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Converting liquid doses back to dry doses

One of the most interesting things I read in the Organon is Hahn. assertion that there is absolutely no sense in administering the same does (say 30c) again to an organism when an earlier does of the same potency is already showing action. However, here is an extended footnote to ap. 282, where H. sights out that often in chronic diseases , continued dosage is often required for in increasing dynamitization for a prolonged and continuous period of days, weeks or months. For this case, he has recommended the dynamic potentization method of adding dry pills to liquid and shaking before each administration to raise potency slightly.

I have a predicament here: I am considering this usage for a child, who loves eating the dry pellets, because they are sweet, but is not excited to sip only water.

So I am planning this:
a) Prepare the liquid
b) sucuss each time before administration
c) At this stage, insert two sugar pellets into the newly dynamitized liquid for say 10-15 seconds, take them out and give it to the child
c) Repeat b)-c) for each administration

Is there any problem if I do this? The child is not sensitive to dosage, so I am not worried about the dry dose vs. wet does form that angle.
  aske123 on 2008-08-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
no problem.

gavinimurthy last decade
aske123 last decade
'ap. 282, where H. sights out that often in chronic diseases , continued dosage is often required for in increasing dynamitization for a prolonged and continuous period of days, weeks or months.'

This is only the case with LMs. Try doing this C potencies, (sucussing and repeating daily) and you will end up with accessory symptoms. There is a reason why LM potencies were born, and that is because Hahnemann was not satisfied with his 5th Organon methods.
sameervermani last decade
All the three methods

The 4 th edition ..give a single dose ..wait and watch..

The 5 th edition..Split doses to be repeated at suitable intervals

The 6 th edition.. LMs and dilution cups..

are in vogue today.

Dr.Luc discusses the merits and demerits of all the three methods. He also tells when to use what method.

It will be too much typing to reproduce it here.

Those who are interested may read his books


Achieving and maintainimg the similimum.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dr. B - You have used LM potencies extensively and now very often use the split method given in the 5th edition. For the benefit of our student homeopathic readers, I request you to share your approach to homeopathic posology with us. What is the role of various scales and methods of administration of remedies, their efficacy, differences and your general approach towards potency selection?

Dr. Luc - Much is discussed in my book 'Achieving the Simillimum.' In practice I came to use in chronic cases the 5th edition 6C split method for 70% and the LM method for 30% (and this regardless of mental/emotional or physical pathology), while I love the 5th edition split (200c or 1M) method for 100% of the acute cases. There are many cases for those who successfully practice with the LM method to find in the 5th edition. I think of the severe suppressed skin diseases where a gentle cure is almost impossible. Both methods undoubtedly provide us with a great range of adjustment to the nature of the patient, the nature of the disease and the nature of the remedy (§281). The topic covers too many pages to answer here in this issue.


gavinimurthy last decade
GC: Some homeopaths are concerned about the difference between the way Kent practiced homeopathy, that is, using single doses of high potencies, and the way Hahnemann describes the fifty millesimal potency method in the 6th edition of the Organon. On your website it says you treat people exclusively with LM potencies. I have heard it said that Hahnemann may have had a touch of senility when he wrote the sixth edition. From your experience and study, how do you compare the value of Kent's method vs the LM method?

Dr. Luc: It is not correct that I treated patients exclusively with LM potencies but I certainly was one of the first in this country to treat patients with LM potencies in the correct way. However the discovery of the 5th edition split method, to which I came later, was a huge improvement in treating patients. LMs are very penetrating and fast working and patients with their allopathic mindset often abused it in a mechanical way (even homeopaths do it). This always leads to unnecessary similar aggravations (removed from the 6th edition as not being necessary!) and the formation of more complex diseases. Now I would treat at least 70% of the chronic patient cases with the 5th edition split method and 100% of the acutes with this split method. Results are astonishing and if applied worldwide, would change the face of practice of homeopathy. My only hope is that the 90% of the homeopaths stuck in the 4th edition, will take advantage of these advanced methods of Hahnemann and see the remarkable, speedy and gentle cures as promised in A2 of the Organon. It is Kent who steered all the next generations of homeopaths on the wrong path, as he never bothered to use the 5th edition split method (which he could have-1833!) and with his belief that the 'dose (or amount of pellets) was of no importance'. This goes into the face of everything Hahnemann said and what every observing practitioner has seen. Although in his Lesser Writings , Kent stated that 'no similar aggravation' is what we need to strive for, he was known to have caused countless severe aggravations. Unfortunately, even well known homeopaths today, think that they need to cause a 'similar aggravation' in order to know they applied the simillimum, something Hahnemann had removed from his teachings in the 6th edition of the Organon (A161). Kent and therefore most homeopaths under his influence, never even applied watery doses and never dared to repeat a dose 'while the patient was improving, A246.' Regarding the 'myth' that Hahnemann was suffering from senility in his later years, it is a cheap excuse for those who claim so to abandon Hahnemann's teachings and apply their own frivolities. One only has to study the microfiches of his Paris years and read statements from those that were present in those years (Dr Croserio, read Lesser Writings of von Boenninghausen) to observe that until the last days of his life he remained a staunch intellectual, industrious 'till the end to provide us with his last legacy, the LM potency. For more about this split method and Hahnemann’s later years, I refer the reader to my book, ' Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum.'


gavinimurthy last decade
Treatment for Acute diseases

The potency choice for acute diseases (less than 3-4 months old) is simple: use at least a potency from 30C upwards to 200C and 1,000C. Always use the watery method by putting two pellets of your chosen remedy and potency in an 8 oz bottle (Remedy Solution Bottle or RSB), stir well and take one tsp directly from the RSB. Do not repeat earlier than two hours after first dose. When you see a similar aggravation in the first hour (in other words an aggravation of your symptoms during the first hour) this first dose will cure and no further dose will be needed (A157-A158). If symptoms are not entirely gone after two hours, you can repeat the same procedure every two hours after succussing each successive dose (hitting RSB against your palm) 8 times.


gavinimurthy last decade
I personally tried using the 'C' potencies the way described above and got very good results.

By thinking that the above procedure is reserved exclusively to LMs, one may be missing a valuable and perfectly valid administration method.

Getting accessory symptoms may happen with any method, if the remedy is not stopped at the appropriate time. We can't blame the split dose with 'C' potencies method for getting accessory symptoms.

gavinimurthy last decade
The source you mention makes me go tongue in cheek for reasons I cannot disclose here.

I tend to disagree with his methods in sucussing C potencies and have experimented a lot with those methods (even on myself), and have invariably got bad results. More than 2-3 doses of the same C potency , especially above 30c, repeated daily (even when sucussed) tend to produce accessory symptoms.

In homeopathy, one should not be following what is in 'vogue'. Homeopathy as a field is so unregulated and new, that many of these 'in vogue' homeopaths are nothing but good packaging material. It is a good idea to experiment the methods extensively yourself, and then reach to conclusions. I do not hope to convince you, but I have solid reasons (beyond just my own observation) which cannot be disclosed on a public forum for believing that many of these 'modern' gurus are nothing but an aura created by writing some 'books'.

Anyways, I guess this is something which can only be proved to you if we both follow a case together in person.

So, let us agree to disagree
sameervermani last decade
Let me also say due to geographical proximity, I have very easy access to some of these 'modern' gurus and most importantly their patients ;)

So, what I am claiming is not just based on my own experiments :)
sameervermani last decade
Also if someone is interested, I suggest doing a simple experiment on oneself or a family member sometime.

Once you are 100% sure about the similimum for a CHRONIC illness in the subject, you administer a single split 200c dose of the correct medicine, and dont take any further doses for 2 weeks. As the choice of remedy was correct, you will feel better at the end of 2 weeks. But, now if you were to repeat a 200c dose with sucussions after this long gap and after the improvement has taken place, you will get little benefit. Try waiting another 2 weeks and repeat another one with possibly a little more sucussions. After repeating about 8 to 10 doses with this gap of 2 weeks between each, you will get back to where you started from i.e. all your problems will come back. I make this claim regardless of how small you make the split dose (even 2 drops in the remedy bottle, and then 2 drops from the dilution glass as the dose).
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer

While I don't deny your experience, I have given the RSB made with 'c' potencies to many patients and asked them to take a table spoon daily out of it after succussing every time.

There are a few cases on this forum too. None of them are worse and many got faster relief.

Theoretically speaking too, I don't see any reason for the slightly increased potency doing harm. Even Hahn. says that as long as the potency is increased slightly every time before you give the medicine the cure is faster. He never EXPLICITLY limited this procedure to LMs.

I too don't follow the modern 'guru's blindly. But I do find substance in Dr.Luc's writings.

Any way, as I say many times we are conditioned by our experiences and posology is one area where every homeopath has his own way.

As you said let us agree to disagree on this topic and move on. :-)


gavinimurthy last decade
Okay, fair enough :)
sameervermani last decade

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