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Acne Vulgaris - Low level ( Mild )


i am 25 years old male, 1.80 meters height and 80 kg weight

i have mild acne since my puberty began (like about 13-14 years old)

it is not so much, but usually it appears and i cant find a way to destroy them compeletly, I used once 'Dr.Hauschka Gesichts waschcreme' which includes 'lava' but it made it worse and i quit then my acne returned its usual condition, means i have still same mild acne problem. i am using 'sebamed' soap, it feels a little good but not effect so much.

I ve heard this alternative medicine and Homeopathy style, and i am wondering if anybody share his/her experiences or anybody give advices about curing this problem. also you can give the name of a spesific product, i can buy or get it to use.

thanks for everything already, respect all who prepare this website and helping people.
  stereomind on 2008-11-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Please read this thread and try to answer asked in this thread ( except question regarding menses)

Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Thanks for your reply
Dr. Rakesh

How severe your acne is mild (papules), moderate (whiteheads, blackheads, and pustules), or severe (tubercles and cystic)?
---it is mild. scattered to face especially on the cheek but not too much. rarely bigger ones appears. usually total 5-6 ones at the same time all over the face.

Do they suppurates quite much ?
---it is sometimes suppuaretes, A few white/yellow liquid flows when you pinch them

Do they itch quite much?
---they are itchy sometimes

Do they are painful?
---rarely painful

What are their color reddish, bluish, reddish-bluish, or green?
---always reddish

Do warmth and heat affect them?
---i dont think so. winter or summer, hot or cold never eswpecially increase or decrease as i checked
stereomind last decade
Mental evaluation:
1. Forgetfulness. --- nope, quite careful usually

2. Good long-term memory.---very good as everyone says

3. Affectionate --- yes, as everyone describes me.

4. Indifference --- yeah, usually

5. Malicious. --- nope, i am opposite to this

6. Capriciousness (changeability, unpredictably individual with changeable behavior and unpredictable). --- nope i am opposite to this also

7. Censorious (who critics other, faultfinding habit). --- never, i hate this character also.

8. Cheerful --- usually, my friends describes me also with this

9. Mirth (Excessive cheerful with great sparkle)(liveliness, energetic cheerful person). --- same, usually describes me

10. Mischievous (ill-behaved). --- a little

11. Do you do any particular mistake frequently i.e. mistakes in calculating. --- nope, as i remember

12. Changeable mood. --- nope usually stabil mood

13. Morose (depression). ---so little. my character doesnt fit with depression, usually i am cheerful and indifferent

14. Obstinate (inflexible, fixed). --- sometimes
stereomind last decade
1. How is your thirst: Less, Normal or Excessive? - i drink water little above normal i think

2. How if your hunger: Less, Normal or Excessive? - usually escessive but i am controling my hunger and not eat so much usually

3. How sleep, how are your dreams? - i sleep very well always but have dreams usually

4. What are your other main sufferings. - not suffering but i have a disease: Hashimoto's thyroiditis and using 'Euthyrox 50' one per day, morning, half hour before breakfast

5. What about your talking habit and way (i.e. slow, loud, fast). usually normal speed and clear

6. What about your tolerance to heat and cold.
i am good for both usually, but receiving wind and getting heat changes makes me cold (snuffles) quickly

7. What are your food desires and aversion i.e. salt, sweet, fatty things, eggs, etc -- i like all foods usually, but i hate broad bean. I am usually trying to stay away from fats and sugar, using olive oil in cooks and eating oat and wheat with yoghurt always. I eat my breakfast regularly everyday.i am ok with eggs but usually i eat white part of the egg. I also can not eat any kind of Dill and Anise and cooks(foods) including them.

i am also working out sometimes at home.
stereomind last decade
Dear Stereomind,

Thank you for showing your intrest, faith, and also answering appropriately.

As you have H. thyroiditis, we would take your case more throughly and the suggest you your consitutional medicine, which would beneifit not for acne, but your whole body and mind.

So keep in touch and be patient with patience.

Meanwhile, arrange 1 liter of distal water for taking medicine in it which i would suggest you and keep answering reguarly and whenever you decide that you would no further want to take treatment please left a message the reason why you are not continuing or that you will not post any more further.

Thank you.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
ok doc thanks for everything

by the way, Hashimato is common in our family, my cousins and an uncle and an aunt are also have this disease so we have genetically this, i think.

and i have mild acne in my back, in the surface behind my upper arms (triceps) and a little in front of my upper legs also.

i am awaiting instructions
stereomind last decade
'I am good for both usually, but receiving wind and getting heat changes makes me cold (snuffles) quickly' What kind of wind cold or heat and what do you mean getting heat changes.

When you miss you thyroid supplement meds what symptoms you experienced most i.e. cold intolerance, fatigue, depression, irritability, fatigue, or weakness.

What about tongue. Do you think it is enlarge compare to others or you think it has enlarged. Any other symptom or sign would you like to tell me in relation to tongue. Do you move your tongue frequently?
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
cold wind makes me snuffles quickly. heat changes, i mean at spring when whether starting to change and starting to become colder it makes me cold and snuffles. Cold always effecting me i never effect from hot, summer is good for me always. and by the way, Since i started to make 'schock' in taking bath (i mean at the end of the bath, i turn to water to coldest quickly, then make it hottest, then make it cold again and finish the bath with this which is a technique i learn from my uncle) - my resistance to cold is improve i think.

There is no symptoms when i miss my meds, just while i have not started the meds yet, and didnt know what my disease is, there were local hair loss, but when i went to doctor and started to meds and my THC values turn back to normal which was very high before, this symptom dissapeared. But when i miss the meds, there is no sympotms and i have missed it only a couple of days until now.

there is no symptoms or anything with my tongue. it is normal and it was always normal. nothing interesting or extraordinary with it. i dont move it frequently also.
stereomind last decade
Okay thanks your reply helped a lot for decision making regarding your medicine.

You should purchase Psorinum 30C in liquid either from Reckberg or SBL in lowest packing (as you would require very minimum amount of drug)

You should use this medicine in distilled water, which I have asked to arrange. If you have one liter distilled water bottle then empty just few water from it to shaking purpose of bottle.

You have to add only 3-4 drops of the medicine Psorinum to it. You should take one teaspoon twice from it and do not forget to shake it before using it.

Avoid reach from children or any accidental drinking of whole water as it is distilled water it can be very harmful and may cause severe diarrhea so take only one teaspoon which would be okay.

You can prepare this water in home by simply boiling water and cooling its vapor in a bottle via pipe. You can do as boil water in cooker and join its notch with a clean pipe to a bottle where the vapor will cool down and turn into distilled water.

When you arrange the bottle post it
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade

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