doesn't respond to asthma drugs.I took her to a homeopathic doctor last night and he was very understanding. He wil send me medicines in the post and I hope this eill help.
mum to melissa last decade
This is so odd! My daughter (5, will be six mid summer) is also having these problems. We, like the two others, have been to several doctors and gotten everything from 'some kids are pukey' to 'possibly acid reflux'. We took out milk/dairy products from her diet and that DOES help some but every now and then she flares up. The last two nights she has been coughing like mad in her sleep (not awake though) and then tonight she has vomited 3 times from her coughing fits. She is also a redhead with fair, dry skin. I wouldn't say our climate is terribly humid though - mid south US... It has however been VERY rainy here the last month to month and a half which has resulted in flooding in some areas and that is basically a rarity here. I noticed one mom say that her daughter coughed every 30 seconds and I can identify with that. DD seems to be racked with hacking coughs everytime she draws breath. After 3 looong nights of this (and no cough syrup touching it) she is moody, tired and has large dark circles under her eyes. I am at my wits end and I, too, am tired of being handed antibiotics, acid reducers, nose sprays, etc... and pretty much patted on the back and told I'm overprotecting. I'm fed up and need to find a new direction to look for help/answers!
redheadmom last decade
Hi both of you, look up Phosphorus, there are many indications for this remedy. If you think to try it, use a 30c liquid, a few drops is a dose. One dose at night the next in the morning untill the irritation has gone. Repeat if needed.
parachute last decade
My now 6 yr old had the same kinds of problems. He coughed so hard he almost vomited. His breathing was wheezy. It was worst at night. He was diagnosed with asthma when he was 2. I bought a nebulizer and I gave him a breathing treatment in the morning and once before bed. The allergist prescribed ALBUTEROL for me to put into the nebulizer. This is not a steroid, it simply opens up the little air sacks in the lungs. He has consistently gotten better since we started using it. I think in large part because he can get a good nights sleep.
pinkberree last decade
I'm aware how old this post is, but I'm only reading it now because I'm at my wit's end w/ one of my twin 5 year old daughters' symptoms which are earily similar if not exactly the same as your daughter. I know you were reaching out as a las resort before taking her to see a homeopathic doctor. I wanted to know if you actually got anywhere w/ the homeopathy? ... as this is what I feel may be our LAST resort - we too have been around the mill with several different pediatricians, pediatric pulmonologists, Emergency room physicians, etc ... and have gotten NOWHERE!!! Antibiotics, steroids, cough suppressents, antihistamines...all the same as you or many of the posters on your topic. I feel homeopathy is our only - - -and LAST resort! ... My daughter is very thin ... not a great eater (things that most kids adore are just not appealing to her ... much less things she NEEDS to be eating) drinks tons of fluids, takes meds like a pro (she's been doing it since she's 1 year old)...
Before I go any further, please - let me know what to expect from a homeopathic doctor visit - and if it worked for your daughter!
Thanks SO much!
KimofTwins 9 years ago

It seems to me that your child's symptoms point to Nux Vomica.
Please give give her Nux Vomica 30c thrice a day for 3 days and see how she responds.

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 2 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 1 drop in some 10 ml water. Sip up slowly.

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 20 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa 9 years ago

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