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Nervousness in horse

I have a 24 yo mare who gets nervous when competing. She's been a show horse all her life--doesn't appear to be sour, but she does look for her barn buddy constantly. She's fine when we work her alone, but does per her ears and look for him occassionally. At shows, she will become prancy and it seems to me she's having a hard time concentrating/maybe anxietal. I wondered how I could narrow down her symptoms to get her to relax. thanks
  atkhorses on 2004-12-09
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I have in my notes,

"For stage fright Argentum Nit 30C." Fear, apprehension, etc.

Also seems like she is having separation anxiety from her barnmate. Can you trailer them together when she competes or reassure her in your head that she will be reunited with her friend?

She may have had a past of being taken from someone or some friend and is afraid that will happen again.

You can also give your horse Bach Rescue Remedy by mouth or rub it on her ears before competiting, when she senses from you a competition is drawing near. It will calm her.

Also consider communicating with your horse. Silently ask her why she is afraid to perform or rather nervous about performing and listen for what message you hear in your head. That is how animals communicate. When you hear her answer you will find the right solution for the both of you.

Bless you both,
Namaste27 last decade
You know, my gut instinct is that it's, in fact, NOT the horse, but the RIDER. I say this because she usually gets anxietal at the bigger shows and so I think I need to treat the rider!

We have used the Rescue Remedy at the shows, but it doesn't seem to help. Maybe my daughter (she's 11) isn't responding to the remedy?? Is there anything else we could try? Many thanks in advance.
atkhorses last decade
Have you tried a low potency arg nit -say 3x on both your daughter and the horse . May be worth a try.
passkey last decade
I have not tried arg nit on either. But, I'm willing to give it a try. How much would I give to each? Is it a liquid or pill form? And, how often? thanks
atkhorses last decade
Namaste: do you watch "Pet psychic" on Animal Planet?

For stage fright the "big remedy" is for me GELSEMIUM.
Astra2012 last decade
Oh yes, we watch both the pet psychic and animal Planet. I don't recall them mentioning Gelsemium tho. I will look for that one in the next couple of days. Do you think Whole Foods might carry it? thanks
atkhorses last decade
When you decide to try a remedy, put one dose in a drinking water bottle, with pop-up lid and shake well. One can give the horse a dose by dribbling some in the hand and the horse uses lips to receive it. A friendly gesture. One swallow for rider is a dose.

If bottle gets low, add water, shake, but NO MORE remedy.

This also is acceptable for onlookers as everyone is looking for drugs.

I have told mothers with children that need remedies during school time to do this. Water bottles are acceptable, and the children get what they need.
Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
By swallow I mean hold and run around in mouth first. S.
sabra last decade
It amazes me that the horse doesn't need more in volume than a person. Unfortunaley, my mare is a real picky drinker. But, we will try first by putting some in our hand, then possibly squirting in the side of her mouth. I've always thought that mom's with children should use some sort of calming remedy! I just wonder why the Rescue Remedy did not work. Does it work on some and not others? Maybe because we didn't dilute it in water first? Do you think? Thanks for your help; you're awesome
atkhorses last decade
Yes, RR works on some, not others, no, RR not necessary in more water. AND remember, homeopathy is the least dose given, and stop when better. Squirt in mouth ok. Figured both on same bottle, cleanlyness...?

I had a wonderful experience with treating a horse that had been sick for two years. The owner was considering putting him down. He was 24. I know nothing about horses. I stood there looking at this sad horse with his head down and asked the owner to talk about him to me.

She told me this and that and about their close association and in passing mentioned that the horse HATED the man that trimmed his teeth. I asked when--two years before. So, teeth, into ears, down spine and lodged as pain in the hips. In two months the horse was romping in pasture and allowing her to ride him again. We used the bottle of water this way.
Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
With what remedy did you treat the 24 yo horse? Was it the Gelsemium? I love to hear the stories about cured horses. Some people don't want to take the time to understand them. My kids show in 4-H and ride quarter horses! It keeps us all busy and a family unit! All the best, Kelley
atkhorses last decade
Because I knew so little of horses, I made up a combination. Alas my co-practitioners will cringe over this.

ARNICA, because I felt it was like an injury. And horse wouldn't leave his stall. (agoraphobia) Worse exercise.

CONIUM, because most of the pain was in hips. difficult gait, loss of strength while walking.

LACHESIS, trifacial neuralgia and vertigo, tooth pain

ARSENICUM ALBUM, horse lived in a world of his own, very unresponsive. Had a great deal of trouble getting up and down. Dry cough

The lady was so happy, and I am sure the horse was too. I only saw him the once.
Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
That is wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to write. I'm going to try the Gelsemium on 'Goldie' and my daughter. I have one question tho: do I give it the day we ride, or do I start and give it every now and then? Don't know if I mentioned this, but I'm new to giving the remedies. Happy Trails,Kelley
atkhorses last decade
Of course it will not "hurt" to try it. I would begin with your daughter the night before and let her sleep on it. Gels. loves to curl up in blankets to sleep "through it."

Then a dose for both on the morning of the showing. Or upon awakening. Then one more before mounting. It will appear to others as they are moistening the mouth.

You might try what I do with women with low self esteem. I teach them to say 3 nice things about themselves each morning as they wash face, etc.

As you are in 4-H, (I was for 7 years) you might begin teaching those young women growing up that most of what TV teaches is not reality, and a good caring heart is.

Teach them not to take things personally. Getting feelings hurt is the biggest waste of time. Learn to take things in a matter of fact way. Observe others and one will find out they are just as scared. Young people think they are the only ones that "feel" that way.

Working with horses has done half the job already.

Others that try to hurt them are usually insecure and trying to pull them "down." If they begin to understand this early, they have a greater chance of becoming happier teens and adults.

Once when I had two little boys, I took care of a little girl, 18 months. I had her daily about a year. I wouldn't let my boys bully her.

I taught her to just be peaceful and not put up with it. (as I watched carefully) When she was 4 and I hadn't heard from her mother for awhile, one day got a call asking "What did you do to H?"

Well, I was scared. Her mother told me that she never fought with other children or cried, she just took back what they snatched from her and ignored other children's tantrums and babyness. She was confident and knew who she was. Boy, was that a relief!
Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
You have the touch! I try to hard to instill self confidence in all 3 of my children. It's worked for my 9 yo son (he's the middle child) and my 5 yo daughter (the youngest), but my 11 yo daughter--she's the work in progress--I can't seem to get her confidence level up. Thing is, she's been showing horses since 3 (starting with lead-line with me until 7), won many buckles and titles, done very well in 4-H-foods etc; but making friends at school has always been hard. She's got a sensori-neural hearing loss and she was born without a thyroid gland. I'm just starting her (Tomorrow) on anacarium 30c. I hope this helps. She's also had light therapy (over last summer) and now in Vision therapy. Anyway, don't mean to ramble. I'm going to ask her to say 3 nice things about herself (the other 2 siblings as well) in the morning and see how this helps. I'll keep you posted. All the best, atk
atkhorses last decade
There is homeopathic Thyroid. One can get in health store in liquid form. Never use allopathic iron replacement. Only health store type. It is dangerous.

When children do not hear/respond as others it IS difficult. Does she read lips? It would be a boon or maybe a liability due to other children's cruelty. A boon in classes. Are you sure she has no balance problems?? Gels. is good for some in vertigo.

If she knew sign language, she would be able to be of service to others, even earn money doing it. It is nice to have a "secret" language. She could even teach a horse sign language and demonstrate how well it works.

Other children increasingly are not taught ethics and fair play nowdays. It is more difficult when one is not "like all the rest" no matter how hidden the problem is. Kids want to be carbon copies of all the rest. This is a fallacy that is most difficult to deal with.

She needs, from others, of all ages, to be complimented on how well she is doing. NOT in spite of..., but doing well, period!

Another thing I teach women, when frightened to do something they really want to do...Fake it! Pretend all is fine. After awhile all WILL be fine. Only you know your daughter well enough to decide.

Has she had time off to do nothing? Is she "up to here" with constant shows and mom pushing? Not an accusation, a simple question. Maybe she is tired of it and would like something different. Are others jealous of her? This may be difficult for her.

My mother insisted that I be 4-H girl of the year. The first year I didn't win, she was unbearable. The following year I made sure I won, and promptly quit. I wanted to be an artist and this was "lazy" and reading was also a "waste of time. I am from another era. Women were only expected to be house wives. This is why I work with women now, it took far too long to find myself.
Blessings, Sabra
a1remedy at yahoo .com
sabra last decade
You know, I have asked myself whether she might be fed up with shows/4-H. But, she is just now beginning to find true friendships in the club. There are 2 girls that pay attention and carry on conversations with her. That is so nice to see (finally). She has a very mild hearing loss. She wears aids (prefers not to wear them), and can hear most, but misses just enough to trip her up (frustrating). I, myself, am finally figuring her loss out and how to help her/guide her. She would like to play volleyball, so we plan on getting involved in that sometime soon (I learned too late this season she was interested, darn). As far as being 'pushy' goes (and I'm not offended, btw!) we have really taken some time off-we're not showing in circuit shows and haven't for 2 years; we're just doing 4-H (somehow, that's gotten to be a lot!!)We are mostly concentrating on 'having fun' with it-riding bareback and not always schooling! We teach her brother and sister to ride so that takes my focus off of my older daughter and gives her a chance to voice what she knows (you know, hopefully provide that bond between siblings). Another thing I strive to do is treat her like all the rest. I try to keep good humor with regard to the hearing loss. Her brother is really good with her...he has patience to repeat and step in when others might not have heard what his sister has said. I'm blessed with that.

I know it's hard for children to see that being a little different is a good thing. I want them to fit in, but I want them to stand out and be known for having their own personality and being proud of it!

Well, I'm off to the whole foods store to get the gelsium. Also, don't know if you've seen my post on the heel spur, but Hecla 3x has been recommended and/or calc fluor 3x. Have a great day, it's very nice here in Texas today.
atkhorses last decade
Sounds really good. Proud to talk with you. NM nice today. A little cool, but after being raised in Florida, I love the colder dry weather.
Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

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