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nose blocked and chronic ear discharge (Sampath)

1.very chronic right ear discharge for the past 25 years daily
2.right ear tinnitus
3.any slight chill weather,chnage of weather,eating cucumber,watery vegitables and spicy food gets me to allergic condtiionand the very next day my throat pains and nose blocked
4.next day there is body pain and slight fever and pain all over the body
5 I am not diabetic and have hypertension 170/90 and hypetrophy of the left ventricle under allopathy medication for this amalodophine tables.
6.Allways there is fear for known and sometimes unknown resons.I do not like the job and has lot of aversion to it.
6.there is always constant nose stoppage alternatively
7.Mind fear,depression,fear of being alone in dark
8Head catarrah of the head
with frontal head ache
8ear:chronic discharge like glue for over 25 years from the right ear at about 10am
9stomach hyperacidity and intolerance of oil,and fried
10.abodemen bloted after eating a little
urine:smells that of horse or cattle urine and have no
problems of irritation or any disconfort
11.stool constpation and evacuation of bowels only after drinking coffee
12sleep sleepy during evening at 6 pm and does not get sleep up to 12 in the
generalities:cannot tolarate slight draft of cool air,rain and clody weather like hydrogeniod constitution and burning pain near the right big toe and normal im thrist less and drink very least amount of water.DEsires coffee and food and drink very hot and always pain beneth the shoulders.Pressure > pain
i have already taken calcarb,lycopodium,nitric acid,eupperf,natsulf,thuja,mercrius viva,nuxvom,phytollacca,dulcamera,kalicbichromicum,tellurim,silica,carboveg,pulsat,kalicarb,eupperf,sticta,streptoccocus and so on but there is no relief and request you to prescribe me a remedy with the totality of the symptoms and relieve my very long standing chronci problem

  Astra2012 on 2008-03-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear patient, actually you have taking so many remedies so your body has been a subject of experimentation. First, you should leave this ill-practice which you have been doing for a long. Always keep one thing in your mind that a single remedy is selected in homoeopathic treatment. Repetition/alternation of so many remedies doesn't bring forth fruitful results. You take Ammonium Carb. 30 (a single dose of it) daily at least for a week or two. It should be taken early in the morning without taking any thing else (empty stomach) then let me be aware of its results.
Dr Kumar last decade
Please describe this ear discharge-color? it is glue-like but thin or thck?

is the headache constant?
Astra2012 last decade
did you try natrum muriaticum?
Astra2012 last decade
it isreally a pleasure in my life that somebody cares and host of the good humane beings are with you. coming to bryonia like business matter i would like give out all the details which you have asked and which i believe might be useful and upon it a selection of remedy may be chosen or your natural way of prescription whichever is best for you.Answering your question
the discharge is from right ear ony and the gluey discharge is rather thin and never thick and mostly aggravates after morning breakfast.Your second question about the name of the remedy natrum muriaticum.I have already used.Yes you are correct in your own that since the exudation is like boiled starch for which I haven't even slightest sensation about it.But initially carboveg30 gave me little relief for about 10 days and the discharge completly stopped for those days.As kent in his lectures tells about this medicine but advised to use a suitable remedy after carboveg-page no 374-old ear discharges,old headaches when all symptom have been suppresed .....It brings about reaction,establishesa better circulation and 'partially' cures the case,after which a better remedy may be selected.What is the better remedy?Kindly excuse me for being over reactive beacasue in this 25 years of having gone to various homeopaths(after exhasusting allopathy) ihave been a suject and object of pure experintation by so called schools like classical homeopathy,single remedy cure,poly pharmacy remedies,selecton of varoius potencies of the same remedy, one mother ticnture and potency remedy,patented medicines,tissue salts,bach flower remedy due to mental depression combined with homeopathy remedies,nosodes,sarcodes,isopathy and all these were given not I enjoyed switiching doctors but because of no cure i was 'referred' and hence became the object of experimentation.My right ear tinnitus is humming as of distant flour mill, not in left ear please, away from my house and i like every thing hot desire sweets and also spicy food but my stomach disagree this and desires coffee,hot tea.I have heartburn if m i skip my meal and burning of the soft skin in between portion of the big toe and second one.I have marked fear of disease of own and kith and kin and not death and fear of being alone in dark(i do not know why)but even comfortable to be alone in the night with my dog.constant blockage nostrils alternatively but right is prominent and neck pain during catarrah and drag of cold as clark mentions.thank you for wholesome support.If you need any clarification I am alwayed obliged to reply you
and seeking a sure path to cure
sampath last decade
hello Sampath,
Dr Kumar asked about Ammonium carbonicum.

Do you think you feel warmer/colder than most people (or no difference)?

if carbo veg. helped you - you should repeat itt in higher potency. id you ever try it again? Was it advised by homeopath?
Astra2012 last decade
dear dr,
almost i have read all the books starting from nash to boericks homeopathic mat medica,clarks dictionary of pra met med,herring 10 volumes kents repertory because every time i visit the doctor the case taking was intersting unique in their own way.but till, today i have not made any self prescription but i strongly believe rajan sankaran methodology of prescription because for perfect physical 6c,modalities+phycsical alone 30c,mind and genralities and its modalities 200c,for delusions with pnei(immunological)1m,sensational all parts,nerve sensations and jumping patterns 10m and finally a patient does not speak but express his pure enrgy with actions and experience is him is 10m which gave me the ultimate hope but for homeopathy nothing could cure me.for your questions
1.yes HE suggested me to take amm carb as a dose first in the morning before any thing.
2.yes i feel colder/warmer than anybody
3.i have tried carboveg in 200c on or two doses and kindly do not think otherwise for my penning of words about rajan sankaran and others.i am little overjoyed and that is reason i am not going out of homeopathy even after 25 years and the homeopathy articles give lot impetus in usage english than any thing.waiting for your reply and i will be long in my letters henceforth and pardon me for that.
sampath last decade
dr sir,
correction please read i will be long as =i will not be long in my letters........
sampath last decade
hello Sampath
1. So, what do you think of ammonium carbonicum? Ever tried this remedy?

2. do you feel warmer OR colder than other people?

3. you took two doses of carbo veg. 200 and for 10 days yoour discharge stopped-is that right?
Astra2012 last decade
more questions:
4. do you like company?
5. what angers you most about other people?
6.what angers you most about yourself?
Astra2012 last decade
dear dr brothren,
I answer your quries one by one as follows.
1.amonium carb just start taking a couple of days back in 30c potency one drop in half-cup of water in the very early morning.this remedy is used nose block,works on the right side prominently,under oxigenated condition,catching cold during cool,windy and damp weather etc.,
2.I feel warmer and colder than most of the people around me and catch cold even there is cloudy weather,damp weather,little foggy weather any condtion which is colder my body reacts in the form of dreg of cold.I prespire a lot in head and other parts and i need lot freash air not cold air and aircondtion will not affect me and prespire while in bed becasue here in chennai,india summer is severly hot around 40 centigrade during may-aug.
3.carboveg i took 200c(2 doses only) and for 10 days no discharge from the right ear. catching cold also comes if I
take any spicy food and next day i will have sneezing and runnung nose in the morning only and always there is analogue between my stomch and respiratory and mucus membrane/s.May be my vagus nerve is responding to the spicy food.
4.I desire company always and irrespective of age i talk to anybody and also a good listner even a child gives an information i welcome it.
5.basically fear is of the origin of my
anger and hence i will be provoked if teased.
6.the FEAR complex and incompetancy in me ANGERS.Dissatified and angered about my half-baked knowledge and i ama vivid listner and learner of vedic astrology,karmic theory,akashic ecords,healing methodlogies,naturopathy and little homeopathy and in naturopathy i hold a reigstered naturopath certificate.the fear of disease is my most threatning and shattering concern and health is my prime objective and if anybody loses i get angry and the allopathic system of docotors and their medicine i am totally averse to it but alas the world still holds it as the prime one for dis ease but you beget differenct diseases and that angers me the most.
i think that completes inquiry about me.If unworthy for repertorisation pardon me as there is no perfect similimum in this world.may be first remedy may lead us to the nearest similimum and unless your prescription is so divine the disease condtion may not be cured on the first prescription and may take few more rmemdies according to the understanding and transecending towards the divine helps finally to achieve the cure.
sampath last decade
After you take ammm.carb. for 2 weeks post any symptoms you might have left.
Astra2012 last decade
dear dr,
yes doctor i will take ammonium carb early in the morning for two weeks and post symptoms,if any,slipped to be mentioned and new symptoms will also be
informed.thank you very much for and you and your group.bye for now and god bless you.
sampath last decade
dear doctors,
I am sampath and as per your prescription i have been taking ammonium carb30,one dose,empty stomach in the morning for 15 days and there has been absolutely NO RELIEF,
aggravation,amelioration,improvement and I strongly believe that there is fundamentally strong connection between my bad stomach with flatulence,heartburn,indigestion,constipation and ear discharge and nasal discharge.If i take spicy food or oily food my ear and nasal problems aggravates in the morning with signs of pain in the right ear only and nasal discharge in the morning after waking up and always i desire to take food very hot.Drink tea or coffee very hot and afterwards this nasal discharge in the morning only starts and there is no discharge throughout the day unless exposed to strong odours,smoke etc.i walk 5 kilometers every and do surya namaskar asana 12 times and pranayam and shava asana(death posture) for 10 monutes and yet there has been no relief till date(25 years) but not very much deteriorating and due to this i am slowly developing a kind of mental depression,dislike the job,fear of disease,burning between big toe and second toe on both the legs,i am not a diabetic,and pains,burning,if I walk more than 5 to 6 kilo meters a day.I am fair,age54,157 cms tall,weighing 60kgs, a very little bulging tummy but not flabby(like calc carb)and i do not smoke,drink, and due aging not interested and rarely indulge in sex and my present concern is pressure and compulsions in my present job and this is mental and physical side of it.thank you and now you would be able to arrive and sum up the totality of the symptoms and i strongly still believe that HOMEOPATHY NEVER FAILS'
and expect a very good remedy from you.
sampath last decade
dear doctors ,
i have received two reply s and none of them seems to be appropriate for my post dated 30th march 2008 under the aforesaid title(caption)
and the remedy s suggested
do not seems to be for me,if iam not mistaken,but for an animal though man is by instinct is an animal and i am in lots of confusion as to how to find whether it is for me or not? kindly post answers to my nose blocked and chronic ear(sampath)and my thread is
and clear my doubt and correct me if i am incorrect.
sampath last decade
a correction, my thread is
and not forum1.php/138362 and ask your pardon for this mistake
sampath last decade
dear doctors,
i have not been replied so far for my post on 04th april 2008 and there seems to be a confusion in my thread and hence i have reported to the moderator and i have so far received two replies to my emil address and both of them seems to be appropriate for the thread 'black dog with black ear discharge' and NOT appropriate to the nose blocked with chronic ear discharge(sampath) under the thread given by astra2012 and hence request you to continue,if at all wish to,to reply in this thread and not under black dog.......and oblige.At the cost of repetition my thread name is www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/138362
sampath last decade
dear doctors
why my post has not been replied even after a gap of 20 days and self is pretty well aware that i am under obligation only and request you to reply me and if you are unwilling to reply you can also do that by expressing your unwillingness but i value your suggestions and hence request your favor
sampath last decade
dear doctors,
Self is called Sampath by name and my post is under caption nose blocked and chronic ear discharge(sampath) under thread www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/138362
and from time to time i was given very kind suggestions and homeopathy remedies by experts like DR.kumar,astra2012 and others but unfortunately it did not yield any desired cure and i was,mistakenly, few times referred as 'black ear dog with black discharge' and offered prescription but no hard feeling about it and i happened to see Mr.R's opinion about homeopathy in 'youtube.com' and it pained me lot since he declared homeopathy as hoax and none of the homeopaths have got up against him to talk.Leave this and a far as my ear discharge i have got partial curing thru
a remedy called oscillococcinum 200
a type of nosode,prepared from the biliary duct and liver of the duck which swims in water and lives as well in land and often infested with abundant
bacteria and has incidentally taken this remedy for a flu in 200th potency for few days,
4 pellets of 10 size,and myself is a living proof that homeopathy works wonders and my entire allergic reaction,for 30 years, towards water,HYDROGENOID problem,has 80 per cent cured and no ear discharge and NO runny nose for the past 20 days but still blockage is there to very little level and i have decided to use this 200th potency once a week for another one month and people like Mr.R will be upset if they hear this but yet they will call homeopathy as hoax and they do not know homeopathy works like a sperm in the womb and takes a little time to become a baby( a form) and you have to wait for the cure but need not have wait for the relief and thanks to homeopathy and doctors like you that 'you will be thrice blessed' as Hahnemann said and bye for now
sampath last decade
dear doctors
again and again i have been replied in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/f.php/sampath/121061/3
but if i open the post it is only about the black dog and may be i am wrong and at the cost of repetition i would like to add again that my URL identity is http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/138362/ and kindly educate me as to how to see the Dr.Monti's post and thank you very much
sampath last decade

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