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As I went back and read the above, I see that Roxy feels that LS is the result of an infection... Is this true?
sherry last decade
Hi Sherry.
I'm sorry the beta glucan has not worked for you. I know that when I took it at first,it seemed that I felt worse before I felt better too. Except I had mild flu like symptoms instead of more itching and white spots. I read on another site that they call it the Herxhiemer effect. That's when your immune systom is fighting off foreign invaders and it can make you feel worse before you feel better.I wonder if I had more success because I used the Mesosilver first. Also I used tea tree oil topically. Were you only using the beta glucan? Also did you still use steroid creams?(I hadn't used the steroids for some time) I wonder.
I'm not sure what exactly causes LS,but Roxy90 did mention she thought it was bacterial. That makes sense to me,because I never used to have problems untill I got a bacterial infection-which I had a hard time getting rid of. The gyno's would give me the anti-biotics and I would still get bacterial vaginosis along with yeast infections. Then later came the thinning of the skin and tearing along with a couple white spots.
I hope the new doctor you see can help you. Let me know what he says.You might wanna ask him what he thinks of the beta glucan,I'm curious.
cyndi last decade
I found the colliadal silver today. I know the Dr. will prescribe valisone for me though. My girlfriend says that it will work quickly. (3-5 days and then she doesn't need it for 3-5 months) I just need relief desperately. If I can get it under control- then I will try to keep it in remission with the silver and perhaps continue another round of beta glucan. I HATE drugs and creams- I don't want to do it, but this has just gone on long enough. I can't sleep because of the itching and my poor husband has gone without for quite sometime! I did start using a natural phytoestrogen cream and some hormone balancing natural capsules. I am weaning my daughter and it seems hormones are a problem. The LS does seem slightly better since using them.

So- you think LS is an infection? I can't think of an infection in the past that gave me trouble, but perhaps I did? Would you say that your LS is completely in remission now? If so- I will try the beta glucan again with the silver. Perhaps that will fix it, instead of just treating the symptoms. I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks! Have a great day!
sherry last decade
o and I haven't used the steroid ceam (not the same as I suspect the Dr. will prescribe) in over a year. It was clobetasal (sp?)and it didn't help at all. I had not used the tea tree oil, but another herbal remedy/lubrication. I found the tea tree oil today, as well and will try that.
sherry last decade
Hi Sherry.
Do you get the chronic yeast infections? That was the first thing that cleared up for me was the yeast/bacterial infections. Also what brand of colliodal silver did you buy? I was wondering because my neighbor(she's the one who let me use her Mesosilver)had tried another brand of colloidal silver which she says was junk and didn't work. She said she ordered it thru Heaven's Minerals and they mixed it with distilled water instead of the de-ionized water.So she uses the Mesosilver. I'm not for sure if LS is caused by an infection. All I know is when I met my husband-he gave me a bacterial infection(actually it was the sexually transmitted one that starts with a T) and we were both treated with anti-biotics. But I would still have problems. The gyno told me it was gone-but I kept getting the non-specific bacterial vaginosis and I noticed I had a slow wet drip-I had to wear a pantyliner almost all the time-it was that bad. But eventually the slow wet drip-I mean it was like water-finally stopped after a couple more treatments with different anti-biotics. But eventually I became immune to them. And that's when I got the chronic yeast infections and sometimes I would get diagnosed with another bacterial infection.Plus-when I met my husband-to me he is big and sometimes my skin would tear slightly when we had sex. Then I would be sore for a couple days. Also when I was getting chronic yeast-my gyno gave me that steroid cream with the Nystatin-but he never told me about over-usage. I think the steroid is actually what caused my skin to become thin. Maybe it's all these factors that caused my LS.
Also what is Valisone? I never heard of it.
Yes-I would say that I'm in remission right now-but I'm praying that it is cured for good. I haven't had sex yet-but I'm planning to. I'll let you know how that goes.
When I used to have problems with sleeping because of itching-I would either use A&D ointment or clotrimozole cream and that helped me sleep.
Yes-tell what your specialist says.
Talk to ya later-
cyndi last decade
Hi it's me again. I forgot to mention-that I've been talking to a couple of my friends who have been having problems with infections and they are both mentioning soreness and tearing. That is just too wierd-I asked them if they've ever heard of LS. Because they're gyno's don't know what's wrong with them. Sound familiar? And one of them says she doesn't use regular toilet paper-she uses these wet wipes with aloe vera.She also says her boyfriend is upset because she doesn't want to have sex hardly ever. So I told her the next time she goes to the gyno to ask if they know about LS. And told her about this website and a couple other ones. My other friend says she uses some kind of bacterial ointment(OTC) sometimes because of chronis bacterial infections.She says sometimes she gets kinda crusty down there. So they're both checking out the LS websites-I finally had to tell them about my LS problems-as I was too embarassed to tell anyone before except of course my husband and my doctors. But that's just too wierd that two of my best friends are also experiencing problems.
cyndi last decade
Well! I am discouraged really. After specializing in this for 30 years, he confesses that he knows not what causes it, what it actually is and how to cure it. Not that I expected any different, but isn't that frustrating. Nevertheless, I have valisone cream and he says within days I will be back to normal. Basically I will treat the symptoms. I'm nervous about using it though... It says I should not breastfeed while using it. So, though I had planned on it this month (I'm down to one feeding anyway)- knowing I can't disturbs me. I wanted to make the choice of when to stop. I'm tempted to just keep suffering until I decide to drop the last feeding! AHHHH! Frustrating.

My husband was very large as well- I thought sex was horrible! It hurt and I would always tear. Not like the movies huh!?? Before this outbreak though, it had gotten better. Thank God, my husband is very understanding. We've not had sex in a month at least! Not that I crave it... I feel like such a freak down there-makes me feel inadequate.

I didn't buy the silver-I just found it... decided to wait to see what the dr said. Seems to me it has de-ionized water? I'll check. I'm at our co-op like every other day! I did want to check on the price of the mesosilver. They didn't carry that brand though. I'll check online. How much did you take per day and how often? And did you do that first then the beta or both at the same time?

I have never had ANY infection there that I can remember. O' the Dr. did admit that Roxy's theory is possible, but they just do not know.

I'm glad you are in remission and I will pray that it IS gone for good! :)
sherry last decade
You know, as I recall... I did have a severe kidney infection after some stones. I was on antibiotics for that! That was about 3 1/2 years ago. I even had to be hospitalized because the infection was so bad. Well! Who the heck knows?!
sherry last decade
Oh my gosh! I'm not the only one! I, like someone else on this site, waited for sex until marriage (as did my husband). We had problems with me tearing from the beginning (I think he might be a bit large as well). All my life I have felt like I am more itchy than the average person. I just got this diagnosis today and started looking for info. My gyno says that I didn't seem to have it during my pregnancy...and I didn't ever have as intense of itching until after my pregnancy. I think someone here experienced something similar to that.
Anyway, it is nice to know that there are different things that have worked for people. I'd like to nip this in the bud before it gets too bad. My doctor did prescribe that clobestoal (however it's spelled) but she did mention that it shouldn't be overused (just for two weeks and then try not to use it unless there is a flare up). She did explain that it does thin the skin and that it can make it worse if overused...so at least it makes me somewhat more confident in her that she mentioned some of the same things as those of you with LS.
It is nice to know that there are other things that work for different people though.
shersher last decade
ask your doctor if you'd be a good candidate for "zovirax"

i now take a daily pill to ward off future cold sores and have the oitment handy if one should occur.

i get very few cold sores now ~ and if i get one, it lasts a very very short time!

good luck! hope this works for you, too!
razzy59 last decade
Just an update. I have been using the valisone cream (there is a generic and that's what I use) and within one week all the sores were gone and the pink color have returned.

I rarely have to use the cream and when I feel a flare up coming, I only have to use the cream for a day or two and that stops it before it goes anywhere.

I hate to admit it worked. I am still looking for a way to treat this naturally- I'm typically anti-drug, but I was so miserable. Enough is enough.
sherry last decade
Hi, I'm new here and I was looking on the internet to try and research on my herpes. I have herpes 2, but I only found out through a blood test. I suppose it's always been dormant in my system... or perhaps I got the wrong test... but that is not too likely. I know it had nothing to do with sex because my ex got tested and he was the only guy- his test was negative which doesn't make sense.

My mother has been helping me along with this and she is in love with all this herbal stuff. She talks a lot with the woman that works there and got on the subject of my herpes, but the woman's son had herpes as well and started taking Beta Glucan for 3 MONTHS and then got retested- it came up negative. :) Along with the Beta Glucan though, he was taking Red Marine Algae and L-Lysine. I wanted to read up on these for myself. There have been studies shown and done on Red Marine Algae and it is a very good help *possibly cure?* for herpes with NO, and I mean, NO side effects. I'm taking all three of these right now and I'm not experiencing anything funky. If I am, it's that I have a bit more energy... but that's it. I'm about to go look up L-Lysine, but for you that have herpes, perhaps this is a real help to curing the disease. I really hope so. I am going to wait until it's been long enough that I've been taking these supplements, but I am hoping and praying it works. I hate knowing that I have it and not being able to live freely. I am too scared to get into a relationship because I don't want them to reject me for that. I don't know what else to do though, so I'm putting my hopes in this. If what Roxy says is true though- this stuff is going to sell like hot cakes.
valerie_hiver last decade
As I was saying previously, I have had the same problems. My hunni is v large and we do enjoy making love, but I restrict him to condoms all the time as I am not sure if I will pass it on to him. I had 1 partner prior and he has been cleared of it, but why do I have it then? I have severe YInfection for the last 7 yrs and have a nasty cottage cheeze discharge to go with it. Plus I developed too many allergies. I get BV like all the time, and it really is bad especially during love making - the fishy smell saturates the whole room.He is so sweet and does not comment aba the smell. I have tried to change my diet but nothing. I get tears down there too, and get sore labia and swollen down there for a while. I am always itchy down stairs, arnd the pubic area, I am fed up and wish it would all just end. The problems I have mean I can't even try and get pregnant..Can someone HELP??? PLS what is LS? Thanx. EbonyGirl.
Ebonygirl last decade
I have been taking L-lysine and Vitamin C together...and trust me the symptoms of Herpes disappeared over the last 2 days. I went on the net to look up 'L-lysine and Herpes' and found out that L-Lysine actually kills herpes. Google it yourself and see. Anyway my advisor helping me with my hormone trouble told me the below:

6000mgs mineral ascorbates or v-c. 3000mgs lysine. 500mgs proline. That will
keep herpes at bay big time. I doubt if you will ever have a breakout again.
Ebonygirl last decade
So guys give it a go and let us know how u go.

Bless ya'll. Ebony.
Ebonygirl last decade
hi there
using tea tree oil, use with iodine make sure thats its organic it works better
alangail1 last decade
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lucillebennet0 4 years ago
My brother David has been diagnose with HERPES for a little more than a year. He showed signs of it for close to three years and no Doctor was able to figure out what was wrong, until my sister whom he had been living with kept trying to bring him to each doctor ---- finally found a doctor who recognised almost immediately that he had HERPES. He has been taking medication that was made available to him only through a medical grant funding from those who have donated to the continuing research for a possible cure. He has slowed down in the progression, but without side affects. My hopes and prayers are that, you can HERPESo contact the Doctor for possible cure if you have HERPES or any relative suffering for same disease here is their contact is as follow. healthmedlab(AT) gmail com
carly367 last year

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