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toddler .. lack of appetite.

Toddler.. 2 years, 11 months old. Quite tall for her age but very thin, hazel eyes, rosey cheeks, light brown hair.

Has never had an appetite for food.. this is main problem I'm having at the moment. She will start school in September this year and I'm scared of the food issue for her. She will not eat any fruits or veggies, will only lick butter off toast or crackers, takes a couple of bites of toast or sausage or pasta and then seems full, or wants something sweet. Craves sweets and milk. Lives off milk, of course I rarely give sweets. The milk is a special formula with all vits and minerals but she will still only take it in a bottle, not a cup, otherwise she has a tantrum. She has tantrums if she doesn't get her own way. She can be bossy with her parents (who are perhaps too permissive!) and bossy with her baby brother (11 months old) and bossy with peers. Although, paradoxically shy around groups of people, and anxiety seperation whenever mummy tries to leave .. another problem yet to tackle when kindergarten starts in September.

She loves outdoors, is happy in open air, is creative and loves to paint, play dough etc. A little slow in speech but I would say very switched on, and seems to know how to 'play' people her way already.. manipulate! Very loving but also very jealous of mum's attention especially.

My main concern, as I said is her appetite as I cannot keep giving her the formula when she gets to school.

Any questions am glad to answer. Pls. help.

P.S. she had very bad bout of GERD (gastro esophogal reflux) from birth to 18 mnths given zantac on and off, was very ill and immune system low due to this, always catching colds. Reflux better now, although can vomit when stomach full and swallows water in pool for e.g. then stomach contents empty in pool, or if stomach full and then she is crying hysterically due to having been so worked up in temper tantrum.

Have given previously
Puls, Cham, (both some success)
Nux (has helped some with apetite)
Ignatia (aggravated for a week, just changed personality completely.. crying continuously.. perhaps lifted some layers?)
Nux Vom. last remedy 3 days ago.. initial change, then nothing, more tantrums if anything. Always give dilution doses of 30c. 1 tspn.

  desertrose on 2008-05-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
china 30c thrice daily for 7 days
akshaymohl last decade
Thanks much for response. Do you mean Cinchona Off. or China Rubra?? I have 30c in both.

By the way, she is highly sensitive and seems to aggravate easily with homeopathy. Therefore please clarify dosage.

Thanks so much!
desertrose last decade
I mean Cinchona Officinalis (China) or another one called China Rubra??

Sorry for confusion I take it you mean Cinchona Officinalis (Peruvian Bark)?? I only have China Rubra 6c or 200c and I think that is different?

The doses seem to be high but then you are the doctor so I do trust your judgement, I am desperate to get her started with some treatment but I don't want her to aggravate?

desertrose last decade
look at CALC PHOS for low appetite in children.

check for generals to match.
rishimba last decade
china officianilis 30c 4 globules as one dose you can dissolve 4 globules in a tea spoon of water as one dose
akshaymohl last decade
Ok thanks, I only have the dry pellets.. do you mean dissolve the 4 pellets in 250mls of spring water then 1tspn from the bottler?? How many doses? Thanks, want to get started, the profile fits.

Thanks again.
desertrose last decade
Hi again,

I have actually just given her the first dose of China 30c as dry pellets, 3 pellets in clean mouth to get her started..

to continue from my last post.. I have been told by another homeopath to dissolve 2-4 pellets in 250mls spring water and take 1 teaspoon from the bottle as one dose. So, my question being do you think I should continue with dry pellets, 3 times a day for up to 3 days or do solution method and if so, is it ok to take a teaspoon out of same made up solution for each dose if I keep the bottle in the fridge? Or would I have to make a fresh solution each dosage??

Sorry !! And thanks ! Rm.
desertrose last decade
Hi Dr.Mohla,

Could you please clarify on dosage. Please could you make it as simple to understand as possible!! As I said, gave her 1st dose this evening 'dry' dose, 3 pellets. What shall I do tomorrow?

You said 3 doses 3 times a day for 7 days? If she is sensitive could she seriously aggravate during these 7 days?? This is why I asked if I could make up a liquid form for each dose.. 4 pellets in 250mls water in a bottle for each days' 3 doses?? A teaspoon from that bottle being 1 of the doses? It would certainly be easier to simply put dry pellets in her mouth 3 times a day as she takes them very well, the teaspoon thing could get difficult! Any suggestions?

Could I be very annoying and also ask why it is necessary to give 3 doses a day for as long as 7 days??

Many thanks in advance..
desertrose last decade
you can give 4 pellets dissolved in 250 ml 0f water and give her one table spoon as fresh dose thrice daily pl donot keep the bottle in fridge pl prepare fresh after earlier 250 ml you can give twice daily by shaking the bottle several times as it increases the potency j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
There has been some change following the China. But I feel the remedy has reached it's limit with Olivia now and don't know what to move on to.

Her overall nature improves immediately upon dosing with china 30c. I did 3x a day in 24 hours then left it and same again following few days and same again after few more days as she seems to be extremely sensitive to meds. She has sensitive nature generally.

She still refuses fish, vegetables (no matter how well hidden or attractive the food looks, in rice or in pasta etc.) She still sticks to same foods.. namely, pork sausages, noodles (but picks out vegetables) some fruit, banana (but she will only eat half) She eats butter off top of bread, takes little nibbles of actual bread then done. Same with all foods extremely picky, takes few bites then finished. Loves ice cream but again rarely finishes, just a few spoons. Obviously loves chocolate will finish but I tend to keep chocolate for a treat only. But, eating has been better, got her milk (formula) down to 2 a day, am and pm.

She is a little hyperactive, intelligent, happy gregarious, sometimes bossy, slow with things (perhaps stubborn is the word).. she still wants to wear nappies not pants, not be toilet trained, still wants the dummy, etc. still wants the bottle.. has baby brother he just turned 1. I am now ready to take away all nappies and go for toilet training this next week but I don't want her to get traumatised! She very sensitive, kicks up huge fuss when not getting her way.. eg. has tantrum if I don't give her dummy when out and about (I leave at home for bedtime only now). Has tantrum if can't have nappy back on after wetting pants, won't let me put on dry pair pants she gets into a huge state kicking and screaming and crying big time. So obviously I'm not looking forward to completely removing nappies and toilet training next week.

I have an appointment to see a homeopath but not until mid July.

She seems to look healthier and certainly isn't emaciated, never was, just quite thin for her age. Her speech has got slightly better, she knows the words just this general 'I want to be a baby' still .. and the not eating a whole lot of food groups but bread (well more the butter on the bread), sausages, yogurt, cheese, nuts but all in small amounts.. although alot better than before.

Hohum! Any ideas on how to proceed??

Many thanks
desertrose last decade
She doesn't like the look of some foods so immediately puts her off, even if it looks delicious! And texture in her mouth, if she touches it on her tongue and doesn't like texture she refuses that food group. Don't know if relevant.

Her fears are of spiders, the dark (sometimes, not every night), big noisy crowds of children (better with small groups), anything creepy crawly.

Loves open air, travelling in car, tickling and rumbuctious behaviour, 'rough and tumble' loves to run and play catch, loves parks, loves water and swimming, loves painting and being creative. She is by no means passive but she is sensitive.

Thankyou rm
desertrose last decade
She hasn't eaten much at all today again. Even though her last dose of China 30c was yesterday. I feel this remedy must now be doing very little.

Main cause concern for me is the eating.. she wants her 'formula' milk (which unfortunately tastes of vanilla shake, very good taste) in her bottle and up until now I have given in thrice a day with this due to her having been so ill for the first 2 years of her life. Now with school in september its gotta go.. also she's 3 in a couple days just don't want her on the bottle any more, don't mind a cuddle and night time bottle that's ok.. if she was eating enough of the right food. I've tried making normal organic full cream milk exciting in a cup with colored straws but she pushes it away. Likes fruit juices (but concentrated.. no bits in it). I need to concentrate on toilet training her with least stress possible but she seems to have big sensitivity to being a 'big girl now' due to baby brother perhaps? She has a love and hate relationship with her little baby brother.

She has intense emotions.. very bright and 'wow mummy looook...' at everything then intensity of anger if tired or not getting her own way.. tantrum, very adamant and although this typical toddlerum she will fit out if she doesn't get her own way. I need to constantly be on the ball with her. She picks up moods of others around her and she may have felt insecure at times because I've had periods of illness lately that has made me more stressed.. I'm receiving treatment but she's very sensitive to stress of course and I feel guilt for this. She also says 'sorry mummy' when there is no need. I have lost it with her on a few occassions in her little life, mainly when pulling tantrums. Hence with that and baby brother jealousy (she wants my full on attention at all times).. someone prescribed Ignatia once, I tried it in liquid form 1 tsp 30c dilution.. the effect was dramatic, I had to antidote because she shrieked alot and cried alot.. I couldn't let her go through the whole aggravation, wondering if that may be a remedy for her now??

She really has fear of spiders, she saw a toy one that climbs up wall fast at my brother's house and it scared the living daylights out of her.. also any creepy crawlies. We don't get spiders in dubai so she hasn't seen live ones, just on tv.. she often says there is a spider somewhere and there isn't of course.

I really need some help don't know about next remedy.
It is based on lack of apetite, mood swings, hyperactivity, tantrum especially when tired but won't go down for a nap.

Any help much appreciated.
desertrose last decade
chamomilla 30c one dose daily ffor 3 days report dose as described earlier but once a day
akshaymohl last decade
Dear Dr
Thanks for this. Do you want me to report back after dose given each day??

Can I ask why you have chosen chamomilla??

Thanks much Rm
desertrose last decade
for her tantrum j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
Wow I was stunned to read about your toddler, only because your explanation sounds like my youngest twin exactly, only she seems to have an irrational fear of fire trucks even when they are not there. That's about the only difference. You mentioned that your daughter had GRD? Was she hospitalized for any length of time? The reason I'm asking is that my daughter had some heart problems and was in and out of the hospital while she was very young. (full term but nicu to about 6 weeks) I was never able to breast feed her and I feel that her problems are more behavioral than anything else. Probably more of an attention based disorder. The main things that have worked for me: lots and lots of time in the water (bath or water table), seems soothing and fun for her, instantly relaxes her, also ignoring her when she's not hungry, and ignoring the tantrums. I instituted more of a free food type deal, where I put small healthy meals out on a little table for her and her sister about 6 times during the day, and they can pick as they so choose. Her appetite improved immediately when she decided to eat for herself and not associate hunger with getting attention from me. And also ignoring the tantrums is key. As long as she can't harm herself, it helps them to just let the stress out. Once she finishes don't overly indulge her, continue on with normal life and believe me they will get better! I hope that helps a little, please email me if you'd like to chat more!
twingirlmom last decade
Hello Dr. J K Mohla

Please respond urgently. I have used the Chamomilla 30c but only as far as 2 doses and then I've had to antidote because of severe aggravation and it is her 3rd birthday tomorrow I don't want her in such a frantic state it isn't fair.

Please advise I have just given 1 dose of nux vomica 30c to antidote as I've read this and received info on cham before. Is this ok???

Previous to that she was acting up alot more and only mummy will do, I cannot leave her side without her having a tantrum but they really heightened the tantrum and it upsets the baby too. She then just remains crying, whining and very clingy to mummy alone. She was hitting and biting and such. She was not this bad before so the Chamomilla made it much worse, it was 2 doses in 2 days 30c in water dilution.

I had to antidote as seeing her that upset is upsetting to all around her also. As I said it is also her 3rd birthday tomorrow and I cannot risk this continuing. Unfortunately I cannot tell if it's just aggravation, if it is then it's a very severe one!

What to do next?

Many thanks dr. Mohla.
desertrose last decade
Hi twinsmummy!

I never met anyone who could identify like you have, guess you can get pretty isolated as a mum. She was hospitilised during first year on and off dehydration from vomiting all time. She had catheter in her little hand many times it was awful. Then she had every bug and sickness going because her immune system was so low, plus she'd had zantac for the GERD which I severly regret wish I'd taken her to homeopath but back then was receiving advise of her paedatrician!

I'm just so wanting her to have full healthy life so she will be happier. She has obviously remained a little behind in her age because of traumatic first year to 18 months. I know most 3 year olds are now toilet trained and eating well, she isn't! She begins a kindergarten within a small school in September and while it's a lovely homely little school (which is why we have chosen it) they insist on all their entries to KG1 being toilet trained .. and yes I've heard comments like 'it just takes a bit of backbone', or 'its pure laziness' if they are not toilet trained by 3. In my youngest daughter's case this simply isn't true. So I will perservere. I'm telling her after her 3rd birthday (she dunt really understand what that means!!) she will wear big girls pants and she chooses to ignore me!. But I'm just gonna go for it and like you say try to ignore the worst and stickers etc for best behaviour.!

Lovely of you to post that. Thanks.

I can also be emailed if you like, anytime .. you get time!
desertrose last decade
pl stop chamomilla and wait for few days aggravation is a good sighn pl donot repeat you can give nux vom only if you feel any problem j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
Hello Dr.Mohla
I gave a dose of nux vomica 30c. I understand that aggravation is a good sign and that the remedy is acting, however she seemed to be getting worse and really degressing. So with her birthday tomorrow and a party organised for her I felt it better if she could enjoy the occassion!

Pls advise on whether I can give Chamomilla again and if so, should it just be one dose of 30c watch and wait or use lesser dose, I have a cham 6c??

Pls advise Dr. Many thanks
desertrose last decade
no medicine for 7 days report after that pl observe
akshaymohl last decade
OK thanks much, will do.
desertrose last decade
My friend's grandson has a very poor appetite. There is nothing in particular that he dislikes. He will eat a tiny bit of anything. He is very skinny. He is not even crazy about sweets or chocolate. He has had investigations in hospital, including scans and there is nothing abnormal, no blockages etc. He has had some red medicine from the hospital, smelt fruity. He took the course (10 days I think) but it made no difference, the only thing it may have done was to increase his calories since the medicine was was very sweet. We think he may not have a normal sense of taste, since he seems not to have a good sense of smell. He will be four next birthday. Is in P/T nursery, no problem there as the only have juice and a biscuit.
cwmhaf last decade
It is just possible that the reason why he does not eat normally may be due to some gastric problem when his food is not digested normally and he suffers from Hyperacidity.

Give him Nat Phos 6x dose 2 tablets after each of 2 meals and report if you discover any difference.

It is not impossible that he suffers from worms and you can give him just one dose of China 200, 6 pellets sublingually and repeat the dose in 24 hours.

Report his response in a week.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi thanks for that, but he has had lots of tests over the last year or so, including collecting his feaces for a week! It was normal.

I feel as if he should have something to send a message to his brain to say he is hungry, even though he is not??
cwmhaf last decade

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