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Cat with Urinary Problems, Advice Please

Hi, I have a male cat named Bernie, he is 6 yrs old and has a history of urinary tract infections throughout his life. He's very affectionate but gets aggitated when he doesn't get his way. He's an indoor outdoor cat and always prefered outdoors up until a couple years ago when he was hurt by another animal that caused head wounds and an eye wound, he was lucky he didn't become blind or lose his eye. I am home so I was able to medicate it 6x/day. He still goes out but stays close to home and goes outside when he has to urinate or deficate. Two nights ago I noticed symptoms of another UTI, he pee'd in the litterbox (very litte) which he hates to do but since it was bedtime I wouldn't let him go back outside. Just after that, he went again on a towel that was on the tile by the front door. It is not unlike him to urinate where he shouldn't at times, but not in front of me. He didn't make it through the night without waking me up complaining that he had to go again...which he did on the next towel I placed down just in case. Trying to keep him inside and go outdoors with him to watch and make sure he's going. His eyes look just a little bit off to me, sort of glassy at times but otherwise no fever (going by touching his ears and paw pads) and appetite is good...oh ya, his food is feline c/d, but we were adopted by a kitten 6 mo ago and he has been eatting kitten food as well ~ more than his own. I've been reading your forums and here's what I have done so far, this morning I gave him some cranberry (1/2 pill) and Vitamin C (1/4 pill) also since he doesn't seem to be drinking a lot and his urine is strong smelling (there is an odor in the house from it that I cannot locate the source if he went somewhere) I have been forcing fluids by making him drink by syringe. Now my hubby went out and I had him pick up Cantharis 30c and since they didn't have Uva Ursi tincture in non-alcohol formula I have it in capsule form. I know not to do too much at once but wanted to be prepared so bought both of these. I believe what I need to do is start with the Cantharis first (but not sure) then wait and if not enough for him begin the Uva Ursi. I am new to homeopathic and herbal remedies/treatments with my pets so if anyone can give me a hand I would be very appreciative...and so would Bernie! I'd like to start something...it's been several hours since giving him the cranberry and vit c.
Right now he's mad because he cannot find any kitten food and he dislikes the canned c/d (also have some dry food down too which he prefers but since getting the kitten food he's on strike with his) I always add extra water to his canned food which is really the only time I actually see him drinking, so pushing fluids. Can anyone help me?
Any advice is welcome!
Prior to this he has always gone the course of antibiotics, Clavamox for every infection but the last one came back and needed baytril which took care of it right away. I'd like to treat him now in a way that I might be able to resolve this problem for him, I have chicken breasts that I could cook for him which might get him off his food strike and grumbly attitude about no kitten food being down.
Thanks in advance for advice!
Doodles & Bernie
  Doodles on 2008-11-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I posted yesterday (my first time) and hate to be a pain but, I could really use some advice or guidance since I really don't know what I'm doing or what to be watching out for. I haven't received any replies to yesterdays Q so I went ahead last night and gave Bernie a dose of the Cantharis 30c. Crused three pellets (although some of it flew across the room) and put the powder into his mouth. He took it like a trooper, as he is with his fluids(water). I have not given him anything else, just that and it does seem like his restlessness has gone down a lot and I haven't found any urine where it doesn't belong, nor have I smelled anything new. I cannot say that I've seen him go at all honestly. He is doing fine attitude wise, napping, playing. The only thing new that I've noticed is that he sneezed a few times last night since I dosed him. Still making him drink water, he wont eat because he's not happy with the menu right now but otherwise is looking good. No cranberry or vit. c today and no remedy...should I be redosing him? If so should it be crushed and absorbed in his mouth or a wet dose that has been successed????
Can anyone give me some advice PLEASE! I want to be sure that I am doing right by my baby!!
Thanks in Advance,
Doodles last decade
Is your cat urinating easily or is he sitting in the box for five minutes or more before urinating or not urinating very much? For something like this vigilance is the key to eliminating this problem and preventing its recurrence. Every time your cat goes to the litter box it should be noted if he is urinating easily or not and how much time it takes him to urinate. If you are giving him fluids it is of tantamount importance that fifty percent or more is being urinated and not retained. So it is important to note how much he is urinating in relation to the amount of fluids you give him. It is also important to note how many times a day he is urinating. A cat who is not urinating or who has difficult urinating may have crystals that can eventually block the urinary tract making urination impossible and can be life-threatening as toxins back up into the system. Veterinary intervention is needed if it has reached this stage. Crystals can form from too much dry cat food, if the cat does not drink enough water to offset the dry cat food, or commercial cat fod that has a high magnesium content(higher than 2 percent).Crystals feel like sand and scratch the lining of the bladder and urinary tract and can leave a burning sensation. Cats, in an attempt to alleviate the discomfort think, with their own special logic, that if they urinate in unacceptable places that the urination will come easier and there will be less discomfort, also that the litter box is, is some way, the cause of the discomfort, hence, urinating on towels, and other areas.

The combination of Vitamin C and cranberry is doubly acidic and can lead to burning urine. Consider trying the cranberry only. Cranberry capsules(cran-actin is good for this) or cranberry juice, two tablespoons(pure, not from a concentrate), mixed with a little canned milk(one teaspoon) for palatability given every eight hours to start. This provides fluids for flushing the urinary tract and the cranberry will cause the bacteria causing the crystals to slough off the bladder walls. Once this is well under control, cutting back on the amount of dry food given, giving wet cat food that has no by-products and has a low magnesium count, as well as increasing the amount of water consumed by adding water to the canned cat food to the proportion that it is gloppy(not loads. Loads of water can overload the kidneys) can prevent this problem from recurring. Cranberry given periodically is also beneficial.

Although you mention a history of your cat having a history of bladder infections, it sounds like he,after being outside for perhaps a considerable period of time before these episodes occur, or even overnight and he may be developing bladder infections from a chill or from sitting on or sleeping on cold or damp ground. This can also result is a feeling of urgency to urinate as there is a burning sensation that the cat mistakes for the urge to urinate. Cranberry and Vitamin C will not help for this, they only help for crystals. It is possible that your cat has now developed a tendency towards bladder infections because of the frequency of their occurrence. That is to say, the more they occur the more the bladder and urinary tract have a tendency to infections.It takes less and less each time to trigger one. You might want to consider keeping your cat inside until this is well under control and even perhaps seriously consider making him an indoor cat.Or at the very least only allowing him outside on the warmest days and never leaving him outside overnight or for long periods. Because your cat has had repeated bladder infections, special care and extra vigilance is now required to restore him to health.
orian last decade

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