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Why is my constitutional so hard to find!!

I've seen two homeopaths over a period of 7 months, and we are STILL trying to find the constitutional remedy. the only reason i've stuck with it so long is because i've seen the effects of Sulfur, and it has proven homeopathys effectiveness to me. anyhow, my last remedy was Aurum Metallicum and I could have sworn up and down that that remedy would have been the one. I matched 90% of the personality traits. Oh help me fellow hpthy friends. What can I possibly do to speed this up?
  bocaburgler on 2008-10-31
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If you want to, I could try to find your simillimum or constitutional (maybe both) for you. You wouldn't necessarily need to follow and take my indication, but you could definitely compare and evaluate my opinion.
raphaeloliveira last decade
That would be wonderful! should i just fill out a basic report with my full case? Thanks for your generosity with your time :)
bocaburgler last decade
You don't need to do all at once. You can answer as I send you the questions.

What are your symptoms? What's your main problem?
raphaeloliveira last decade
confusion, lack of emotional depth, bad memory, not creativity, fatigue, blurryness of sight, 'floaters' in vision as well as strands of stringy like subtances flaoting in vision. Apathy, depression, mild anxiety, light pressure behind eyes and forehead, and sometimes behind head. dryness of skin, redness on cheeks and face. lack of vigor and enthusiasm for anything
bocaburgler last decade
Among everything you mentioned, what's your main problem/concern?

Since when do you have these symptoms for?

How frequent you experience the floaters?
raphaeloliveira last decade
My main concern is my mentality,specifically my creativity, and my vision.

The floaters happen daily. but can be scene in when outside, or when looking up at some indoor lighting. It feels my like head is very dense and full of pressure.

I have only had these symptoms for the last 4 years about ten days after stopping my treatment with antibiotics.
bocaburgler last decade
What you mean by 'confusion', 'lack of emotional depth', bad memory, etc?

Please, the first thing you need to do is to tell me how you're feeling in your own words. Put it aside for now everything you know about homeopathy and just tell me what's going on with you.
raphaeloliveira last decade
What was your antibiotics treatment for?

How does the floaters look like? Do they have an specific color?

What's your age, gender and weight?
raphaeloliveira last decade
well, it's tricky, because I feel like their is a 'veil' covering my mentality from reaching my soul or emotions. I feel a void of proper emotion. I feel as though there is a disconnection feeling. I sometimes feel as though i'm relaxed when i shouldn't be. I feel like i'm 'stoned' or disassociated with my true being. I feel like a different person. My first reaction would be to desrcribe how i'm feeling as a way that i've read that others have felt who are going through a similar situation, or to say 'i don't know'. describing my feelings is tough, because I feel as though i don't have very many anymore.

The floaters are generally trasparent, or clear, but also can be dark and shadowy in color.

i will be back ,I have to go to work for the evening. thank you again!
bocaburgler last decade
I took antibiotics for acne. I had mainly acne on chin and forhead, but bit stress I noticed it coming on my chest and around my nipples and where hair on my chest would grow. I had very oily skin and hair, as well as oily back and chest.

i'm male, 24, 5'9 150lbs, fair skin, blue eyes, light brown hair
bocaburgler last decade
Currently, are you a more a chilly or a warm person? How do you take warm and cold weather?

And regarding the same question above, how have you always been in your life, the same (chilly, warm)?
raphaeloliveira last decade
Phosphoric Acid immediately comes to mind. Has any of your doctors tried giving you that? (Note that I'm not referring to Phosphorus, but Phosphoric Acid or Phosphoricum Acidum.)

What are all the remedies that you have tried?

Please describe your personality, who you are, what you were like before your illness, and what kind of person you think you are or should be when you are healthy.

Zabela last decade
I'm a very neutral person as far as warmth and cold. It's just when i'm cold that I really seem agrivated. My mom told me I had an inverse reaction. I would be cold in summer, and warm in winter when i was a kid
bocaburgler last decade
I've tried:
carb sulf
aurum metallicum
and currently took a remedy last week, although I wasn't told what it was, nor has it worked at all yet. I'm pretty sure it's a not good remedy.
The sulphur worked like a miracle, but after it wore off it would bring me right back to where i was with small lasting results. it stopped working really at 1M

Before my illness I was clinically depressed, suicidal, worrysome, negative etc I was also very ambitious, creative, hardworking and responsible. I also enjoyed drinking alcohol alot and abusing substances. I had a goofy and offensive yet childish sense of humor.

When i'm cured I expect to start working on my photography and music again, and I expect to reach high levels of success with my art, and become well known. Those are my life goals
bocaburgler last decade

How long did it take for the Sulfur to wear off? How much did you take?

Why do you think this is not your constitutional?

Do you consider yourself an addictive personality?

Do you consider yourself earthy (practical), airy (intelligent), fiery (intuitive & confident), and/or watery (emotional)? Why or why not for each?

When you answer these questions, please consider both how you are now and how you feel you really are, when you are healthy.

Also, are you still currently working with a homeopath?

Zabela last decade
Ok. This is my interpretation for your case:

You made it clear that there was a before and after in terms of health, and what determined the transition was your treatment with antibiotics. So my first doubt was whether that had only triggered symptoms of your constitutional remedy or you had developed a new layer (which would call for a new remedy).

The answer seemed clear and logic, which is that your current state is a new layer and that has become the remedy Phosphoricum Acidum.

That means you wouldn't be able to achieve balance of your vital force therefore, cure of your current problems unless you remove the layer that is on the top of your constitutional.

With only the information given so far, It seems to me that your constitution is Sulphur, that would explain your 'magical' reaction when you tried it. I'm assuming that you had a response overnight on your first dose, and when you tried to repeat it you never had the same response again.

I'd still need more questions answered and make further analysis in order to be as certain about your constitutional as I'm regarding your new layer being Phosphoricum Acidum.

Well, you could do your own research and ask your homeopath what he/she thinks.

By the way, isn't Roaccutane/Isotretinoin just 'great'? It kills the acne in a few months but leaves the 'dirt' somehow underneath which will manifest in form of another symptom eventually. (I've gone in the past through this same treatment like you)
raphaeloliveira last decade
Also, do you wear glasses or contacts? What is your vision (prescription)?

Zabela last decade
Ditto on the feelings toward Roaccutane raph... I had the same thing!

Zabela last decade
Raphaeloliveira and Zabela

Would you mind helping me find my constitutional remedy?
helpmeplease last decade

It took about one week for the sulfur to wear off. I took 200c.

I don't think sulfur is my constitutional, because I don't fit the dscription of the person at my heart. It's a gut feeling, knowing that when i'm heathly and balanced, I am NOT a sulfur. I'm way to sensitive as a person, and I'm very picky about my appearance.

I do think I have a somewhat addictive personality, BUT, I'm way to careful/responsible to let myself get addicted. I like to drink excessively, but I would never smoke, or be dependant on anything (although the desire to be addicted is probably in me)

I would probaby consider myself a combo of airy and watery in my natural state. Although, I think i'm very intuitive, and at times can be practicle. I'm very well rounded as a person, although have always had depressin issues. As of now, I'm probably mostly earthy, because I think I act mainly on instinct survival modes in order to cure myself of my illness I have now. But that is a def personaility switch, from my previous mindframe.

yes, I'm seeing homeopath. She is the second one I've seen. I was recenty prescribed a remedy but has had no effect. I don't know what the remedy is.
bocaburgler last decade

I appluad your understanding of what's happening. I've tried explaining in detail many of times to homeopaths, and we never seem to get very far, becuase I truly can't remember detail of who I was, becuase I'm definitely a morphed version. It's a very mental impairment right now.

Phosphoricum Acidum, actually makes THE MOST sense of my current mental state than any other remedy I've read about. Although, I don't really crave juicy things, etc, but It seems logical.

I think both my homeopaths have urged me just to work on explaining my 'true' self, because they assume If I find my lowest common denominator of a remedy, It will cure all layers. Trouble is, as we know, I don't know what's going on or how to explain what i use to feel, and how i feel now.

But honestly I feel the closest out of my 'true' constitutional is aurum metallicum. Although I had no reaction to the medicine. Everything in the description made sense to me, including the cravings and other specifics. In my past I was most dedinitely clinically depressed, suiciddal, and negative, as well as creative and idealistic.

BUT, my question would be, let's say hypothetically I'm an 'aurum arsenicum' at my root, and that's my true constitutional. Wouldn't aurum metallicum be close enough to have at least SOME sort of reaction with me?

And again, raph and Z I very much so apprecaite your help, this is a great relief for me to be able to find some clarity with my case. Thanks a million
bocaburgler last decade
also, I don't wear constacts. I have always had excellent vision. The only vision problems now is the 'stringy floaters' and shaky/hard to focus on objects for period of time.
bocaburgler last decade
If you are that certain about Aurum Metallicum being your constitutional, that could be a good sign and you don't need to dismiss this idea yet just because the remedy didn't work.

But again, I think your priority for now should be to treat the layer on the top first. I personally disagree with the idea about a constitutional being capable to remove all layers.

'let's say hypothetically I'm an 'aurum arsenicum' at my root, and that's my true constitutional. Wouldn't aurum metallicum be close enough to have at least SOME sort of reaction with me?'

There's no straight answer for that, it could or could not. But it doesn't have to just because they're both from the same group.

Here's a few points I'd like to make:
1- Aurum Metallicum may be your constitution and you didn't feel any change because of a possible layer on the top
2- There's still a whole range of potencies to explore, BUT when a remedy is your simillimum you should get at least some response from most if not ALL of potencies, though some will work better than others.
3- Yes, it's wise to take a look just in case at another remedies in the same group (Aurum), though I've given my opinion that focusing on this wouldn't be useful for now.

If you want to clear the very least doubt about you being Aurum, I'd like to recommend you a great book called 'Homeopathic Psychology' by Philip M. Bailey 1995. This book has helped me confirming my simillimum, and I've used it many times when assisting people in this forum. In your case, I bet this book will works out for you better than your homeopaths, mine or anyone else's opinion in terms of given that final confirmation about your constitutional. I'll leave you with some info about Aurum, and some quotes from this book.

The following is regarding the symptoms of the whole group - Aurum

- Scrofulous personality. Redness of face, hyperaemia or fullness of blood vessels.
- Heaviness and fullness of various organs.
- Hyperaemia of organs and blood vessels.
- Ulceration of soft parts and perforation.

- < Night
- < Prolonged exercise

- Melancholia. Depression.
- Feeling of self condemnation and self-reproach.
- Very intense, idealistic people who set up high goals and who want to be the best.
- When these goals and aims are frustrated in some way, they get devastated and go into depression and finally develop 'Suicidal thoughts'.
- Duty conscious and very responsible. Usually a history of excessive responsibility and strain.
- Deep religious conviction and spiritualism.
- Egotism, < Contradiction.

Here are some quotes from the book I mentioned:

Chapter 'Aurum Metallicum: Loathing of Life'

'Aurum is probably the second most ambitious constitutional type.'

'In their struggle to be somebody important, Many Aurums are seduced by wealth, and the influence and respect that it brings.'

'If such a person loses his wealth, he loses all of his self-respect, and this is another potent stimulus for depression in Aurum.'

'Aurum is a very controlled person. He is one of the least spontaneous of all constitutional types.'

'Aurum tends to sit bolt upright in his chair. This rigidity is largely the result of controlling an enormous reservoir of anger. Aurum seldom loses his temper, but when he does, it is very powerful'

'When depressed, Aurum falls into a pit of despair, self-loathing, self-recrimination, isolation and increasing mental paralysis. Nothing is blacker than the despair of Aurum. It is silent, without weeping for the most part, and the patient will continue to function efficiently in the world until the last moment, when he will either slip into hysterical weeping and be unable to collect his thoughts, or he will commit suicide.'

There're a lot more. Just for the record, the chapter about Sulphur is called: 'Sulphur: The inspired ego'. You may be able to catch a few pages available at Google Books.
raphaeloliveira last decade
Hey Raph, I just went out and bought the Homoepathic Psychology book. I've done some reading, but now i'm thinking I might be natrum muriaticum or aurum muriaticum. It's hard to say, but I feel like I identify to both very well. It says nothing about aurum';s creativity in the book(which is my only real talent is creativity), and wealth (money) isn't that important to me, although i've never really had it.

but you are right, my first priority to to remove the top layer, and phosphorus acidicum matches my current mental state pretty well. The only problem, is the limbo i'm in the middle of- even though it's been a week with my new remedy and it hasn't acted what-so-ever, my homeopath wants me to sit tight and wait 3 more weeks till my follow up. argh! I just want some relief. But yeah, what dose would you recommend of the phos acid if I had to dose myself?

bocaburgler last decade
I'm glad to hear you bought the book.

I understand and know how agonizing it can be when you're put to wait for nothing. That's one of the things I'm strongly against to. Waiting should be only justified in cases you're taking the simillimum. And even in that case, is already possible to reduce the waiting when taking LM potencies.

Regardless of your homeopath poor judgment, I don't think would be fair if I corrupt you from your current treatment by indicating a potency. But you may know that in cases like yours, infrequent doses of a high potency seems to suit or after the remedy is confirmed, LM may be considered. If you're going to bring all this up to your homeopath, just be wise on how you tell her, you can avoid confrontation by only asking her opinion.
raphaeloliveira last decade

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