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genital boils

I have big boil on the side of my clitoris. It does not have pus yet but is red and tender. I also fell on the edge and feverish. There is great discomfort to the touch. Will Apis Mellifica be helpful or Belladonna?
  pscarci on 2002-12-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Incipient boils like the ones you have explained are cured easily with Mercurius solubilis 30 , four doses a day for four days.

Dr.Venugopal Gouri
Dr.Venugopal Gouri last decade
I have a question concerning your situation. Please reply to me at daviddancer249@hotmail.com

My girlfriend has what sounds like the same thing you have. The doctors tell her that nothing is wrong. She had a little white dot that grew over her clitoris and then healed up. However it is still sore and painfull daily a year later. she can hardly touch it. she says it feels like rubbing sand paper on it when it is touched.

Can you give us any additional information about this condition and what to do about the pain and being sore.

Please respond to daviddancer249@hotmail.com

Thank you
davids last decade
What is considered one dose of Mercurius Solubilis 30?
cozyjozy last decade
if it is liquid,one or two drops.

If,pellets 4 to 5 .

A little more or less doesn't matter.Only very few sensitive people need to be careful about the 'quantity' of the medicine.For other common people,a few pellets more or less,or a few drops more really doesn't matter.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
There is a possibility that this could be a case of Bartholinitis which is a sycotic problem . If mercury does not work , post again.
passkey last decade
I have a problem where a boil comes up where my HPV hasw and is current. Is that a problem. What should I do.
lynn last decade
Just where was the HPV and what was done to it.
passkey last decade
Hi i have been getting genital boils just above the clit on occasion for last 7years, i think it comes from bacteria in the blood of my husbands family and still after all this time they are so annoying if you or any1 knows a way to stop them returning please let me know
julie1481 last decade
Probably thr best widely applicable remedy is Silica low , say 3x twice a day - exception to this is ,,,, if blonde and unable to eat very rich foods , cant wear wools next to skin try Pulsatilla 3x for a few days then switch to Sil 3x
passkey last decade
hi... i have an active facial acne... just recently i noticed somthing on my genitalia,-labia near the groin, i consider a boil or pimple... i haven't had any sex contact by the way..what could this be? what treatmen would u advise?
tinnie last decade
Go with Silica as above for a week and then see how it all goes.
passkey last decade
Genital boils can be caused by many things, from simple blocked pores to a bacterial skin infection (staphylococcus is common). Many times these will go away on their own without need for treatment.

If symptoms persist or worsen, please see a professional physician or gynecologist -- he or she will be able to diagnose the cause of the problem and help you find an appropriate solution.

Take care and good health to you! :-)
Orume last decade
Oh dear she's back again.

Physician or gyne will only push you towards antibiotics.

These mUST be avoided as they suppress and drive conditions deeper into the body where they cause serious damage.

I wish this woman would learn something about homeopathic theory -- or stay away.
passkey last decade
Perhaps antibiotics would be suggested, perhaps not. I am not a doctor, and do not have the years of training a doctor does, so I cannot assume what will happen.

It would not hurt her in the slightest to ask for a professionally educated diagnosis and suggestion for treatment. After that is given, she can make up her own mind on what to do.


Passkey, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. ;-)
Orume last decade
I'm sure she knows where to go for a professionally-educated diagnosis if she wants one. In the meantime, she has come to the homeopathic forum for suggestions on homeopathic remedies.
maryo last decade
Maryo, at the top of the page it says "Homeopathy and Health Forum." I am free to give the best advice concerning health that I can.

You are welcome to bring this up to a moderator if you still feel anything said is somehow inappropriate. :-)
Orume last decade
Antibiotics properly prescibed and taken do NOT "drive conditions deeper into the body where they cause serious damage."

To say so is irresponsible and very dangerous. Antibiotics are often used to treat life threatening conditions. To give people the idea to avoid antibiotics could endanger their life.

Before an antibiotic is released to market it must be PROVEN to be effective in a large double blind test. The development of antibiotics have saved millions of people around the world.

I wish keypass would learn something about science or stay away. The statement she made shows a deep ignorance of how antibiotics work.
Voice last decade
Hi There!
Totally new to this.
It is common for me to get boil like things on my bottom. Usually within a few days it goes away, no harm no foul. A few hot baths and its gone. Now for the first time ever, I have one just next to my clitorous and it has me a bit nervous. I have been with the same partner for 4 years, faithfully. I have two older sisters who are apparently prone and known for boils of all kinds on their bottoms, groin and inner thighs. But, again. I am a first to this. I have been taking 2 epson salt baths a day. I thought this would help, as it did for the ones on my bottom. I understand being the area that it is, its damp and probably is a hard place to heal... But, any other advice would be 'great'. I have called my physician but cannot get in to see him for another week... and am partial to seeing a walk in doctor about this. Its a bump, its red and has a dark red spot in the middle. Like a pimple would, but instead of being white, its red. The ones on my bottom usually appear somewhat similar but also sometimes have white heads. But this one near my clitorous has a red spot...
Its really weird!!
So, please! Any help, ideas, advice would be forever greatful!! Its in a rather uncomfortable spot!!
Thank you Kindly!
BoilPain last decade
Use hepar Sul 3x twice a day for a week wait a week

If problem returns use Silica 3x twice a day for a week
walkin last decade
Hi - how did all the treatments go, ladies? I hope they worked and can work for me. I have a pimple on the right outer labia. Sometimes it flares up to a soft yellow spot as if it would burst, other times it is a harder pimple appearing as if it will go away, only to come back as the softer version a few days later. I know it is affected by diet and stress. I was taking one 6c pellet of mercurius vivus 4 times a day (for about 2 weeks)- but nothing changed (judging from other entries this too low a dose?). i have just switched to Merc Sol 2x6c pellets 3-4 times a day for last 1-2 days - nothing so far (should I double dose?. I was also putting mercurius vivus cream on 2-3 times a day and have just switched to tea tree cream. But it seems to me like a cream is the wrong thing to dry it out, which is what it needs. I have resisted the temptation to pop it as I know a serious infection can result. I have had this since Xmas. I also had it once or twice as a teenager (I confess I squeezed them in those days and they went - but never would now). I am 48.
lena2006 last decade
sounds like a little know disease that is only now being researched: Hidradenitis Suppurativa. the web is hs.usa dot org

Here is a good site for research, and a message board:

p.s. I control mine with Witch Hazel. It seems to work well for me.
cofeeholik last decade
Hi, this is my first post on this site.

I have a genital wart problem. Or atleast what i think is a genital wart.

I havn;t been able to see any porfessionals to tell me, and i made an appointment to see my gyn. in seven months time; here in Spain,Gaicia, we have a looong waiting list.

But this 'boil' is big, extremely painfull, and just appeared. From one day to another.

I can hardly close my legs without feeling it, and it's just on the outside labia.

i don't know what to do, or if it will go away, or what to take..

Any advice? Thank you :)
jossette_darling last decade
Hi first time here. Just wanted to say I use complimentary homeopathy methods and bio-western med.

I had a boil on the out side of my right labia, first time, I freak out because my boyfriend and I are in a long distance monogamous relationship and I had not had sex for months.

I went to a Dr. he said it will heal on its own, did not recommend antibiotics and said if it had not completely healed with in one week to come back because it could perhaps be more serious infected.

I just want to show though, he did not recommend unnecessary treatment, but if things got worse he was ready to take action. (Such as a culture or antibiotics)

I have been doing heat packs (my apartment only has a shower) to decrease the pain and tenderness and that seems to work well. If there are any other suggestions to making the boil heal faster. Mine had been completely red, and now is the white stuffÂ…
Bubblebaths last decade
btw im male. havnt filled out my profile yet. just saw this and need help! a few days ago, i saw a white zit on the base of my...um...member(is polite). well it swelled over the past three days to a red and puffy and swollen, hurts to the touch...thing. it's filled with pus and blood and idk where i got it from or what i got it from or what it is? any ideas? i drained it and used water and all that. but any ideas?
azlonewolf last decade

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