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Any new remedies for nasal polyps


Are there any new remedies for nasal polyps outside of the classic standard ones? I have tried a few with little results. My problem is mostly that foods stuff me up, and then bother the polyps. I'm sensetive to foods and chemicals, but even on a limited diet, food really bothers me. It's so frustrating. Generally I'm a chilly person, I want to move someplace warm, I dont like dry air. I can be irritable, and mostly prefer to be alone. I spend a lot of time in music, which is my profession. Nux Vomica seems to help me, but sulphur is not a remedy that does anything but make me sick.

  Allan on 2004-11-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Nux seems to be a good
What are your complaints? please describe in detail. apart from respiratory complaints , any other ailments?
when did you take Nux and sulphur? in what potency? how frequently? what were the effects?
magicure last decade
Hello Magicure

Well, that is interesting. I figured out by myself. It always seems to help. My complaints are really just nasal right now. Sometimes I get asthma, but usually only exercise induced and it's not that often. I don't digest all that well. I'm a loner. I have to say the overwhelming problem is my nose. I had it when I was a kid too, I remember lying in the bed, having my nose drain from one side, to the other. Another nux symptom. If my nose worked, I would be euphoric. Beer which I like very rarely makes me sneeze like crazy, but I don't have it all that often, mostly because I can't play music when I drink. I'm a classical musician/composer, and I need my brain. Tomato sauce I love, it makes my symptoms very bad as does potatoes, and eggplant. Dairy is very bad. I take nux every once in a while LM5, the sulphur I took as it was prescribed to me, but it made me so sick. It wasn't an aggravation, I know the difference. I got so weak, my nose just went crazy. It took so long to get over it, and nux helped me recover. I take the nux anywhere from every other day to once a week, sometimes longer. I didn't realize it had nasal polyps in its symptoms, I have only seen one reference to nasal polyps and nux. I wish I could think of... Oh, sometimes the nux will start my feet and legs itching, which is an old symptom which was very bad once, I see that as a positive.

Allan last decade
The tomatoe, potatoe, eggplant, peppers and sweet potatoes are of the nightshade family. You obviously cannot eat of this family. It causes great distress throughout the body. You may also be sensitive to Wheat???

Beer is the worst thing for a yeast problem in the body, Candida. Too much sugar. Have self checked for diabetes.

Do you have bloody hankerchiefs often? Do you need little naps? Any burning feelings?

Please report to give direction to remedy. Sabra
sabra last decade
Hello Sabra,

I am aware of the nightsade group and because they are so irritating, I do not eat them. I do not eat foods that irritate me. I have not had any wheat for a while. I'm not sure if it helps or not. Mostly I eat fruits and vegetables. I almost never drink beer. No bloody hankerchiefs. Sometimes I like a nap in the afternoon, but not always. My nose burns when it's really irritating me.
Allan last decade

Let us see what Magicure and Sabra suggest.

But,meanwhile a thought from me.If nux is consistently helping you,but for a short time only,it is good to rise the potency.

Suppose if you were taking 200 earlier,now start taking 1M whenever you have symtoms,and this should hold you longer.

Stop the medicine,as soon as you notice improvement,and take again only on return of symptoms.

Each potency,you can take three times,and if the problem persists go to next potency.

Supose you used 1M three times,then go to 10M,next time.

The sequence is

30,200,1M,10M,50M,CM,DM and MM.

I generally feel you should not a leave a medicine which helped you,but should try the whole range of potencies,before thinking of changing the medicine.

Ofcourse,you need an antipsoric remedy,somewhere in between,and that can be found only if we take a complete case.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Hi Allan,
If the symptoms are getting better by Nux , and if it is causing return of old symptoms( itchy feet ) , it indeed is a positive and desired response.
Stick to Nux.
What potency do you take?
magicure last decade
Hello Magicure

I'm taking LM5. And I agree, I think the old symptoms are very good. I am very careful not to take too much and let to run its course. It seems to take a day or two before it starts to work. I do not do good with other potencies, C or M potencies. At one point I was doing very well with LM5 and then decided to go up, I tried 10M and I was really sick for a few months. I'm very sensitive to these things, the LM type of potency seems fo work best for me.

Allan last decade
Hi Allan,
If LM works best for you , then it is evident that you are sensitive to homoeopathic remedies.
How do you take Nux? pills/ liquid ? how often in a day? for how many days ?
magicure last decade
Hello magicure,

I usually do one pellet every other day, or I wait longer. In the past I have tried every day and have had some success, so I'm wondering if every other day is enough. I also wonder how long something like this could take to really make a difference. Certainly when I stop it, I'm not as well.

Allan last decade
Hello Gang,

Other notes about the Nux that I have noticed. It always makes me feel so much better mentally. It also seems to affect my concentration in a very positive way. There are times when I can't think, but after nux, I have the ability to concentrate again. I have also noticed that I dream when I have had it, which I almost never do. It has also really helped my asthma. I went to one doc that gave me Aurum Suphericam 200c and I took it against my better judgement. One 200c pellet in a glass of water, he wanted me to drink the entire glass, but I only had a few swallows. I was so sick afterwards, like the next day, and had a splitting headache for a week. Nothing helped it eventually. I was taking tylenol and swearing I would never take another homeopathcic remedy. Eventually, I just couldn't stand it. I took one nux pellet LM5. In 15 minutes the headache was gone and I was up and the computer doing things. I couldn't believe it. I don't know if that is because the nux is very good for me, or it in some way cancelled out the Aurum. Oh, one other very interesting thing. I have very messy handwriting. When I take nux, I find my handwriting to magically become much more legible. It's amazing. Just suprised me so much. It affects so many things in a positive way, it just seems that my nose is the last thing to get better. Hope this helps. Maybe I should just try and be patient, which is very, very difficult.

Allan last decade
Good observations about yourself ...!!
If you are getting positive results with Nux , then to complete its action , you either need to try it in increased potency , or need to complement it.
You might need an antimiasmatic remedy as well, if there are some obstacles in the path of recovery.
Further treatment could be better decided if you could post all your mental and physical complaints in details.
I will try to post the questionnaire if you want.
magicure last decade
Just an observation - polyps are an allergic reaction - Which means that the immune system is depressed. The Nux is reducing the effects of that.
Stay away from anything that puts pressure on the liver - like alcohol - probably best to avoid cow products - personally I drink soy milk.
At some time in the past you have had supressive treatment that drove a problem inqaeds and depleated your immune system - antibiotics will do it. Only by unwinding the original suppression can the problem be cured.
passkey last decade
I have been avoiding calling my doctor to address the polyp situation. I believe this forum may be a better avenue for learning how to understand what's going with me. Briefly, I had a polyp about five years ago at a time when I also had chronic congestion, no sense of smell, itchy patches on my skin and adverse reaction to beer/wine.
A nutritionist said I was allergic to mold and recommended I avoid all smoked, cured and mold-laden foods. I began eating as if I were trying to rid my body of candida, which actually helped, and then I convinced my doc to prescribe an anti-fungal medication. The polyp went away and, for the last couple years I've been symptom-free.
Lately, however, the polyp seems to be back with a vengeance. I'm feeling a little too lazy to approach it as a dietary problem, but I'm sure that's what I must do. I've gained about 20 pounds in that time, and feel like my body's out of whack. It may actually be trying to get my attention at the moment. So, besides answering my own question here, I'm wondering if others have approached it dietarily, and if there is some tried and true formula/diet for controlling this problem. I'm really not sure I know what foods exactly aggravate my system. Is there some kind of practitioner out there in the world who specializes in this kind of diagnosis?
carpaydeeyum last decade
You are looking for a Naturopath. Lactobacillus may help.
passkey last decade

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