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Need help treating sleep apnea and HCV

1.Age – 35 yrs

2. Sex - Male

3. country - U.S.A. - Ohio

4. climate – Unpredictible weather sometimes - generally cold to cool temps Nov -
April. cloudy and rainy the most in April and May. Moderate heat to Hot and
Humid June - Oct

5. current complain – Diagnosed in 2003 with a moderate case of Sleep Apnea (After
6-8 hours of sleep, still feel un-refreshed and tired throughout the whole day.)
Also diagnosed with HCV from blood tests in March 2007 (inherited from Mother at
birth due to a blood transfusion as far as we know.) I was recently diagnosed as
having Hep A instead of HCV from a local Homeopathic doctor...?

6. current medicine you are taking – Have taken BCW, Bee Pollen, and Whole Leaf
Aloe Vera with no real results. Currently taking Aquatic Silver Solution (when
available) mixed with liquids for purification. Also taking Natrum as needed for
acid reflux, heart burn, nausea, etc. approx. 500mg of Vitamin C daily and Super
Papaya Enzyme chewable after meals.

7. sign & Symptom of disease – Breathing stops during sleep or about to sleep.
Feel tired throughout the day and excessive gas and bloating daily.

8. Slight back history –
Wieght = 145-150 lbs., Height = 5'6', some stress due to finances. Obtained a sleep
study test in 2003 and doctors confirmed that I had a moderate case of obstructed
sleep apnea. in 2007 I learned of my mother having HCV, so I got tested and it was
confirmed that I do have HCV too. Within the last 6 months, I went to see a local
homeopathic doctor who diagnosed me as having Hep. A instead of HCV. He also told
me I have some unsyncronization in the Stomach, Splean, and Pancreas. His primary
form of diagnosis was done through negative energy and iridology. I received a few
acupressure treatments to clear the HCV, but have not been able to continue
faithfully due to the cost of vists (he does not accept insurance - or maybe
insurance does not accept him...?)

Here is the test info:

a. Sleep Test (2003) - The polysomnogram study was performed in the usual fashion.
The total time in bed was 453.0 minutes (7.6 hours). The total sleep time was
442.5 minutes (7.4 hours) resulting in a sleep efficiency of 98%, which is normal.
The latency to sleep onset is 5.5 minutes, which is consistent with possible
moderate - severe daytime sleepiness. Latency to REM sleep is 80 minutes, which
is reduced. All stages of sleep were encountered but there was a reduction in the
percentage of slow wave sleep at 9.6%. The arousal/awakening index is normal.
The total apnea/hypopnea index is moderately elavated at 12.9. This rose to 16.3
while in REM stage sleep in the supine position. There were a total of 25
obstructive events and 70 hypopneic events throughout the study. No central
events were noted. The min. saturation is 92% with a range of 92-99% and a mean
saturation of 97%. No significant EEG or EKG abnormalties were noted. Mild
snoring was present
throughout the study. The periodic limb movememnt of sleep index is normal at 3.7.
Impression = Mild obstructvie sleep apnea. 780.53 and possible moderate - severe
daytime sleepiness.

b. Metabolism (2007 - Normal) - T BIL 1.3 (High), Calcium 9.2, Bun 19, Creat 1.0,
Bun / Creat 19.0, GFR Non-AF >60, GFR AFR AM >60, Glucose 82, Sodium 140,
Potassium 4.2, Chloride 103, CO2 27, Anion Gap 10, T Protein 8.0, Albumin 4.7,
Globulin 3.3, ALB/GLOB 1.4, ALK PHOS 65, AST 27, ALT 27, Chol 160, Trigly 116, HDL
39 (Low), LDL CALC 98, WBC 5.2, RBC 5.14, HGB 15.9, HCT 46.0, MCV 89.5, MCH 30.9,
MCHC 34.5, RDW 12.5, PLT 286, MPV 9.3

c. HCV (2007) - anti-HCV 3.0 Strip Immunoblot Assay - C100p 0, C33c 4, C22p 4, NS5
0, hSOD 0, HCV Genotyping by sequencing = 1b, HEP C RNA Quant Real-Time PCR = H4.7
(Viral load result for HCV is 47,500 IU/ML. The LOG 10 value of HCV RNA is 4.7.

d. Abdominal Ultrasound (2007) - The gullbladder is normal in appearance. No
gallstones, wall thickening, or surrounding fluid is seen. Sonographic Murphy's
sign is negative. The liver is normal in size and echotexture without focal
lesion. There is no intrahepatic or extrahepatic biliary dilatation. The common
bile duct is normal, measuring 5mm. The visualized pancreas is unremarkable. The
spleen measures 9.2cm in longitudinal dimension, without focal lesion. The right
kidney measures 9.4cm in longitudinal dimension. Parenchymal echotexture is
normal. No focal lesions are seen and there is no evidence of hydronephrosis or
renal calculus. The left kidney measures 11.4cm in longitudinal dimension and is
normal. No mass or fluid collection is seen adjacent to the kidneys. Limited
views of the IVC and aorta are unremarkable.

9. family back ground – Father – 67 yrs.. No problems of heart/diabetes/breathing.
Mother – 63 yrs..No problems of heart/diabetes/breathing,
Brother – 41 yrs - Severe sleep apnea
Sister – 38 Yrs - No problems.

10. qualification of patient – VB. NET Application Developer.

11. Nature of working – Most of the time sitting at Laptop or PC.

12. desire and aversion of food – usually a bowl of All-Bran Yogurt Bites with
skim milk for breakfast, Lunch m-f is usually a variation of ramen noodle,
di'giorno pizza, chicken nuggets / fries (store bought) microwavable, half baked
chicken breast with white rice and mixed vegetable or with pasta and white sauce,
occasional sub sandwich from quiznos or subway. Dinner is usually baked chicken
breast with white rice and mixed vegetable or pasta with white sauce, cheeseburger
(cooked on lean fat machine) with fresh tomatoe, pizza ocasionally, and
ocasionally soup with garlic toast during cooler days / months. Try to avoid
fried foods as much as possible. No known allergies to specific foos, but seem to
have excessive gas and bloating frequently.

13. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatient – Fairly picky person and
usually somewhat organized. Occasional road rage, and sometimes impatient. Don’t
mix with people quickly, have own standards of choosing friends. Don't have much
of a sense of humor and sometimes tend to take things to seriously. Don't do much
reading and find it hard to retain information. I can read one paragraph and not
even remember what it was about. Unless it's something I am really interested in.
Occasional bike riding or walking and some swimming in the summer months.
Otherwise relaxing at home.

14. Aggravation & Amelioration – Not really sure if apnea is the cause of my
daytime sleepiness, but it makes sense based on the 2003 findings. I wonder about
the HCV/Hep A contributing effects too. Have tried C-PAP for 6 or months
faithfully with no results. Now have BI-PAP, which tried for about 3 months and
also no results. Now only use machine occasionally trying to trick myself into
thinking I will feel better the next day. Usually doesn't work though.

Please suggest me the treatment and let me know if you need more information.

  djkewilla on 2008-05-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
do u have any spot in the middle of or your chest brown or bluesh colour?
dr pervaz last decade
Thanks for your reply dr. pervas. The only significant spot I noticed is a brown spot approx 3/16 in diameter (about the size of the letter o on a windows keyboard), and it is located about 3' down from my sternum, barely left of center. I did not notice any other spots in the middle chest area, except for what appears to be normal freckle like spots and moles. Please advise furhter.
djkewilla last decade
dear kewilla
cardus mareanus Q 10 drop thrise a day before meal and after meal leches 30 one drop thrise a day report me back after one month
dr pervaz last decade
Thank you again for your reply. I just wanted clarification. Did you mean Carduus Marianus - 10 drops -3 x day and Lachesis 30C - 1 drop 3 x day? I'm assuming you mean the liquid dilution format? What does the 'Q' mean for Carduus Marianus? Does it matter where I purchase from? Thanks again in advance for clarification.
djkewilla last decade
Q mean basic form of medicin which is calld first potency its not 3 x its Q mother tuncher
10 drop Q thrise a day
dr pervaz last decade
Please bare with me as some of the terminology is still a bit new to me. I still have two more questions regarding the Lachesis. In Pellet form, the potency is offered in 30X, 30C, or 30LM, and in Liquid Dilutions form, the potency is offered in 30X, 30C.

1.Can you specify the exact one I need?

2. Am I taking these doses every day for a period of one month, or am I taking the doses for one day, then stop taking and report back after one month? I need to know how much to buy.

Thanks again.
djkewilla last decade
u need leches 30c in dillution form ,and continue both medicins up to one month
dr pervaz last decade
Thanks again. I will purchase and follow-up after taking for one month.
djkewilla last decade
One more thing... Can you clarify the term 'drops' for each medicine. Are you talking about a full dropper, or literally drops? I know this can vary, so this is why I ask.
djkewilla last decade
Hello Dr. Pervaz,

I have been taking the two herbs as intructed for a month now, but I have not noticed any drastic improvement in my daily fatigue. To be more specific, my eyes still frequently feel heavy as if they are burning, and I still find it difficult to focus, listen and concentrate. I tend to get a stiff kneck and light sinus pain on my right temple. I am just curious - are the herbs addressing the sleep apnea/fatigue or the HCV? Can you let me know what to do next? Thanks.
djkewilla last decade
dear djkewilla
stop the lachesis and start lycopodium 30 c one draop thrise a day with cardus marrianus Q 10+10+10 drop
dr pervaz last decade
Will do - when do you want me to report back again?
djkewilla last decade
Lachesis in low potencies and frequent doses can set mental symptoms forever.

Dr Tahira last decade
after 15days
dr pervaz last decade
Ok - i will order lycopodium 30c and report back 15 days after taking. Dr. Tahira - can you be more specific? Do you mean this in a good way or bad way? Should I not have taken the Lachesis at all? Thanks.
djkewilla last decade
Lachasis in low potencies with frequent doses can cause only bad effects.
I didn't study ur case as Dr.Pervaz is carrying it,soppose if Lachesis is the right choice it should be in 2oo c and only one dose.

Dr Tahira last decade
dr tahira
thanks for ur comments but which i know that 30c is safe potency for repeating below 30c is not good,and as u know heptits need repeation the medicins.onec agian thanks
dr pervaz last decade
Yes 30c is often safe but in some medicines it is fatal to repeat in lower potancies like 30 or 6 i.e Lahesis,Phosphorus,(silicea in patients having Tubercular family history)All types of nosodes.

Dr Tahira last decade
Hi Dr. Pervaz,

I ordered the Lycopodium Clav. 30c and I have been taking 1 drop thrise a day (however, the bottle instructed 10 drops thrise a day), along with the Carduus Marianus Tincture 10 drops thrise a day for a little over 15 days now. My fatigue and brain fog does not appear to be getting any better and I still have frequent pain in my left abdomen (near the splean) along with passing of gas. To be more specific about the fatigue - basically I can sleep all night (7-8 hours) and still feel tired when I wake up and throughout the day. It will often hit me hard right after lunch hour (between 1pm and 4pm). By brain fog I mean that I still find it difficult to actually listen and retain information during work meetings, etc. My eyes still feel very heavy and burning - basically I feel like I just need to go to sleep in the middle of the day.

If there are other questions I can answer for you, please let me know.

I would really like to find a solution to my problem, so please advise on what I should do next.

djkewilla last decade
plz stop lycopodium and start natrum phoss 6x,4 tab after every meal , along with cardus , report back after 15 days
dr pervaz last decade
Hi Dr. Pervas,

I continued Carduus Marianus (10 drops thrise a day and natrum phos. 6x (4 tabs after every meal) for a little over 15 days now. It seems as though the gas build up has subsided slightly, but still occurrs depending on what I eat. The pain in my lower left abdomen below the rib cage has subsided too, but still occurrs on occasion. As far as the daytime fatigue, it is still ruff waking up in the morning as my eyes are still heavy (burning tired feeling) like I didn't get enough sleep through the night. This continues for a good portion of the day. Once I get going my days seem a little better for the most part, but some days, I still experience the major fatigue again between 1 and 4 pm.

Can you advise what to do next?

Also, I am starting to run low on the Carduus Marianus, so let me know how much longer I will be continuing this, so I can guage how much to purchase.

djkewilla last decade
Hi Dr. Pervas,

I replied to you on 8/22, but I have not received a response from you yet. When you have time, would you please review my last post on 8/22 and advise me on what I should do next.

djkewilla last decade
sorry for late repy coz i was suffring some pc problime so i cant log on for ur reply......
please stop all the medicin now and start sulpher 30 thrise day one drop for one month and come back with ur hcv anti virus test
dr pervaz
dr pervaz last decade
hi dr. pervas,

i finished up all of the sulphur (1 tab. thrise a day), which was a little over a one month supply and i have my hcv test results back. it appears that my viral load has gone up since the last reading. please review the results and report back what to do next.

-----begin report-----

t protein = 7.6
albumin = 4.1
globulin = 3.5 h
alb/glob = 1.2
t bil = 0.4
d bil = 0.1
i bil = 0.3
alk phos = 78
ast = 24
alt = 42

hepatitis c rna, quant by pcr
hep c rna quant real-time pcr

(log iu) h 5.6 < 1.9

viral load result for hcv rna is 373,000 iu/ml

the log 10 value of hcv rna is 5.6

-----end report-----
djkewilla last decade
Hi Dr. Pervas,

I took the Zincum Met. 6c (3 tabs, thrise a day) for almost a month then ran out. The store was supposed to order more, but I'm still waiting on it to arrive.

My current symptoms are I still have the daytime fatigue and gas / bloating after every meal. The fatigue worsens after heavier meals, especially at lunch time. I have experienced a slight headache on occasion just above the right eye brow.

Please advise on what to do next.

djkewilla last decade

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