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Anxiety and Panic Disorder

I've had a panic disorder for years. I've been taking prozac (80mg) and Klonopin on a daily basis. The meds make me feel extremely tired and weak. I'm trying to wean myself off of them and use homeopathic remedy instead. A specialist recommended Argentum Nitricum, 30 cc. I'm wondering - how long should I be taking it? And at some point, should I be switching to a different dosage? (I'm not sure what it's called in homeopathy) Thank you very much!
  JuliaGulia on 2008-12-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
any other medical history???
faisal qureshi last decade
Hashimoto's Desease (taking synthroid for that), Acid Reflux (Nexium), frequent colds, feeling run down and tired quickly (i'm guessing from Klonopin)
JuliaGulia last decade
Somebody, please help me out. Thank you!
JuliaGulia last decade
Are you willing to commit to a homeopathic treatment from start to the end?

If yes, then I can help you. I'd make some questions first, then I'd find the correct remedy for you and give dosage instructions. From you, it would require to follow those instructions strictly and most important, report back your status when you're told to.
raphaeloliveira last decade
Julie go to my profile and scroll down to where you see my thread about home remedy for panic attack, where it describes how now five people abouted their panic attack in like a minute or two by staring at any part of their body like a small spot on the hand. Let me know if it works for you. THanks.

Steve Lord
stevelord last decade
raphaeloliveira - I absolutely am! Thanks so much!
JuliaGulia last decade
stevelord - Thank you, I will look into it.
JuliaGulia last decade
Please answer these questions:

- What's your age, weight, and ethnicity?

- About how many years have you been suffering with panic disorder?

- When does the anxiety and panic get worse? Please give more details and examples of situations.

- Are you more a chilly or warm person? How do you take hot and cold weather?
raphaeloliveira last decade
-30 years old, 5'9'/127lbs/white
-since I was 3 years old
-it gets worse during my period/at work, meetings, when I think about anything that's stressful to me
-I'm usually more chilly, I don't take hot weather well, but cold is even worse for me.
JuliaGulia last decade
- What's your occupation?

- Has any major event or anything happened in your life or to one of your family at the age of 3?

- How do you relate to your parents?

- How do you usually relate to other people?

- Do you have any other physical or mental symptoms?

- Do you have any food aversion or cravings?

- Please give more details about the panic attacks, what does exactly happen, how do you feel, etc.
raphaeloliveira last decade
-Financial Data Analyst
-At the age of 3, a kindergarten teacher told us some scary story which was the triggering point of my panic attacks.
-My parents and I have a wonderful relationship, although it's not perfect (probably like any other relationship)
-Depends on people, I do have a lot of friends, but nobody I'm close to.
-Physical symptoms - headaches, weakness, dizziness.
-Cravings - mostly for chocolate and sushi. Aversions - can't stand even the smell of a cold prepared meal, especially meats, soups and salads with mayo.
-During the panic attacks my hands and face start feeling numb and I feel like I'm going to pass out and die, like I'm losing my consciousness.
JuliaGulia last decade
One thing I forgot to add - my father had a heart attack 3 months ago and we were told he wasn't going to survive. It was a total shock since he was a always a very healthy person. We spent 2 months at the hospital and it was extremely stressful, the worst stress I have ever experienced. I've been getting sick non-stop since then and my panic attacks have gotten worse.
JuliaGulia last decade
- What kind of thoughts do you have during a panic attack?

- Do you have any fear?

- Is there any particular time of the day your symptoms get worse?

- Do you like company or prefer to be alone?

- How's your thirst? Can you drink cold water?

- Can you eat warm and cooked meat?

- Do you have headaches particularly when your anxious or having an attack, or at different times? How intense and frequent is it?
raphaeloliveira last decade
-My thoughts are usually racing, it's hard to say what I'm even thinking about, my only thought is that I'm gonna die or pass out
-Fear of driving on freeway and flying
-Mostly nights and while driving on freeway
-Prefer to be alone or with 1 person
-Usually I get thirsty a lot, I have trouble drinking anything very cold though since it hurts my throat
-Yes, only very hot and very well-cooked meat
-When I have headaches, they are usually unrelated to panic attacks. My panic attacks are very frequent now that I'm trying to wean off klonopin, almost every night now.
JuliaGulia last decade
- What's your marital status?

- How would you rate your sex-drive / libido, as average, high or low?

- What time of the day do you usually get the headaches?
raphaeloliveira last decade
JuliaGulia last decade
- Since when have you been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease? What are your symptoms exactly?

- Do you like to be consoled?

- Are you perfectionist at work?

- How organized are you in general?
raphaeloliveira last decade
-I've been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Desease about a year ago. My symptoms were extreme tiredness and apathy, inability take care of my baby.
-Not really
-I like to be organized at first, but then I tend to let things go
JuliaGulia last decade
- Besides apathy and anxiety, how does your emotional state has been predominantly in your whole life so far?

- The inability of taking care of your baby is more due to indifference or tiredness?

- Do you feel pressured or angry by your family demands?

- Do you consider yourself independent?

- Do you drink milk?
raphaeloliveira last decade
-I've been extremely depressed before I was put on Effexor at the age of 19. I haven't really had any depression since. However, I started having panic attacks at 24 and was put on Klonopin, which I've been taking since. 2 years ago they switched me to Prozac since I was pregnant (supposedly it's safer for the baby than Effexor) Right now, I don't feel much since I'm usually tired. I do get depressed or panicky sometimes though.
-Both. In fact, since I started taking the medication at 19, I haven't been able to keep a job for longer than 8 months! I've been getting sick with flu like simptoms, then I had severe migraines, tiredness, etc. Now I can't even work or sit or stand for longer than an hour or two, I have to lay down.
-Very much so. I'm being scorned all the time by my parents for being a bad mother and not working. That's why I want to get off this medication so much, I want to finally be someone my family can be proud of.
-No at all, never have been.
JuliaGulia last decade
- One thing is not clear, at what age did you start having panic attacks then? At 3 or 24?

- Besides depression what were your symptoms before the age of 19? Has everything become what it is today, because of Effexor? Please I need you to differentiate what symptoms belongs to before 19 years old from those that came after.

- I've understood like this:

Childhood until 19 years old
[Depressed, anxious, what else? Introverted? Shy? Friendly?]

From 19 until nowadays
[Apathy, anxious, panicky, tiredness, get cold easily, migraines, what else?]

- Please try to explain the depression before 19. What was it? What was wrong by that time and had to change?
raphaeloliveira last decade
-Both. Started at the age of 3, stopped when I was about 11, then I had a relapse at 24.
-Yes, I believe things have become what they are today because of all the psychotropic meds that I've been taking.
Childhood until 19 years old:
I was never really shy or introverted, I was friendly and talkative.
From 19 onward: exactly right
-I started having depression and anxiety at the age of 13 when we moved to this country, new language, new people who I didn't understand or get along with, then later came emotionally destructive relationships with men.
JuliaGulia last decade
Now things are much more clear.

- Before you became extremely tired after 19, were you a quick person overall? Fast to execute a chore, to walk, etc.?

- Do you smoke?

- What allopathic drugs are you currently taking? Anything else other than prozac and klonopin? How many times a day/week of each?

- Did you get to start taking Argentum Nitricum? (If you do, please stop immediately)

- What country do you live?

- Are you able to buy homeopathic remedies online if you're asked to?
raphaeloliveira last decade
-Not really quick, but I did a lot - I used to exercise a lot, ran 10 miles every day and did a bunch of crunches, then I couldn't really do it anymore after I started taking the meds. Now I can barely walk a mile. I also studied a lot, was a really good student. On top of that I would clean, read a lot of classic literature, hang out with my friends, go rollerblading/biking, etc. I lost interest in it all of that a long time ago.
-Prozac and klonopin once a day. Prozac - 80mg and Klonopin - was .5 mg and I'm down to .25mg now.
-I did, but I will stop
-USA, I've lived here for over 17 years
JuliaGulia last decade
- How given to emotions are you in terms of relationship with men? Do you fall in love easily?

- If one is near you smoking, would you be okay to bear the tobacco smoke?

- Do you sigh more than normal? Feels the need to take deep breath to feel relieved?

- Do you sweat while eating?

- What part exactly of your head do you feel the pain during a migraine? Is there any sensation that you could compare the headache to, like 'I feel as if...'

- What color is your urine usually? Normal, more light (watery), more dark?

- What's the color of your hair? Curly or straight?

- If you make an effort, would you be able to stay off of both Prozac and Klonopin for 3 days? And would you be able to stay a longer time if needed?
raphaeloliveira last decade

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