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IBS (Bolating, gas and rumbling bowel)

Hi, I've had problems with my bowels for aound 7 years now.
Worst one is the rumbling in my bowels. It's really embarrassing. I wet to all kind's of test ( H. Pylory test, gastroscopy,colonoscopy), taken all kind of treatment (mostly antibiotics) and nothing helped. I'm really frustrated and my social life is suffering.
Most of the simptoms occure in the morning, and later afternoon.

I'll try to decribe everything concerning my body and mind.

Head - had problems with dandfuff, itchy scalp but solved them with shapoo

Eyes - 'heavy eyelids' and I also see kind of a water bulb on the left lower corner of my eye, really small (its not bothering me at all)

Ears - nothin seems to be wrong

Nose - 'drooling'(not sure if it's apropriate term to use) in the morning. I have to whipe it every morning

Stomach - If I don't eat it growels ALOT. Also if I lay down and tur on my left side it sound like it is decanting

Rectum - bleeding, probably caused by hemeroids; relieved by cold water. Sometimes feeling like have to go to the toilet but when i go, nothing hapenes. Also feeling of having to release gas but it does not come out.
It feels like it is released inside
Stool is kind of mushy, mostly in the morning.

Urinary - nothing wrong

Mind - restless. Those sounds from my bowels are one of the bigest causes. If i'm in a crowd i'm constantly nervous because i'm expecting those sound to embarrass me.
Sleeping is ok although easily wake up.
I'm also easily angerd but do not 'expode' into people faces, i allways keep anger within me. ALlways trying to be the best i can, overachiever.
I don't smoke
I don't drink coffe
I sometimes drink alcohol
I eat all kinds of food(home cooked - don't really like fast food)
Drink A LOT of water, allways feeling thirsty (had my blood sugar tested because of it - it was ok).
I really like chocolate.
27 years old, engineer .
  IvanZG on 2008-10-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
try nux vomica 3x 2 drops for a week and report me

dr. deoshlok
deoshlok last decade
3 x 2 drops in a glas of water or...?
IvanZG last decade
HI, me again. Sorry it took so long. Homeopathy remedies are hard to find here where i'm from. I've been taking nux vomica for two weeks now and there are no results.
My state is the same. Gurgling sounds and bloating...
Can you help me with something else?
IvanZG last decade
I think I can try to help you. IBS and Crohn's disease were the main reasons why I got into Homeopathy.

Which country do you live? Are you able to buy remedies online to speed up the process?

If you want me to try to help you the only thing I ask is a commitment to follow strictly my instructions of dosage so the whole process can progress faster. That would include suspending the use of the remedy that you're currently taking, and take my indications one at the time as I analyze your case.
raphaeloliveira last decade
Sure why not. Are you a certified homeopah?
Regarding remedies, i've found a store so things should move more quickly. Only if they don't have the specific remedie they order it so that can take for a week or so.
What would your sugestions be?
Can the remedies hurt me?
IvanZG last decade
The remedies won't hurt you, though you need to be cautious with quantity, size and repetition of doses.

Please, suspend the use of Nux Vomica for now.

- What's your gender, weight and ethnicity?

- Has any major event or anything happened in your life 7 years ago that you could say it's the reason or what triggered these symptoms?

- What time of the day does the rumbling gets worse/louder?

- If you can give more details about you being an 'overachiever'. Give examples or situations.

- How do you relate to other people in general?

- Are you more a chilly or warm person? How do you take hot and cold weather?
raphaeloliveira last decade

I'ma a male, Croatian(Europe), my weight is 80 kg.
Seven years ago I started colleague which I finished and no other major event happened.
Before colleague i weht to high school(obviously) and that was more stresfull to than colleague. Colleague had become stresfull beacause of the simptoms. Even now i allways think about my stomac noises. Quiet rooms are like a torture chaimber for me. I start to sweat and my heart starts pounding because i tend to think my stomac will statr to gurgle and that can be really embarrassing.
Mornings and when i'm hungry are the worst but also in the evening before sleep. Also after a meal.
As far as overachieving. People tend to think i now a lot of stuff so when they expect me to know i try hard not to let them down.
I have a lot of friends but when this thing started it really limited my social meetings.
I prefer cold weather.
IvanZG last decade
I would go for LYC , just a suggestion
gumby last decade
- Do you drink milk?

- How is your appetite? How much food until you feel full/satisfied?

- What's the color of the discharge from you running nose? More watery, yellow?

- How tall are you?
raphaeloliveira last decade
I used to drink a lot of milk but stopped it. I havent dranked it in about a year(a few cups during a year maybe(. I drink probiotic yogurt drinks.
Also i've read somewhere that aloe juice(gel) is good for digestion so i was planing to start drinkig that. Can i have aloe juice with homeopatic remedies?
My apetite is excellent. With a normal size portion i feel full.
Yes dicharge from the nose is watery an sometimes yellow.
I'm 1.88 m tall.
Do you suffer from Chrone disease? Whats your status now regarding Chron? Did you cure yourself?
IvanZG last decade
i just remebered i don't know if i already posted this.
I have kinda of pressure behind lower ribs on my lef side mostly(sometimes but rarely on my right side).
Also when i lay on my left side girgling and al those sound are really present and loud.
IvanZG last decade
I'll tell you my case of IBS and Crohn's in another opportunity.

You can take aloe juice with homeopathic remedies, it won't interfere with each other but I wouldn't recommend it for two reasons. First is that once you start taking the correct homeopathic remedy, will you find out that the problem and reason of your IBS and other symptoms are way more deeper that you can imagine, the problem could have started from since you childhood to only manifest now 7 years back. For example, things like how you related to your parents and the way they raised you could be one thing that is fundamental in determining the condition that you are today. In other words, aloe juice is a very superficial way that can maybe if not at all only palliate the problem. The only system that I know so far capable of reaching deeper on the intellect and emotions is Homeopathy. The second reason is just for a matter of knowing 100% what you're getting benefit from, I find it better to try only one thing or another at different times so you don't be divided.

Please take a daily dose for ONLY two days of Lycopodium 30C.

- A dose is 5 pellets completely dissolved in little water (5 to 10ml)
- Make sure the water touches under your tongue before you swallow it
- Do not eat or drink for at least 1 hour before or after taking a dose.
- Do not brush your teeth for at least 2 hours before or after.
- Avoid any products that contains camphor

Report back on the 3rd day to tell how's your emotional and symptoms condition.
raphaeloliveira last decade
Ok, will try it.
Just to make sure.
I'm supposed to take 5 pellets that dissolve in water and i should take it once a day?
When, morning, evening?
IvanZG last decade
Once a day for only two days. So you'll take 2 doses.

You'll find the time that it's better for you, but I recommend evening when you're at home more relaxed and away from stress.
raphaeloliveira last decade
OK. I'll report when i'm done. It might be a week or so if the store doesn't have it so they'll have to order it.
Would you recommend any particular brand?
IvanZG last decade
I can recommend Boiron, it's the most popular brand and most of the stores carry it. I've used their remedies and they do work.

But there's a pharmacy in U.K called Helios Homeopathy which I consider the best remedies made in the world. If you can buy online, I'd suggest them.


You can select Form: pills. Size: 4g and Potency: 30.
raphaeloliveira last decade
OK, I'll first check with the store, maybe they already have it and if not they can order it and probably have it sooner than I would since they probably order more quantities.
I'll report when I'm done.
What do you think of the brand 'Heel'? I've used their nux vomica?
IvanZG last decade
I had never heard of 'Heel' before, I just decided to look it up on internet and I see that they make 'combination' remedies. 'Nux Vomica-Homaccord'? Is that what took it?

If yes, please stay away from product of this brand. Buy anything but that. Even the Nux Vomica that you took, is not the real Nux Vomica, it's a mix of 4 remedies in 1.

It was good that you mentioned.
raphaeloliveira last decade
Yes that was it Nux vomica hommacord :(.
I ordered Lycopodium 30C today.
Its from DHU (Germany), they had 10 g pills. Is that ok? They sad that they also have Boiron but it would take 2-3 weeks to get here.
IvanZG last decade
Just to add, the physician at the drug store checked composition of DHU Lyc and it's only Lyc. Nothing else.
IvanZG last decade
I looked it up DHU and it seems to be fine. Please update your condition after the 2nd dose.
raphaeloliveira last decade
OK, it should arrive next week.
I'll report after a second dose.
IvanZG last decade
Try to undergone a check for
blastocystis hominis .

See details on this website :

I wish you a successfull treatment.

Homeopathy can treat this problem but this takes time and you should consult an experienced homeopath in person - online consultations may provide some guidnce but they are not a substitute for profound, several months treatment
Rustam last decade
Hi Ivan,

Your case is interesting.

What happened seven years ago - either in your personal/career life or your health - around the time this problem started?

How was your career or school around that time?

Other than your dandruff, have you ever had any other skin problems (acne, eczema, etc.)?

Please let me know at ninotchka7 'at' yahoo 'dot' com - I don't always check the forum regularly.

Good luck,
ninotchka7 last decade
Rustam, very interesting idea.
I wasn't aware of b. hominis.
Since yesterday i can't stop readind about it.
I haven't mentioned ti but there are several family members with similar problems and symptoms.
It got me thinking and my simptoms started when i started colleague BUT a couple of months before that we got a dog. Dog also has simmilar symptoms(gurgling stomack, mucus in stool). Dog has some skin alergies(tested and confirmed) so it's on a diet food for most of its life(boiled food) so mucus in stool, and gurgling were always linked with its diet.
Man if this is it.....
It's funny because we are REALLY hygiene obsest people.
I'll try to ask my doctor about that.
Thanks for the info.
IvanZG last decade

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