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Hypothyroid since 2005. Need help curing it.

Hey Homeopathy Gurus,

I am hypothyroid. I am listing whole of my health profile below, I feel this would be adequate enough to help me get rid of these pills and under functioning of thyroid.

I am a male born in southern INDIA in year 82.
Habits : Smoke – Never.
Nature : Lazy since child hood.
Health : Fit and perfect body until dysfunctioning of thyroid, ocassional cold cough and sore throat.
Drink : Started in the year 2004, drink rarely. More often since 2006, like 1-2 times in a month.
Exercise :Regularly.
Current Weight : Around or > 75 kgs.

I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in Year 2005.

I do not know the reason as to why I was affected with such a condition, I was a pretty healthy and very athletic guy. I am 5, 7 with a steady weight of 56 kgs until 2003.

I figure out couple of possible reasons as to why I might have been a victim of this dysfuntioning of my thyroid. Mentioned below are the ones I can think of:

1. 2003. An Injury over my throat with a glace/cricket ball, there was mild swelling which left with much of discomfort for few days. I did put on weight slowly after that I guess, which I lost later regular extensive workout.

2. Dec 2004. I had these small cysts in my body since about I was 14 or 15 year old. One on my right lower rib bone or just a lower region from there and one more on my top portion of the left butt, they grew rapid and big in size in year 2003. The one on my right rib was very tiny, it used to grow a little to a noticeable state and then used to diminish but at times I had severe acute pain striking near liver region for about 10 seconds or so.

I was leaving to US for studies and had got operated for the Lipoma before I left, Everything was fine apart my legs were very stiff after 10 days of bed rest, I was unable to climb stairs as I felt my legs were very stiff, and I slowly started gaining more weight. The cysts grew back at multiple places but were of no harm.
I do not know if that surgery caused an Hashimotos Disease or something.

4. Summer 05. I went to visit a friends place and it was full of bed bugs. I never can imagine so many in any place on the earth. I developed allergy and in few days I fell sick and did catch chicken pox like symptoms. The doctor confirmed its chicken pox, it wasn’t that severe but then those rashes and boil kind of things over the skin did go away in about 15 days.

4. September 2005. I am 5-7 tall, I was always curious to grow taller. I did do some research for some products that could help me grow taller. I did find some product on the website of A1supplements.com. It was L-Glutamine, I guess some amino acid which claimed to boost muscle build up and helps some way in stimulating certain orgrans or whatever to release Natural Growth Harmone.

The times I was using this product, my throat was very dried up. I was drinking loads of water. I could not tolerate cold in the freezer soon after using this product.

After few days of using this product.I started developing serious symptoms. I started noticing.
a. Severe Hair Loss. I have pretty strong and dense hair and I was loosing a lot this shocked me.
b. I felt warm and hot. I used to sleep and then wake up in couple of hours and had trouble sleeping.
c. In few days, I could not sleep at all. I was using Vodka quite a bit to sleep, but that did not help.
d. I felt weak, I lost muscle strength, I was as strong as a bull earlier but I could barely lift anything. And I used to feel that my nerves are like some strings and they hurt as I was picking heavy weights and that did really hurt.
e. I felt being more numb.
f. my head was getting hot as 80 degree oven as I used to concentrate and listen to the lectures and while I am working on my assignments.

I believed something was seriously wrong and then I did visit my school doctor. He thought it might be HIV, Parasites, and anything else. He performed tests on me.

My heart was beating very fast, I was putting on weight, hair loss and muscle weakness. He identified that I was hypothyroid by the TSH report and he did refer me to a Internal Medicine.

She performed the same tests TSH and then she started me on Synthroid 0.5 mcg and then after a month increased the dosage to 0.75 mcg. But she was worried as I was having severe tissue damage in the blood reports. She classified it as myalgia and then referred me to a endocrinologist. She asked if I was using any supplements, I told her the product but she did not react any different saying an amino acid could not be doing anything wrong.

The Endocrinologist did the same tests and then he started me on medicine with 0.75mcg of Synthroid 6 days a week and did also put me on Cymbalta, I do not remember the concentration.

After few visits, the Dr mentioned that things should get fine as my TSH is under control and I need to have a check of levels once a year and get the dosage adjusted.

I lost of symptoms started going down, but lethargy, muscle weakness, cramps, numbness, loss of muscle strength and strings like feelings in my nerves when I pick heavy weights still prevailed. Has sleep improvements, Did severe cardio to loose weight, but then the burning sensation or the heating of my head did not heal very quick, it took some months.

I moved to a colder region, I could not tolerate the winters. My fingers tips used to hurt like hell and they did turn blue black in no time when I was exposed to severe cold without gloves.

2 years after diagnosis. I visited another doctor as some of my symptoms were getting worse.

He did do a thyroid antibody test, HIV and a ultrasound test for my thyroid and felt everything was normal. He did suggest me to start taking the medicines back again and I stopped visiting him as it was just the same old story. Back to Synthroid.

Few of the symptoms that still persist or have got worse are:
1. Stiff ness of body
2. Body cramps in summer
3. Nerves do pain a little when I pick severe weights
4. Experience Nerve Shocks at times.
5. Numbness in legs, thighs, feet and butt as I sit on floor with folded legs.
6. Tremors, I noticed these since child hood but it got worse now.
7. Disturbed sleep. Get a lot of dreams (or) brain does think subconsciously
8. I do not feel fresh as when I wake up
9. still don’t feel the entire muscle strength I had before I was hypothyroid
10. low sexual drive, not real good performance with sexual organs.
11. Get excited, angry, anxious very easily.
13. Memory Issues

Most medical tests showed normal.

One Neurologist said to perform yoga and then did put me on these medicines… Feliz-s-plus 1 a day. Meaxon plus, evion 1 every other day.

And as per reports my TSH, t3, t4 levels are well within control as I am taking Synthroid but then… the symptoms which I mentioned above are of a serious worry to me.

And more than anything, I hate taking this pill everyday for all of my life. I am hoping for other forms of medicines recently which could help me heal this condition permanently.

I would be glad if any can consider my condition and help me.

I was as strong as a bull before I was affected with this disorder and now I am nothing. And I am am IT professional where I do have to spend lots of hours thinking and to work sharp. Where as in recent I am disappointing many people.

I am taking thyronorm 75mcg currently and below are the recent levels of my thyroid profile.

Tests performed in India : Feb 2008.
T3 – 105ng/dl ref-range 70-170
T4 - 11.1 MicroGram/dl ref range 4.5-12.5
TSH – 2.48MicroIU/mL ref-range 0.4 - 4

Some of my older reports during initial phases of my diagnosis for hypothyroidism:

Performed in USA.

No medication as I remember.
TSH 3.586 microIU/ml ref 0.350 – 5.5
T4 10.9 microgram/dL ref 4.5-12.0
T3 uptake 32 ref 24-39
Free thyroxine index 3.5 ref 1.2 – 4.9

Referred me to an Internal Medicine Dr.

Some Reports Missing.

3/17/2006. Prescribed Synthroid.
Glucose serum 130 H ref range 65- 99
TSH 0.738 microIU/ml ref 0.350 – 5.5
Creatine Kinase, Total, Serum 449H U/L ref-range 24-204
Aldolase 9.9 h u/l ref range 1.2 – 7.6

5/17/2006 - already on synthroid 0.05 mg
TSH 0.022L ref range - 0.350 – 5.500
Creatine Kinase, Total, Serum 223H ref 24-204.

Increased dosage from .05 to .075mg and referred to a Endocrinologist because of high creatine kinase.

6/16/2006 - already on synthroid 0.075 mg Endocrinologist

T4, free (direct) 1.79 ref-range 0.6 – 1.7
TSH 0.018L ref range - 0.350 – 5.500
Triodothyronine, Free, Serum 4.1 pg/mL ref 2.3 – 4.2.

Increased dosage from .05 to .075mg and referred to a Endocrinologist.

From the automated Remedy Finder, this is what I found: The homeopathic remedy which best matches your symptoms is Calcarea Carbonica Of your symptoms, it applies to these:

mind; memory; weakness of memory;
abdomen; enlarged; from fat;
extremities, limbs; weakness;
sleep; sleepiness, tiredness;
skin; discoloration; pale;
skin; dry;
skin; flabbiness;
skin; out-breaks on skin; herpetic; scaly; white, dry , mealy;
generalities; lethargic, tired;
generalities; obesity;
generalities; pain; tearing; muscles; cramp-like in muscles;
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  vignesh82 on 2008-08-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
take only Nat Mur 30C daily three doses for 3 days and stop it.. and wait for result..

dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Hey Dr. Sharma,

I do not know where to find these medicines in USA.

Can you let me know the directions to take the medicine and if any foods or procedures that I have to avoid while taking this medicine.

vignesh82 last decade
Hey Dr. Sharma,

Natrum Muriaticum is it the same medicine. I notice I can buy them online.

I have a question. What benefits can I see by taking this medicine.

I read the benefits of this medicine which seem to treat depression and etc. cud not understand much.

I was aiming at some medicinal help which would totally cure my hypothyroidism.

May I know what betterment can this medicine might achieve in me. cuz Ive seen in the forums where other doctors prescribed lycopodium in common to treat hypothyroidism.

I am not trying to suggest you something by no means. But was trying to know what ways is this medicine going to help me.

THanks & awaiting your response,
vignesh82 last decade
Hey Dr. Sharma,

I have decided to take nat mur.

you wanted me to take,
nat mur 30c 3 times a day for 3 days right.

is it ok if i take other medicines such as thyronorm,
feliz,meaxon plus,evion as these are the ones I am currently on.

vignesh82 last decade
Hi Vignesh,

You were wright that glutamine has started (or worsened?) your problems.

Glutamine makes you hypothyroid. I took 25grams of glutamine a day, for 2 weeks after which I was seriously hypothyroid. I am not the only one, read another storey exactly like mine, also glutamine is known to do that.

It has been 2 years since and my thyroid hasn't shifted back. This is known as a change in thyroid setpoint.
The doctor that put you on Cymbalta and Synthroid was wright.
The coldness and loss of hair is directly related to low thyroid, the stiffness and tremor due to low dopamine because of low thyroid and the bad sleep because of low serotonin because of low thyroid.

TSH is one way of checking whether your thyroid values are okay, but it's much better to look at your T3 in 24hour urine.
In other words, your shift to a colder climate reveals that you're still to low in your thyrod values.
wkleeven last decade
Hey wkleeven,

Well if you think so, I am convinced that its the cause.

The internal medicinist who diagnosed me after the Primary Physician, asked me if I was on any products as she could not find any signs of Thyroid Antibodies or inflammation of thyroid to contribute a cause for the under functioning. I could not get the name glutamine but I mentioned it was some Amino Acid. She did not react any further.

But I remember, the days that I have taken Glutamine: my throat was so thirsty, it just used to dry up as if something sucked up all the moisture nothing could have eased that dryness, that too just in an hour or half hour after taking Glutamine. Well its true it was not more than 2-3 weeks into me taking Glutamine I started suffering with all these problems. Hope someone could Probe into this Glutamines adverse effect.

I never used Glutamine after those 2 weeks.

DO you think the Thyroid activity could actually be restored in any time or any way?

Is there anyways to antidote the effect of Glutamine that Thyroid could go back to its Duty from sleep ?

You said yourself are a victim of this so how are you dealing with it.

Though I have been taking synthroid. I do not see my myself back, I have no doubt what so ever claiming I am sick. This cold weather has become a NighMare, especially the extreme days I feel as if I have landed on Pluto and all others are Aliens.

Let me know if there is any way to rectify or restore the activity of thyroid than relying on Synthroid.

Also can you direct me to the case of other person who was Hypothyroid after using Glutamine.

Thanks in Advance.
vignesh82 last decade
Hi Vignesh,

I don't have a lot of time right now. Also, I am trying to figure out what way to answer your questions, there's so much to tell but what is relevant?

Also, I would prefer to discuss this via email, not on this forum foremost because I am not a physician but a patient who spent 2,5 years doing my own research and being my own guinea pig.

For now:
In short: I gave you the most important information in my first reply:
Your problems were already there in your childhood (you wrote you had tremors at a young age).
What to do? Don't eat anything that contains glutamine, like cabbage etc. (search the web). Go jogging for 30 minutes each day. Eat low GI food, a lot of proteins and fat. Some call this Atkins. This is all good for your thyroid.
Then, to reset the thyroid I think the doctor who prescribed Cymbalta and Synthroid had it right (but it couldn't function properly because you were still eating gluten).
Also, better than using Synthroid is a product containing T4 AND T3, like Armour.

wkleeven last decade
I think I have my email in my profile.

y dun u email me there.

Thanks a lot for your help.
vignesh82 last decade
Hi Vignesh,

I sent you an email, but got no response. Didn't you get it? Let me know.

wkleeven last decade
I have the same problem with glutamine. After using it for a month my hypothyriodism got worse. I will stop taking it, but I am extreamly worried now. Can the thyroid activity be restored or because of this suppliment I will suffer forever???
I would really appreciate your answer.
rebeca11 8 years ago
It's been a while since my last post and I have learned a lot since. Also that the more you know, you realize you know so little. It's all very complicated.

I think there's no permanent damage from taking a lot of glutamine. I think glutamine does a lot of things, one of them raising testosterone and another one raising blood ph.
Raising testosterone is okay, but raising blood pH is not good for everybody. I think if the blood pH is not perfectly good, the thyroid will not work okay.
Maybe when the blood pH is too high, aromatase causes testosterone to be converted to estrogen. Then you get estrogen dominance, which presents like the complaints of Vignesh (feeling weak, emotional, irritable, etc).

Again, I am no doctor. Just someone who stopped depending on the doctors for answers.
wkleeven 8 years ago
Thanks for the quick answer.
I bacame my own doctor as well. It makes sense what you say about getting estrogen dominance. I had the same complaints. Now I am trying to balance my body with yoga, acupressure, vitamins, probiotics, digestive enzymes, wheat grass... Do you use any suppliments or other means in order to treat yourself? It would be geat to get some tips from you, even on my private email address.
rebeca11 8 years ago
Wow wkleeven, you sound more like a Pro in the past few years. How are you?

I lost your personal email, can you mail me want to get in touch to know anything you learned could help, I do not find your email in your profile.

Rebeca, So far if L-glutamine was the cause, I had no help restoring my thyroid function to normal. With the increasing number of people experiencing issues with Thyroid after using L-Glutamine. I do believe that could be the cause in my case too, as clearly the issues begun after using it.

As of now I have taken some homeopathy for sometime, do yoga now and then, made diet changes and tried ayurveda. I carry less symptoms than earlier and not taking synthroid for over a year or more.

One big issue troubled me a lot is I was too low on Vitamin D. Hypothyroid has something to do with low Vit D count and having low numbers would cause a lot of symptoms as muscle weakness, sleep disorders, tiredness. Adding Vit D3 supplement helped me much with my sleep, muscle weakness and strength to some extent.

Hope this helps.
[message edited by vignesh82 on Tue, 27 Dec 2011 20:29:01 GMT]
vignesh82 8 years ago

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